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Well, the new "series" starts tonight on BBC1 and I will be watching it, anyone else watching it and well, if you are then i pose this question.

Who's your favourite Doctor?

Whats your favourite Episode?

Mines gotta be Tom Baker, but I dont really have a favourite episode, I like a lot of them.

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I'll check it out since it stopped me appearing in a stage version. The things that gets me though are that a) it's set on Earth, the series with Jon Pertwee on Earth is one of my least favourites and B) The series is only 13 episodes, in the old days 6 episodes told 1 story. How the hell are we going to get stories with that sort of timespan.

On second thoughts if they bring back the Sea Devils all may be forgiven :shifty:

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Better then I anticipated actually, the story was dealt with quite quickly, as I mentioned earlier they were able to deal with the autons in six episodes before and they're dealt with in half hour now...

The good news is I have a feeling we're not going to see more of the boyfriend and mum in the remainder of the series.

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Yeh, he's a timelord and is treated in the same aspect of an alien. Also in the Peter Davison's last episode as the doctor he says something like.

I'm an alien with 2 hearts so hopefully the beast wont attack because It wont view me as human.

But onto this episode, it was all pretty good and I liked it. However, the fact that the Doctor failed to see the millenium eye was very corny and the bit at the end with the anti-plastic and the doctor being held back, that was tedious.

Oh and has anyone seen the Sylvester McCoy episode where someone nearly reveals a big secret about him? I forget what it was, but I think it was to do with the true revealing of who he is. Anyone read the books and can fill me in on that?


He's a Time Lord from Gallifrey in the Castronova Galaxy. I'm the Doctor who equivalent of keef on trek :shuriken:

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Well, I wrote out a fucking really long post bout this and well, firefox shut down. So this wont be as geeky :(

However, for this episode I would have had mcgann starting it off and when the building blew up, he could have died and then changed into Christopher Eccleston, this would have suited the script more and would have been a lot better as a whole.

Also, here is how each Doctor was shown to Transition.

Hartnell died of old age I believe, might have been a heart attack, well he changed and Troughton emerged.

Patrick Troughton went through a thing and he was exiled to Earth, the screenm went all gay with gay special effects and the next time we saw him was when he appeared as Pertwee on Earth. He fell out of the TARDIS in the episode "Spearhead from Space".

That reminds me, Both Eccleston and Pertwee are similar, due to the fact that both weren't shown regenerating and both had their first episodes be about living plastic.

Back onto regeneration. Pertwee regenerated in the episode with the Buddah and the big spiders, Pertwee was speeded up in his regeneration by the buddah and Baker, very unstable at first, was born.

Tom Baker died when he fell of a large structure in the episode with The Watcher and The Master.

Peter Davison died in the episode that I mentioned earlier, and it was the only regeneration that could have meant the end of the series, because it as a thing of would his sub-consionce(sp?) listen to The Master and the bag guys, or his companions and 'friends'.

I forget how Colin Baker died, but it never show him regenerate into Sylvester McCoy.

McCoy was gunned down in The Doctor Who movie, and Regenerated when he was in the hospital.

McGann regenerting into Eccleston is unknown I believe.

Thats all >_>

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Better then I anticipated actually, the story was dealt with quite quickly, as I mentioned earlier they were able to deal with the autons in six episodes before and they're dealt with in half hour now...

Yeah, I read that all the episodes in this series are going to be stand-alone ones, which sort of disapointed me.

I was actually quite impressed by he show. Billie was actually better than I expected, but was it just me, or was the boyfriend being alive completely unnecassary if she was gonna run off with the Dotor anyway?

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