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To say that there is a lack of wrestling in the Midwestern United States would be a complete and utter fabrication of the truth. With that said, however, the goal of Second City Wrestling is not to bring wrestling to a lacking region, but instead to perfect wrestling in this specific region.

Ring of Honor is one of the most successful wrestling promotions in the world, and it is because of the quality AND quantity of their work. Second City Wrestling hopes to achieve success on the level of that which Ring of Honor has experienced in it’s 2+ years as an active promotion.

Second City Wrestling will be made up of the great workers of today and tomorrow. We hope to bring you the best in Wrestling action, while at the same time, showcase to you the new generation of up and coming young athletes.

To show our dedication to giving you a superb product, we at Second City Wrestling have gone out and secured the rights to host an event that has been in the making for many months now. We have been in talks with former WWE, WCW and NWA Tag Team Champion, Road Warrior Animal (Joe Lauranaitis) to be host for the first annual “Road Warriors Cup”.

The Road Warriors Cup will be an eight team, single elimination, one night tournament designed to showcase the best tag teams in the Midwest. The winners of the 2004 Road Warriors Cup on June 12, 2004 will also become the first ever Second City Wrestling Tag Team Champions.

A list of talents scheduled for our first show on June 12 will be made available as soon as possible.

OOC: This diary is designed to be my "saving grace". I will update this twice a week...Wednesdays and Saturdays. The results will be long, and the work will be hard, but I'm looking forward to the challenge of having a serious diary for the first time in a long time.

My post on Saturday will have information on the roster, as well as brackets for the Road Warriors Cup, and possibly a few extra signed matches.

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Yeah not to seem rude but... you stole the name of my friend's fed. I don't know if there's a rule or whatever, just thought i'd point it out.

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Yeah not to seem rude but... you stole the name of my friend's fed. I don't know if there's a rule or whatever, just thought i'd point it out.

No rule against it, so it doesn't matter.

This diary looks like it could have a ton of potential. I've seen the first card and the roster is incredibly solid. I'd definitely check this out again.

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Yeah not to seem rude but... you stole the name of my friend's fed. I don't know if there's a rule or whatever, just thought i'd point it out.

Again, not to seem rude, but who cares? I spoke with Biggz about a fed name a week or so ago. Initial name was Chicago Xtreme Wrestling, but we decided against that, and then we decided on Second City Wrestling, but I didn't post it until last night, and hadn't even looked at your diary until it was brought to my attention that your friend had the same promotion name.

Also, not to seem rude again, but his promotion has absolutely nothing to do with the Second City (Chicago), whereas mine will feature Chicago/Midwestern based workers.

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If you want to get critical, I used Second City Wrestling before anyone did, at least that I can remember. You don't see me bitching, so everyone needs to shut up about the name.

Anyway, good luck Gaby.

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Guest Triple 6

Err...I'd like to point out that I didn't bitch and I'm actually the person with the similar name. I don't really mind.

Anyway, this looks good. I'm very interested in the Road Warriors Cup. Good luck with this, I'll be reading.

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Just to clear everything up, after he had posted this, I then showed him the other diary that I just viewed, and he was semi-upset that he used something already active.... futhermore, it should be a non issue as there are umpteen WWE/TNA/ROH diaries, and Punk used SCW before everyone else. So let's get back on the topic of Gaby's new diary....

Hopefully we get a card or something else up to read before some other things ;)

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Second City Wrestling opens its’ doors on June 12, 2004 with the first ever Road Warriors Cup Tournament. The eight teams involved in the tournament are as follows:

The Wildcards: Eddie Kingston and Jack Marciano are two of the most crooked workers you’ll ever meet. A history of losing cannot be attributed to a lack of trying, as the Wildcards have done everything they could to be successful, and failed each time. But now, with the opening of SCW, Kingston and Marciano have guaranteed that from this point forward, they will always have an ace up their sleeves.

Bradley & Boz: Ryan Boz and Brad Bradley are two of the baddest motherfuckers in the Midwest. With Bradley’s recent excursion to the Inoki Dojo, many expect that he will come to Second City Wrestling with an attitude worse than before. Both Bradley and Boz are great singles competitors, but together, the tandem has been a force to be reckoned with.

The Italian Stallions: Vito and Sal Thomaselli have returned to the Midwest from their training in Pro Wrestling IRON. All three of the Thomaselli brothers have been touted as prospects to watch for the future, but only two of them will be in the Road Warriors Cup, and you can expect to see the Thomaselli’s put in a strong showing.

Generation Next: The stable started as an outcry from four young Ring of Honor stars, who felt that they hadn’t been given the proper opportunities, and has carried its’ way into Second City Wrestling with three of the original four members. Again, being as this is a tag team tournament, only two of them will be given the chance to participate for the Road Warriors Cup and SCW Tag Team Titles. The group, which consists of leader Alex Shelley, Roderick Strong and Austin Aries, have yet to announce which two members will take part in the tournament, but it doesn’t matter which two end up in the tournament, as any combination of these three men is definitely a viable candidate to win the Cup.

The Briscoe Brothers: This team, who are former ROH Tag Team Champions, has dominated the tag team division wherever they go. Even at such young ages, the Briscoe Brothers are known as one of the most experienced teams on the independent scene, and are looking to make their mark in SCW by capturing the Road Warriors Cup, and declaring themselves the best tag team in the world, today.

Southern Comfort: Chris Hamrick and Tracy Smothers have been all over the world, from the West Coast, to the East Coast... ECW to Japan... and everywhere in between. These two veterans know what it takes to be on top, and aren’t afraid to cheat a little to get what they want.

Youthanazia: Josh Prohibition and M-Dogg 20 are the bitter rivals of Southern Comfort. The two teams met several times in XPW for their Tag Team Titles, as well as recently in IWA Mid South. With Josh’s hard hitting Suplexes and M-Dogg’s aerial acrobatics, Youthanazia is a team to take seriously.

Punk & Cabana: The team of CM Punk and Colt Cabana are a team of two best friends. But while Cabana is a fun loving, easy going kinda guy, CM Punk is all business in the ring. These two men are the current ROH Tag Team Champions, having defeated the Briscoe Brothers for them, twice. But one has to wonder, how many times can Punk & Cabana one-up the Briscoe Brothers? Both teams are considered favorites to win the Road Warriors Cup.

Other matches scheduled for the show include, the third member of Generation Next in singles action against “Spyder” Nate Webb, and a huge Four Corners match-up, as BJ Whitmer takes on Chris Hero, Chris Sabin, and “The Notorious 187” Homicide. With the Championship Committee looking on, you can bet that the four men in this match will be out to not only win the match, but impress at the same time.

Other talents currently scheduled for the show include, “Sexy” Ace Steel, "Barbaric Berserker" Jimmy Jacobs, Petey Williams and MORE

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Brackets Announced for First Annual Road Warriors Cup Tournament

On June 12, Second City Wrestling makes it debut with the first annual Road Warriors Cup, eight team tournament. The competitors have been announced, but up until now, matches had not.

The hometown team of CM Punk and Colt Cabana will take on the Wildcards of Eddie Kingston and Jack Marciano.

Youthanazia will do battle one more time with the team that hounded them all throughout their stay in XPW, as they take on Southern Comfort.

The Briscoe Brothers will take on 2 of the 3 members of Generation Next. Which two members will Jay and Mark have to prepare for though?

and the Italian Stallions will go head to head with the "Two Baddest Motherfuckers in the Midwest", Brad Bradley and Ryan Boz.

also added to the June 12 Card is a singles match between "The Barbaric Berserker" Jimmy Jacobs and Petey Williams.

Updated 6/12 Card

Road Warriors Cup Tournament

CM Punk and Colt Cabana Vs Wildcards

Youthanazia Vs Southern Comfort

Briscoe Brothers Vs Generation Next

Italian Stallions Vs Brad Bradley and Ryan Boz

Singles Match

Nate Webb Vs x (Third Generation Next Member)

Four Corners Match

BJ Whitmer Vs Chris Hero Vs Chris Sabin Vs Homicide

Singles Match

Jimmy Jacobs Vs Petey Williams

...also: "Sexy" Ace Steel and MORE!

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Interesting Homage to Old School by SCW

After having a discussion with SCW booker Traci LeGrande, I have managed to steal a few tidbits from him about the promotion, and what will make it different from other promotions.

The promotion will be using the old "Tag Rope" from back in the day... well, actually, it's still there, but nobody ever acknowledges it anymore. But in Second City Wrestling, Mr. LeGrande has stated that workers must have hold of the tag rope if they are not legal in the ring. He said that entering the ring without being legal will give a team a warning, and that they will only be given one warning per match...also, if a wrestler isn't holding the tag rope, and he or she makes the tag to come in, it will not be considered a legal tag, and could warrant a warning from the referee.

And if that's not cool enough, I also got confirmation from Mr. LeGrande about a new-old idea that he's been tossing around. The idea is that instead of a Commissioner or other Authority type role, SCW would have a Championship Comittee of 4 men and Traci LeGrande himself. The committee would be the only people with the power to make Title matches, so instead of Wrestler A challenging Wrestler B for his belt, Wrestler A will only be able to challenge Wrestler B to a match, and if the committee feels Wrestler A is deserving, it'll be made a title match.

Mr. LeGrande has also informed me that the Committee members will be named shortly after the debut show on June 12.

Credit: PWInsiderz.com

OOC: Results are almost done, and they should be up, with any luck, in Wednesday's post. Thanks for reading guys, and thanks for the replies.

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This looks like a great diary and I can't wait for the first show. The Road Warriors Cup is a great idea and bringing back the 'tag rope' is also something fresh. Push Petey Williams!

Petey Williams should be pushed, he should be pushed to the moon!

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SCW Road Warriors Cup results from June 12, 2004.

“Midnight Express “ hit, and the crowd went nuts as Jay and Mark, the Briscoe Brothers, made their way to the ring for the first match of the night. Their opponents, Roderick Strong and Alex Shelley, followed closely behind, coming out to the tune of limpbizkit’s “My Generation”.

Shelley and Mark locked up in the middle of the ring, with Shelley coming out with the advantage, gripping Mark’s hands, and then shoving him to the mat. Shelley, still gripping Briscoe’s hands, hauled his opponent up, pulled him in and connected with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Shelley tagged in Strong, who applied an Arm Wringer to Briscoe. Mark rolled out of it, but when he tried to kip-up, Strong pushed him back down, driving Mark’s head hard into his knee. Roderick covered, but only received a two count. Strong applied a Side Headlock, and then wrenched back, Crossface-style, but Jay Briscoe came in and booted Strong in the head, forcing him to release the hold. The referee forced Jay back to his corner, admonishing him for releasing the tag rope, which allowed Strong and Shelley to double team Mark in their corner. They set up for Shelley to hit the Shellshock onto Strong’s knee, but the ref saw this and forced Shelley out onto the apron. Roderick argued with the ref, which allowed Mark to crawl across the ring. The fans went nuts as Jay received the tag. Strong turned to see what the commotion was about, and received a big Springboard Dropkick from Jay Briscoe. Shelley screamed from the apron, but dropped to the floor as Briscoe threatened to hit him. Jay turned and blocked a strike from Strong, retaliated with an elbow to the face, and then attempted a Lariat, but Roderick side-stepped it, and connected with a Half-Nelson lift into a Backbreaker. Strong made the cover, but only got a two count on the pin. Roderick pulled Jay to his feet, and then leveled him with a solid right hand, sending Briscoe back down to the mat. Again, Strong picked Jay up, this time putting him back down with a Pendulum Backbreaker. Strong went for the pin, but only received a two count for his efforts. Roderick tagged in Alex Shelley, who immediately dropped to the mat and struggled to apply the Border City Stretch, but Jay Briscoe got his foot on the bottom rope to force the break. Shelley pulled Briscoe up, and then connected with a Snap Suplex, held on, and then picked him back up for a Hanging Vertical Suplex. Shelley covered, but Jay thrust his shoulder up just before the three count. Shelley brought Briscoe back up to his feet, and set up for the Shellshock, but Jay blocked it, and then knocked Shelley off his feet with a big Lariat. The referee stated the mandatory ten count, but Jay and Shelley both made it to their respective corners. Mark and Roderick met in the middle of the ring, where they exchanged big elbow strikes. Strong took control with a thumb to the eye, and then a boot to the gut. Strong lifted Mark in a Powerbomb position, but Briscoe slid off his back. Roderick turned and managed to avoid a Roaring Elbow from Mark, but walked right into a huge Yakuza Kick from Jay. Jay Briscoe slid out of the ring and Mark covered Strong for the pinfall victory.

Winners: The Briscoe Brothers at 17:57

Jay and Mark embraced in the ring, but their celebration was cut short by Alex Shelley, who had grabbed a microphone from the ringside attendant.

“We’re sick of being walked all over like this! That officiating was BULLSHIT! Jay Briscoe, you cheated, and we won’t forget that. What you're looking at here isn't just some random pairing of wrestlers...oh no... what you see here, is Generation Next...pure talent, on loan from God... and your double standards won’t hold us down, because from this point forwards, we do things MY way!”

As Shelley finished, Roderick Strong attacked the Briscoe Brothers from behind. Strong nailed Mark with a big Double Ax Handle blow to the back of his head, sending him through the ropes and to the outside of the ring. Shelley pounced on him, putting the boots to Mark Briscoe as Strong drove Jay hard into his knee with a Chokebreaker. Shelley slid into the ring and pulled Jay up to his feet. Mark pulled himself up on the apron, but before he could get any further, was attacked by a shirtless Austin Aries, who had probably been changing for his match later in the night. Aries drove Mark head first into the steel guardrail. Shelley set up, and Roderick got down on one knee. The crowd started the first ever SCW “Holy Shit” chant, as Shelley drove Jay Briscoe face first into Strong’s knee with the Shellshock! SCW staff quickly ran down to the ring as Generation Next celebrated. Precaution was taken by the staff members with Jay’s neck, as Mark watched his brother get carried to the back on a stretcher.

Brad Bradley and Ryan Boz came out to a chorus of jeers from the fans as they talked trash all the way down the aisle for almost the entirety of their theme music, which was Mudvayne’s “A Key To Nothing”. But the fans enjoyed every minute of the Thomaselli’s’ entrance, as the two young Italians strutted their way to the ring with the oh too familiar beat of the Bee Gee’s classic song “Stayin’ Alive” in the background.

Vito took Bradley down from behind with a big knee strike to the back, and then applied a Side Headlock, but Bradley powered out of it, and then applied one of his own. Vito got up to his feet, and shoved Bradley into the ropes, only to be run over with a big Shoulderblock. Bradley hit the ropes again, but this time, Thomaselli leap-frogged him, and then connected with a beautiful Leg Lariat to take the big man down. Vito tagged in his brother Sal, who went to work with kicks to the inside of Bradley’s knee, and then followed up with a Rolling Leglock. Bradley used the ropes to pull himself to his corner, where he tagged in Ryan Boz. Bradley wouldn’t let Sal relinquish the hold, which allowed Boz to nail Salvatore in the head with a big boot. Boz then pulled him up and hit a Release Northern Lights Suplex, and then quickly dropped an elbow for a two count. Boz pulled Thomaselli up to his feet but dropped him again with a quick jab. Again, Ryan Boz pulled Sal Thomaselli up to his feet, but this time, Thomaselli blocked the jab, and then fired back with a series of Knife-Edged Chops. Sal turned to move to his corner, but Boz caught him with a Chopblock to the knee, taking him down just out of Vito’s reach. Boz then made the tag back to Bradley, and the two hit a Back Suplex/Neckbreaker combo on Thomaselli for yet another near-fall. Bradley pulled Thomaselli up to his feet, and then dropped him back to the mat with a DDT. Bradley made the tag to Boz, who came in, and then ran at Bradley, who pressed him up, allowing Boz to connect with a big time Elbowdrop on Sal Thomaselli. Boz covered, but again Sal kicked out at two. Boz pulled Sal in for a T-Bone Suplex, but received an elbow to the side of his head. Sal hit another one, causing Ryan Boz to let him go, and then fell backward, making the tag to his brother Vito. Boz attacked Vito as he got into the ring, but Vito blocked a punch, and then took Boz down with a Fujiwara Armbar. Vito wrenched back, and it looked like Boz was about to tap, but Boz managed to grab the rope with his free hand to force the break. Thomaselli let go of the hold, and then was taken down by a low blow from Boz, while Bradley distracted the referee. Boz then pulled Vito towards his corner, where he tagged in Bradley, and then the two set up for, and delivered their Double Horse Collar Bomb to Vito, allowing Bradley to cover him for the win.

Winners: Bradley & Boz at 14:35

Glenn Danzig’s “Twist of Cain” hit, and the fans went nuts as “Sexy” Ace Steel made his way to the ring, shaking hands with the fans at ringside. The ovation was cut short as Eric Priest strolled out of the entrance to the beats of Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy”. Priest stopped every few steps to strike a pose for the fans, and told a lady to touch his abdomen, but then backed away when she reached her hand out, and laughed at her.

Ace offered to shake Priest’s hand, but it was rejected with an arrogant shake of the head. Priest went in for the lock-up, but was met with a boot to the gut. Steel fired away at him with hard right hands, and then took him down with a deep Arm Drag, holding on and pulling back on the shoulder while pushing his head down with his knee. Steel transferred the hold into a Side Headlock, but Priest got to his feet, and then yanked him down to the mat by his hair. The ref admonished Priest, who shoved the ref, and yelled “You’ll call what I fucking tell you to call!”. The ref went to call for the Disqualification, but Steel shook his head and attacked Priest from behind, sending him chest first, and then connecting with a Bridging German Suplex for a really close two count. Priest got to his feet, and met Steel with a hard Lariat, and then grabbed the ref by his collar. The ref called for the bell, awarding the match to Ace Steel, and Priest went off his rocker, absolutely leveling the ref with a huge right hand.

Winner: Ace Steel by DQ at 6:11

Priest stood over the fallen referee and posed, but turned around into a big right hand from Ace Steel. Steel rocked Priest with several more rights and lefts, and then connected with a big running Tornado DDT. The fans exploded for Ace as he motioned for the Tombstone Piledriver, but the Underwear Model was already high-tailing it to the back.

Iron Maiden’s “Aces High” played on the PA system, and the Wildcards of Eddie Kingston and Jack Marciano made their way out to the ring...but just as they stepped between the ropes, the lights in the building went off, save for three red lights, all pointed at the entrance, as “Miseria Cantare” by AFI hit, and the hometown team of “Classic” Colt Cabana and CM Punk made their way to the ring to a deafening applause.

Punk started the match against Eddie Kingston. Kingston went with a go-behind, and took Punk down in a Hammerlock, and then floated over into a Front Headlock. Punk got up to his feet with the Headlock still applied, and then tried to lift Kingston enough to push his way to his corner, but couldn’t seem to do it...that is, until he just seemed to get a surge of energy, lifted Kingston right up, and then drove him down with a modified Sitout Spinebuster. Kingston grabbed his head in pain, but didn’t have any time to recover, as Punk brought him up to his feet, and then took him down with a big Suplex. Punk made the tag to Cabana, who came in and connected with a Big Legdrop, reminiscent of the legendary Hulk Hogan, except that Colt’s Legdrop isn’t Atomic, and thus would only give him a two count. Cabana pulled Eddie up to his feet, and whipped him into the ropes, and then applied a big Sleeper Hold, ala Brutus The Barber Beefcake. Eddie threw some weak elbows, but Colt sold them like he was dying. Kingston hit the ropes and came in hard, but Cabana surprised him with a huge Lariat. Colt tagged out to Punk, and the two hit a double team Suplex by Colt/Flying Crossbody by Punk. Punk covered Eddie, but pulled his head up at two, and then shoved him into his partner, “Black” Jack Marciano, who hesitantly made the tag. Punk backed off, allowing Marciano into the ring, but then just brutally nailed him with a huge running Pumping Knee Strike. Marciano collapsed in the corner, and Punk unloaded on him with rights and lefts. Punk tagged in Cabana, who hit the Colt .45, and then tagged in Punk, who went up top, and with assistance from Cabana, drove Jack Marciano into the mat with the Pepsi Plunge! The fans went nuts with a “Pepsi Plunge” chant, and the hometown boys picked up a win in convincing fashion.

Winners: Punk & Cabana at 10:54

A techno version of the old Spider-Man Theme played, and the fans got into it as “Spyder” Nate Webb danced his way down to the ring. Webb had fun with the fans, and even got on the house mic, and convinced them to start a “Spyder-Man” chant. The crowd was cut-off by limpbizkit’s “My Generation”, as Austin Aries walked down the aisle. The bell rang, and out from behind the curtain came Aries’ Generation Next stable-mates Alex Shelley and Roderick Strong.

Webb tried to get Aries to bust-a-move in the ring, and it looked like Aries would go along with it, until Nate turned his back to his opponent, and Austin Aries nailed him from behind with a big Forearm. Aries whipped Webb into the turnbuckle, and ran in, connecting with a Double Knee Strike to the chest. Webb fell to the mat, and Aries hit a Split-Legged Moonsault for a two count. Aries pulled Webb up, and set up for a Suplex, but Spyder turned it into an Inside Cradle for a two count. Aries sprung to his feet and tossed Webb to the outside of the ring. Shelley and Strong moved in close to Webb, but the ref caught them before they could do anything. Aries hit the ropes, and dove through onto Webb with a Suicide Dive. Aries sent Webb back into the ring, and then went up top. He signaled for the 450 Splash, but when he looked down, Nate Webb had moved away from him. Aries jumped down from the turnbuckle, and charged at Webb, only to receive a Drop Toe Hold into the middle turnbuckle. Webb got the fans behind him, and slapped Aries on the ass before hitting the ropes and catching him with a Flying Clothesline. Webb got fired up, and made the mistake of taunting Strong and Shelley on the outside, which allowed Aries to sneak up from behind, and catch him with an Inverted Suplex into a floatover Dragon Sleeper. Webb tried to hold on, but Aries pulled back hard on the hold, and the ref called for the bell when Spyder’s body went limp.

Winner: Austin Aries at 8:58

Kid Rock’s “Cowboy” erupted from the PA system as Southern Comfort, Chris Hamrick and Tracy Smothers, made their way down to the ring. Smothers talked smack to a fan at ringside, and was about to hit him, when he stopped as a techno remix of Rammstein’s “Du Hast” hit, and their opponents, M-Dogg 20 and Josh Prohibition stepped out, slowly from behind the entrance curtain, sporting silver-painted Demolition-style masks.

Josh and Tracy Smothers entered a Collar-and-Elbow tie-up, with Smothers coming out with an Arm Wringer on Josh. Smothers added pressure to the move, but Prohibition pulled him in and connected with an elbow to his jaw. Smothers fell to the mat but turned it to his advantage with a Drop Toe Hold on Josh, and then an STF. Smothers let go of the hold, and then set up for what looked like a Mexican Surfboard, but after hooking Josh’s legs, he just jumped up and drove them hard into the mat with a stomp. Tracy then pulled Josh over to his corner, applied a Figure Four Leglock, and then tagged in Chris Hamrick, who stepped into the ring, and then dropped a leg across the neck of Prohibition. Smothers was forced out of the ring, but Hamrick continued the attack on Josh, working over his legs by dropping elbows to the inside of Josh Pro’s thighs. Hamrick pulled Prohibition up to his feet and set up for a Suplex, but Josh blocked it, and went for one of his own. Josh held on after the move, pulled Hamrick up, and then set up to hit an Exploder Suplex, but Hamrick blocked it with a knee to Josh’s thigh. Prohibition doubled over, clutching his leg, and Hamrick took advantage, hitting a Double Underhook lift into a modified Pedigree, dropping to one knee and driving Josh shoulder and neck first into his lifted knee. A “holy shit” chant broke out, and Hamrick covered Prohibition for a two count as M-Dogg 20 broke it up with a Springboard Legdrop to the back of Hamrick’s head. The referee forced M-Dogg back into his corner and gave him his warning. Hamrick tagged in Smothers, who applied a Rear Chinlock on Josh, focusing on the injured neck. Prohibition tried to fight his way up, but Smothers stopped him with a rake of the eyes, and then hit a quick Kneedrop to the top of his forehead. Josh was busted open at this point, and Smothers tried to open him up more by digging his fingers into the cur, but Prohibition picked up a second wind and somehow managed to get Smothers caught in an Armbar as Tracy tried to punch him. Smothers struggled, and just barely made it to his partner for the tag. Hamrick came in and applied a Side Headlock, but Josh turned it into a Backdrop Suplex. Hamrick got back up, but ran right into a T-Bone Prohibition Plex from Josh, who then crawled over to his corner and made the tag to the hot-headed M-Dogg 20. M-Dogg sprung up to the top rope, and waited for Hamrick and Smothers to regroup before leaping off and catching each man with one foot in a Missile Dropkick. M-Dogg kipped up to his feet, and then sent Smothers to the outside with a Flying Headscissors. Hamrick charged, but M-Dogg blocked a Lariat attempt, and then spun and connected with one of his own. As Hamrick hit the mat, M-Dogg moved in for the kill and connected with a running Shooting Star Press, but Hamrick kicked out at two. M-Dogg hit the ropes, but as Hamrick had the referee distracted, Tracy Smothers belted M-Dogg on the back with a steel chair. M-Dogg stumbled, and fell to his knees, allowing Hamrick to set up for what looked like a Crucifix Powerbomb, but turned into a Piledriver, a move that he calls the Southern Bell Ringer. Josh Pro attacked Smothers on the outside, having not seen his partner get demolished with the sickening Piledriver variation, and Hamrick covered M-Dogg in the ring for the win.

Winners: Southern Comfort at 15:41


“Square Dancing” by Eminem hit, ending the intermission and signifying the entrance of Brandon Thomaselli. Brandon shook hands and looked really happy just to be out there. He stopped and shook the ring attendant’s hand, and picked up a mic.

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank the staff here in SCW, for giving with this unbelievable chance of a lifetime...”

“Wait, just a minute...” Thomaselli was cut-off by another voice. Danny Daniels then walked out with a microphone in hand. “You didn’t earn this opportunity, little boy... you weren’t given this chance because you deserve it... you’re only here because of your brothers. You know that... I know that... and every piece of commercialized shit here tonight knows that! But once I’m done with you... once you’ve been beaten by a man who’s paid his dues in this business, and had to fight for this spot... you’ll run back to your fat Italian mother’s tit!”

Daniels slapped Thomaselli as the bell rang, and then laughed, which turned out to be a huge mistake, as Brandon knocked him down with a lunging elbow strike. Thomaselli pulled him up and sent him into the ropes with an Irish Whip, and the sent him to the mat with a Back Body Drop. Daniels got up to his feet quickly, but was knocked back down with a running lariat. Again, Daniels got to his feet, but this time he ran into a Scoop Powerslam for a two count. Thomaselli wrenched back on the arm, and pulled Daniels up, only to send him back to the mat with an Arm Drag, followed by another, and another, but Daniels slid out of the ring after the third one to regroup. Thomaselli made the mistake of chasing Daniels outside, and received a thumb to the eye, and then was whipped hard into the steel guardrail. Daniels recovered his breath, and then Suplexed Brandon on the hard concrete floor. Daniels rolled Thomaselli back into the ring, and then dropped repeated elbows to the small of his back. Daniels dropped one last elbow, and then immediately went in and dug his fist hard into the back. Daniels put on knee on the small of the back, and then pulled backwards on the head and neck. Thomaselli grabbed the bottom rope to break the hold, but Daniels continued on the attack with a Belly to Belly Suplex, followed by a big Sitout Piledriver. Daniels covered, but pulled Brandon’s head up at two, and then hit another Sitout Piledriver, this time keeping on the pinfall and securing the victory.

Winner: Danny Daniels at 7:18

The Midnight Express theme played, and Mark Briscoe made his way to the ring alone. Mark had a slight conversation with the ref as Brad Bradley and Ryan Boz entered the ring with big smiles on their faces. Boz laughed, and said something to Mark about the fact that he was alone. Mark looked worried, but told the ref to ring the bell anyways.

Briscoe avoided a lock-up with Bradley, by slipping behind him, and then catching Bradley with a kick to the back of his knee. Mark took him down to his knees, and then hit a Yakuza Kick to the back of Bradley’s head for an early two count. Briscoe kept on the attack with a running Legdrop for another two count, but this time Bradley fought his way up, and set up for a Suplex, but Mark countered it, and hit a Snap Suplex into a Front Chancery, that was only broken because Boz, while still gripping his tag rope, was able to put his foot between the ropes and boot Briscoe in the head. Bradley struggled over and tagged in Ryan Boz, who hit a Swinging Neckbreaker on Mark, and then choked him using his shin. Bradley managed to get the ref’s attention, allowing Boz to turn into a regular chokehold behind the referee’s back. Boz hit a Suplex, and then tagged Bradley back in, and the two men took turns dropping elbows on Briscoe until the ref forced Boz back to his corner. Bradley pulled Mark up to his feet in a chokehold, and then dropped him back to the mat with a big Bodyslam. Bradley made the tag back to Boz, and the two connected with a Double Suplex. Bradley held on, and then lifted Briscoe onto Boz’s shoulders, and Boz drove Mark hard into the mat with a Powerslam. The ref counted, but only got to two before Mark threw his shoulder up. Boz set up for a Piledriver, but let go of the hold as Jay Briscoe slowly made his way down to the ring, favoring his neck. Jay stepped up to the apron, extended his hand, and yelled for Mark to tag him in. Boz turned his attention back to Mark, who then rolled him up with an Inside Cradle for the surprise three count without having to even tag in his brother.

Winners: Briscoe Brothers at 8:20

“Cowboy” played as Tracy Smothers and Chris Hamrick made their way to the ring for their second match of the night, but stopped halfway to the ring as the lights went out and “Miseria Cantare” took the sound system.

With sneers on their faces, Smothers and Hamrick charged the entrance as CM Punk and Colt Cabana stepped out. Punk and Hamrick brawled in the aisle as Smothers and Cabana fought their way to the ring. Cabana went with a go-behind, and took Tracy to the mat, and then went into a Headlock, but Smothers reversed it into a Hammerlock and forced Colt hard into the mat. Tracy drove his knee into Cabana’s shoulder while he held onto the move. Smothers pulled Colt to his feet, still holding the Hammerlock, and then shoved him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Tracy then used the top rope as leverage to pull on the arm and shoulder of Cabana, until the ref forced him to break the hold. Cabana turned in the corner, and received a Knife Edged Chop from Smothers, but the move had zero effect, as Colt fired back with rapid fire Chops of his own, and then tagged in CM Punk, who applied an Arm Wringer to Smothers, and then pulled him in for a Headlock Takeover. Smothers rolled out of it, but was met with a Lariat from Punk, who then tried to apply an STF, but Smothers struggled to his corner and tagged in Chris Hamrick, who sprung over the top rope and caught Punk with a Tornado DDT. Hamrick then grabbed Punk’s chin, and flipped forward, bridging into a modified Camel Clutch, but had to let the hold go quickly as he couldn’t hold onto the bridge. Cabana got the fans behind Punk as Hamrick worked him over in the corner with stomps to the gut. Punk caught Hamrick with a big right hand, but Hamrick cut off the comeback with a huge stomp right onto the top of Punk’s left knee. Punk fell to the mat and clutched at his knee. Hamrick placed Punk’s leg on the bottom rope, and then stomped away at his knee. Hamrick tagged in Smothers, who tried to apply a Figure Four Leglock, but Punk fought it off, until Tracy gouged him in the eyes, and then was able to apply the hold. Punk screamed in pain as he held onto his knee, stuck in the middle of the ring. Colt started a “Let’s Go Punk” chant, and Smothers pulled back on the move, angry that the fans were cheering on his opponent. Punk’s body went limp, and the ref administered the count, but Smothers was shocked as Punk exploded back up at two. Punk tried to turn the hold, but Smothers wouldn’t let him, and Punk went limp again, only this time, he was playing possum, as when the ref got to two, Punk used all his momentum and everything he had left to turn over, reversing the hold and putting the pressure on Smothers’ knees. Smothers screamed in agony, as Punk pulled himself towards his corner, and tagged in Colt Cabana. Chris Hamrick entered the ring, receiving a verbal warning from the ref, but it was in vain, as Cabana quickly disposed of him with a big Clothesline over the top rope. Smothers slowly got to his feet as Punk released the hold, and Cabana caught him with a Big Boot. Colt pulled Smothers up and hit a Stalled Vertical Suplex, and then covered him for a quick two count. Cabana pulled Smothers up, but Tracy caught him with a low blow. Smothers set up for a Piledriver, but Cabana blocked the move, and then used his head to give Smothers a low blow of his own, allowing him to set up and hit the Colt .45 to pick up the three count and the win.

Winners: Punk & Cabana at 18:44

The theme song from Transformer hit over the PA and the “Barbaric Berserker” Jimmy Jacobs made his way down to the ring, clutching his wrist and yelling “Huss!” Petey Williams came out to something that sounded like a mix of country and techno. Williams was straight faced, entered the ring, and extended his hand. Jacobs shook his hand, then screamed “Huss!”

The Berserker pulled Petey in and drove his shoulder into Petey’s chest, but Williams stood his ground, and then drove his knee hard into Jacobs’ gut. Petey slapped Jacobs, and then applied a Side Headlock. Jacobs tried to shove him off, but Williams held onto the hold, and went behind with a Hammerlock. Petey put more pressure on the shoulder, and then connected with a Hammerlock Back Suplex. Jacobs slid out of the ring and shook it off. Petey reached over the top rope to grab Jacobs, but the Berserker turned it into a Guillotine across the top rope. Williams fell to the mat, and Jacobs went up top, and then connected with a Double Foot Stomp to Petey’s sternum. Jacobs covered, but Williams shoved him off after one. Jacobs pulled Petey up to his feet, and drilled him with a right hand, and then tried for the Berserker Boot, but Williams ducked it, hit the ropes, and then caught Jacobs with a Leg Lariat. Williams got up and posed, then pulled Jacobs back to his feet and set up for the Canadian Destroyer, but Jacobs rolled into a pin for a two count. Williams got up again and tried for a Clothesline, but the Barbaric Berserker blocked it, and then hit the Contra Code! The fans exploded as Jacobs covered Petey, but the excitement died down as Williams’ shoulder made it off the mat as the ref’s hand was coming down for the three. Jacobs pulled Williams up to his feet, and set up for the Contra Code again, but Petey blocked it, and then hit a release German Suplex. Williams threw a punch, but Jacobs blocked it and threw one of his own, but Petey turned it into a Fujiwara Armbar, driving Jacobs hard into the mat, and then wrenching back on the hold to force the submission.

Winner: Petey Williams at 8:50

Audioslave’s “Cochise” hit, and the semi-main event was almost ready to begin, as BJ Whitmer strolled to the ring with chants of “Jesus” starting behind him. The chants turned into laughter as Chris Hero came out, lip synching to the song “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias. “Heil Sabin!” was yelled loudly over the PA, leading into a military-esque tune, similar to Goldberg’s old music. Chris Sabin stopped on the apron, threw his arm up and screamed “Heil Sabin!” in unison with dozens of fans at ringside, but was cut-off by Hatebreed’s “I Will Be Heard”. Homicide slowly walked down to the ring, with an angry and determined look on his face.

Whitmer jumped Hero from behind to start the match. BJ connected with a Back Suplex on Hero, and then kicked him hard in the chest, but Hero exploded upwards with a huge Lariat to Whitmer’s jaw. Hero tagged in Chris Sabin, and the two hit a Double Suplex on Whitmer. Sabin covered, but Hero pulled him off before he went to the apron. Sabin got into Hero’s face about the move, which allowed Whitmer to sneak up behind him and club him with a Forearm to the back of the neck. BJ then connected with a Half-Nelson Suplex, driving Sabin’s neck and head hard into the mat, but when he set up for the move, was tagged out by Hero, who then ran into the ring and shoved Whitmer through the ropes, allowing him to pick up a two count on Sabin. Hero pulled him up to his feet, and then hit a Butterfly Suplex, into a floatover Double Underhook pinfall attempt, which got a two count. Still with the Double Underhook, Hero got up and tried to hit a Tiger Driver, but Sabin turned it into a pinning Hurricanrana for a two count of his own. Hero kicked out and Sabin stumbled forward, tagging in Homicide. The Notorious 187 came in slowly, and Hero tagged in BJ Whitmer, who hadn’t been paying attention. Whitmer entered the ring arrogantly, but walked right into a huge Haymaker, followed by a big boot to the temple. Homicide then set up for a Suplex, but Whitmer blocked it, and countered with one of his own. Whitmer stood and called for the end. He set up, and yelled “Brainbuster”, but Homicide blocked it with hard knee strikes to the ribcage, followed by a Suplex set up into a Gutbuster. Whitmer rolled into the corner and tagged in Chris Sabin, who came in and went blow for blow with the Notorious 187, exchanging stiff Forearm shots. Homicide screamed at Sabin, “FUCK ME UP!”, and Sabin came off the ropes with a huge Yakuza Kick! Homicide went down, and Sabin covered, but at the two count, Homicide rolled into a blatant Chokehold, which the ref forced him to relinquish. The ref shoved Homicide into the corner as he tried to be a vulture and tear Sabin apart, but Hero tagged himself in, entered the ring, and hit the Hero’s Welcome on Sabin. The ref forced Homicide onto the apron, and Hero scored the three count to pick up the win.

Winner: Chris Hero at 12:42

The fans gave a loud cheer as the main event was announced to begin. The four competitors came down together without music and shook the hands of the fans. All four men shook hands in the ring, and the ref quickly checked each man for any possible hidden weapons.

Colt Cabana and Mark Briscoe locked up, with Cabana coming out on the advantage with a Side Headlock, but too much showing off allowed Mark to fight out of it, and take down Colt with a Back Suplex set up into a Face Plant. Mark applied an Indian Deathlock to Cabana, who screamed in agony, even as the move was being applied. Mark let go of the hold, and tagged in Jay, who was still favoring his neck. Jay planted Colt with a Twisting Suplex, and then tagged in Mark because the move hurt his neck. Mark applied a Rear Chinlock, but Cabana fought his way up and powered out of the hold with elbows to the gut. Colt hit the ropes and Mark leap frogged him...then hit the mat as Colt ran over him, and then Colt leap frogged Mark, and hit the mat...but Mark stopped, and then dropped an elbow on Colt, who rolled around yelling “That wasn’t fair!” CM Punk had an agitated look on his face as he yelled for Colt to tag him in, which Cabana obediently did. Punk and Briscoe locked up, and Punk looked like he was going to dominate, but Mark kicked him in the back of the knee, and Punk fell hard to the mat. Briscoe quickly dropped an elbow and scored a one count. Briscoe applied a single Leglock to Punk’s left knee, and applied pressure, but Punk quickly grabbed the ropes, causing the break. Mark let go of the hold, and went to pick up Punk, but received a thumb to the eye, followed by a big time DDT from the Punker, who then covered for a two count. Punk yelled at Jay that he was nothing. CM Punk pulled Mark up to his feet, and then connected with a Slingshot Suplex to the youngest Briscoe Brother for another two count. CM adjusted his knee pad and pulled Briscoe up again. This time, Punk whipped Mark into the ropes, which proved to be a mistake, as he came back with a big Spinning Heel Kick, which allowed him to tag in Jay Briscoe, who came in hard and nailed Punk with a standing Yakuza Kick. Jay pulled Punk up to his feet, and then Irish Whipped him right into a Drop Toe Hold, followed by a stomp to the back of Punk’s knee. Jay pulled Punk up, and then tried for a Knee Breaker, but Punk elbowed him in the back of the neck, and then connected with a Hangman’s Neckbreaker. Punk crawled to his corner and made the tag to Cabana, who came in and nailed Jay with a running Forearm, followed by another...and then the Torture Rack! Jay screamed in pain, until Mark caught Colt’s attention, and Cabana dropped Jay. Mark spat on Cabana, who spat back, but got it all over himself. Jay rolled Colt up for a two count, and then tagged in Mark as Cabana freaked out about almost being pinned. Mark hit a Springboard Dropkick on Cabana, and Punk made a blind tag as Colt got to his feet. Jay came off the ropes and nailed Colt with a Yakuza Kick before he was forced to leave the ring. Mark covered Cabana, but was informed that he wasn’t the legal man. Briscoe got up to one knee, but before he could get any further, was caught with an enormous Shining Wizard from Punk, who seemed to injure his knee on the move. Punk couldn’t capitalize on the move, and had to use the ropes to pull himself back up. Cabana tagged himself back in, and tried for the Colt .45, but Mark’s body was too limp, and Cabana just ended up dropping him with a Butterfly Powerbomb. Colt covered, but Mark kicked out at two. Cabana whipped Mark into the turnbuckle and ran in, but was on the receiving end of a Big Boot. As Colt fell to the mat, Mark pulled himself along the ropes to his corner, where brother Jay waited for the tag. Jay came in like a cat on fire and hit a running Tornado DDT on Cabana, but the pin only got a two count. Briscoe then tried for the Jay Driller, but Colt blocked it, and hit a Back Body Drop, with Jay landing mostly on his neck. Groggily, Mark yelled for the tag on the apron, but Colt knocked him off with a Forearm, and then tagged in Punk. Cabana lifted Jay Briscoe up on his shoulders, and Punk went up top. The fans went insane as Punk leapt off the top rope, catching Jay with the Doomsday Device! The landing seemed to really hurt Punk, and so Cabana pulled him on top of Briscoe for the pinfall.

Winners: CM Punk and Colt Cabana at 16:05

After the bout, Punk and Cabana were presented with the Road Warriors Cup, which is a large silver plated trophy with a hand carved miniature of the spiked shoulder pads on top, as well as the SCW Tag Team Titles, which were about the size of the WWE US Title, but a lot less ugly. The fans chanted “Punk and Cabana” for over half an hour as the new Champions celebrated with the crowd to end the show.

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this was a very VERY awesome show, and I love that Punk & Cabana won the cup. the results were done very detailed, whiched I really liked, keep up the good work Gabriel...can't wait to see future shows, I just hope it doesn't take as long to get posted!

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