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Steel City Championship Wrestling

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When I won the Pennsylvania Lottery, and became the youngest person in history to do so, and then put in an offer to buy both of Pittsburgh's top independent promotions, I didn't think I'd ever actually get them. Little did I know International Wrestling Cartel Owner Norm Connors was preparing to sell his promotion anyway, and I stepped in at the right time with the right offer. And who knew that legendary Pittsburgh promoter Jim Miller was getting out of the business. The guy was a Pittsburgh wrestling tradition. His promotion, Pro Wrestling Xpress had been running for 10+ years, and it didn't seem like it was in trouble. The truth is: it wasn't. Jim just wanted to get out of the area, and eventhough he ran his company cheaply, and had enough money to retire and move away, he wanted to make sure his promotion was in good hands. Why he didn't sell it to his son-in-law, Quinn Magnum, I don't know. Maybe Quinn didn't want it. I don't know. All I know is I got an unexpected phone call on Saturday morning in early April, 2005.


"Is this Chase?"

"Yes it is. Who is this?"

"Hi Chase, Norm Connors here. I couldn't help but consider that hefty offer you gave me. If you didn't already know, I already live outside of the Pittsburgh area and keep tabs on my company and running the shows and day-to-day business has become increasingly tough, and instead of just letting it die, I figured I'd sell it to someone who obviously wants it."

So for the next hour and a half we carefully worked out all the details and agreed to meet. On my way to that meeting, I got a phone call from Jim Miller. I didn't dare tell him where I was going, I didn't wanna ruin a chance to make history. You see the IWC and PWX have what some would call an on-again-off-again rivalry. Wrestlers from each promotion don't get along very well, at least publicly. Well after hearing Jim Miller offer me his whole promotion and all of it's assets for the sum I laid down, I knew what I was going to do.

Over the next week I acquired both the IWC and PWX and all of their assets. I made phone calls to the wrestlers who were seen as "locker room leaders" in both of the promotions to let all of the other workers know that I was calling a meeting. I got to the warehouse that housed the PWX shows, the Sportatorium, and I saw the group of wrestlers who would now be working for me standing in the ring awaiting my arrival. What would the future hold? Would tonight be the last PWX show ever? There was a tension in the room that you could feel from a mile away.

When I walked into the room that housed the ring, the entrance way, and basically the whole arena, I could tell that the wrestlers were less than impressed. I'm sure working for a 19 year-old would be the last thing most of these guys would wanna do. But before they could laugh me off, a few of the veterans quieted the group down, and made them listen.

As I told them my agenda, told them that I would not be the only one in charge, I felt the mood lighten. When I told them I was keeping PWX legend Quinn Magnum on to help me run things (after all I'd never run a wrestling promotion before) they lightened up completely. I just didn't know how to tell them they'd be merging with the IWC to become what I had dubbed "Steel City Championship Wrestling". After the rousing speech I gave, I told Quinn I'd give him two weeks to plan the final PWX show. I left the warehouse that night not knowing what the future would hold, or how the wrestlers would react to the news.

The next week I had the same meeting, this time with the local IWC mainstays. IWC was known for bringing in independent wrestlers from all across the US. Well bringing in those guys wasn't part of my agenda. I was going to keep every single local worker who wanted to work for me, I didn't have room for a lot of outsiders. And besides, the way I saw it, Pittsburgh was anything but devoid of talent.

And then it happened. I let it slip. I told the IWC guys that I also bought PWX. Their looks of trepidation turned to laughter when one of the guys (I was too scared and nervous to notice who) cracked a joke (I was too scared and nervous to hear it.) That's when the proverbial shit hit the fan.

I checked my cell phone, and I had received about 50 calls, all from PWX workers wondering why the hell I didn't tell them that I owned IWC too. To be honest, I had no answer, all I said was I would address the wrestlers, and the fans at the last PWX event.

Fast forward one week...to what would be a week ago this Saturday. PWX had it's final event ever. The Sportatorium was jam packed, PWX legends of past and present were there to see it go. And after Quinn Magnum pinned Crusher Hansen in the main event, and the locker room emptied, I came out to the ring. After a quick introduction to the crowd, I announced my plans...

"In two weeks, a new era in Pittsburgh independent wrestling will begin! In two weeks, Steel City Championship Wrestling will be born! Those 35 men you see in the ring in front of you, will be joined by 27 more of Pittsburgh finest wrestling talents. That's right, in two weeks...Pro Wrestling Xpress is no more! International Wrestling Cartel is no more! In two weeks...STEEL CITY CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING will arrive!"

And with that I headed back to the back with the crowd stunned. The buzz would be going through the tri-state area like wildfire. Wrestling fans throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio were abuzz with excitement. When I released the roster on the website, and a list of the first 5 dates of SCCW Wrestling, fans from all over the Tri-State area were flocking to the SCCW message board. People will come to the show...but will I be able to bridge the gap between the two feds? Can I combine the egos of the two companies who hated each other for so many years? I sure hope show, I didn't pay all this money for everything to fall apart.

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From SteelCityWrestling.com...

SCCW Owner Chase Kenderes has finally revealed the complete SCCW Roster and a list of the first five SCCW show dates and venues. SCCW will be running every two weeks at the SCCW Sportatorium in McKeesport, PA but will also be touring throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio.

-SCCW Superstar Roster-

*NOTE: Blue = PWX, Red = IWC, Green = Neutral or Independent

Nikita Allanov

Dash Bennett

Devil Bhudakahn



All Business Brant

Adam Cage

"Hot Property" Jason Cage

"Syko" Sean Dahmer

Dave Daniels

Devin Devine

Scottie Gash

Xander Graves


Crusher Hansen

Abdul Hassan

Justin Idol

Brandon K

Kid Cupid



Daron Smythe

Chris Taylor

Dick Trimmins

Scott Venom


Tyrone Evans

Shirley Doe

Sterling James Keenan

Sebastian Dark

Glenn Spectre

John McChesney

Shiima Xion

Bubba the Bulldog

Dirk Ciglar

Jimmy Demarco

Marshall Gambino

Mickey Gambino

Jake Garrett

Jason Gory

Dean Radford

Super Hentai

Jimmy Vegas

Tracy Smothers

Chris Hamrick

Chris Hero

Josh Prohibition

Matt Cross

Shark Boy

AJ Styles

Colt Cabana

Christopher Daniels



Benjamin C. Steele

Krystol Frost

Stacy Hunter





Sean Patrick (Senior Official)

Kevin Tressler

Harold Potter

Bruce Gray

Bryce Remsburg

Announce Team

Play-By-Play Announcer: Joe Dombrowski

Color Commentator: Kingdom James

Ring Announcer: Hank Hudson

SCCW On Tour

Saturday September 17, 2005 - SCCW Wrestling - Monroeville, PA

Saturday October 01, 2005 - SCCW Wrestling - McKeesport, PA

Saturday October 15, 2005 - SCCW Wrestling - Martin's Ferry, Ohio

Saturday October 29, 2005 - SCCW Wrestling Fan Appreciation Night - McKeesport, PA

Saturday November 12, 2005 - SCCW Wrestling - West Mifflin, PA

Saturday November 26, 2005 - SCCW "Shock To The System" - McKeesport, PA

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From SteelCityWrestling.com...

A huge first show has been set for April 16, 2005. It's SCCW BIRTH OF AN ERA featuring a tournament to crown the first SCCW Champion.


8-Man Tournament to crown the first ever SCCW Champion.

--The Participants--

Justin Idol

Daron Smythe

Brandon K

Crusher Hansen

Shirley Doe

Sterling James Keenan

Tracy Smothers

AJ Styles

First Round Matches

Crusher Hansen Vs. Shirley Doe

Sterling James Keenan Vs. Justin Idol

Brandon K Vs. Tracy Smothers

Daron Smythe Vs. AJ Styles


Tag Team Turmoil Match to crown the SCCW Tag Team Champions

Youth Gone Wild - Gambino Brothers - Da Munchies - Tri Chi Fraternity - Matt Cross & Josh Prohibition

20-Man Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal for the SCCW Three Rivers Championship

Nikita Allanov - Devil Bhudakhan - Bigg - Adam Cage - Jason Cage - Sabotage - Chris Taylor - Scott Venom - Kano - Tyrone Evans - Sebastian Dark - Glenn Spectre - Dean Radford - Bubba the Bulldog - Dirk Ciglar - Jake Garrett - Super Hentai - Jimmy Vegas - Shark Boy - Chris Hero

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Guest KidDiamond

This I like, being from the Pittsburgh area (lil' Washington, and now Baldwin)... I know exactly what the whole rivalry's about. I remember talking to a guy from USCW, who tried to dissuade me from training with PWX... I didn't train at all, bad knees, but I know all about the professional pride thing.

I'll be reading.

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Guest -De\/ilock-

Yay Pittsburgh! I'll be reading this diary because I'm from Pittsburgh and I actively follow Pittsburgh indy wrestling. I like how you are mixing the locals with scattered bigger names, that makes for an interesting show.

Push Sterling James Keenan and Brandon K!

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From JiveJournal.com/users/sccwwrestling...

Posted: April 15, 2005


So there I was sitting in English, my professor spouting off meaningless sentence after meaningless sentence about the tranquility or the realism in Edward Albee's The Zoo Story, or some shit. And my phone rings. Everyone turns around to look at me. And there I am, embarrassed. Who the hell is calling me? Instead of checking I simply hang up and put my phone on vibrate, I nod my head in apology to the class.

Three minutes later...my phone vibrates again. I open the phone and close it again thus hanging up on the person. This time they call right back...I have no choice but to answer, so I leave the room and go out to the hallway. I answer the phone and when I realize who the person on the other end is, I begin to grin from ear-to-ear...it's time to make a deal.

And while I don't mind people calling me to try and get booked on my shows, if Spiffy calls me one more time...I'll actually book him on the show, against some local guys. That'll teach him.

Oh, and the show tomorrow should be great. If I can just get the guys to get along.

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From PittsburghIndys.com...

Pittsburgh Independent Wrestling Superfan Barry F. has just checked in with his review of Steel City Championship Wrestling's debut show "Birth Of An Era":

Before I get into the results from the first SCCW show, I figure I might as well give you a little backstory on myself and my wrestling fandom history to give you an impression of what I like.

I was a wrestling fan from the time I was little. My dad used to watch it on tv, and since I grew up here in Pittsburgh, we only got the WWF live shows. So needless to say I was a big sports entertainment fan. The WWF was all I knew until 1996 when I first caught a new wrestling show late one Saturday night while I waiting up for my dad. It was Extreme Championship Wrestling and I immediately became hooked. It was at an ECW show, their first in the Pittsburgh area since I found out about them, that I was told about a promotion known as Pro Wrestling Xpress. Since it was at a strip mall that was maybe 10 minutes from my house, I decided to check it out. After one show I was hooked. I maybe missed 3 shows in the 10+ years since then. Now I'm 24, and I still can't stop going to events. The last PWX show was one for the ages. Right after Quinn Magnum pinned Crusher Hansen and the crowd gave a standing ovation I didn't know what I was gonna do with my Saturdays from now on. I guess I'll spend more time with my girlfriend so she'll stop complaining. But then they make the announcement about SCCW. And boy am I ever intrigued.

I arrived at the Sportatorium an hour before the doors opened. I anticipated a large crowd and I was very correct. The small arena was practically standing room only. Before the show began rumors flew about just what surprises were in store for us tonight. One guy said he heard that Kamala was in town. One even said Randy Savage would be there. Typical McKeesport fans. If you're from the area, and know about McKeesport, you'd understand what I had to go through completely. Just before the bell sounded to signify that the show was about to start, some retard got up and tried to start a Kamala chant. I shit you not. Kamala. I mean I find Kamala just as funny as the next guy, but come on!

Anyway, the bell was rung and the crowd got eerily silent. Legendary Pittsburgh Ring Announcer Hank Hudson came out in his usual tuxedo and the crowd was ecstatic. I've never been to a local show where the crowd was this pumped. And then Hank said those words, those legendary words, words that to a Pittsburgh wrestling fan are greater than all of the best speeches ever spoken, words that top even Shakespeare...


As the major fans repeated each and every word that escaped from Hank's lips, and the new fans just sat there going "huh?" I could feel something in the air. This show, and this promotion, is going to be big.

Hank ran down the matches we were set to see and halfway through his introductions some familiar, and much maligned music began to play. Manager BC Steele and his charges Youth Gone Wild ("Big Star" Dave Daniels and Xander Graves) made their way to the ring, much to the chagrin of the Sportatorium fans. BC Steele yanks the microphone from Hank Hudson's hands and begins to speak.

Steele: Well, well, well...Steel City Championship Wrestling. A new beginning. A new era....of dominance for BC Steele and Youth Gone Wild! But let's face it, to me...this still feels like PWX. And since we got the guys from that other promotion coming in here now...I think we'll finally be able to prove our dominance. To me, this is still PWX, and we're gonna rule the SCCW just like we did PWX!

Then the familiar strains of Revolution Is My Name by Pantera began to play and IWC stallwart Shirley Doe made his way out. The PWX-partial crowd booed Doe like crazy.

Doe got in Steele's face and ripped the microphone from his hand.

Doe: You must be an idiot. To claim that PWX was EVER the dominant force here in Pittsburgh is like saying Dave Daniels (Doe points to Graves) isn't a dominating force in Xander Graves' (Doe points to Daniels) asshole!


Doe: I don't care. Shut up!

The crowd begins to chant "Doe Sucks"

Doe: You know what, I've traveled the globe wrestling. I've wrestled all across the US, I've busted my ass in Japan. And I've never EVER met fans as ignorant as the ones who dwell down here in McKeesport. You people are SCUM! But back to business...Steele, the only reason you're reminded of PWX is because you're still in the same shitty building, with the same shitty fans!

Just then PWX mainstays Quinn Magnum and Crusher Hansen made their way out to the ring to confront Doe. They get close to him and get in his face, separating Doe from Steele and YGW. Just before anything could happen, IWC warriors Dean Radford, Bubba the Bulldog and Sterling James Keenan came to the ring to back up Doe. A standoff ensued, but again...just before anyone began brawling, Metallica's "Sad But True" hit and SCCW Owner Chase Kenderes came out to the entrance way.

Chase: NEWSFLASH! You all work for me! This is NOT PWX! This is NOT IWC! This is Steel City Championship Wrestling, dammit! Now shake hands! You guys can settle your differences in the ring...in real, sanctioned matches! You just better not ruin my company!

All-in-all it was hot opening to the show, and it really set the tone for the night. The tensions between the PWX workers and the IWC workers. It was then time for the first match of the evening. Luckily I took detailed notes, knowing I'd be reviewing the show for PittsburghIndys.com. "Good Ol Boys" by Waylon Jennings played and wrestling legend Tracy Smothers strutted out to the ring in his usual attire. He got in the ring and stretched a bit as AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night" played. Dunbar, PA's own "First Klass" Brandon K walked out to the ring. This was one of the matches I was looking forward to most because of Smothers' talent, and K's ability to adapt to any style of wrestling.

****The two men started off the match by shaking hands and SCCW Official Bruce Gray told the men to get it on. Collar-and-elbow tie-up that was pulled down into a side headlock by Tracy Smothers. Brandon K fought to shake it off and eventually pushed Smothers into the ropes, Smothers bounced back at K and K leap frogged Tracy. Tracy stopped though and caught Brandon with a big atomic drop. K was doubled over in pain and Tracy Smothers went back to work by landing several punches to Brandon K's face. Smothers sent K into the corner, but K reversed the irish whip and sent Smothers into the corner instead. Brandon K hit a Stinger Splash and as the momentum sent both men backwards K ran forward and hit a big clothesline on Smothers. Brandon K began to play to the crowd. He allowed Smothers time to recover and as he went to pick Tracy up, Smothers hit a low blow just out of the view of Color Blind Ref, Bruce Gray. Brandon K falls to his knees in pain and Smothers executes a hard running knee right into the back of Brandon K's neck. Smothers continues to work on the neck by posting his knee in the back of Brandon's neck and wrenching back on First Klass' head. Brandon K screamed in pain and struggled to reach the ropes, but he eventually made it, and Bruce Gray forced Smothers to break the hold. Brandon K got back to his feet and the two men locked up again. Smothers got his arm free and used it to land several stiff European uppercuts to Brandon K's chest. K regained an advantage however by kicking Smothers in the stomach and hitting a big DDT. But once again Brandon K decided to strut around for the crowd and let Smothers recover. Tracy feigned injury and waited for Brandon K to come over to him and then nailed a wicked jaw-jacker on K. Smothers with a snap mare followed by a stiff kick to the back of Brandon K's head. Smothers then applied a chinlock to wear Brandon K down. The crowd began to get behind K and Smothers told them all to shut up. His demands didn't work however and Brandon K was able to power out of the chinlock with elbows to the guy ala Hulk Hogan. Smothers rakes the eyes though and is scolded by referee Bruce Gray. Smothers again applies a side headlock and wrenches it in, putting more pressure on Brandon K's neck. Brandon K attempts to pull Smothers' hands off his head and ends up in a wristlock with Smothers. Smothers uses his veteran wits and kicks Brandon K before K can really lock in the wrist lock. Smothers reverses the wristlock into a hammer lock, but Brandon K counters with a waist lock. After a very neat waist lock exchange spot the two men take turns rolling each other up for 2 counts. Brandon K kicks out of the last pin attempt and it sends Tracy Smothers flying to the outside. Smothers takes his time to regain his composure, but Brandon K executes a baseball slide knocking Smothers into the barricade. Brandon K grabs Smothers and sends him back in the ring. Brandon K climbs to the top rope, but Smothers climbs up too and attempts a top-rope Jaw Jacker, but Brandon K reverses it in mid-air into a reverse ddt. The crowd pops loudly for the high impact move, but both men are clearly shaken. Brandon K is holding his neck, and for a scary few seconds isn't moving. He eventually shakes off the cobwebs and makes it to his feet. Tracy Smothers stands up and Brandon K nails him with the K-Driver. He covers Smothers and gets the three count.****

WINNER by Pinfall: Brandon K (6:05)

Brandon K headed to the back as the crowd was pumped up. They were happy to see a PWX regular get a big win to open the show. As was I. I was also pleasantly surprised by the match as it wasn't as good as it could've been, as both men could never really get going full force, but it was nifty little opener that got the crowd even more fired up than it previously was.

Next SCCW Color Commentator (when/if they actually get on tv) Kingdom James climbed into the ring. He announced that he had a special guest and asked the Sportatorium crowd to welcome the one, the only, AJ STYLES!

AJ came out in his gear to a great ovation. He walked around the ring and slapped the fans hands before climbing into the ring for his interview.

Kingdom: AJ, being as tonight is the first night most of the guys in the back have ever had to share a locker room with their rivals from other promotions, what exactly is the mood like backstage. I know that the tension is high and that everyone is on edge, but how do you fit in in the back?

AJ: Well, honestly Kingdom, everyone in the back just needs to grow up and be professional. But I don't let it bother me. I'm here for SCCW. I'm here to be apart of the next big thing in wrestling. I'm here because I wanna be, and I wanna compete for championships. I have no loyalty to IWC, nor do I hate any of the PWX guys.

And with that Dean Radford came out to no music. The crowd booed him as he stepped into the ring.

Radford: AJ, you and I have known each other professionally for a little over a year now. We've wrestled several times, and you know that what I say is the straight shit. I don't exaggerate, or lie. Which is a rarity in this business. So let me tell you something right now AJ, what you just said...was an insult to everyone who ever busted their ass in IWC. To the Dennis Gregory's who are over in Iraq defending this country, to everyone who ever laced up their boots to wrestle in an IWC ring!

AJ: With all due respect Dean, I honestly don't understand why being a company guy, and competing for titles is so wrong.

Radford: There's nothing wrong with that AJ, nothing at all! But let's face facts...without the IWC none of these fans in here, inbred or otherwise would give a damn about you!

(the crowd boos)

Radford: But I'm just letting you know AJ, that I am VERY insulted by your comments. But I'm gonna back away, I'm gonna get out of this ring, because I wouldn't wanna hurt an fellow IWCer.

AJ: IWCer? This is SCCW! I am a member of the SCCW roster. So are you!

Radford: Well...okay then...

And with that Dean Radford clotheslined AJ Styles and beat him down. Radford stomped away on AJ until SCCW referees ran out and pulled him off.

A big "AJ" chant started as he limped to the back.

"Personal Jesus" by Lollipop Lust Kill hit and Sterling James Keenan came out for his SCCW Title Tournament First Round Match against Justin Idol. He got in the ring and then Justin Idol's music hit and he came out to the biggest pop of the night thus far.

The match between the two was really good, but unfortunately I had a phone call during the match so I'm missing some parts of the match in my notes. But here's a recap of what I do have...

****Idol and SJK have a face-off in the middle of the ring where the start off by trash talking. SJK pushes Idol and Justin Idol punches SJK to start the action. Keenan takes an early advantage with a few kick arm drags and then he applies an armbar. Idol reaches the ropes and SCCW Official Harold Potter forces SJK to break the hold on his five count. Idol gets back to his feet and the two men lock up. SJK uses his height advantage and shoves Idol down. Idol gets back up, and he and SJK lock up again. This time Idol gains an advantage and gets a drop toe hold out of nowhere. Idol attempts to apply and STF, but Sterling James Keenan powers out of it. SJK kips up and Idol clotheslines him right back down. SJK gets back up again and gets dropkicked. SJK starts to get frustrated and pounds on the mat. Idol cracks a cocky smile and SJK just flips out. He goes to the outside and throws a tantrum. Idol runs towards SJK and leaps over the top rope and down onto SJK. Both men lay motionless on the outside for a bit until Sterling James Keenan gets to his feet and picks Idol up and sends him into the ring. Keenan goes to the top rope and measures Idol up. Idol finally gets to his feet and Keenan leaps off the top rope and hits a big double axe handle. Idol hits the mat and SJK covers him but can only get a two count. Sterling can't believe it and yells at Harold Potter to count faster next time. SJK attempts the cover again but only gets a one on the second try. SJK picks Idol up and throws him hard into the corner. SJK kicks Idol in the stomach repeatedly, and then chokes him while Idol's down in the corner. Potter forces the break, and SJK measures Idol up for a big superkick. Idol gets to his feet and SJK attempts a superkick, but Idol ducks it and delivers one of his own. SJK hits the mat but rolls to the outside.****

This was where I got the phone call so all I have in my notes of the next 10 minutes of the match is an awesome flying crossbody by Idol, and SJK almost winning the match with a German Suplex while Idol was standing on the 2nd rope.

****Following the kickout by Idol, SJK is stunned. He picks Idol up and puts him in the corner, but nobody puts Idol in the corner, and Idol does the best he can to fight out and reverse positions. Idol runs up the ropes and kicks SJK in the face to a big pop. SJK is draped over the top rope, so Justin Idol stands up on the second rope, and leaps off the ropes to the outside and pulls SJK's throat down over the ropes. SJK flies backwards and hits off the mat as a "Holy Shit" chant begins. Justin Idol slides back into the ring and covers SJK, but only gets a two count. Idol can't believe SJK had enough to kick out, so he sets him up for the Idolizer (cradle tombstone piledriver), but SJK reverses it and sets Idol up for a tombstone of his own, but Idol uses his grip on SJK's leg to take SJK down and gets a quick cradle for the three count.****

WINNER by Pinfall: Justin Idol (15:01)

Very good match, real spotty, not a ton of pyschology, but enough to make it a good match.

As soon as Idol and SJK made it to the back, the familiar intro to Europe's "Final Countdown" hits and the crowd begins to boo as Daron Smythe and his manager, BC Steele make their way out to the ring. Daron Smythe is once again rocking the ubercool jean jacket vest as he gets in the ring and struts around before yelling "I'm still #1, bitches!" Then AJ Styles' music hits and he comes out to a big pop. Before the match can begin Daron Smythe demands that AJ Styles' knee pads be checked for weapons, and as the referee checks him Daron Smythe is handed a pair of brass knuckles by BC Steele. Smythe slids them down his tights.

****Smythe and Styles lock up, but Daron Smythe feigns injury and AJ Styles lets him go. Daron Smythe complains that he tore his hamstring and AJ comes over to check on him. This allows Smythe to thumb Styles' in the eye and then kick him in the guy. Daron Smythe attempts a ddt, but Styles reverses it into a Northern Lights suplex, and Styles gets a two count. Daron Smythe rolls to the outside where BC Steele fans him off with his clipboard. Referee Bryce Remsburg begins to count, but Smythe gets back in on seven. Smythe and Styles lock up and Daron Smythe whips AJ Styles into the ropes. Daron Smythe ducks for a backbody drop, but AJ Styles catches it and attempts a legdrop to the back of Smythe's head, but Smythe moves and AJ hits the mat. Daron Smythe points to his brain and mouths the words "number one", but AJ Styles disagrees by dropkicking Smythe in the kneecap. Smythe hits the mat and attempts to run from the ring, but AJ pulls him back in. Daron Smythe begs AJ Styles not to hurt him, but AJ grabs Daron's legs looking like he's gonna hit a wishbone, but instead AJ legdrops Daron right between the legs and Daron yelps in pain. AJ Styles then picks Daron Smythe up and hits a snap suplex, then a float over, but he only gets a two count. AJ picks Smythe back up and this time his a quick brainbuster and floats over again. This time BC Steele pulls AJ Styles off of Daron Smythe on two. AJ runs to the ropes, bounces off and then flies over the top rope and down onto BC Steele much to the delight of the fans. AJ then slides back into the ring, but Daron Smythe is reaching into his tights. AJ grabs Daron, and Smythe cracks him in the head with the brass knuckles. Smythe covers AJ Styles, but somehow AJ kicks out. Smythe can't believe it and he shoves Bryce Remsburg. Remsburg shoves back, but an AJ Styles dropkick to the back of Daron Smythe sends Smythe into Remsberg, and sends Remsberg flying to the outside. AJ sends Daron Smythe into the ropes, and rolls Smythe up, but there's no referee to count the three. BC Steele enters the ring behind AJ Styles and winds up to hit AJ with the clipboard, but referee Bruce Gray runs down and grabs the clipboard from BC Steele, Steele turns around to see Bruce Gray, Gray tosses the clipboard to the outside. AJ gets up, and spins BC Steele around. He kicks Steele and then sets him up for the Styles Clash. He hits it! BC Steele is out cold, but Daron Smythe was buying time. AJ comes over to him and Daron Smythe rolls AJ up, but can only muster a two count. Styles kicks out, kicks Daron Smythe in the stomach, attempts a ddt, but Smythe blocks it, Smythe attempts an atomic drop, but Styles stands straight up to counter it. Daron swings wildly at AJ, and AJ grabs Smythe's arm. He rips the brass knuckles off and throws them to the outside. Daron tries to catch them out of the air, but is unable to, and instead AJ Styles locks Daron Smythe in a waistlock, and hits a big German suplex. He bridges and the cover. AJ GETS THE THREE! But the count seemed a bit quick.****

WINNER by Pinfall: AJ Styles (8:09)

After the match Daron Smythe complains that the count was way too fast, but is informed by SCCW Owner Chase Kenderes that in SCCW, the referee's decision is final, unless there's definitive proof that a mistake has been made. So Smythe is screwed. Smythe flips out and threatens to steal Chase's toys.

While Smythe and BC Steele were leaving to the back I got up and got food, so I missed Crusher Hansen's entrance, but I was told Shirley Doe was in the crowd and jumped over the barricade to attack him, starting the match.

****The match was a brawl from the start, with Hansen and Doe throwing each other into the barricade, into the ring steps and into the steel ring poles. Shirley Doe got busted open pretty early when he was sent hurdling into the wooden barricade face first. SCCW Senior Official Sean Patrick finally gets the men into the ring and the bell rings to officially start the match. Crusher has the upper hand early and keeps Shirley Doe down with clotheslines and body slams. Every time Doe is down Hansen puts the boots to him or chokes him to wear him out. Hansen picks Doe up and sets him up for a piledriver, but Doe reverses into a back body drop. Doe hits an elbow drop onto Hansen's chest, and then begins to choke Stan Hansen's nephew with his bare hands. Referee Sean Patrick forces Doe to break the choke and Doe picks Hansen up and hits a big brainbuster. Doe goes for the cover but Hansen manages to kick out. Doe picks Hansen back up and attempts a ddt, but Hansen wraps his leg around Doe's to block it, and then nails a big short-arm clothesline. The heat in this match was tremendous with the mostly PWX-Partisan crowd teeming with hatred for Shirley Doe. When Crusher Hansen put Shirley Doe in the corner and delivered his patented chops the crowd went crazy. After about six chops the crowd yelled for Hansen to take Shirley Doe's shirt off to deliver even more devastating chops. Hansen does so and lights Doe up with three more chops before Doe can get a karate strike to Hansen's throat allowing Doe to take over command of the match. Shirley Doe then drop toe holds Crusher Hansen right into the bottom turnbuckle, then he drags Hansen's stunned body to the middle of the ring and applies a rear naked choke on Hansen. Hansen struggles to not allow Doe to get the move applied completely, and manages to get to his feet with Doe still trying to lock on the maneuver. Hansen gets the corner and smashes Doe's back into the turnbuckles until Doe lets go. Hansen goes to the middle of the ring and then runs right at Doe, but Doe moves and Hansen hits the turnbuckle chest first and staggers back. Shirley Doe then climbs up the ropes, but as he gets to the second turnbuckle, Hansen recovers and walks over to the corner, he grabs Doe and powerbombs him from the second rope. Doe gets folded up like an accordian the crowd cheers as the match is seemingly over, but Bubba the Bulldog runs down to the ring and distracts referee Sean Patrick just as Hansen covers Doe. Hansen notices the distraction and turns his attention to Bubba. Crusher knocks Bubba off the apron, and turns around. Shirley Doe has something in his hand and throws it at Hansen, it's salt! With salt in his eyes Hansen can't see and it allows Shirley Doe to connect with a vicious savate kick. Hansen spins around, but before he can hit the ground Doe grabs him and hits him with the double underhook ddt that Doe calls The Sillyhead! Does covers Hansen and gets the three count.****

WINNER by Pinfall: Shirley Doe (6:16)

The crowd was nuts after the match. Doe got great heat in McKeesport, but I wonder what would happen if SCCW ran in a more IWC-friendly venue. The crowd was livid that Doe stole the win from Crusher Hansen, and as Bubba and Shirley Doe celebrated a "PWX!" chant developed. Hansen recovered, got to his feet, and staggered to the back.

Next up was the big tag team turmoil match to crown the first ever SCCW Tag Team Champions. I was looking forward to this match because I'm a big fan of Matt Cross and Josh Prohibition and I feel that they can be great assets to SCCW.

Drawing the first two spots in the match were Da Munchies and Matt Cross & Josh Prohibition. They brawled around the ring for a bit until Matt Cross hit a devastating missile dropkick on Dick Trimmins to get the pin. I was shocked that Youthanazia were put over Pittsburgh stars Da Munchies. But it was a very pleasant surprise. Next out was the Gambino Brothers Moving Company, and they made quick work out of Youthanazia, unfortunately, because a potential Youthanazia/Youth Gone Wild match would've been spectacular. Mickey Gambino pinned Josh Prohibition after a sick version of the 3D in which Marshall Gambino (the bigger of the two) sits down ala the Stone Cold Stunner. I don't think they have a name for the move yet. Next out was the Tri-Chi Fraternity and their frat girls Trish and Roxy. The two teams basically brawled around the ring, and to the outside. The match spilled to the back, and the referee counted both teams out. This brought out Youth Gone Wild who by default was the last team remaining and therefore were awarded the SCCW Tag Team titles.

WINNERS by double countout and NEW SCCW Tag Team Champions: Youth Gone Wild (Dave Daniels & Xander Graves)

As YGW celebrated their title "win" with their manager BC Steele, the Tri Chis ran back out and cleared the ring much to the delight of the fans. Then they posed in the ring with their frat girls.

Then ring announcer Hank Hudson came back to announce that it would now be time for a brief five minute intermission. During intermission Youthanazia, Jason Cage, and Shark Boy came out to speak with the fans. I got a chance to talk to Youthanazia for a few minutes, they were really nice.

After intermission, "Ride Of The Valkyries" came on over the PA, and Scott Venom and "All Busines" Brant made their way to the ring. Venom was dressed in a suit and looking very business-like tonight.

Venom: First off, I just wanna let it be known that I am in no way, shape, or form here to have fun tonight. I'm here to get down to business! And that business is, why exactly I wasn't put in the SCCW Title Tournament. Have I not earned it? I've busted my ass for almost TEN YEARS in this godforsaken city and this is how I'm repaid? By being ignored and left out of the biggest tournament this place might ever see? That's ridiculous! I'm Scott Venom! Not some flash in the pan, fly by night never-was like some of the guys who WERE in the tournament (coughs)AJ Styles(coughs). Dammit! This is just insane! This is like starting an inbred contest and not including a resident of McKeesport!

("Some Rap Music" plays and the crowd cheers loudly as "The Spotlight" Scottie Gash makes his way out to the ring. He gets in the ring and pulls out his own mic.)

Gash: Am I hearing you correctly? Did you just call yourself better than AJ Styles? And did you just say that you EARNED a spot in the tournament? Are you retarded, seriously? Please Venom...do everyone including yourself a favor, and shut the hell up! Before I shut you up!

Venom: Oh yeah?

(With that Venom punches Scottie Gash and the two exchange right hands until "All Business" Brant waddles over to Gash and hits a big axe handle to Gash's back. Venom and Brant beat Gash down for a bit and then head to the back.)

The next match was a 2nd round SCCW title tournament match between AJ Styles and Brandon K. I seem to have misplaced my notes, but I do remember being blown way by a series of submission moves and counters that they had in the middle of the match. It started off slow, got fast paced, slow down to allow both guys to rest, then picked back up just before the end where AJ Styles got the pinfall with a hurracanrana.

WINNER by pinfall: "Phenomenal" AJ Styles (8:16)

After the match Styles and K shook hands, Dean Radford was standing at the entrance way, and when he saw them shake hands, he shook his head in disgust.

"Revolution Is My Name" by Pantera hits and Shirley Doe comes out once again to a chorus of boos. People in the front row get in his face and threaten him and call him names, but he simply gives them the middle finger before sliding into the ring. Justin Idol doesn't even let his music play as he runs out to the ring and attacks Doe to a big pop.

****Idol levels Doe with several right hands before Doe blocked one and landed a few of his own. Doe whipped Idol into the ropes, Idol came off and got back body dropped. As soon as Idol hits the mat, Doe elbow drops him. Doe then applies a rear chinlock to Idol. Idol eventually reverses out of it into a wristlock, and then turns the wristlock into a Japanese armdrag. Idol drop kicks Doe, and Doe gets back to his feet, Idol attempts a clothesline, but Doe ducks and attempts a savate kick on Idol, but Idol catches Doe's foot. Doe tries an enziguri and misses, Idol applies a waistlock from behind and throws Doe down. Idol applies a side headlock and attempts a bulldog, but Doe counters and turns it into an atomic drop. Doe clotheslines Idol in the back of the head, sending him over the top rope and to the floor. Doe waits for Justin Idol to stand up and then nails a hard baseball slide right to Idol's face. Doe picks Idol up and rolls him back into the ring. Doe gets in too and starts to choke Idol. Referee Kevin Tressler forces the break on ten and Justin Idol staggers to his feet. Idol takes a swing at Doe, and misses allowing Doe to hit a wicked ROARING ELBOW~! on Idol. Idol hits the mat like a ton of bricks, and Doe covers, but only gets a two. Doe can't believe it and asks Tressler if he's being serious. Tressler's being dead serious and Justin Idol kips up. He waits for Doe to turn around and kicks him in the gut. Idol hits a nice swinging neckbreaker. He covers Doe but can only get a two count. Idol picks Doe back up and sends him hard into the corner. Idol runs in, and attempts a Stinger splash, but Doe moves. Idol lands on his feet on the second rope, but Doe realizes this and low blows Idol. Idol holds his groin in pain, and Shirley Doe climbs to the second rope behind Idol. He sets Idol up for a reverse ddt, but as he tries to hit it, Idol flips and reverses it into a reverse ddt of his own. The crowd goes crazy after the move and both men are down. Idol gets to his feet first and climbs to the top rope. Doe gets up, and Idol hits a big moonsault to a standing Shirley Doe. But Doe rolls through and grabs the tights. 1---2--IDOL KICKS OUT! Doe can't believe it and threatens Tressler, but goes right back to work by hitting a big lariat on Idol. Idol flips through the air, and Doe covers him again, but again only gets a two count. Doe is now getting mad and as he picks Idol up, Idol connects with a big uppercut. Doe is rocked backwards and into the ropes, Idol sends him to the opposite side and off the ropes and locks Doe in a sleeper hold, but Doe kicks back and gets a low blow on Idol. Doe hits a big implant ddt, and Justin Idol is motionless. Doe covers him, and once again Idol kicks out on two. Doe is ballistic and runs his hands through his long black hair. He seemingly gets an idea and rolls to the outside. He grabs a chair from ringside and puts it in the ring, he rolls back in, and Tressler warns him not to use the chair. Doe shoves Tressler aside. Doe waits for Justin Idol to get up and then he absolutely tattoos Idol with the chair. Idol falls to the mat and Doe continues his rampage and assaults Idol with the chair. Tressler calls for the bell. AJ Styles runs out to the ring, and confronts Doe. Doe puts his hands in the air as if to say he's innocent. He drops the chair and then leaves the ring as AJ Styles checks on Justin Idol.****

WINNER by Disqualification: Justin Idol (9:43)

After the match AJ Styles and Kevin Tressler helped Justin Idol to the back.

The next match was the 20 Man Battle Royal for the SCCW Three Rivers Championship. All 20 men entered the ring. Right from the start the match broke down into two groups, the PWX wrestlers and the IWC wrestlers.

****10 Men stood on each side of the ring in a standoff. Finally Nikita Allanov and Sebastian Dark begin to exchange right hands and a massive brawl erupts. All ten guys from each roster pairs off with a member of the opposite roster. The first guy thrown out is PWX's smallest competitor Sabotage after a big clothesline from Jake Garrett. Kano was thrown out next, but I didn't see how. I just remember him walking to the back. IWC's first casualty in the match was Dirk Ciglar. Ciglar attempted to toss out "the Upgrade" Tyrone Evans, but Nikita Allanov tossed Ciglar instead. Jimmy Vegas used his size to eliminate PWX doormat Jason Cage. Glenn Spectre and Super Hentai were the next two eliminated. Both sent packing by former PWX star Bigg. Tyrone Evans and Adam Cage both got eliminated next, one right after the other. Tyrone tried to hit Jimmy Vegas with The Pounce, but Bubba the Bulldog pulled the ropes down and Evans fell out. Adam Cage then tried to clothesline Bubba over the top, but Bubba ducked and backbody dropped him over the top. Jake Garrett attempts a big powerbomb to the outside on Chris Taylor, but Taylor head scissors Garrett over the top and to the floor. Glenn Spectre got launched like a dart over the top by Bigg. Scott Venom was eliminated when "The Spotlight" Scottie Gash distracted him, and allowed Sebastian Dark to eliminate Venom. Bigg was in the corner trying to fight off Jimmy Vegas and Chris Hero, but got eliminated when Dean Radford came over to help out. Jimmy Vegas was clotheslined out by Nikita Allanov. Chris Hero dropkicked Allanov in the back sending Allanov over the top rope, but Allanov caught himself on the apron, and when Hero attempted a Shining Wizard on Allanov, Nikita caught Hero and tossed him to the floor. The final seven men in the match then each take a corner. PWX stars Nikita Allanov, Devil Bhudakhan and Chris Taylor in one corner, IWCers Sebastian Dark, Bubba the Bulldog, Dean Radford and wildcard Shark Boy in the other. A small "Shark 'Em" chant starts and Shark Boy plays to the fans. While doing so, his own IWC-mate decide to toss him out, and do so. Sebastian Dark is the next to go as Nikita Allanov sends him packing. Bubba the Bulldog is tossed over the top by Devil Bhudakhan, but he hangs on. Chris Taylor comes over to knock Bubba off the apron, but Bubba rakes his eyes and pulls him over the top and to the floor. But Bubba IS eliminated when Nikita Allanov runs at him and elbows him in the face, knocking him to the floor. The final standoff begins as Nikita Allanov and Devil Bhudkhan corner Dean Radford. Nikita tells Devil to help him throw Radford out. Nikita and Radford trade right hands until Nikita has Radford backed into the corner. Allanov picks Radford up by his feet and attempts to toss him out, Nikita calls for Devil Bhudakhan to help him. Devil comes over...AND TOSSES BOTH MEN OUT!!****

Winner and first SCCW Three Rivers Champion: Devil Bhudkahn (13:08)

After the match Devil points at Nikita and laughs, and then he's handed the title. He celebrates and then is handed the microphone.

Devil: I AM THE MAN! WOW, I'M A GENIUS! I totally just used my relationship with both IWC guys and PWX guys to my advantage. Man, I promised both sides that I'd help them, ONLY TO TURN ON 'EM BOTH! HAHAHAHAHA! While all you idiots are bickering and arguing and fighting about which promotion is better, or this or that...I'll be winning titles!

(Devil hands the mic to his manager BC Steele)

Steele: BC Steele...Manager of Champions? BRILLIANT!

The crowd boos the pair as they make their way to the back.

Ring announcer Hank Hudson gets back in the ring and announces that Steel City Championship Wrestling will return to the Sportatorium two weeks from tonight. The crowd pops loud for the announcement, but it's not like it was a surpise. Hank then announces that it's time for the main event. It's time to crown the FIRST EVER Steel City Championship Wrestling Champion!!!

Justin Idol is out first and he's limping from the beating Shirley Doe gave him earlier. He gingerly steps into the ring and the crowd, especially the girls, cheers him as he raises his arms in the air. He takes his place in his corner as AJ Styles makes his way out to a mixed reaction. He runs to the ring, and slides in. He and Idol meet in the middle of the ring, and SCCW Senior Official Sean Patrick shows them both the title that's at stake, and then shows it to the crowd. He calls for the bell, and Styles and Idol shake hands.

****They circle around the ring a little before finally locking up. Styles applies a waistlock from the front of Justin Idol and hits a nice belly-to-belly suplex. Justin Idol gets right back up however and meets a hip toss from AJ. Idol gets back up and AJ runs at him, Idol leaps over a ducking AJ Styles, and then Idol hits the ground, AJ jumps over him and they repeat the spot a second time. On the third time through, AJ stops and grabs Idol in a ddt position, but instead spins it into some weird neckbreaker variation. Justin Idol holds his neck as AJ Styles makes the cover. He only gets a two count, and AJ picks Idol up. He sets him up for a piledriver, but Idol reverses into a double leg takedown, and slingshots AJ into the ropes. AJ's throat hits off the top rope and he bounces back at Justin Idol. Idol grabs him for a German suplex and gets one with the bridge, but AJ gets a shoulder up on two. Idol holds on to the waistlock and puts AJ's legs up over top of him, using his own weight against him for the pin attempt, but still he only gets two. Idol picks AJ up and AJ breaks the hold Idol had of the back of head. AJ runs off the ropes and hits a shoulderblock on Idol. Idol hits the mat and gets right back up. AJ attempts a running enziguri, but Idol ducks and AJ barely manages to land on his feet. As soon as he turns around, AJ gets kicked in the stomach by Idol, and Justin gets a big ddt. Idol floats over for the pin but still can only manage a two count. Idol asks Sean Patrick to count a bit faster and he picks AJ up. AJ slams his shoulder hard into the stomach of Justin Idol, and then kicks Justin in his injured leg, kicking his leg out from under his leg. Idol hits the mat and grabs his leg and AJ Styles locks on a figure four leglock. Idol screams in pain but every time Sean Patrick asks, he refuses to give up. Idol rocks back and forth until he gains enough momentum to turn the hold over. AJ breaks the hold as soon as Idol turns it over to avoid hurting himself. AJ gets up and allows Justin Idol time to pull himself to his feet. Idol can only stand on one leg and he's holding his ribs. Just then, Dean Radford makes what seems like his 200th appearance of the night and comes out to the ring alongside Shirley Doe, Bubba the Bulldog, Sebastian Dark, and Sterling James Keenan. They bring out their own chairs and take a seat at ringside. The begin to chant and cheer for AJ Styles as he and Justin Idol exchange right hands in the middle of the ring. AJ Styles kicks Idol in his leg, and Idol collapses to his knees. This allows AJ to run off the ropes and hit a sweet looking Mr. Perfect-esque, neck snap variation where AJ flips over Idol, smashes Idol's face off the mat and then as Justin Idol bounces back up, AJ Styles kicks him in the head. The crowd ooohs the move (as did I), and the IWC guys at ringside cheer like crazy. All of a sudden, Crusher Hansen, Quinn Magnum, Nikita Allanov, Bigg, and Scottie Gash come out to ringside, and they stand on the opposite side of the ring from Doe and his crew. AJ climbs to the top rope, with Idol down. AJ flies through the air, attempting a Shooting Star Press, but Idol somehow manages to roll out of the way and Styles lands on his face. The PWX contingent jumped up and started to cheer, so Shirley Doe decided to grab his chair, fold it up, and slide it in the ring for AJ. Sean Patrick sees it, and kicks it to the outside, but while he's distracted Sterling James Keenan gets on the apron and attempts to springboard into the ring onto Justin Idol, but Nikita Allanov gets in the ring and nearly botches a spot where he clotheslines SJK as he springboards off. This brings Dean Radford, Bubba the Bulldog, and Sebastian Dark into the ring, along with the rest of the PWX guys. Sean Patrick turns around and sees the nine men brawling and calls for the bell. Shirley Doe then gets in and joins in on the festivities. SCCW referees run out and break up the fight separating the men into two groups. PWX on one side, IWC on the other. In the middle of the ring is AJ Styles. Both groups call out to him, trying to get him to join them. But instead AJ Styles slides under the ropes and starts to head to the back. He stands at the entrance way with Justin Idol. They shake hands and just stand there shaking their heads, visably angry that their match was ruined by the ensuing brawl.****

Decision: NO CONTEST (20:15)

The two groups brawled around for a little before finally heading to the back. The last man standing in the ring was Quinn Magnum, much to the delight of the fans.

Overall it was a great night. I've seen better wrestling matches at shows, but from the energy and storyline standpoint I think they did a good job starting SCCW off on the right foot. I can't wait for the next show in two weeks to see the aftermath of the botched title match, the PWX/IWC feud, and whatever else they wanna throw at us.

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From PittsburghIndy.com...

April 17, 2005

Rumors floating around internet message boards state that SCCW wrestler Jimmy Vegas got into a fist fight backstage with an unnamed individual and that he has been suspended from active competition for the time being. More news as we get it.

Also, according to ChristopherDaniels.com, Daniels will be in McKeesport on Saturday, May 14 AND Saturday May 28. So apparently he is scheduled to be working for SCCW some time in the near future.

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Guest -De\/ilock-

The first show was very well done. IWC guys being heel because it's in McKeesport makes perfect sense, but I think that you should have a couple of them like Hentai, John McChesney, and Jason Gory go over as faces because there will probably still be a good amount of non-PWX Regulars there. And since these guys tend to get over on spots, the new fans would probably like them because of that.

Also, on your roster post, you should highlight which wrestlers are PWX and which ones are IWC because most readers won't know which ones are which.

One last thing, when are they going to go to an IWC friendly venue? It says the next 4 shows are in McKeesport and the other's in Ohio. When is SCCW going to stop at CCAC South Campus or the Monroeville Sports Center.

The show built the IWC/PWX Storyline up perfectly. I love the Dean Radford vs. AJ Styles thing you got going on. And being that Styles took a neutral stand, he can be a face where SCCW runs.

Edited by -De\/ilock-
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The first show was very well done. IWC guys being heel because it's in McKeesport makes perfect sense, but I think that you should have a couple of them like Hentai, John McChesney, and Jason Gory go over as faces because there will probably still be a good amount of non-PWX Regulars there. And since these guys tend to get over on spots, the new fans would probably like them because of that.

Also, on your roster post, you should highlight which wrestlers are PWX and which ones are IWC because most readers won't know which ones are which.

One last thing, when are they going to go to an IWC friendly venue? It says the next 4 shows are in McKeesport and the other's in Ohio. When is SCCW going to stop at CCAC South Campus or the Monroeville Sports Center.

The show built the IWC/PWX Storyline up perfectly. I love the Dean Radford vs. AJ Styles thing you got going on. And being that Styles took a neutral stand, he can be a face where SCCW runs.

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From SteelCityWrestling.com...

Update: April 18, 2005

--SCCW Newswire--

- Due to popular demand, the SCCW show on May 14, has been moved from the Sportatorium in McKeesport, PA, to the CCAC South Campus in West Mifflin, PA.

- Also, a new show has been added to the list of dates, so mark your calendars as SCCW will be making it's debut at the Monroeville Sports Arena on Saturday June 25, 2005.

- SCCW Superstars AJ Styles, and the Tri Chi Fraternity will be taking part in the Hi-Tops Bar And Grill's first annual Hi-Top's Classic Poker Challenge on Friday April 29. Join them along with Ben Roethlisberger, Mark Madden, 105.9 the X's Allen Cox, and various other local celebrities as they battle it out in a 16 person No Limit Texas Hold 'Em tournament. All proceed benefit local charities so come on out and enjoy some great food, watch celebrities play poker for charity, and donate some money to a charity of your choice.

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From SteelCityWrestling.com...

- SCCW is saddened to announce that it has parted ways with Chris Hero. Hero has just recently signed a deal with NWATNA and thus can no longer work for us for the time being. We wish Chris Hero the best of luck in the near future, and hope to have him back in the future.

- SCCW would also like to welcome the newest additions to our roster: Allison Danger, Mike Preston, The Joker, and Trent Acid.

- SCCW would also like to announce a special attraction, join us on Saturday June 11, for "Spyral Comes Home". That's right, the man who made a name for himself in PWX prior to being signed to a contract by Ohio Valley Wrestling, Spyral is returning to McKeesport for one night only. Join us in welcoming back Spyral. Also scheduled for the 11th is a special one night "Battle Bowl." The winner of the Battle Bowl will receive an SCCW Title match at the following show. It's certainly going to be a spectacular show.

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From PittsburghIndy.com...

April 23, 2005

- According to our sources, SCCW Owner Chase Kenderes is currently negotiating with local network WBGN, local UPN, WB, and Fox affiliates, Fox Sports Pittsburgh, and even ESPN, in hopes that he can get SCCW on tv in the PA, West Virginia, and Ohio area for a weekly show, or a possible monthly special. Chase would reportedly not want to pay to get his promotion on tv, but would do so if the price is right and it would benefit his company enough.

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