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o_0...ITV presents...Celebrity Wrestling?


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I saw about this whn they had Ewan Thomas (The 400 Meter Runner) on Soccer AM. He was hyping it up as he was on it (And on the advert it showed D'Lo and Legend). It looks more task based (Not actually wrestling but like wrestling based competitions with strength and agility and stuff. Of course it would have to be. Not like Tough Enough style. But then again that's only from the advert.)

And isn't Kate Lawler the fit FEMALE who won Big Brother?

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Kate Lawler's in it too. I'm watching.

Same here, Kate Lawler = instant ratings.

Plus it'll be good to see D'Lo and Piper. And bad to see Kate Thornton (I think she's presenting it?)

Meh, she's not bad. She has a nice ass though. Then again, she was on the same Big Brother as Jade Goody and next that heap of pig manure, Cherrie Blair would look hot. :P

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Jade Goody's ex-husband is in this isn't he? Ah...gotta love these modern day 'celebrities'  :rolleyes:

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Just saw 2 more adverts...

Ewan Thomas is "The Dragon" and Mark Brennarman (Who?) is "El Diablo"

Marc Bannerman was in Eastenders (one of the DiMarco's) and Time Gentleman, Please (a great comedy on Sky one).

And for Hewitt, all I can say is....."HE'S A MAN, SUCH A MAN, HE'S A REAAAALLLLL...REALLL MAN'S MAN"...>_>

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Guest Red Devil

If you want to get more info on this and probably some entertainement tune in to the Paul O'Grady Show today at 5pm becuase Roddy Piper and Kate Thornton will be the guests.

Should be a laugh with Piper.

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There is a funny little game based on the series on ITV.com

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