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Songs Backwards


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Most of these are crappy, I'm not even hearing the "hidden messages". like That Yoko Ono song? I don't hear "I Shot John Lennon", I'm hearing "I...Ot...On...Ennon." Whatever, people will probably say it's close enough.

And the Pokemon rap was crap too, I'm not hearing anything about satan when it's played backwards.

The Weird Al one was awesome though :P

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Guest concretedog

Supposedly the Complete Lyrics to Stairway to Hell. To hear them, supposedly you must play the vinyl backwords on a record player/turntable.

Plaaaay backwards,

Hear why its sung here, oppositioner..

Allll on track, all arriving

They all sing, and they are one.

Shall I loathe you now, parishoner?

Oh hear Him, Christian within me.

It stirs my sin; the river,

Oh, she swells with our lousiness.

All my life will end for him?

We're all out of signs,

I know I'm sorta shocked

To hear The Lord,

My God now will save me!

Oh I will n'er be saved,

Because I live with Satan..

One wish today;

That you'll all pray for

Three who will make it here late.

Pray now and you'll see..

The 'Lord' turned me on,

But, oh, I was the shaggy fool..

Clothed in agony,

Lost at a height.

There's no escaping it,

Nor his woes..

So here's to my Sweet Satan.

The other's little path

Would make me sad,

Whose power is faith.

He'll give those with him 666.

And all the evil fools,

they know he made

us suffer sadly.


"Family won't get loose,

They're offered me."

Always soothes the worker.

Always will be as we know now

"I see ruins," said he,

"the world they offered me?

Who wished the Lord's fall?"

If we lose feather,

Say you'll save me!

And no wimps can bend the rules..

And no wimps can do..

Hunt next to the shore,

'Cause they see all from there,

See here's the news,

Who walks with mute grief!

Perhaps no-one found thee...

"Heavy, lift me out,"

Spake the Reve,

"Someday, failed, we'll lose one line-up,

They've gotta leave forsaken."

And no wimps can do..

And no wimps can do...

He, who say the lords

Thoth have our laws,

Maat must be superb. Mass is ended..

Over there,

He who should learn thee.

Any moot that serves by my sworn music,

I wish it with snow be shushed,

All for my mass's sake.

Hear why its sung,

here, oppositioner, Ohh..

He who should show

May make his show worthy,

To look, for us, odd.. sickly,

There's one chance - take his show.

Hold thy head,

Hear why its sung here. oppositioner.

Who owns this earth built below?

Oh sweet Israel...

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# Message - "play it backwards and, are you playing it backwords asshole? no they're playing it backwards are you playin it? oh yeah, dumbass playing the cd the wrong way, fucker, fuck you oh man, i used to ... in highschool, wanna see if it works? tell everyone you love 13 winters, buy our albums and our posters and condoms and shit. i bought shit once it was terrible. buy our thongs and t-shirts and sweatshirts. .... don't forget posters ... posters? i autographed that shit. i mentioned posters you dumbass. does this work? actually reversing the cd?"


You think?

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