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Your top 5..


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My top 5 favourite songs don't change, but recent ones I've heard that I liked are:

1) This Love - Maroon Five

2) Long Day - Matchbox 20

3) Real World - Matchbox 20

4) Workout - Kanye West

5) Wash Away Those Years & Higher - Creed

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Guest Booker T & The MG's

Auf Der Maur - Real A Lie

Auf Der Maur - Taste You

Bronx - They Will Kill Us All (Without Mercy)

Hole - Malibu

QOTSA - Quick and To The Pointless

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Guest bruins72

It's finally starting to warm up, so I'm starting to listen to songs with more of a summer-feel to them. These aren't my all-time top 5. They're just what I'm really enjoying now.

G Love & Special Sauce - Rodeo Clowns

Pepper - Give It Up

Van Halen - Ice Cream Man

Jack Johnson - Mudfootball

Less Than Jake - Summer Nights

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Time of my life//The Swamp Candles

The big I am//Dry Rise

Takeoffs and landings//The Ataris

All you can ever learn is what you already know//The Ataris

I'm money//Zebrahead

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1. Last Train Home- Lost Prophets

2. Megalomaniac - Incubus

3. Ya'll want a singlw- KoRn

4. She wants to move - N.E.R.D.

5. Matiné - Franz Ferdinand

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1. Natural Punch Drunker - Namida no KAKERA

2. W-inds - Long Road

3. Rasputina - High on Life

4. The Lovin' Spoonful - What a Day for a Daydream

5. Ringo Starr - I Think Therefore I Rock & Roll (Only Ringo could make a song with this bad a title entertaining.)

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  • Admin

1. The Closest Thing To Crazy - Katie Melua

2. Extraordinary Thing - Aqualung

3. Parting Way - Eddie Vedder (w/ Neil Finn)

4. Love Will Come Through - Travis

5. Don't Stop Me Now - Queen

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1. Mommys Little Monster by Social Distortion

2. Lets Go Crazy by Refused

3. Spanish Bombs by the Clash

4. TV Party by Black Flag

5. Punk Rock Rebel by Millencolin

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Guest bruins72

Take on Me - Aha

If you like this song, you should check out the Reel Big Fish version. It's got a nice ska flavor to it. Great horns!

Stickin' to the rock lately.  And if anyone gives some hassle for the Liz Phair, I moidalize ya :P

Liz Phair is truly a goddess! I saw her on the Bob Costas show on HBO the other day and she looked amazing.

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