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It's time once again to recommend me...


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That's right, folks, I'm once again looking for some new material to listen to, preferbly grindcore or noisecore, anything loud, heavy, fast, no slow-paced shit for me. Select a few bands, give me one or two songs you recommend, and...um, debate about which metal bands are better than others? Oh, no Pig Destroyer or Agoraphobic Nosebleed, I already listen to those.

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Grindcore and Noisecore are just really extentions of metal and hardcore, where the music is loud, fast and chaotic. In my opinion, it sounds like the world is ending and it is the last song to be played.

Nasum and Charles Bronson are two other good examples besides the Locust.

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There's not much to listen to from the Locust. They released "The Locust" which was decent, then Plague Soundscapes which was good and now there's this new album who came out a week ago or so but i haven't got it yet so i don't know how it is.

They also have a few EPs that in their case have quite a big amount of songs considering their all short and packed.

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