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XBox 360 Price Revealed


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XBox 360 Prices

$299 for the basic package or $399 for the extra shit that you'll eventually need to fully enjoy the system. Anyone who pays $400 or $450 (the rumored PS3 price) for launch hardware is getting anally raped. Anything over $300 for launch hardware is insulting. This announcement just confirms I won't be going near any new systems for at least a year after launch.

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The more expensive deal actually makes more sense to get.....but I think I will just use my PC for games until the price becomes more reasonable or my parents buy me the system. They always buy me these systems when they first come out, and there are always flaws in them. I hate owning a system when it first is released.

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Possibly more power, but twice the power is a severe overstatement. Give or take though, I think all 3 consoles will be about even, so it doesn't matter too much, it's the games that matter. And since we know little about the games on any platform besides the names and a few screenshots/videos, I think I'll hang on until I do.
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