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ECW Rebirth: Heyman's $1.4 Million

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Chapter 1


May1st, 2005

Stanford, Connecticut

Mr. Vince McMahon sat in his desk in Stanford, Connecticut, oblivious to everything. His family was doing great, Wrestlemania was looking to have a great buy rate, the draft was going to be a great ratings-grabber, his hip was healing fast, and if any of the wrestlers were angry at the WWE product, they were keeping it to themselves.

Just at that moment, Paul Heyman enters Vince’s office. Paul had been an enemy of Vince for a long time before his federation, ECW closed it’s doors and Heyman gave into a hefty paycheck from Vince. Paul wore his trademark black cap to cover up his huge bald spot and had a smile on his face. Vince looks up from his desk and smiles.

Vince: Paul, hows it going?

Paul: Pretty good, Vince. Pretty happy with yourself? Injuries healing fine? How’s the family? Good, well then... I’ve been talking to my lawyer.

As if knowing immediately what Paul is talking about, Vince throws his papers aside and looks up at Heyman, who is sitting in the chair in the office.

Vince: Look Paul, how many times have we been over this? I promise that you’ll be put back on the booking team soon, alright?

Paul: Vince, that’s not enough anymore. Do you REALISE how much you really owe me? When you signed my to WWE, you promised me a spot on the booking team. You told me that I get paid my $80,000 a month to book a minimum of four shows a month...

Vince: And you booked....

Paul: I wasn’t done speaking yet! You took me off the booking team eighteen months ago. EIGHTEEN MONTHS! Furthermore, you stopped paying me my paycheck when I was taken off of the booking team. Throw out a figure at how much you owe me.

Vince: Business isn’t the greatest right now Paul. I promise that when the fans turn in more, I’ll pay...

Paul: Throw out a figure dammit!

Vince: Eighteen months of $80,000 a month. That’s almost a million dollars!

Paul: It’s $1,452,000 to be exact, and unless you was a very PUBLIC lawsuit on your hands Mr. McMahon, your going to find a way to pay me right NOW!

Vince: Paul, I gave you a home when noone else wanted you.

Paul: For about TEN minutes until Spike TV realized what they lost when they cancelled ECW. All you did was cover me up from recreating the beast that is ECW. Vince, you’ve seen the sales of the ECW DVD. You know how much profit the ECW PPV is going to be. Your in hot water right now, aren’t you?

Vince: I’ve already given you some booking capabilities on the ECW PPV.

Paul: No, HERE’s what your going to do. I know you don’t want a huge lawsuit, especially one that you have a chance at losing. First of all, I quit my job here at WWE because you have no intention of paying me and the money you owe me is atrocious! I’m also going to take over the contract of as many WWE roster members as I need so that we are on even terms.

Vince: That’s blackmail!

Paul: I’d say blackmail is better than fraud for not paying me my damn money! This way, I get the contract of whoever I want, we call it even, and you never here from me again.

Vince: Just what are you planning on doing with that money?

Paul: That, Mr. McMahon is for me to know and YOU to FIND OUT!

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Chapter 2

The List and The Card

May 8th, 2005

Stanford, Connecticut

Mr. McMahon didn’t know what to do. Heyman had him pinned and while he didn’t say exactly what he would use the wrestlers he chose for, McMahon knew. Heyman had been talking to Spike TV for months. The ECW product fit perfectly for the “hardcore” image of Spike TV and with RAW leaving in a few months, anything was possible. McMahon was pinned and he knew it.

Paul Heyman walks into Vince’s office with a box in his hands. He still wears his cap and smiles at his former box.

Paul: Just came to get some of my stuff. And give you my list of wrestlers whose contracts will be mine beginning effectively.

Vince: You don’t have to do this Paul. I’ve always been good to you most of the time. We see each other and we know how we work. We are a great time.

Paul: Unfortunately, seeing eye-to-eye isn’t 1.4 million dollars.

Vince sighs while Paul snickers. Paul grabs a sheet of paper from out of the box and tosses it down on Vince’s desk. Vince slowly opens up the piece of the paper and reads the list of the wrestlers who Paul has decided to take.



Simon Dean

Steven Richards

Bubba Ray Dudley

D-Von Dudley

Dawn Marie


Rey Mysterio

Rob Van Dam

Spike Dudley

Tazz (Commentator)

Lance Storm (Trainer)

Tommy Dreamer (Trainer)

Billy Kidman

Paul London

Danny Inferno

Frankie Kazarian

Shannon Moore


Vince seems to be a little concerned at first. He reads through the list again before SNICKERING.

Vince: You blackmail me into 1.4 million dollars and THIS is who you take? I have more talent than this is in Triple H!

Paul: Keep laughing it up Vince. You see, this is why you are so pathetic. You are blind! This talent is enough to take the WWE OUT.

Vince: So are you saying that you are bringing ECW back?

Paul: Am I bringing ECW back? Maybe you should just look at the posters that were sent out around the wrestling world yesterday.

Paul takes another piece of paper out of his box of things, this time in computer paper style. He tosses it on top of his roster list on Vince McMahon’s desk. Vince opens it up to see the following:

Event: ECW Rebirth

Date: June 1st, 2005

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Arena: ECW Arena

Time: 7:00PM - 10:00PM (Doors open at 6:00PM)

Tentative Card:

Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley .v. ???

Rey Mysterio .v. Frankie Kazarian

Rob Van Dam .v. Tajiri .v. ???

Justin Credible* .v. Rhyno*

10-Man Television Title Match

Spanky* .v. Steven Richards .v. Psychosis .v. EZ Money* .v. Mikey Whipwreck* .v. Sonny Siaki* .v. Akio .v. Paul London .v. Simon Dean

* - Not under ECW contract; special guest.

Also featuring ECW owner, Paul Heyman, among other surprise guests.

Come see ECW in it’s Rebirth show. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased by phoning 1-800-451-4452. Broadcasted on DirecTV and Bell ExpressVu. 

Paul laughs and Vince looks on his face. All of these independent stars that didn’t want to sign for WWE. Paul had his sources.

Paul: You look a little sick Vince, get some rest. Oh, and I’d just like to mention that if any of your WWE wrestlers want to “jump ship” to the better product, give them my number. Paul Heyman’s family is always growing.

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Guest Botmaster4lyfe

Very cool. The backstory is realistic (well, enough so that it could happen, just maybe).

Good job getting Kazarian. I could see him in ECW.

Probably the only thing I see wrong is Justin Credible and Rhyno fighting in an "ECW Rules" match. If the show is ECW, wouldn't ALL Matches be under ECW Rules?

You have a reader in me, I assure you. I look forward to seeing what this diary is gonna bring.

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Chapter 3

Rebirth & Jumping Ship

May 27th, 2005

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It had been almost a month since Paul had shocked Vince. Hell, he had even shocked himself at his cunning plan and how it worked so well. Now, with the ECW Rebirth PPV coming up in about a week, it was make or break time. Paul was trying to pack the card with as many big indie stars as he could that could fit into the ECW product. Justin Credible was thrilled at coming back to “his” company, Rhyno was drooling at the chance at spitting back into the WWE’s face, The Dudley Boyz were happy to be back together in tag wrestling. Fans were calling Paul’s office by the day to find out the surprises for the show. Boy, did Heyman have surprises.

Paul Heyman’s former and now current secretary, Sophie entered his office. Sophie was always a personal assistant, handling Paul’s work and covering for him when a complaint was sent to the office.

Sophie: Hey Paul, busy?

Paul: Nope, just getting the finishing touches ready for the PPV. Nobody has backed down, have they?

Sophie: Nope, all of your surprises are still on for the show. Any news on Spike TV?

Sophie was one of the few people in the world who knew the surprises that Paul had for Rebirth. At first, she was sceptical at the ECW product possibly going away from it’s roots but Paul reminded her that it wasn’t easy to get Terry Funk in the ring every week. As for Spike TV, that was the not-so-well-kept secret around the wrestling world.

Paul: The deal is still the same, Soph. As long as the Rebirth PPV gets more than 400,000 buys from DirecTV, Spike TV gives us a late night TV slot, airing right AFTER RAW! Not only does this mean RAW viewers watching our product, but it also takes fifteen minutes AWAY from the RAW overrun because Paul Heyman’s starts right ON the dot. 

Sophie: Pretty sneaky Paul. When ECW closed the first time, you told me that you promised you’d be back in this office and now look. Your phone has been off the hook, people are leaving their federations to come back to ECW. How can the show not get 400,000 buys?

Paul: I haven’t even told them about the special guest. Sure, all of the surprises are special but this one is extra special. Sophie, a WWE wrestler has JUMPED SHIP! If I told you this name, you wouldn’t be able to contain yourself.

Sophie: An actual WWE wrestler whose contract you didn’t buy out is coming to ECW?

Paul: Has already CAME! He didn’t like how he was being used, saw ECW as a way out, and left WWE. May have to get used to the ECW-style but I have no doubts. I’ve also contacted some former WWE superstars about coming in to do a show or two. ECW STARTS NOW!

Sophie: When Spike TV calls us for that TV show, make sure I’m the first to know?

Paul: Don’t even worry about it.

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I'm going to guess someone like Charlie Haas or Shelton Benjamin. Maybe the Big Show.

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Guest Lord Filth

Since you have Rhyno and Simon Dean why dont you go by their ECW names? Like Rhino and Nova?

Other than that dood, this diary is really interesting. Cant wait to see all of it transpire.

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I think that if the suprise is someone like Edge would be cool cos he could adapt to ECW style

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Event: ECW Rebirth

Date: June 1st, 2005

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Arena: ECW Arena


4 years ago, the most extreme wrestling federation to ever exist closed.

3 letters for the fans to remember, E-C-W.

2 words made famous by ECW, Paul Heyman.

1 dream, to once again stand tall.

0 chances for mistake, only one shot left.

Just how deep do you believe?

Will you bite the hand that feeds?

Will you chew until it bleeds?

Can you get up off your knees?

Are you brave enough to see?

Do you want to change it?

We zoom in to see the ECW Arena in all of it’s glory. The arena is packed with crazed ECW fans. A new titantron is setup, much larger than the one from the old days. The nostalgia silver ring barrier surrounds the ring. An ECW logo apron is hung in it’s glory around the ECW ring with red ropes.

“Closer” by Nine Inch Nails and the hot ECW crowd raises to it’s feet for a standing ovation from Paul Heyman. The ECW owner takes it’s time coming down to the ring, taking time to admire all of the signs ranging from “Fuck Vince” to “WWE Can Suck On This”. Paul gets into the ring with his business suit on and salutes the crowd.

Paul: W-W-E can suck...my...dick!

Paul rips open his business suit Hulk Hogan style~! Underneath his buttoned-up suit jacket is a black shirt with the ECW logo on it and the words “Fuck WWE”. Paul twirls around in the ring letting the crowd admire it. The image of the picture appears on the ECW titantron.

Paul: ECW is back and there isn’t one god damn thing that anybody can do about it. Paul is back with all he needs in this lifetime. [applause] If there is one thing that I want the fans of ECW to do, it’s the following.

The crowd pops and waits for Paul to continue.

Paul: I want all of the ECW fans to head down to the Spike TV building and FORCE them to give ECW another TV show!

The crowd lets out a huge pop. A smile forms across Paul Heyman’s face.

Paul: I have brought a flurry of wrestlers with me from the WWE product. Those wrestlers, along with former and new Indie wrestlers are here to conquer WWE with me. Nothing is better than e-x-t-r-e-m-e. [applause] In fact, one very special WWE wrestler has JUMPED SHIP from the cancer that is Vince McMahon to ECW. One very special... surprise. [applause] Anyway, getting to our first match up of the night, I have made it my business to introduce the very first ECW match in it’s rebirth. I’d like the Dudley Boyz to come out to the ring.

“Turn the Tables” blares out the ECW Titantron and the ECW-made tag team of the Dudley Boyz get a huge pop for simply walking out to the ring. Accompanied by them is Spike, “the little brother” who seems happy to be back on TV. The three embrace Paul Heyman in a non-gay-way in the ring.

Paul: What better way to have the Dudley Boyz back in ECW by giving them a tag team that they FED off of a few years ago. Two guys who remember the Dudley Boyz very well.

The Dudley Boyz .v. ???

"Super Bon Bon" by Soul Coughing hits over the PA system and Danny Doring and Roadkill come out to the ring. The former ECW tag champions get a pop as well from the crowd, who seems to be enjoying every minute of things.

When Doring and Roadkill make it into the ring, they first hug Paul Heyman before shaking hands with the Dudley Boyz. Paul Heyman walks outside of the ring and rings the ring bell. For the first twenty or so seconds of the match, The Dudley Boyz and D&R simply stare at each other, circling around the ring. Finally, Roadkill and Bubba tear into each other, trying to clothesline each other and get the first advantage.

The match goes through pretty intense with the crowd hot for the ECW Rebirth. Eventually, Spike Dudley gives the fans what they want, some extreme. Spike reaches underneath the ring and throws the infamous trash can into the ring. Bubba sets up for the Pile driver onto the trash can lid but Roadkill reverses it into a flip and near pinfall. Bubba and Road Kill both tag in their partners into the match.

As Danny Doring gets the advantage on D-Von for a while, he waits a little too long before making the pin. D-Von hits his reverse DDT out of nowhere! Bubba gets into the ring and the two setup for the 3D! Spike comes in the ring to intercept Roadkill trying to save his partner. Doring gets up and is nailed with the 3D!! The Dudley Boyz cover as Spike gives the Dudley Dog to Roadkill up the ring post and down onto the trash can!

After the match, The Dudley Boyz unite in the ring to play off the fan response. The Dudley’s help Doring and Roadkill up, extending their hands for a handshake. Doring and Roadkill shake the hands, much to the fans delight.

SWERVE~! Doring and Roadkill attack the Dudleyz, taking them over the top rope and throwing the trash can at the two. With Spike left in the ring, Roadkill lifts up Spike by the legs while Doring goes to the top rope. A top rope legdrop sends Spike crashing into the canvas. Doring and Roadkill stand in the ring with Spike between them as the Dudleyz don’t seem to know what to do. Doring and Roadkill pick Spike up together and they throw him FACE FIRST over the top rope to the mat outside. The crowd gasp as Spike’s face hits the floor mats outside of the ring. Bubba and D-Von pick Spike up and carry him to the back.

Simon Dean, also known as Nova to the ECW fans is backstage getting ready for his TV Title Battle Royal. He ties up his laces as former ECW Champion and WWE superstar, Justin Credible walks into the locker room. Justin looks Simon up and down before letting out a pathetic laugh.

Justin Credible: Look at you NOVA. I know the real you. Back when you and Stevie Richards were a force to be reckoned with. Back in the old days. Now look at you, nothing but a bum.

Simon Dean looks up from his business to stare Justin Credible in the eyes.

Simon Dean: It’s... different now.

Justin Credible: But not better. Look at you! WWE slapped a fat ass on you and some fake ass gimmick for what? To be a little locker-room bitch?

Simon Dean looks down at his shows, not saying a word.

Simon Dean: I’m making it somewhere.

Justin Credible: I don’t give a SHIT where you made it. Look at me, the one and only. Didn’t turn all bitch like you did. Man, fuck you and your horse shit!

Justin Credible slaps Simon Dean across the face. Simon just sits their, not doing anything. Justin laughs again and leaves Simon Dean alone.

Frankie Kazarian .v. Rey Mysterio

For possibly the first time in his life, Frankie Kazarian gets a BIGGER pop than Rey Mysterio does. The “Wave of the Future” salutes the crowd with a middle finger and still gets a huge pop. Kazarian and Mysterio look at each other in the ring and start their match of the night with a lock-up, followed by Mysterio flying off the ropes in a Hurricanrana but Kazarian flipping and landing on his FEET. Kazarian turns around and a Sunset Flip, but Mysterio reverses that, attempting to fly off the second rope. Kazarian catches Mysterio mid-air with a Dropkick, taking both men out as the fans are hooked.

Soon the action spills to the outside, where Frankie hits a huge flip over the top rope. While Rey Mysterio is recovering, Frankie pulls out the fire extinguisher from underneath the apron. Rey stands up and covers his face as Frankie threatens to blind Mysterio. The Wave of the Future then laughs, hitting Mysterio square in the face with the object. Frankie then gets onto the outside ring apron, jumping off with a moonsault onto Mysterio!

Soon, the finish is setup in the ring. Rey gets back the momentum following the extinguisher shot and gets Kazarian in the 619 spot. Rey bounces off the ropes when Kazarian simple stands up out of the 619, blatantly no selling it. Rey wonders what’s up and Kazarian flattens him with a closed fist! Rey stands up, WAVE OF THE FUTURE!! Rey flops to the ground and Kazarian pins him.

Following the match, Rey stands up after his loss, EXTINGUISHER to the face once more. Kazarian gets up to the top rope, 450 SPLASH! Rey is out.

10 Man Battle Royal: Spanky .v. Steven Richards .v. Psychosis .v. EZ Money .v. Mikey Whipwreck .v. Sonny Siaki .v. Akio .v. Paul London .v. Nova .v. The Amazing Red [TV Title]

Before the match, Paul Heyman is out once more to explain the rules. Falls Count Anywhere in the arena. If you are pinned, you are no longer eligible to win the title. The last person to get pinned wins the match.

The crowd is in awe at the indie talent in this match, popping for guys like Spanky, Mikey Whipwreck, Sonny Siaki, and Amazing Red. Once nine of the competitors are in the ring for the match, the group waits for the only person left, Simon Dean. “Hollywood” hits over the PA system and Simon Dean walks out wearing his old NOVA pants! The crowd pops him as the new Nova comes down to the ring. He dives into the ring and nails a suicide front flip into the crowd of wrestlers, taking down a few of them and making an impact!


Psychosis by Steven Richards via Pinfall

Mikey Whipwreck by Nova after Swanton Bomb from ten feet high on a scaffold.

Akio by The Amazing Red when TAR flips Akio into an Ice cream stand and then pinning him.

The Amazing Red by Nova when TAR misses a Moonsault from the scaffold.

Steven Richards by Spanky following the Sliced Bread #2.

Spanky by Paul London and Nova when they each Leg Drop onto him from opposite corners.

EZ Money when Sonny Siaki when Sonny clocks him with the ring bell.

Sonny Siaki by Nova when he hits the Spin Doctor.

With Paul London and Nova the only ones left, the two are wrestling on top of the ten foot scaffold which has been the centre point of the match and is in the corner near the titantron. Nova and Paul London both push each other off, but Paul London gets a hold at the last second! Nova falls down onto a ring mat and appears to go limp. Paul London jumps off in the London Calling, a huge Shooting Star Press! At the last moment, Nova moves out of the way and London’s body smashes down on the ground. Nova flops over and pins Paul London for the win and the TV title!

As the crowd recovers from the great TV Title match, we come to see Paul Heyman standing in the room with two mystery wrestlers. The fans boo at not being able to see who Heyman is talking to.

Paul Heyman: Gentlemen, you are here in ECW to do one thing and one thing only. Cause havoc. Not with each other, but as two separate forces. Remember, ECW is NOTHING like the WWE! And you, remember that the rules are the same as before.

Paul Heyman smiles and puts both of his shoulders on the mystery men’s shoulders.

Paul Heyman: Lets rock and roll. Your up first.

Rob Van Dam .v. Tajiri .v. ???

The ECW gives a huge pop to the two former ECW main eventers. “Mr. Monday Night” Rob Van Dam and Tajiri shake hands, talking to themselves about things while the crowd waits on the mystery opponent.





The crowd goes wild.


The lights go out and the fans yell out. When the lights return, Chris Jericho stands at the top of the ramp with his backed turned to the crowd. The Ayatollah of Rock and Roll’ah turns around to the crowd gives a big “Fuck You” to the ECW fans. A bunch of fans ask for Jericho to hit hands with them on the way down to the ring by Jericho walks straight passed them. Getting in to the ring, Chris Jericho makes RVD and Tajiri back down as he goes to the top rope. The fans boo him more and Jericho loves it.

Jericho quickly takes down both of his opponents before sliding out of the ring. Tajiri and RVD quickly recover and both try to Splash onto Jericho. Jericho ducks and the two slam into the ring barrier! Jericho reaches underneath the ring and throws object into the ring, a sledgehammer, stop sign, chair, a 2x4.

Soon when the match is in full force, the three use the objects in the ring whenever they can. Tajiri and RVD work as a team until RVD goes for a Rolling Thunder at the same time Tajiri does a leg drop off the top rope. Tajiri collides with RVD and the two become enemies with each other.

With Jericho out on the outside of the ring, Rob Van Dam has Tajiri setup for the 5 Star Frog Splash. RVD goes to the top rope and jumps but Tajiri moves and RVD collides with the 2x4! Tajiri stands up and looks around for Jericho. Tajiri turns to look behind him with Jericho hits him with a face buster from behind!

With RVD out in the middle of the ring, Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho on Tajiri! Tajiri squirms for a few seconds before tapping out, conceding the win the Chris Jericho.

With Rob Van Dam having a 2x4 mark in his face, Tajiri holding his legs from Jericho, and the flurry of weapons in the ring, Chris Jericho leaves the mess and holds up his middle finger to the fans. He gets booed as he leaves the ring area.

Justin Credible .v. Rhyno

Before the match begins, fans are taken back to the very last ECW PPV, Guilty as Charged. The crowd is taken back as it shows Justin Credible losing in the World Title match to The Sandman, which also featured Steve Corino. The highlights then show Rhyno facing Sandman in a TV Title-World Title unification match where Rhyno wins with a Gore and Pile Driver. The scene fades out with Rhyno and the World title in his hands.

Justin Credible looks extremely polished in his first televised match in a long time. Rhyno gets a huge pop and looks like the man beast he once was.

Rhyno and Justin Credible tear into each other with each person using hardcore whenever they can. When the action spills to the outside of the ring, Rhyno gets the idea to end the match early by doing a GORE on Credible on the ring barrier. Justin moves and Rhyno ends up hurting himself.

Justin Credible picks up the ring bell, getting an idea. Rhyno stands up by the ring apron and JC swings at him by Rhyno ducks and Justin hits a FAN STRAIGHT IN THE FACE!!! Justin Credible drops the bell and runs at Rhyno for a clothesline, but Rhyno ducks and Justin Credible goes air-born into the crowd, narrowly missing the injured fan, who is being helped by paramedics.

Soon, both men are back in the ring where Rhyno hits a Pile Driver. Rhyno stands in the ring, setting up for the GORE. JC gets up and Rhyno hits the Gore on him! Rhyno goes for the pin when the lights go out.


You want it heavy

Welcome to my world, either way you pick you're winding down


I want it heavy

Welcome to my world, either way you pick you're winding down again

The lights come back on and Rhyno is OUT in the ring. Standing on his body is Steve Corino accompanied by Francine on his left side. The former ECW centerpiece stands with one of the greatest ECW women in the ring.

Steve Corino drags Justin Credible over to Rhyno and drapes his shoulder over the mysteriously fallen man beast. Steve Corino counts along with the referee as JC gets the pinfall victory!

Justin Credible rises to his feet and him and Steve Corino stare each other down. The down look back and forth at each other until they shake hands with each other! The crowd is stunned at the new Impact Players! With Francine standing in the middle of Steve Corino and Justin Credible, the trio stands over top of Rhyno as ECW Rebirth cuts to black!

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That was a great show to bring back ECW with. Personally I loved the exchange between Credible and Nova prior to the battle royal...the WWE should really do something like that to get rid of the Dean gimmick :P I also loved Jericho jumping ship, and being no stranger to the ECW surroundings he should fit back in quickly...

After-show Quiz

- Why do you think I brought JC, SC, and Francine together as the Impact Players? Only old ECW fans may get this. No idea...being in the UK meant my ECW coverage was practically non-existant

- What is Steve Corino entrance theme? "A Welcome Burden" By Disturbed

- What song was used to introduce the PPV at the very beginning? "The Hand That Feeds" By Nine Inch Nails

- Do you agree with the Jericho jump? Someone else would have been better? I agree with it, but if it was someone else I wopuld have loved for it to have been Benoit

- If there is one person you’d like to be incorporated into the new ECW, who would it be? If it's from either WWE or the Indys, I'd have to say CM Punk...the whole Straight Edge thing would lead to some intense stuff in an ultraviolent environment like ECW

- Which person on the show would you like to me more of? Nova :) (Or maybe Tajiri)

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After-show Quiz

- Why do you think I brought JC, SC, and Francine together as the Impact Players? Only old ECW fans may get this.

Because they were gonna reform the Impact players full time with both Corino and Credible before the real ECW closed... on the very last PPV I believe they did the old Impact Players pose...

- What is Steve Corino entrance theme?

Disturbed - 'a welcome burden'

- What song was used to introduce the PPV at the very beginning?

One of my fave N.I.N songs... 'The hand that feeds'

- Do you agree with the Jericho jump? Someone else would have been better?

No I dont agree with it... it wasnt a surprise at all... Christian maybe could fit well in ECW given the right mic time to get himself over.

- If there is one person you’d like to be incorporated into the new ECW, who would it be?

I'd say probably Austin Aries... he has the ability to be a break away star

- Which person on the show would you like to me more of?

London... he deserves it

Edited by deanitude
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- Why do you think I brought JC, SC, and Francine together as the Impact

Players? Only old ECW fans may get this.

I believe deanitude was right, they were planning to remake the Impact Players and I am glad that you did it or at least hinted at in this one

- What is Steve Corino entrance theme?

Distrubed - "A Welcome Burden"

- What song was used to introduce the PPV at the very beginning?

N.I.N - "The Hand that Feeds"

- Do you agree with the Jericho jump? Someone else would have been better?

Im a huge Jericho mark, so yes I do agree with it. But, as someone else said earlier, I think Eddie Guerrero would have also been a great choice.

- If there is one person you’d like to be incorporated into the new ECW, who would

it be?

Well, if you want to steal another guy from the WWE, pick Batista, he could fit in well. Otherwise, Chris Sabin.

- Which person on the show would you like to me more of?

Paul London or Nova.

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Why do you think I brought JC, SC, and Francine together as the Impact Players? Only old ECW fans may get this.

I don't know.

- What is Steve Corino entrance theme?


- What song was used to introduce the PPV at the very beginning?

Something by NIN

- Do you agree with the Jericho jump? Someone else would have been better?

I didn't mind it but I saw it coming. Most ECW diarys bring him in. I don't know who would have been better. Someone less predictable...

- If there is one person you’d like to be incorporated into the new ECW, who would it be?


Raven if he's not already in....

if he is, Dustin Rhodes as his follower....

- Which person on the show would you like to me more of?

Steven Richards, Justin Credible, Tajiri, Nova....

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