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Just read through the Radio Times and saw a new series of Hustle starts tonight. The first series was top notch and i'm expecting big things from this. So anybody watch the first series and anybody watching the new series? If so what were your favourite episodes. The painting one was awesome and I also liked the one where they stole the thing from the bank vault (Can't remember what it was, a tape or jewels or something) and the rest of the team told Danny not to steal any money. Then at the end he empties his pockets and he has nothing then the rest of them pile out a load of money. So he then empties out his coat and a ton of money falls out, it made me laugh at the time. I can't wait, it's a hugely underrated program.

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Hustle - Season 1

List Price: £29.99

Our Price: £22.49

You Save: £7.50 (25%)

Release date: April 11, 2005. Not yet available: you may still order this title. We will dispatch it to you when it is released by the studio.

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Good episode, felt like it had never been off of TV. Though the bit at the end was ridiculous with the firing the gold particles in the ground, bwahahahahaha WTF. Still a quality episode though

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I'm so 50/50 on it. Some of it is top notch and fairly well written, while other bits are complete ripoffs. Two of the first series scams were nicked wholesale from The Sting, and another was just Oceans Eleven. But other bits, including the one with the painting were ace. Plus that bird is stunning. Missed tonights, saw it on mute in the gym but someone else taped it so I should catch up. Is it on BBC3 or owt?

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