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Gretchen Wilson


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ok so I was browsing around the CMT message board and came across this:

Gretchen is whats wrong with the world.

God save us from Gretchen Wilson. She is the biggest example of "blue collar media" convincing every white, midwestern kid with half a brain not to aspire or improve because it's okay to be a dumbass, hell, it's something to be proud of . Just get knocked up at 16 and put in "Redneck Woman" and celebrate your crappy life because Gretchen says it's alright. Spewing that "ain't nobody better than nobody" bullcrap. Thats the biggest crock of crap I ever heard. People refusing to lay judgement because they're afraid of being judged. "Judge not lest ye be judged". I say screw that "Judge and prepare to be judged". Thats how it should read. What a cop out that "judge not" crap is.

Gretchen Wilson is dangerous. You people spew on about how Maralyn Manson is the anti-christ because he wears funny clothes. This woman is far more dangerous than Maralyn Manson could ever hope to be. She's a advocater of all the things that keep you Jeff Foxworthy listening, Branson visiting white trash people in your perpetual state of subhuman degradation. Oh, it's kool now to stand on you're front porch barefooted smoking a cigarette with a baby on your hip. You see, theres some real peace of redneck trash listening to this song right now thinkin "thas right, I ain't gotta be ashamed o nuttin. Cause I'm a redneck woman just like good ole'Gretchen". She'll never seek to improve her or her doomed future mullet sporting childs life. She'll sit around and snort meth and beat her kids while her man of the month beats her. But thats okay cause Gretchen made it alright to be a redneck woman. Any person that would enjoy this trash is retarted. Any person who is not philosophically offended by this trash is retarted. Wallow in the filth that you celebrate.

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Guest Bluesman

She actually isn't that good of a singer, especially along the lines of McBride. The cheating song illustrates this, as it showcases her limited range during the chorus.

Of course she is going to be "open" about how redneck she is, because that's her big selling point, that's how she has been marketed from day one.

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All country made after 1990, with exception of Garth Brooks (who is a sometimes guilty pleasure of mine), is shit.

Whatever happened to the days of Willy Nelson, Hank Williams Jr., Reba McEntire, and real country. Now its just pop with a twang.

I mean, Big and Rich (or whatever their fucking name are), have a fucking rapper. A RAPPER! That is not country.

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Wow, what a retard. Does this guy even listen to any other music these days? Not blasting rap for this, but most of the songs I here on the radio are edited so much I can't even stand it; and they're praising things along the same lines, and even worse. Hell, boy bands back in the 1990's were doing almost the same thing, encouraging teens to go crazy all they want, but it was never scrutinized. I have nothing against Wilson, her music isn't that great but it's not like she's starting some kind of cult or something. Hopefully she'll get better and have a nice little career for herself.

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I hate her music, I wouldn't go as far as calling her "dangerous" but I really dislike, and agree with the "blue collar media" thing. The country music scene hasn't had a female like that to metaphorically whore out in a while, and when this came along, it was their chance.

Personally, I agree with syco and A-Dub, but I can listen to Brad Paisley as well, very talented on the guitar.

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I agree that country hasn't been good since garth reba and likes were in their prime , but music is constantly changing . as for Big And Rich ( i only like one of their songs 'Holy Water or something like that. I love martina , leann Rimes , Shania , brad Paisley , Allison Krauss , and travis trill along with Gretchen.

good to see we can discuss the why we dislike a certain type of music without flaming :)

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I can't stand most of the women in country music today, they all seem to be cut from the same two molds, your Shania mold and your Gretchin mold.

There are some good prefomers in modern country, I have a soft spot for Brooks and Dunn, Toby Keith and Tim McGraw.

Country musicans now try to hard to be pop acts, they try to get what Garth Brooks had 10 or more years ago. Now Garth Brooks wasn't all that bad back in the day but the whole "Life of Chris Gaines" thing really screwed things up for him (dispite the fact that it was a pretty good album, though definatly not a country music album and his career was waning anyway). He hasn't really made any mark on the music scene since Scarecrow.

Country Music has often tried to copy the pop music scene in order to sell more records. Which has lead to alot of crap being produced. It was the Outlaw Movement that saved country music in the late 70's. Even Johnny Cash had his bad period around then (Chicken In Black anyone?) and didn't pick up until the mid-eighties before his career was reborn in 1994 thanks to Rick Rubin. Otherwise he'd have ended up like George Jones, who is now just a relic and a shell of his former self.

Country music needs young stars who are in the same vein as the likes of Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Cash, Krisofferson. The only person in country music who even comes close to these is Steve Earle, although I think he's turned his back on mainstream country infavour of just straying into the alternative country, cowpunk and folk genres.

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