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  1. cauti0n

    I can read it. I guess I need to get a life.

  2. This has been a hell of a day for college football. This Florida - Auburn game is great, and now Arizona has tied it up with USC.
  3. Someone should fuck around with people now, and try to say that "Adam Dawson" is someone that works for WWE and he's just trying to cover up that it is the real poster. Or maybe I'm just an asshole...
  4. I guess those Brits like to see frog penis.
  5. According to my friend, in some of the books Luke turns to the darkside. Does anyone know which ones those are?
  6. So I can get 10 years in prison for sharing Weezers new CD? Abso-fucking-lutely retarded. If Michael Jackson gets off without going to jail for what he did, but they send a bunch of computer nerds to jail for sharing files, I'm moving to Canada.
  7. I wish they would have been offering the DVR when we got our system.
  8. It depends on which package you get. There are 3 packages. America's Top 60, America's Top 120, and America's Top 180. Top 60 is $26.99 a month. Top 120 is $37.99 a month. Top 180 is $47.99 a month. There's also a small fee to "rent" the recievers from them. If I find our bill I'll tell you how much that is, and if there are any other costs. Edit: Apparently it's more than a "small" fee. Looks like it's $5 for each reciever. Our bill is: Digital home plan with America's Top 180, 4 Recievers - $67.99 Fox Network - $1.50 Superstation Package KWGN - $5.99 State/Local Tax (Sale
  9. If I can get my satellite reciever up and working again, I'll order it. If not, I'll just have to suffer and read about it on here.
  10. I figured it out. http://www.thomasscott.net/mp3gif/
  11. Wasn't sure which forum to put this in, so I just chose one. Save this picture and open it with WinAmp. How the hell does that work? I demand answers now.
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