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WCW 1991: The Rebirth Years By thegodcomplex


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Everyone has one really good idea, or at least I'd like to think so. This was mine. Let me take you back a few years to the initial idea, then we can begin the journey onwards.

In August of 2002 I found a little board that was the official forum for Extreme Warfare Revenge, a game I had found out about four months prior thanks to an article by The Scotsman. When I journeyed to this board, Extreme Warfare Battleground, I fell in love. I was amazed that an entire community existed to support EWR. I found myself quickly drawn to The Diary Dome, although to be honest I don't even think that name was around at this point in time, where I found that some of the regulars to this board were creating fantastic tales that were derived from their game. I was amazed and in love with the concept. I read some spectacular diaries by some good writers and some awful diaries by some not so good writers. In September, after becoming rather bored with EWR, I decided to attempt to do the same. My first diary, NWA:TNA was a small success that lasted for three months on the board and four months game time. It was nothing spectacular to be honest, but it was fun and it provided me with a new insight into my game. In November it came to an end due to a death in my family, a cross country move, and computer errors. It was time to move on, to try something new and different for myself, and to attempt to challenge myself.

I settled on WCW 1991 by thegodcomplex.

My love for that time in wrestling was all I needed to attempt to bring my own ideas into this game and diary. I knew of the pitfalls and the successes of the real WCW during this time, and I knew what I had liked, disliked, and out right loathed. I knew enough to know that I could present something that would be of some small interest to some people who also liked the time. My name value had grown a bit on EWB due to my ever so short involvement with CWW as NWA-TNA of all things, so when I began WCW 1991 the fans of both my previous NWA:TNA and those that had found me in CWW came to read. I had found success, and I had found my one really good idea.

This diary has ventured across four boards, if memory serves me right, before finally settling right here once more. I have started and stopped this thing more than a few times, but when all else fails, or as in the event of my WWF 2001 After WMX7 Diary, technology hates me, I find myself back here. Back amongst ideas and characters that have become like old friends to me.

Can I make Pillmania, an idea that I have had since 1993, work and make it a believable enough story that people actually buy it? Can I bring Sweet Stan not only into the Main Event Scene, but make him a true star in this diary? Can I EVER find a way to get fucking Ron Garvin over and accepted, and not another winner in the Most Pushed Wrestler Who Doesn't Deserve A Push category of this years Diary Dome Awards? I managed to make The Fabulous Freebirds credible WCW World Tag Team Champions, Bring Jeff Jarrett into WCW and launch him as a credible Upper Midcarder almost immediately, as well as make The Z-Man not only an interesting character, but create a feud with he and Brian Pillman that more than a few people said was probably amongst the best things I did in this diary, so I think I can make the above things happen. Maybe.

I exist amongst the so called elite of The Diary Dome not because I am really all that great or because I was modded on Javert's recommendations, but because of this diary right here. Fitzy has stated on numerous occasions that nothing I have ever written since this has ever been as good as this was, and I firmly agree with him. This was my baby and this was my one really good idea. You may call this self indulgent, a mod using his power and his place here to break his own rules, or a good idea. In the end I agree with you on all three points.

Now, let's journey back into the past when wrestling was fun, kayfabe existed, and heroes and villains were far easier to tell apart as I repost what exists as a precursor to the continuation of WCW 1991. A lot of it was lost, although a month by month recap does exist, before we get to the posting of actual shows and then, finally, to August 1991 and new shows. I ask you to accompany me back into

WCW 1991: The Rebirth Years by thegodcomplex


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You know, TGC, it's hard to support you sometimes because whilst you're a great writer, you keep jumping from diary to diary without a care, getting my hopes up and dashing 'em every time (see every PPCW return). Please don't screw up this time. Please?

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WCW 1991: The Rebirth Years by thegodcomplex

In December of 1990, when Ted Turner seceded from the NWA, he completed his goal to take his little wrestling company mainstream and compete with the much bigger WWF. Turner's idea was that he had the money, the television time, and the stars, so he didn't need the NWA anymore. He was right. In January of 1991 WCW was born on TBS via WCW Saturday Night. What had once been the flagship show for the NWA was now the home of a new company, WCW, owned and operated by Turner. While the boys and the dirt sheet writers knew of the big change and how monumental it was, the general and casual fan had no idea anything was different. The NWA Titles were now referred to as WCW Titles, and the champions joined WCW due to the lure of a permanent position and a nice large paycheck. The long and storied history of the NWA was simply "borrowed" by WCW. The legendary rise of The Nature Boy Ric Flair in the 1970's was now a part of WCW history, and the letters NWA were no longer mentioned. Turner had done what he had long sought, he had taken his little wrestling company and turned it into a major player in the world of professional wrestling seemingly overnight. While things were good and looked nice on the outside, backstage was an all together different story.

Jim Herd was the man officially in charge in 1990, although his right hand man and head booker was former wrestling star, in his mind at least, Ole Anderson. Herd and Ole had some good ideas, and for the most part their tenure in charge in 1990 wasn't a complete failure. It was largely a failure however. Even though Herd had been smart enough to bring in new talent with the plan to build tomorrows stars today, Ole had other ideas. His revolved around bringing in former "stars" with years and years of experience, and putting them over the younger talent. The main problem with this was that wrestlers like The Z-Man and Flying Brian Pillman were getting squashed by wrestlers such as Dutch Mantell and Harley Race who no longer had any rub left to give. The fans saw The Z-Man and Pillman as losers who were regularly beaten by old men. Old men who weren't that much higher in stature within the company than they were. For most of 1990 the top spots were held by the same few people, and no one new was allowed near it. This would prove to be a major problem in the second half of 1990, which was made even further prominent by the biggest failure and blunder of the Herd and Ole era: The WCW Heavyweight Title reign of Sting.

Most thought, Ole included, that the man to get the next big push would be fan favorite and big man Lex Luger. Since his introduction in the late 1980's into the NWA, the plan had been to push this man to the World Title. However Ric Flair, easily the biggest star in the company, had other plans. His involved the number one babyface Sting. He wanted to drop the title to Sting, propelling him to the top, as he felt that Luger simply wasn't ready yet. Many agreed with Flair's assessment, and a long and bitter struggle occurred between Herd, Ole, and Flair. In the end Flair won out, and at The Great American Bash 1990 Sting did indeed win the title from Ric Flair in a classic match. Here, however, is where the mistakes really were made. Whether it was to be Sting or Luger didn't matter, because the top of the heap was a barren wasteland in WCW. As already mentioned, the Main Event scene included the same few people and no new stars were allowed near it. Thus once Sting beat Flair he didn't have any already established Main Event players to wrestle and defeat to establish himself as a worthy World Champion. His opponents included Sid Vicious, an up and comer no doubt, Barry Windham, and The Black Scorpion. For six months Sting held the World Title to wrap up 1990, and for six long months Sting was without a credible heel opponent to make him look strong. The match at Halloween Havoc against Sid was a good one, but there was never any doubt that Sting was walking away with the title. By the time Sting actually wrestled the real Black Scorpion his title reign was officially a joke.

The Black Scorpion was an idea concocted by Ole to create a mysterious new Main Event player in WCW that had ties to Sting's past. At it's very core a mystery, Ole's idea was that the fans would become so enamored with the idea of trying to deduce the identity of The Black Scorpion that the lack of opposition for Sting would be forgotten. Just as a reminder, this was the same man that decided that Robocop should come to ringside and save an injured Sting from The Four Horsemen earlier in the year. The main problem with Ole's Black Scorpion idea was that he had NO CLUE who was under the black mask and garb. Various workers played the part, with Ole himself voicing the character most of the time, so that The Black Scorpion was all different shapes and sizes. Further complicating things was the fact that The Black Scorpion's "veiled threats" and "remember California, Sting" promos were all over the place. Many felt Ole was trying to make the fans believe that it was Sting's former Tag Team Partner, The Ultimate Warrior. However he was inked to a long term WWF deal. Whatever Ole's reasoning, the magician character of The Black Scorpion was a joke. It all came to a head at Starrcade 1990 when Sting was set to face "the real Black Scorpion" after numerous false Scorpion's had been vanquished by The Stinger. With mere minutes left to go Ole STILL didn't have a man to put under the mask. So Ole and Herd went to Ric Flair, always a company man, and asked him to do the deed and the job. Herd and Ole had spent the second half of 1990 doing their best to bury Flair, but Flair agreed, donned the garb, and Main Evented Starrcade with Sting. It came as no surprise to anyone as the match progressed who was under the mask, but it was still played off as a big deal when Sting removed the mask and the briefest of glimpses of Flair's face was given on PPV. The remaining few weeks of 1990 were booked without any enthusiasm or creativity by Ole. The reason? He was out of a job, as was Jim Herd, come January 1, 1991.

Turner, now the owner of the number two wrestling company in the world, wanted a clean and fresh slate for the beginning of his new era. His idea, while laughed at and balked at by many, was to take three men with a little history, albeit very little in two of our cases, but no personal or political agendas, and have them control the destiny of WCW. For six months at least.

Myself, a former talent relations agent for about nine months in WCW, Jim Ross, an announcer, and new employee Eric Bischoff, another announcer and generally well known ass kisser to the corporate types, were handed the creative and business reigns of Ted Turner's new wrestling company. On January 1, 1991 we were in charge. The Terrible Trio, as Sid Vicious nicknamed us, were handed The Book and The Checkbook and told to try and turn WCW around. In the first six months we had one goal given to us. Take this company, which under the NWA name had been losing money, and get it to make money. In the process of doing that, directly compete with the WWF and let the world know that WCW was number two for now, but that we were heading straight for the number one spot. We took to our job with the eagerness of a child in a candy store, and along the way made some mortal enemies, but our first six months were certainly not boring.

Next...WCW 1991: January To June

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Nice. I am sure to keep up with this. I love this diary, and I'd probably have to go as far as saying it is my all time favorite diary. I've kept up with it since the very beginning. ANd each time it comes back, I love it. But then it disappears. I just hope that this doesn't go anywhere anytime soon. It's well written, and the characters are all portrayed greatly.

I only have had some small problems within it. That being the Cactus Jack and Sting team, Annihilation. I just couldn't ever really get into them. Or Sting, for that matter, throughout the diary.

And of course, I just cannot stand Ron Garvin, and I sure hope you cut your loses and let this failed experiment of pushing Garvin to the main event go to the recycle bin. But I fear we are going to see him around for a long time as you love this guy and I think you want to make him into a star, but I don't think anyone, at least not me, will ever buy him as a main eventer.

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Thank you Fitzy, syco, and gogo for the support, as well as voicing the obviously well founded paranoia about whether or not I will allow this to continue on.

As for Sting, Annihilation, and Garvin, one of the things I loved the most was that my character was always open and honest about the successes and failures of WCW under the reign of The Terrible Trio. Those three things, among many others, were regularly talked about and dealt with, and will continue to be so.

Thanks again for accepting this back. January 1991 will be up soon.


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WCW 1991: The Rebirth Years by thegodcomplex

January 1991

January 1991 came with The Terrible Trio in charge. On the outside nothing much had changed. The first televised show of the year was WCW Saturday Night on January 5, and all was like it had been in the waning weeks of 1990. The most immediate change were the releases of Sgt Buddy Lee Parker and El Gigante. Madusa quickly asked for her release following her notification that she was being demoted to the role of Manager following a stint in Developmental to work on her mic skills. Dangerous Dan Spivey, who had just returned in December at Starrcade, made a nice opening impression with our new regime as he headed into rehab. Other than that, January seemed to be a continuation of stories that had been developed and begun in the NWA in the last days of 1990.

WCW Saturday Night (01-05-91)

-The Z-Man and Brian Pillman are defeated by The Fabulous Freebirds, who debut Tammy, a new Manager for Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin. She trips The Z-Man up as Garvin pins him.

-New Interviewer Mike Tenay interviews The Four Horsemen (Flair, AA, Sid Vicious, and Barry Windham) about Starrcade and Flair being The Black Scorpion. The Horsemen are livid and threaten Tenay about not mentioning that name again. AA and Windham hype the WCW World Tag Team Titles re-match against champions Doom later tonight following their non decision Street Fight at Starrcade.

-Jesse "The Body" Ventura interviews The Freebirds and Tammy on their way out of the parking lot. The Freebirds announce that Tammy is a MANAGER, not a valet, and is only the beginning for the new direction The Freebirds plan to take in WCW. They then challenge WCW US Tag Team Champions The Steiners to a match for the belts anytime they have the guts to lose them.

-Beautiful Bobby Eaton defeats Jushin Thunder Liger with his feet on the ropes, then rolls from the ring quickly to escape any retribution.

-Vader totally squashes Brad Armstrong. Brad's brother Steve races to the ring to save Brad from a beat down, but he soon falls victim to the thus far unbeaten Vader as well in a second impromptu match.

-Diamond Dallas Page comes to the ring, and claims himself to be the greatest Manager of all time, and that tomorrow night he will debut his greatest find in a match against The Great Muta.

-Doom and The Horsemen (AA and Windham) wrestle to a Double Count Out and brawl away from ringside.

-Lex Luger wins his WCW US Title defense against The Russian Nightmare Nikita Koloff. Koloff turns heel in a poorly received and executed promo prior to the match where he blames the fans and Lex Luger for not allowing him to get this Title shot a few years ago. Sid Vicious runs in and attacks Luger, thus getting Koloff DQ'ed. Koloff looks upset afterwards, but does nothing.

-Sting is with Mike Tenay, and he talks about his World Title defense against Sid in the Main Event. He also mocks Flair being The Black Scorpion.

-Sting retains the WCW World Title against Sid Vicious. Afterwards Ric Flair runs in and the two beat down on Sting.

WCW WorldWide (01-06-91)

-The Z-Man defends his WCW TV Title against Stunning Steve Austin who makes his WCW debut. Austin gets the pinfall win becoming the new TV Champion.

-Tenay interviews Austin, who claims he is too good for WCW and the TV Title, and how The Z-Man is a complete non entity to him. He also asks what a Z-Man actually is.

-The Horsemen defeat The Armstrong Brothers in a squash.

-The Horsemen challenge Doom to another Street Fight for the WCW World Tag Team Titles at Clash Of The Champions. This time, however, it's also an Elimination Match.

-Brian Pillman wrestles Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin and gets a small bit of revenge for the previous night by cheating. Michael P.S. Hayes runs in with Tammy and a three on one beat down occurs.

-In a pre-recorded interview, Sting and Luger announce that they will face Flair and Sid next Saturday Night. Retribution is promised.

-Diamond Dallas Page reveals his "greatest find ever", as Big Kev Kevin Nash makes his way to the ring to wrestle Muta. Page says this is just the beginning of The Diamond Mine once Nash BARELY defeats Muta.

-In a pre-recorded interview The Steiners say that while they would love to defend their WCW US Tag Team Titles against The Freebirds, it's up to the WCW Championship Committee to name Number One Contenders, not them.

-In a US Title Number One Contender Match, Nikita Koloff and Sid Vicious wrestle to a No Contest when Lex Luger runs in and attacks BOTH men.

WCW Saturday Night (01-12-91)

-A rematch from last Sunday, as Stunning Steve Austin retains his newly won TV Title against The Z-Man, who is none too happy about his loss.

-Tenay interviews Luger and Sting, who guarantee a win tonight. Luger explains his actions on Sunday saying he was frustrated.

-Doom wrestle and easily defeat The Texas Mustangs (John Hawk and Bobby Duncum Jr.).

-Teddy Long tells Mike Tenay that not only will Doom accept the match at COTC, they will destroy The Horsemen, but not necessarily AT COTC.

-Brian Pillman is defeated by Michael P.S. Hayes when Missy makes her debut with the team and nails Pillman with her loaded purse. Afterwards Garvin and Tammy come down and all four lay into Pillman.

-James E. Cornette returns to WCW, and this time he's the WCW Championship Committee Representative. He makes Luger vs. Sid vs. Koloff for the US Title at COTC, and also sets up a Number One Contenders Match for the WCW US Tag Team Titles the next night between The Fabulous Freebirds, Brian Pillman and The Z-Man, The Harris Brothers, and a mystery team.

-Newcomer Al Snow debuts in a match against Beautiful Bobby Eaton, and surprisingly gets the hard fought win following a Snow Plow. Eaton is shocked. When Snow offers a handshake he accepts, but lays Snow out with a Short Arm Clothesline then hits The Alabama Jam. Cornette, who had stayed at ringside, smiles.

-The Four Horsemen hold an interview with Tenay. Again he brings up The Black Scorpion, and again he is threatened. Sid says he will be triumphant at COTC, as do AA and Windham, while Flair says when he pins Sting tonight he wants a WCW World Title Match at COTC.

-Vader defeats both The Armstrong Brothers in this Handicap Match.

-The Steiners defeat The Harris Brothers in this Non Title Match.

-In the Main Event Sid and Flair defeat Sting and Luger when Flair pins Sting following a ref bump and a run-in by the remainder of The Four Horsemen, Arn Anderson and Barry Windham.

WCW WorldWide (01-13-91)

-Austin retains his TV Title in this squash over newcomer Bobby Walker.

-Tenay interviews Austin, who makes it clear again that he is the absolute best.

-AA and Windham, in a pre-recorded interview, once again guarantee a win over Doom at COTC.

-Al Snow gets another hard fought win over newcomer Louie Spicoli, while in the aisle Beautiful Bobby watches.

-Pillman is interviewed by Tenay, when The Z-Man comes up. Pillman doesn't want to be in the Tag Team Match with The Z-Man later tonight, and the two make a deal that if they lose they are through as a team.

-Steven Regal debuts and defeats Ultimo Dragon, albeit barely.

-The Fabulous Freebirds and entourage are with Tenay, as they hype the match later tonight. Garvin says they will single out Pillman to give him a little extra beating.

-Diamond Dallas Page introduces the second part of The Diamond Mine when The Diamond Studd Scott Hall makes his way to the ring. The Studd wrestles and defeats Jushin Thunder Liger in a hard fought match. Afterwards Page and Nash help The Studd to decimate Liger. Muta makes the run-in save.

-In the Main Event WCW US Tag Team Titles Number One Contenders Match, The Fabulous Freebirds, The Harris Brothers, Pillman and The Z-Man, and Cornette's debuting Tag Team The Midnight Express (Randy Rose and Dennis Condrey) all compete. The Freebirds pin Pillman to head to COTC.

WCW Saturday Night (01-19-91)

-Steven Regal squashes the returning Johnny Ace.

-Tenay interviews Sting and Luger, who challenge AA and Windham to a match tonight. Sting evades questions about whether Flair will get a title shot at COTC.

-Al Snow once again defeats Beautiful Bobby Eaton with the Snow Plow. Once again Snow wants a handshake, but this time Beautiful Bobby simply walks off.

-One half of The Rock-N-Roll Express, Ricky Morton, makes his return to WCW in an interview with Mike Tenay. Morton says Robert Gibson, who was injured last June, should be back in a few months, and that he will beat Austin tonight for the WCW TV Title.

-Stunning Steve Austin and Ricky Morton wrestle to a 10-Minute Time Limit Draw for the WCW TV Title.

-Even though Pillman and The Z-Man made an agreement, tonight they are booked to wrestle The Midnight Express. Pillman begins to look less than inspired in the ring and the two argue a lot during the match which leads to The Z-Man getting pinned.

-After the match James E. Cornette gets in the ring with Rose and Condrey and hypes them up as the best Tag Team in all of WCW. He also confirms that Flair does indeed get a WCW World Title Match at COTC.

-Nikita Koloff squashes Steve Armstrong. Sid walks out to watch, and he and Koloff have a face to face after the match that ultimately goes nowhere.

-Tenay interviews The Steiners about The Fabulous Freebirds being Number One Contenders.

-In a Non-Title Match, Sid and Flair team up to take on Doom. AA and Windham rush down when the ref is distracted and attack Simmons, which allows Flair to get the big win.

-Sting and Luger team up again in the Main Event to take on AA and Windham. Doom return the favor by taking Windham out of the match. Sting and Luger defeat AA.

WCW WorldWide (01-20-91)

-Tenay is with Snow, who talks about Eaton's lack of respect. He then challenges him to a match at COTC, where if he can beat Beautiful Bobby for a THIRD time he demands a handshake.

-Snow follows the interview up by getting a hard fought victory over Bobby Walker. Again Beautiful Bobby is watching the match.

-Tenay is with Austin, who announces that he and Morton are going to meet again at COTC, and that this time he can all but guarantee a victory under the time limit.

-Pillman is with Tenay, and he looks and acts odd. His motivation seems gone, and he rambles on about being held back and how he's depressed over his recent streak of losses. The Z-Man says he's gotten them a Tag Team Match against The Midnight Express at COTC, to which Pillman is angry. Pillman tells Z-Man to stay out of his life, then heads to the ring where he is beaten by Dennis Condrey due to interference by Cornette and Rose. The Z-Man rushes in too late to make the save, then gets himself attacked. Pillman walks over his fallen partner looking none to pleased.

-In a pre-recorded interview AA confirms some rumors that Barry Windham was injured by Doom. He says that won't stop the match at COTC however, and he announces it WILL be The Horsemen vs. Doom, but this Horsemen member is both the most expected and Unexpected member to date.

-The Diamond Mine team up for the first time to wrestle another new Tag Team, Next Gen (Erik Watts and Scott Putski). Muta and Liger come down and distract Hall and Nash allowing Next Gen to get the win here. The Mine are livid and demolish Next Gen after the match, followed by Page challenging Liger and Muta to a match at COTC.

-The Z-Man gets his LAST TV Title Re-Match, and he loses it in a big way. Pillman is by the entranceway watching and he looks happy at Z-Man's loss.

-In the Main Event AA defeats Ron Simmons of Doom. Afterwards Butch Reed runs down and the two attempt to take AA out like they did Windham.

WCW Saturday Night (01-26-91)

-Bobby Walker gets a big win over Johnny Ace with a Tornado DDT.

-Beautiful Bobby watches as Al Snow suffers his first loss in WCW to Nikita Koloff.

-The Four Horsemen, of which there are three, are interviewed by Tenay, and it's all about PPV hype.

-Liger and Muta tag up for the first time to defeat The Harris Brothers. Afterwards The Diamond Mine attack and destroy them.

-Ricky Morton, Brian Pillman, and The Z-Man team up and defeat Stunning Steve Austin and The Midnight Express when Morton pins Austin. However during the match Pillman walks out on The Z-Man, and can audibly be heard saying that he will not be teaming with him at COTC.

-Liger and Muta are interviewed by Tenay, and Kimberly debuts as their new manager. She is insulted when Tenay implies he's shocked she knows Japanese, although she fails to actually say anything in the language.

-Scott Steiner and Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin wrestle to a No Contest when Hayes and Rick both get involved and a large brawl ensues.

-Doom wrestle AA and Sid in a Non Title Match. The Fourth Horsemen makes his return debut, as Tully Blanchard rushes out to cause the victory for AA. The Horsemen do a nice beat down on Doom following the match.

-In a Non Title Match, Ric Flair defeats Lex Luger with the use of a chair and a run-in by Sid. Sting rushes in to drive off the two Horsemen members, then says he will see and defeat Ric tomorrow night, where this is Flair's FINAL WCW World Heavyweight Title Match.

WCW Clash Of The Champions (01-27-91)

-Jim Ross and James E Cornette are the hosts of the show, and Cornette announces that the match between The Midnight Express and Pillman and The Z-Man is off. As such, Vader meets The Z-Man in this punishment match which Main Events WorldWide. It's a basic squash, which also has Pillman once again watching his partner, and smirking, when he gets destroyed. Afterwards Harley Race, Vader's Manager, can be heard yelling "Where's The Competition?" over and over.

-The PPV proper starts as Beautiful Bobby Eaton defeats Al Snow. However near the end of the match an eye gouge goes bad, legitimately injuring Snow, and the finish is rushed. Afterwards Beautiful Bobby raises Snow's arm, which gets applause from the crowd, but makes Cornette angry.

-The Fabulous Freebirds defeat The Steiners to win the WCW US Tag Team Titles with help from a loaded purse from Missy and Tammy.

-At 9-Minutes and 37-Seconds Stunning Steve Austin pins Ricky Morton to retain the WCW TV Title. Cornette is very happy.

-Kimberly becomes The Diamond Doll when she turns on Liger and Muta and joins The Diamond Mine helping them score the win. Afterwards she sprays hairspray in both their eyes and a beat down commences.

-The Horsemen (AA and Tully Blanchard) defeat Doom in the WCW World Tag Team Titles Street Fight Elimination Match when both members of Doom are eliminated.

-Luger successfully defends his WCW US Title against both Sid and Koloff. Sid is taken out of the match early by Koloff, and remains on the floor as Luger hits his Torture Rack Slam (F5) to retain. However afterwards Paul E. Dangerously makes his dramatic return to WCW leading Ravishing Rick Rude, whom attacks and destroys Luger.

-In the WCW World Heavyweight Title Match, Sting and Flair wrestle to a Double DQ when Flair gets The Figure Four locked in on Sting on the floor and they both miss the ten count. After the match AA and Tully come out and join Flair in laying a beating on Sting.

The big plan for January was to push new talent, such as Stunning Steve Austin, Al Snow, and The Diamond Mine, while repositioning older stars in new areas. Overall the small changes we made and the transition back towards more main stream wrestling as opposed to the Black Scorpion type of gimmicks were a success. Unfortunately Al Snow was injured at COTC, thus putting his immediate push on hold for awhile. When he did return, his spot had been filled. Bobby Walker, Johnny Ace, and Louie Spicoli headed to Developmental as all three men impressed us with their showings this month.

Next...February 1991

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It's nice to see this back on the boards, as I got ready for the continuation of it towards the end of EWB III, yet nothing new was posted. Let's hope you stick with it this time, since it's more than likely your best project if it's your favourite period in wrestling.

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WCW 1991: The Rebirth Years by thegodcomplex

February 1991

February began with even more planned changes. We had successfully begun the transition towards a more youthful roster, while not forgetting the already cemented stars of WCW. However the "old timers" that had been dominating the shows during the Herd and Ole era were for the most part done, and the few that were scheduled to make their returns were destined to hold Midcard spots, with the job of putting the younger guys over. The money situation was good, as WCW made money in its first official month as an entity outside the NWA. Everything looked good for the new month and the first PPV of 1991, WrestleWar '91. However one problem did come up, and it was a doozy. TBS was upset over the growing violent nature of the show, especially for WCW WorldWide which aired in an early evening time slot. Meetings were held with Ted Turner himself, and the decision was made to cancel WW in the last week of February and attempt to hold back the more violent aspect of Saturday Night until a suitable replacement network could be found. The last thing Turner wanted was for his new company to not be on television in its opening months. We agreed, although the battles continued between the three of us and TBS throughout the entire month as to exactly what "the more violent aspect" was.

WCW Saturday Night (02-02-91)

-Stunning Steve Austin retains his WCW TV Title against Steve Armstrong.

-Jesse Ventura features Cornette and The Midnight Express as guests of The Body Shop, where they verbally attack Beautiful Bobby about his actions the past month with Al Snow. Beautiful Bobby confronts the quartet, and tempers flare.

-Ron Harris defeats Brian Pillman, doing the twin brother swap several times in the match. The Z-Man rushes down to help his "friend", but it's a failed attempt as he walks into The Harris Bomb. Afterwards Pillman again walks over his fallen partners lifeless body.

-Sting is interviewed by Mike Tenay, and he says that was Ric Flair's LAST title shot.

-The Horsemen (AA and Tully) successfully defend their newly won WCW World Tag Team Titles against the new team of The Z-Man and Brad Armstrong. Afterwards The Z-Man berates Armstrong on being a bad Tag Team Partner.

-Doom and Teddy Long come to ringside and invoke their return match clause for tomorrow night, however it turns out that Teddy signed a No Re-Match clause, and that includes them. They turn on Teddy and Powerbomb him on the concrete as The Horsemen walk off.

-Ricky Morton defeats Beautiful Bobby due to a distraction by James E. Cornette.

-Paul E. and Ravishing Rick Rude talk about the promotion up north not wanting an athlete like Rude but steroid popping freaks only, and that they came to WCW for one thing, the WCW US Title. Paul E. says The Dangerous Alliance is coming.

-Vader gets a hard fought and stiff win over Rick Steiner. He attacks afterwards, but Scott makes the save, telling Race and Vader that he's the competition they seek.

-Nikita Koloff defeats Sid Vicious here when Paul E. and Rude interfere. The Dangerous Alliance is born. Sid is mad, but simply walks off.

WCW WorldWide (02-03-91)

-Steven Regal defeats Pillman, who looks and wrestles bad.

-Tenay interviews Pillman, and The Z-Man interrupts. The Z-Man convinces Pillman to tag up again next week, and if they can't win he will never bother him again. Pillman accepts, if for no other reason than to get The Z-Man to leave him alone. The Z-Man mentions having a mentor that is helping him, and that he believes the two of them can help Pillman get over his depression as well.

-Liger and Muta defeat The Midnight Express when Beautiful Bobby trips up Condrey.

-Austin is interviewed by Tenay about his win at COTC and Cornette's interest in him, as well as his Title Match tonight.

-The Diamond Mine squash The Texas Mustangs, then The Diamond Doll is officially introduced as a part of TDM.

-The first "Who Is Jeff Jarrett" video airs, showing a man defeat a ton of other wrestlers, but not showing his face.

-Austin retains his TV Title against Scott Steiner when Vader and Race come in and Steiner is attacked.

WCW Saturday Night (02-09-91)

-With Pillman at ringside looking less than enthused, The Z-Man loses to Nikita Koloff.

-The Dangerous Alliance are interviewed by Tenay, where Paul E. challenges Luger for WrestleWar '91 on behalf of Koloff.

-The Fabulous Freebirds retain their WCW US Tag Team Titles against The Steiners, who are both attacked by Vader during a ref bump.

-Beautiful Bobby is the guest this week on The Body Shop, where he is attacked by Cornette's Midnight Express, and the new member of Camp Cornette, Stunning Steve Austin.

-The Midnight Express defeat The Texas Mustangs.

-Flair is interviewed by Mike Tenay. Since the WCW World Title Match was a Double Count Out, Flair calls for a rematch at WW'91 in a No DQ/No Count Out Match.

-Ricky Morton defeats Sid in a huge upset. Sid goes insane following the match and demolishes Morton.

-Stunning Steve Austin BARELY scrapes by Ultimo Dragon to retain his TV Title.

-The Horsemen retain their WCW World Tag Team Titles against Sting and Luger. Sid attempts a run-in, but it backfires. However Koloff gets Luger on the floor and AA pins Sting.

WCW WorldWide (02-10-91)

-The Diamond Mine defeat The Armstrongs with the help of The Diamond Doll, not that they needed it.

-TDM are interviewed by Tenay, and they challenge Next Gen to a re-match from last month's loss in their first Tag Team Match. They also say they will be watching their match later on.

-The Steiners are outside the WCW offices in this pre-recorded interview where they are holding a contract for Scott to face Vader at WW'91.

-The Texas Mustangs get a win over Next Gen thanks to a run-in by The Diamond Mine. All three teams brawl afterwards, but TDM are victorious.

-In a re-match from last night, Austin again barely squeaks by Ultimo Dragon thanks to help from Cornette.

-Cornette is interviewed by Tenay, and many matches are made for WW'91, including the match Flair requested for the WCW World Heavyweight Title and The Horsemen defending their World Tag Team Titles against the US Tag Team Champions, The Freebirds.

-The second "Who Is Jeff Jarrett" video airs, this time showing his home town in Tennessee as an old teacher talks about how great he was as a child, and what a fabulous adult he's grown into. Again he is not shown.

-Pillman and The Z-Man get a win over The Midnight Express. The Z-Man spends VERY little time in the ring during the match, and looks confused that they won once it's over. Pillman is ecstatic.

WCW Saturday Night (02-16-91)

-Rick Steiner gets a count out victory over Sid, who attacks the ref after the match.

-Cornette sets up a WCW TV Title Number One Contenders Match for later tonight.

-The Horsemen retain their WCW World Tag Team Titles in a match against Liger and Muta. The Fabulous Freebirds run-in and attack Liger and Muta after the match is over.

-The Four Horsemen confront Sid on The Body Shop about his losses as of late and question whether he is Horsemen material, then say he has one week to get his act together or there will be repercussions. Flair then says he will defeat Sting at WW'91, no matter what he has to do.

-Beautiful Bobby pins Steven Regal to become WCW TV Title Number One Contender. Ricky Morton and Ultimo Dragon were also in the four way match. Following the match Camp Cornette attack Beautiful Bobby in the aisle way, and Regal helps. Morton and Dragon come back out to help and run off the five men.

-The third "Who Is Jeff Jarrett" video is shown. More wrestling footage appears as a nameless wrestler claims that Jarrett taught this "Old School Wrassler" a thing or two and praises him. The video then says everyone will find out who he is at WW'91.

-Rude and Paul E. come to the ring immediately after the video, and Rude places an open challenge to ANYONE in WCW to meet him in his debut WCW Singles Match at WW'91. He also mentions that he's sick and tired of seeing these videos about Jeff Jarrett.

-Luger gets a DQ win over Ric Flair in this Non Title Match when The Dangerous Alliance rush down and attack Luger, who had Flair locked in The Human Torture Rack. The three then lay into Luger afterwards.

-Sting retains his WCW World Heavyweight Title against Nikita Koloff. Afterwards Flair returns the favor to The Dangerous Alliance and attacks Sting with a steel chair. Flair and Koloff are in the ring standing over the fallen Sting and Flair reminds him he's taking the title, no matter what he has to do.

WCW WorldWide (02-17-91)

-Steven Regal defeats Ricky Morton.

-Regal is interviewed by Tenay and he challenges Beautiful Bobby to a match next week.

-Cornette and The Midnight Express are now with Tenay, and they challenge Pillman and The Z-Man to a rematch later tonight.

-Liger and Muta defeat The Fabulous Freebirds in this WCW US Tag Team Titles Match by DQ when The Diamond Mine interfere. A beat down occurs, but The Texas Mustangs make the save running The Freebirds and TDM off.

-TDM are with Tenay, and Page says that TDM have beaten every team they've encountered thus far and deserve the Tag Team Titles shot. Tenay brings up Next Gen, and Hall and Nash glare and walk off.

-Pillman and The Z-Man are interviewed by Tenay about tonight's rematch with The Midnight Express. Pillman is his old self, and he thanks Z-Man for his help, and says the two of them will have no problem defeating The Midnight Express a second time.

-Austin gets a win over Sid to retain his TV Title. Sid is livid again, and he tries to accost the ref, but he escapes.

-Pillman and The Z-Man defeat The Midnight Express when The Z-Man, who had not tagged in the entire match as he was "distracted" by Cornette, gets the tennis racket and stands ready behind Pillman with it. Pillman turns and Z-Man swings, but Pillman ducks and Z-Man nails Condrey who was coming from behind with a second tennis racket. Pillman gets the pin and celebrates, while Z-Man looks confused, but smiles.

WCW Saturday Night (02-23-91)

-Eaton defeats Regal. Afterwards Austin rushes down and attacks Beautiful Bobby and is soon joined by Regal.

-Austin and Regal are with Tenay, and Austin says he'll have no problem beating Beautiful Bobby at WW'91.

-Scott Steiner defeats Sid. Afterwards Scott walks off, and as Sid is holding the ref by the throat the rest of The Four Horsemen come down. They confront him and say he's just not cutting it, then threaten him if he doesn't just walk away now. He gets in their face, but Barry Windham returns and destroys Sid alongside the rest of The Four Horsemen. Sid is out of The Horsemen, which is now Flair, AA, Tully, and Windham. Windham then challenges the other Steiner to a match. Windham proceeds to defeat Rick Steiner.

-Rude and Paul E. are with Tenay, and Rude says no one has accepted his challenge for WW'91. Just then Al Snow returns from injury and accepts the match.

-AA and Michael P.S. Hayes wrestle to a no contest due to interference from Tully and Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin.

-The Midnight Express confront Pillman and Z-Man and another rematch is set for WW'91.

-Snow joins Luger and Sting with Tenay for an interview about tonight's Main Event.

-Vader defeats Scott Putski. Afterwards Scott Steiner runs in and the two brawl.

-Flair, Rude, and Koloff defeat Sting, Luger, and Snow when Rude hits The Rude Awakening on Luger. A huge brawl erupts afterwards.

WCW WrestleWar '91

-The final "Who Is Jeff Jarrett" video airs claiming everyone will find out in 2 hours.

-Vader defeats Scott Steiner cleanly and decisively. He goes for an attack afterwards, but Rick saves him.

-In the WCW World Tag Team Titles Match, the champions, The Horsemen, defeat The Fabulous Freebirds when Tully uses Missy's loaded purse. For the second month in a row The Horsemen play faces in their Tag Team Titles defense.

-Ravishing Rick Rude defeats Al Snow.

-The Midnight Express cost Beautiful Bobby Eaton his TV Title Match against Stunning Steve Austin.

-Lex Luger retains his WCW US Title against Koloff. Rude attacks Luger afterwards.

-The Midnight Express defeat Pillman and The Z-Man when Z-Man begs for the hot tag, then leaps off the apron and walks off, leaving Pillman alone.

-Jeff Jarrett is set to debut in the ring in an interview with Mike Tenay, but The Dangerous Alliance attack him on his way out of the back and demolish him.

-Ric Flair wins the WCW World Heavyweight Title from Sting due to interference from AA, Windham, Tully, Paul E., Rude, and Koloff.

February was considered a success for the most part, even though backstage we continued to deal with TBS as well as Sid Vicious, who simply refused to go along with almost anything we asked. His "injury" at the hands of The Four Horsemen was worked to get him off of TV for awhile, although he continued to be punished by wrestling as a masked wrestler losing at house shows. The plan was ineffective, as became more obvious in the coming months. Business wise WCW had another positive month as our public image rose and the company made money.

Next...March 1991

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Guest UmpireAJS


Honestly TGC,I think this was your best diary ever and I really couldn't understand why you went on to work on failed projects like WCW 2000, NWA:Territories and such, I do hope you continue WCW 1991 this time.

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WCW 1991: The Rebirth Years by thegodcomplex

March 1991

March came in with the knowledge that we were down to only one two hour wrestling program as TBS and Ted Turner made the decision to cancel WCW WorldWide. WCW Saturday Night was on the bubble, as TBS officials and those of us in The Terrible Trio and other areas of WCW management fought and argued over what was considered acceptable. After some issues with Brad Armstrong regarding his desire and his performance, at the start of March we released him from his contract. His response was to show up in USWA very shortly thereafter and "shoot" on WCW and it's management. In another area of the wrestling community New World Championship Wrestling opened it's doors. For WCW on TV in the five short shows we had before Clash Of The Champions: March Madness aired on TBS we wanted to try and continue the movement from the older established guys towards the younger stars of tomorrow as well as define our Tag Team Division as strong. In most respects we failed.

WCW Saturday Night (03-02-91)

-In the first match of a mini tournament to determine the WCW US Tag Team Titles Number One Contenders, Next Gen defeat The Harris Brothers. The Diamond Mine rush in after the match and destroy Next Gen. They then say that they will finally get their rematch with Next Gen next week and they will once and for all show that getting beaten by them was a fluke.

-In a match about respect made by James E. Cornette, Stunning Steve Austin and Steven Regal meet for the WCW TV Title. Eaton rushes out and attacks Regal, thereby giving him the DQ win but not the title. Cornette, Austin, and Regal attempt to get revenge but Eaton runs off. Cornette then makes a match for next week with Regal and Austin vs. Eaton and any partner he can dig up.

-Liger and Muta beat The Texas Mustangs to advance in the mini tournament. Doom returns and attack Liger and Muta afterwards.

-The Fabulous Freebirds are interviewed by Tenay regarding the US Tag Team Titles situation. The Steiners walk up and make a challenge seeing as how Vader interfered in their rematch. The Freebirds tell The Steiners to earn it.

-The Steiners defeat the Midnight Express. The Freebirds attack afterwards.

-Vader defeats Brian Pillman in what is basically a glorified squash. Race wants competition for Vader, and wonders why the big guns in WCW are afraid to meet his monster.

-Barry Windham defeats Al Snow due to interference from Nikita Koloff. Snow is beaten down until Jeff Jarrett makes the save.

-Paul E. Dangerously introduces The Unholy Alliance, consisting of The Dangerous Alliance (Rude and Koloff) and The Four Horsemen (Flair, AA, Tully Blanchard, and Windham). They say that they can't be beaten.

WCW Saturday Night (03-09-91)

-The Diamond Mine defeat Next Gen here to advance in the mini tournament. TDM show their feelings as they destroy them after the match then throw them from the ring.

-Ultimo Dragon defeats Don Harris, despite an attempted Ron and Don switch.

-Austin and Regal, who is officially a member of Camp Cornette now, discuss how easy it's going to be to defeat Eaton in their tag match since he has no one in WCW who likes him enough to back him up.

-Tenay interviews Pillman, who is livid at Z-Man for his betrayal two weeks ago. He says he'll get his revenge, for Z-Man to watch his back, and that he wants a match at COTC:MM.

-Z-Man defeats John Hawk by cheating. Pillman runs in after the match but Z-Man runs away.

-Eaton brings out Ricky Morton as his Tag Team partner, which shocks everyone. Austin and Regal get the win due to interference from the Midnight Express. A two team beat down takes place until Sweet Stan Lane and Robert Gibson make their returns to WCW and make the save. Afterwards, with Tenay, the two teams say their long standing animosity towards each other is over and that The REAL Midnight Express and The Rock-N-Roll Express are on the same page against Camp Cornette.

-Al Snow defeats Barry Windham in a rematch from last week when Koloff accidentally hits Windham allowing Snow to get the pinfall. Afterwards the two beat him down.

-Vader defeats Bobby Duncum Jr.

-Sting announces he got a rematch for the WCW World Heavyweight Title at COTC:MM, and that THIS TIME he got to pick the stips. He says that it's a Special Guest Referee No Holds Barred Match with a One Hour Time Limit. He says the Special Guest Referee is a former WCW World Heavyweight Champion who doesn't like Flair at all, and the announcement will be made next week.

-Jeff Jarrett and Nikita Koloff wrestle to a No Decision Due To Interference when The Unholy Alliance and Sting, Luger, and Snow all rush to the ring, ending in a huge brawl at ringside.

WCW Saturday Night (03-16-91)

-The Diamond Mine defeat Liger and Muta when Doom interfere. Doom lay out Liger and Muta again afterwards, then say that they are back in the WCW Tag Team Titles hunt, and that they want into this Number One Contenders Match or else.

-The Steiners are with Tenay and they talk about how they are going to destroy The Freebirds and take their belts back.

-The Steiners defeat The Harris Brothers.

-The Unholy Alliance are in The Body Shop with Jesse and talk about Sting's announcement, the Main Event later on tonight, and COTC:MM.

-Flair and Rude team up to wrestle and defeat Next Gen in this super squash

-The Z-Man tells Tenay that he is now Mr. Tom Zenk, and that if Pillman wants him he can meet his benefactor at Clash and perhaps find enlightenment as well, but that there will be no match for the foreseeable future between them.

-Vader defeats John Hawk and Stan Hansen runs in and attacks, sending Vader to the back. Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone talk about the long feud in both Japan and WCW involving these two.

-Austin retains his TV Title against Eaton when Regal interferes. Lane rushes down for the save and proceeds to destroy Austin.

-Sting and Flair meet face to face. Sting debuts the Special Guest Referee, The Man With The Hands Of Stone Ron Garvin. Flair is not pleased.

-Jeff Jarrett and Al Snow defeat Barry Windham and Nikita Koloff after attempted interference by Rude is stopped by Luger.

WCW Saturday Night (03-23-91)

-Vader defeats Bobby Duncum Jr., then John Hawk runs in and gets destroyed as well.

-Stan Hansen defeats Don Harris. Afterwards Vader runs in and gets the better of Hansen when The Harris Brothers help.

-The Midnight Express defeat The Rock-N-Roll Express when Regal and Austin interfere. Eaton saves. Eaton and The Rock-N-Roll Express make a challenge to Regal and The Midnight Express for a match at Clash. It is also announced that Austin will defend his TV Title against Sweet Stan later tonight.

-The Horsemen (AA and Tully) retain their WCW World Tag Team Titles against Sting and Luger following a run in by Flair. Garvin runs down afterwards to make the save.

-The Steiners defeat The Diamond Mine, Doom, and Liger and Muta to determine the TRUE US Tag Team Titles Number One Contenders in this Elimination Match.

-Sweet Stan Lane defeats Austin to become the new WCW TV Champion. The two men brawl all over afterwards.

-Jeff Jarrett and Al Snow defeat Flair and Rude when Jarrett pins Flair following Sting's repayment for earlier in the night.

-Sting, Snow, Jarrett, and Luger all talk about COTC:MM.

WCW Saturday Night (03-30-91)

-Hall and Nash confront Diamond Dallas Page about their loss last week and how they are no longer in contention for the WCW US Tag Team Titles. Page promises them that at COTC:MM they WILL be in a Number One Contenders match as planned, and against Doom and Liger and Muta. They are still very mad at what they perceive to be poor management by him and The Diamond Doll.

-Liger and Muta defeat The Diamond Mine following The Doll's mistake of spraying hair spray in Hall's eyes. Afterwards, The Doll is destroyed by both men as Page looks scared.

-Sting is interviewed by Tenay about his match at Clash.

-Stan Hansen and The Texas Mustangs defeat Vader and The Harris Brothers when Hawk pins Don, keeping Vader's unpinned streak alive.

-Ron Garvin is interviewed by Tenay about his role at the match at Clash and his bad history with Flair. He promises to call it right down the middle.

-Jeff Jarrett defeats Flair in a non title match by DQ when Flair uses a chair. Sting makes the save.

-Scott Steiner defeats Michael P.S. Hayes. Both teams brawl to the back afterwards.

-Regal pins Eaton following a run in by Austin, a save by Lane, and the tennis racket by Cornette.

-Flair is interviewed by Tenay about the match at Clash.

-Luger, Sting, and Snow are defeated by Windham, Koloff, and Rude after Barry nails Luger with the cell phone. Sting and Flair have a confrontation after the match.

WCW Clash of The Champions: March Madness

-A video plays highlighting the multi year feud between Flair and Sting and promising that no matter what, after tonight the two will not meet as long as the other is champion.

-The Diamond Mine defeat Liger and Muta and Doom to get a WCW US Tag Team Titles shot next week in this Elimination Match.

-Stan Hansen is interviewed by Tenay about Vader, but Vader attacks him and sends him to the hospital.

-The Steiners defeat The Fabulous Freebirds to win the WCW US Tag Team Titles. Afterwards The Diamond Mine lay out The Steiners.

-Regal and The Midnight Express cheat to defeat Eaton and The Rock-N-Roll Express.

-Pillman meets Zenk in the ring and is attacked from behind by Mr. Bob Backlund. The assumption is that he is the benefactor as he locks in The Crossface Chicken Wing on Pillman while Zenk stomps on Pillman's head and shoulder.

-Austin cleanly pins Sweet Stan to regain the WCW TV Title.

-Rude, Koloff, and Windham defeat Jarrett, Luger, and Snow when Rude hits The Rude Awakening on Luger.

-Ric Flair retains the WCW World Heavyweight Title when Ron Garvin hits Sting with a Garvin Left then does The Garvin Stomp. Flair locks in The Figure Four and Garvin lies and says Sting submitted when in fact he did not. Dangerously then hands Garvin a briefcase full of money.

March was looked at by us as mainly a failure. The booking in the Tag Team Division seemed all over the place and unfocused, The Vader and Hansen story failed to spark any interest from the fans, and the many matches between The Unholy Alliance and Sting, Luger, Snow, and Jarrett didn't work. Snow, who simply didn't belong near the top of the card yet, failed to ignite the crowd, and he was poised to return to the Midcard. Our only big success was the WCW World Heavyweight Title situation between Flair and Sting, who put on a Match Of The Year contender. The Diamond Doll, who had caused many problems backstage, was released, only to appear at USWA as Kimberly. On the business side of things the company continued to do well.

Next...April 1991

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WCW 1991: The Rebirth Years by thegodcomplex

April 1991

April came to us with more news on the television front. Our deal with TBS was at an end. Much like how we dealt with the cancellation of WCW WorldWide in late February we were now forced to deal with the fact that our version of Professional Wrestling was deemed as too risky and violent for the cable network. On April 2, 1991 we were informed that our last show was going to be on April 20. This left us with a week of no television and no day before hype show for April's PPV WCW Spring Stampede '91. However we were informed by Ted Turner that we were going to be airing two weeks later on TNT in a "temporary" time slot from 10pm to midnight est. Our show, which would be dubbed WCW Saturday Late Night for this show, would then be assessed by TNT programming officials to see where it would ultimately wind up on the cable channel's line-up. While it was good news, it did little to help us get over the fact that following WCW Clash Of The Champions: March Madness on TBS we had only three shows, or six hours, to set up a rather important PPV. Plans began to change almost immediately as much of what we wanted to do couldn't be squeezed into six hours of television. It could BARELY be fit into eight hours. Ted tried to make us understand that many things were happening here, and that while he didn't want his little investment here to get the short end of the stick, in the long run that was EXACTLY what was going to happen. Lucky us.

WCW Saturday Night (04-06-91)

-Stunning Steve Austin retains his WCW TV Title against Robert Gibson. An after the match attack commences led by Cornette involving Austin and Regal and Sweet Stan makes the save.

-Tenay interviews Ric Flair about his "tainted" victory over Sting the night before. Flair says anytime he wins the WCW World Heavyweight Title is a great victory. He is asked about his affiliation with long time nemesis Ron Garvin and Flair responds that it was a business decision made by Paul E. Dangerously and that he had no real involvement in it.

-The Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey and Randy Rose) defeat Liger and Muta with help from Cornette's tennis racket. Afterwards Doom once again attack Liger and Muta.

-Harley Race, on behalf of Vader, once again asks if ANYONE can provide competition for his man. Right after that Al Snow makes his way to the ring. He tries to, but in the end it's another win for Vader. Afterwards Stan Hansen attacks with the cowbell and sends Race and Vader to the back.

-Tenay attempts to interview Sting, who says almost nothing, but simply looks upset. Eventually he just walks off.

-The REAL Midnight Express (Sweet Stan Lane and Beautiful Bobby Eaton) easily defeat The Harris Brothers.

-Mr. Bob Backlund brings his student Tom Zenk to the ring and he waxes philosophically on the events of COTC:MM regarding Brian Pillman. He says Pillman is weak now and always has been. He says Zenk came to him to help him become a better professional wrestler, and that is exactly what Mr. Backlund is doing for him. He tells Pillman not to think of what has happened as events for which he needs to get revenge, but rather as an opportunity. An opportunity to join Zenk and his other students under the tutelage of Mr. Bob Backlund. If he refuses then he can meet Zenk in a match at Spring Stampede. If he loses he WILL join.

-The Horsemen (AA and Tully Blanchard) challenge any team that they haven't already defeated since winning the WCW World Tag Team Titles to come out and try to take the belts away from them. When The Skyscrapers (Sid Vicious and Dangerous Dan Spivey) come out The Horsemen back off and head to the back. Sid gets a few hits in, but ultimately nothing much happens.

-The Man With The Hands Of Stone Ron Garvin is interviewed by Tenay regarding his behavior as Special Guest Referee. He is dressed in a NICE suit and carrying the briefcase. He says he is now a very rich man, and that it was worth it. He said he sold his services once before to Gary Hart to take out Dusty Rhodes, and that everyone should have seen this coming. It was nothing personal, and there will be NO match between himself and Sting, it was just all about the money. Sting comes running out, but Garvin takes his briefcase and runs off. Sting follows.

-The Steiners retain their WCW US Tag Team Titles in a match against The Diamond Mine by DQ when The Fabulous Freebirds attack them. All three teams fight after the match.

WCW Saturday Night (04-13-91)

-Ultimo Dragon gets a HUGE win over Tom Zenk when Brian Pillman attacks Mr. Backlund on the floor then trips Zenk up. Pillman decimates both mentor and student afterwards, then says he's refusing the offer and accepting the match at Spring Stampede '91.

-The Midnight Express defeat Doom in a huge upset due to interference by Liger and Muta.

-The Diamond Mine tell Tenay they are going to destroy The Fabulous Freebirds for what they cost them last week.

-Ron Garvin makes his in ring return as an active wrestler when he wrestles and defeats Eric Watts. Sting runs in after and Garvin grabs his briefcase running as fast as he can to get away.

-Rude is with Tenay in a pre-match interview, and he says he has defeated Lex Luger countless times in Tag Team Matches. He says he deserves a WCW US Title shot, which is why Paul E. Dangerously and himself came to WCW in the first place. He then goes to the ring and defeats Al Snow. Afterwards he is beating down on Snow when Luger runs in and makes the save.

-Stunning Steve Austin defeats Ricky Morton to retain his TV Title. Cornette is on commentary, and he says that last week he beat Gibson, this week he beat Morton, and next week he would beat Eaton followed by beating Sweet Stan at Spring Stampede. Then Austin would be DONE giving title shots to The FAKE Midnight Express and The Rock-N-Roll Express.

-The Diamond Mine defeat The Fabulous Freebirds by cheating and with help from Diamond Dallas Page.

-The Skyscrapers are with Tenay and Sid says that what The Horsemen did to him a few months ago has come back to bite them. He has brought back his Tag Team partner to help him work his way through The Four Horsemen one by one, starting with Anderson and Blanchard. He says they get their WCW World Tag Team Titles shot at Spring Stampede since they accepted the open challenge, and they would take the belts. In the ring they defeated the team of Barry Windham and Nikita Koloff with relative ease. The Horsemen run in after the match and a four on two beat down takes place.

WCW Saturday Night (04-20-91)

-Lex Luger retains his WCW US Title against Barry Windham. Rude runs in afterwards, but Luger is able to fight off both men. He then tells Tenay that he accepts Rude's challenge for Spring Stampede.

-Dangerous Dan Spivey defeats Tully Blanchard. AA runs in after for the beat down, which brings Sid out for the save. This leads to Sid and AA in a match which Arn wins with a chain wrapped around his fist.

-The Steiners are interviewed by Tenay regarding their rematch at Spring Stampede against The Diamond Mine.

-Austin retains his WCW TV Title against Eaton. Eaton has the match won, but interference by Regal winds up costing him the win. Sweet Stan once again saves.

-Ron Garvin defeats Brian Pillman when Mr. Backlund and Tom Zenk interfere. Sting rushes in to get Garvin, and beats on all three men in the process. Garvin runs off, leaving his briefcase behind. Pillman tries to thank Sting, but Sting simply walks off with the case.

-Mr. Backlund challenges Sting to a match against Zenk following what just happened, and Sting comes back out with the case. Mr. Backlund is quickly put out of commission by Sting, who wins. Garvin runs out and attacks Sting from behind, getting his briefcase back in the process.

-Two matches are hyped up from earlier this week by the announce team. They took place in Japan, where Eric Bischoff and Mike Tenay were at doing some business. It is announced that a HUGE deal has taken place and it will be announced in a few weeks time.

-From Japan in a Texas Bull Rope Match, Stan Hansen defeats Vader by DQ when Harley Race gets involved continuously and the ref throws the match out. It is a brutal and bloody affair. Race and Vader then DESTROY Hansen after the match.

-From Japan for the WCW World Heavyweight Title, Flair retains via DQ against Jeff Jarrett. The match is nearing the end of a sixty minute time limit when Flair again uses a chair to again get himself DQed against Jarrett. The fans are booing and throwing things at Flair as he walks off with his belt.

WCW Spring Stampede '91 (04-28-91)

-A video airs to open the show featuring the entire feud to date between Lex Luger and Ravishing Rick Rude.

-Sweet Stan Lane defeats Stunning Steve Austin to once again win the WCW TV Title. Regal attacks afterwards and a two on one beat down occurs until Eaton makes the save.

-Ric Flair is the guest of Jesse "The Body" Ventura in a special edition of The Body Shop. Flair says that he's not wrestling tonight due to their being nobody in WCW worthy of getting a WCW World Heavyweight Title shot. When Jarrett is mentioned Flair says that Jarrett is meeting The Russian Nightmare Nikita Koloff tonight. He says that Jarrett got a shot in Japan that was undeserved and blew it. If he wants another shot EVER he needs to prove himself champion material, and that he can start by defeating Koloff tonight.

-Vader defeats Stan Hansen in a No DQ/No Count Out/No Holds Barred Match with relative ease. It is explained that Hansen has a concussion after Japan, but that he wrestled anyways. Vader kills Hansen after the match.

-The Steiners defeat The Diamond Mine to retain the WCW US Tag Team Titles in a clean and even match.

-Brian Pillman defeats Tom Zenk by DQ when Mr. Bob Backlund gets involved and locks in The Crossface Chicken Wing. Pillman is destroyed after, including being locked in a Half Boston Crab by Zenk while Backlund tells him what to do.

-The Horsemen retain their WCW World Tag Team Titles against The Skyscrapers when Arn again uses a chain around his fist to lay out Sid. The Skyscrapers get revenge afterwards with Double Powerbombs and Double Chokeslams.

-Jeff Jarrett defeats Nikita Koloff. Flair attempts to interfere, but it backfires and Koloff is pinned.

-Ravishing Rick Rude wins the WCW US Title in his match against Lex Luger cleanly.

April ended with a few surprises and a few returns, but all in all the most interesting things occurred behind the scenes. Despite the television situation, WCW sent Bischoff and Tenay to Japan to help broker a deal with New Japan Pro Wrestling, owned by Antonio Inoki. The deal went through, and suddenly WCW and NJPW were working together. A trade deal was set up involving sending wrestlers back and forth between the two companies, and Inoki himself was worked into the WCW storylines for May to appear on WCW TV. Aside from that there was Sid Vicious. He had been "hurt" by The Four Horsemen a few months prior to hopefully help him work on his attitude. During his off time he had spent many night under a mask on house shows losing to various members of the roster. Our hopes were that his demeanor would improve following his punishment. We also brought Spivey back, following a three month stint in rehab, to work with Sid as the always popular Skyscrapers. All that happened was that Sid returned to a big story and his usual backstage refusals to work the way we wanted him to and to put the right people over. His WCW World Tag Team Titles Match at Spring Stampede had been a train wreck, as he no sold everything thrown at him and refused to work the match as it was scheduled. At the end of the month Sid's name was on the list to join Madusa, El Gigante, Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker, and Brad Armstrong as wrestlers we really didn't need anymore. The final bit of shocking news came when Banky Beihn announced the formation of NWA-East Coast Wrestling based out of Philadelphia, PA. Among the first recruits to join this new offshoot of the NWA was Jerry Lawler, who walked out of USWA with the title, then dropped it in the ring and denounced it at NWA Reborn in Philly. He went on to win a tournament featuring Bam Bam Bigelow, Beefcake Booty Daddy, Don Muraco, The Honkytonk Man, King Kong Bundy, Larry Zybysco, Paul Orndorrf, and Tony Atlas to win the NWA World Title. This move left USWA in shambles and immediately positioned NWA-ECW as a major player in the wrestling world, putting the splintered NWA back on the map.

Next...May 1991

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WCW 1991: The Rebirth Years by thegodcomplex

May 1991

May started with the big backstage news that New Japan Pro Wrestling and WCW were working together for the next year. While contracts and wrestler trades were being worked out, on television we had ended our last month on TBS by showing two matches that had taken place in Japan and been promoted by NJPW. Our next step was to bring a man onto WCW television in a major way who had some pull in NJPW. That man was its owner, Antonio Inoki. Beyond that, we wanted to reaffirm ourselves to pushing the younger talent, which had taken a backseat in April due to company woes and business. Plus, we were about to venture down a path that we were very excited about, but that Sting was less than happy with. The Scorpion story was about to truly unfold, and our issues with Sting were about to get very difficult. For the first show of May, we were on TNT from 10pm to Midnight est in a "trial" nature for a special 90 minute program. Within days TNT executives had made the decision to keep us on Saturdays, but to move us to 8pm to 10pm est, right in the middle of Prime Time. We couldn't have been more excited. Now we really needed to step it up a notch or two and get ready for the May PPV WCW Superbrawl.

WCW Saturday Late Night On TNT (05-04-91)

-Sting defeats Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin in a squash. Tammy stays away from Sting, who's ring attire and make-up have all taken on a much darker hue. Ron Garvin runs in afterwards and attacks Sting from behind with the briefcase.

-In a rematch from Spring Stampede, Sweet Stan Lane retains his TV Title against Stunning Steve Austin when Steven Regal tries to interfere. It backfires, but after the match the two beat down on Lane.

-Ron Garvin once again defeats Brian Pillman due to interference from Mr. Bob Backlund and Tom Zenk. Sting again makes the save, running off the trio. Pillman once again tries to thank Sting, but Sting simply walks off.

-Vader defeats Lex Luger. Ravishing Rick Rude joins the commentary team, and this is enough to distract Luger and allow Vader to win.

-Jeff Jarrett is with Mike Tenay, and the match in Japan as well as his match with Koloff from Spring Stampede is discussed.

-From Japan two weeks ago, Ric Flair successfully defends his WCW World Heavyweight Title against Antonio Inoki when he uses the ropes for extra leverage to get a pinfall. Afterwards Flair refuses the handshake Inoki offers and just walks off, completely disrespecting the legend.

WCW Saturday Night On TNT (05-11-91)

-Doom yet again cost Liger and Muta a match, this time against The Fabulous Freebirds. Teddy Long make his return to WCW and pulls Liger and Muta to safety.

-Doom are interviewed by Tenay. They say that their goal to become WCW World Tag Team Champions again have been put on hold. Their immediate goal is to destroy this Japanese team once and for all.

-2Cold Scorpio makes his return to WCW and gets a huge upset win over Barry Windham

-Sting and Pillman are with Tenay, and the two of them will team later tonight to take on Zenk and Garvin. Pillman is excited, but Sting is less than thrilled. He eventually walks off from the interview, leaving Pillman to make up an excuse.

-Arn Anderson defeats Jeff Jarrett, handing him his first pinfall loss here in WCW. Koloff interferes and nails Jarrett with a chain during the match, then whips him with it afterwards.

-The REAL Midnight Express (Sweet Stan Lane and Beautiful Bobby Eaton) and The Rock-N-Roll Express speak with Tenay about an elimination match with Camp Cornette set for next.

-The team of The REAL Midnight Express and The Rock-N-Roll Express defeat Camp Cornette in this Elimination Match. Morton and Gibson are the first two to go out, then Sweet Stan and Beautiful Bobby pin all four members of Camp Cornette to win.

-Cornette speaks on behalf of the WCW Championship Committee. He makes it official that no matter what other match Sweet Stan may be booked in, he MUST defend the WCW TV Title every show. To that end he makes Lane vs. Koloff for later in the night, and bars Eaton and The Rock-N-Roll Express from ringside. Furthermore, he makes Sweet Stan vs. Morton vs. Gibson for Superbrawl for the TV Title. Then he makes another match for the PPV, The REAL Midnight Express will meet Camp Cornette in a Scaffold Match to once and for all settle the issues.

-The Diamond Mine get a HUGE upset win over The Skyscrapers here. The two teams brawl afterwards.

-Sweet Stan retains the WCW TV Title against Nikita Koloff. Afterwards Jarrett rushes down and he now whips Koloff with a chain.

-Ron Garvin and Tom Zenk defeat Sting and Pillman when Sting chases Garvin to the back. Mr. Bob Backlund helps Zenk win just as Sting is returning to the ring with a chair. He lays out Mr. Backlund and Zenk, then as Pillman is getting to his feet he destroys Pillman with the chair as well. Referees run from the back to try and get Sting away, but he lays them out as well. Finally he walks away on his own with the chair and a weird smirk on his face.

WCW Saturday Night On TNT (05-18-91)

-Al Snow defeats Don Harris.

-Flair is interviewed by Tenay about Japan and Jarret. Flair is animated and upset here, especially when Tenay tells him that later tonight WCW has a huge announcement regarding Japan. Flair gets so upset he attacks Tenay. He is forced to leave by referees.

-The Rock-N-Roll Express defeat The Midnight Express. The Rock-N-Roll Express then discuss their PPV match with Eric Bischoff, who is subbing for Tenay for the remainder of the night. One of them will defeat Sweet Stan for the WCW TV Title they say.

-The Foundation (Michael Rotunda and Thomas Rich) debut and defeat The Skyscrapers due to interference from The Diamond Mine. TDM walk up the ramp pointing and laughing as The Skyscrapers get revenge on The Foundation.

-Bischoff interviews Teddy Long, who is the manager for Liger and Muta. A challenge is made for Superbrawl on behalf of his team.

-Sweet Stan defends his TV Title against Barry Windham. Windham suffers a broken ankle and is carried off by referees. Austin and Regal attack Lane afterwards.

-A match pitting Luger and Jarrett against Rude and Koloff ends in a No Contest as the four men simply brawl all over.

-Sting is interviewed by Bischoff. His demeanor is now dark, as are his tights and face paint. A lot of deep dark reds, blues, and blacks. He has the chair from last week, and he says that the old Sting is gone. He is tired of the way that WCW has changed, becoming about winning at ANY cost instead of winning because you are better. He says he has changed too, but not for the better. He will become what WCW needs to make it better and heal it. He says he will embrace these cheating ideals so that he may cure WCW. He says he will officially start tonight with Brian Pillman.

-Pillman vs. Sting is a No Contest Due To DQ when Mr. Backlund, Zenk, and Garvin all rush the ring and attack.

-Bischoff and Tenay reveal the working relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling and WCW, then reveal the man that will meet Ric Flair for the WCW World Heavyweight Title at Superbrawl. Antonio Inoki comes out. Before much can be said Flair rushes from the back, livid. A small scuffle occurs, but it is broken apart.

WCW Saturday Night On TNT (05-25-91)

-Nash interferes giving a huge win to Thomas Rich over Sid. A two on one occurs until Spivey makes the save.

-Zenk defeats Snow, then proceeds to beat him down via instructions from Mr. Backlund. Mr. Backlund then makes a challenge to Sting, Pillman, and Zenk. A Cage Match With Stipulations for WCW Superbrawl. The winner picks the stipulation next week. Mr. Backlund then says if Zenk wins then Pillman will join the team. Garvin then comes out to agree to the match as well, stating that if Sting loses, he will leave WCW, effectively being fired.

-Morton pins Eaton in a Triangle Match also involving Gibson. Morton and Gibson pretty much wrestle it as a Handicap Match, thus setting the stage for Superbrawl

-Flair is with Tenay, who reminds him that if he touches him he'll be fined heavily, and Inoki is discussed. Flair says he beat Inoki in Japan, and he'll beat him on PPV. But tonight he's going to beat a native of his country to show why Americans are far superior to the Japanese in the ring.

-The Horsemen (AA and Tully Blanchard) cheat to win to defeat Jeff Jarrett and Lex Luger. Rude and Koloff run in after the match for a four on two beat down.

-Cornette interviews himself, where he clarifies every match for Superbrawl, including The Cage Match With Stipulations, saying that he has now heard from all involved except for Pillman. He says Sting has agreed to the stipulations currently set forth. He also mentions that The Diamond Mine and The Skyscrapers will meet again, this time tomorrow night on PPV.

-Sweet Stan defends the WCW TV Title against Dangerous Dan Spivey and wins clean. The Rock-N-Roll Express hit the ring and attack, then walk off as all four members of Camp Cornette do the same. Spivey simply leaves, not bothering to help.

-Pillman is with Tenay, and he agrees to the match. He says he has the ultimate stipulation as far as he's concerned.

-Sting defeats Michael P.S. Hayes with relative ease. After the match Zenk, Garvin, and Pillman all rush the ring for a fourway brawl.

-Flair defeats Muta in a WCW World Heavyweight Title Match. Afterwards Inoki saves Muta from a beating from Flair and Paul E. Dangerously.

WCW Superbrawl (05-26-91)

-A video airs to start the PPV showing the history of all four participants in The Cage Match With Stipulations.

-Liger and Muta defeat Doom. Afterwards Doom attack, and wind up Powerbombing Teddy Long on the concrete. He is hauled off by medics on a stretcher.

-Sweet Stan pins both Morton and Gibson to retain his WCW TV Title in this Elimination Match.

-Jarrett defeats Nikita Koloff in this Russian Chain Match. Both men are quite bloody

-It is announced that Sid Vicious ran from WCW after last night. The Diamond Mine then wrestle Spivey and his hand picked partner, 2Cold Scorpio. Spivey looks less than thrilled. Hall pins Scorpio, leading to Scorpio being destroyed by Spivey right after the match.

-Camp Cornette win The Scaffold Match against the REAL Midnight Express. Eaton is the first to fall, Sweet Stan takes out Austin, then The Rock-N-Roll Express help Regal to knock Sweet Stan off. Afterwards The Rock-N-Roll Express embrace James E. Cornette.

-Ravishing Rick Rude successfully defends his WCW US Title against Luger.

-Pillman wins The Cage Match With Stipulations by pinning Zenk while Sting is KILLING Garvin. Mr. Backlund looks worried afterwards. Jim Ross and Mike Tenay on commentary discuss that Sting is now gone from WCW and next week Pillman will announce his winning stipulation.

-Inoki has Flair beat, but The Enforcer Arn Anderson makes the save allowing Flair to cheat to win and retain the WCW World Heavyweight Title. The two do an attack, but a bloody Jeff Jarrett makes the save.

May ended with a new Main Event player for The WCW World Heavyweight Title, as well as the continued push of Jeff Jarrett, who had now made it past Koloff and was well on his way towards an eventual World Title Match. Elsewhere, the ongoing feud with The REAL Midnight Express and Camp Cornette took a nice turn, as The Rock-N-Roll Express and James E. Cornette played a much bigger roll, specifically with Sweet Stan and the WCW TV Title. Both sets of Tag Team Titles once again found themselves pushed to the back burner. We made the decision that June would really focus on The Tag Team Division, and that Tag Team Turmoil would happen to result in only one set of Tag Team Champions instead of two. The Sid Vicious front took a nasty turn after he lost to The Diamond Mine and others during the month and saw his feud with The Horsemen ignored. Sid refused to work leading into the last WCW Saturday Night On TNT until we cut a deal with him. Go out there and put Thomas Rich over and we would give him anything he wanted. He did so, then said he wanted a rematch with The Horsemen for the next night on PPV where they won. We refused, and Sid walked. He called the day of the PPV and said he wanted his full release. Happy to be rid of him, we agreed. He appeared on WWF PPV soon after and did a run in as Sid Justice saving Hogan from The Undertaker. He then cut a "shoot promo" on his former employers the next night on TV. While we were happy to be rid of Sid, we decided we would NOT allow him to run us down. A nice lengthy promo was written for the new heel Spivey for our next show. Teddy Long was once again given an injury angle to play out. He took this time to request his leave from WCW. We ultimately agreed, as his continued employment with the company was not necessary. In a bad break, Barry Windham broke his ankle while wrestling Sweet Stan for the WCW TV Title. He would be out for 8 to 12 weeks. In some much needed good news, despite the loss of two television shows, less than adequate time to build to two PPV's, and backstage issues with Sid and now Sting, we continued to make money. June was the end of the original contract The Terrible Trio had signed with Ted Turner, and it looked positive that we would once again be given the reigns to control WCW beyond June.

Next...June 1991

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Well, here's another famous diary that I've never read.

TGC, I've heard nothing but good things about this (aside from the Ron Garvin pushing) so to say I'm excited about getting to read it is an understatement.

And I really like the monthly summaries. It really makes it easy to undestand what's been going on in the diaries world.

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WCW 1991: The Rebirth Years by thegodcomplex

June 1991

June began with good news on the television front. Beginning the second week of June TNT had ordered another sixty minutes of wrestling from WCW. What they wanted was a second show to air Friday Late Nights. What they were going to get was WCW Slam Packed Wrestling. It would air every Friday Night from 11pm to Midnight est. Our goal for the show for it's first month was to simply use it as an extension of WCW Saturday Night On TNT, however for month two the show would get a feel and identity all its own. For June, however, the big news was Tag Team Turmoil. A Tag Team Tournament to crown the Number One Contenders to the unified WCW World and US Tag Team Titles. The unification was scheduled to take place next month on free TV, as was the opening round of Tag Team Turmoil, but Round Two would be featured prominently on WCW Clash Of The Champions: Tag Team Turmoil on PPV, the first COTC to not be aired on free TV. The advantage here was the way that we could progress or end certain Tag Team feuds while also providing a nice two month long storyline for the Tag Team Division. In other areas, this month was set to see the end of what would ultimately become the six month long feud between Tom Zenk and Brian Pillman, as well as the official debut of The Scorpion and the debuts of seven other talents that had been working in The Power Plant for most of the year getting ready for TV. June was an exciting month for us.

WCW Saturday Night On TNT (06-01-91)

-Due to the violent actions of Dan Spivey at Superbrawl, he and 2 Cold Scorpio meet in this match. Scorpio wins the match by DQ when Bad Brian Lee makes his WCW debut and attacks. After the match, and the horrid beat down that ensued, Spivey introduces his new partner in his new team, the Towers Of Terror, and then runs down Sid for running away from competition here in WCW. He ultimately lays out a challenge for him and his new partner against The Diamond Mine

-Steve Austin defeats Al Snow.

-James E. Cornette and Camp Cornette welcome The Rock-N-Roll Express to the fold. Morton and Gibson explain their actions at SuperBrawl by saying they were tired of being upstaged by The FAKE Midnight Express week after week. They say that EVERYONE knows who the better team always has been, and with James E. Cornette, the master of Tag Team Management, by their side they'll remind Sweet Stan and Beautiful Bobby. Cornette then announces the unification of the Tag Team Titles into one set and Tag Team Turmoil.

-Muta cleanly defeats Ron Simmons of Doom. The two have a huge brawl to follow their match.

-The Unholy Alliance is interviewed by Mike Tenay. Koloff is put down by the others for being weak against Jarrett, Paul E. Dangerously promises that when Barry Windham returns he will get his revenge on Sweet Stan for breaking his ankle, Ravishing Rick Rude says he is finished with Lex Luger, The Four Horsemen (AA and Tully Blanchard) promise to walk out of this Tag Team Turmoil event as the ONLY WCW Tag Team Champions, and Ric Flair says that Inoki is another worthless nobody like Sting, Dusty Rhodes, Jeff Jarrett, Terry Funk, and Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat who thought they were as good as The Nature Boy.

-Lex Luger defeats Steven Regal clean, despite an attempted run in by Austin.

-A video airs showing people leaving a movie theater talking about how "thrilling", "exciting", and "inspiring" The Thrillers are. They are said to be coming to WCW soon.

-Sweet Stan retains his WCW TV Title against Thomas Rich. Michael Rotunda attempts to interfere but Beautiful Bobby keeps that from happening.

-Brian Pillman announces his winning match due to The Cage Match With Stipulations. He will face Mr. Bob Backlund inside a Steel Cage at COTC:TTT. But first, he wants Tom Zenk tonight.

-Brian Pillman and Tom Zenk's match ends in a No Contest when Sting arrives and blasts everyone, including the referee, with the chair he used last month. He grabs a mic after the carnage and proclaims that last Sunday Sting died in that Cage Match With Stipulations. He says that Annihilation is coming for WCW and it is led by him, The Scorpion. He will sell his very soul to see to it that WCW goes back to what it once was, no matter the cost to those he deems as the virus spreaders.

WCW Slam Packed Wrestling (06-07-91)

-Cornette opens the show welcoming everyone. He announces the shows HUGE Main Event, he announces that the Tag Team Turmoil Qualifying Matches start tonight, and he announces that like every show, the WCW TV Title will be on the line. Sweet Stan interrupts and comes down saying that they should just do it now. With that Cornette calls out Michael Rotunda and the match happens. Sweet Stan retains the title, but afterwards The Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey and Randy Rose) attack.

-Jeff Jarrett is with Antonio Inoki as Tenay interviews them. Jarrett says he is honored to be mentioned in the same breath as LEGENDS of this sport like Rhodes, Inoki, Funk, and Steamboat. He says Inoki gets a rematch at COTC:TTT, while he and a partner are entered into Tag Team Turmoil itself. He then says that tonight's Main Event will show why both of them have the same goal, to end the terror of The Unholy Alliance and stop Flair's cheating ways once and for all.

-The Diamond Mine defeat The Texas Mustangs in a Tag Team Turmoil Qualifying Match.

-A video airs showing the transformation of Sting to The Scorpion. He himself narrates it. Afterwards Bischoff and Jesse "The Body" Ventura wonder why WCW would even air a video for a man that no longer works for them.

-Jeff Jarrett and Antonio Inoki get a clean win over Flair and Arn Anderson when Inoki pins The Enforcer.

WCW Saturday Night On TNT (06-08-91)

-2 Cold Scorpio is interviewed by Tenay about whom he will choose for his Tag Team Partner against the Towers Of Terror here tonight. Scorpio welcomes Al Snow to his side, then the two of them head to the ring. 2 Cold 2 Snow are defeated by the Towers Of Terror when they are simply over powered.

-A second video airs for The Thrillers. This time The two men are shown in the ring beating nameless masked opponents. They are soon coming to WCW.

-The Steiners are interviewed by Tenay about their final WCW US Tag Team defense before next month's huge unification of both sets of Tag Team Titles. The Steiners are confidant that they can beat The Fabulous Freebirds again

-In a Tag Team Turmoil Qualifying Match, and also for the name The Midnight Express, Sweet Stan and Beautiful Bobby defeat Dennis Condrey and Randy Rose. Afterwards The Rock-N-Roll Express attack BOTH teams.

-Cornette makes the announcement that Austin and Regal or The Horsemen will get an immediate bye into Tag Team Turmoil Round One, depending on which team loses the WCW World Tag Team Titles Match in the coming weeks, along with the losing team of tonight's WCW US Tag Team Title Match. Furthermore, he makes tonight's TV Title Match for right now.

-Sweet Stan retains his WCW TV Title by DQ when Ron Garvin wins the match due to interference from The Scorpion. Luger then comes out to confront his friend, and it winds up with James E. Cornette making an Unsanctioned Match for later tonight between the two.

-The Fabulous Freebirds defeat The Steiners by cheating with help from Tammy and Missy to become the last ever WCW US Tag Team Champions. The Diamond Mine rush in afterwards and lay out both teams.

-The Enforcer defeats Antonio Inoki following a run in by Tully and Flair. Jeff Jarrett makes the save, but he is then attacked from behind by the WCW US Champion Ravishing Rick Rude.

-The Scorpion defeats Luger with ease. Luger doesn't WANT to fight, and soon submits to The Scorpion Deathlock. The Scorpion refuses to release the hold, but once he does he destroys Luger some more with the chair then walks off.

WCW Slam Packed Wrestling (06-14-91)

-Butch Reed of Doom defeats Liger via one cheating way after another.

-Sweet Stan retains his TV Title via DQ against Ron Garvin when The Rock-N-Roll Express interfere. Eaton makes the save again.

-The Foundation are interviewed by Tenay about their upcoming Tag Team Turmoil Qualifying Match against a big mystery team. They say it does not matter who it is, they will win.

-The Foundation defeat The Killer Bees in this Tag Team Turmoil Qualifying Match.

-The Horsemen are interviewed by Tenay regarding their match tomorrow night against Camp Cornette.

-Bad Brian Lee defeats Brian Pillman with help from Mr. Backlund and Tom Zenk.

WCW Saturday Night On TNT (06-15-91)

-In this Tag Team Turmoil Qualifying Match 2 Cold 2 Snow defeats The Harris Brothers. Towers Of Terror run in afterwards for the beat down, but 2 Cold 2 Snow fight them off.

-Cornette announces that Sweet Stan will defend his WCW TV Title against Ron Garvin at COTC:TTT in a NO DQ Match, assuming he can retain it until then.

-The third Thrillers video airs, this time with a faceless interviewer asking why The Legend Chris Jericho is a legend and why The Future Lance Storm is the future. Storm debuts his new catchphrase "...even in Canada". They will be here next week.

-The Body Shop features Ventura ATTEMPTING to interview Ultimo Dragon and his new Tag Team Partner Kimono Dragon. Neither man speaks, but Kimono pantomimes his dislike for The Nature Boy Ric Flair in this funny interview.

-In a Tag Team Turmoil Qualifying Match, The Dragons defeat Towers Of Terror to advance. Afterwards 2 Cold 2 Snow get a little revenge.

-Sweet Stan defeats Dennis Condrey and Randy Rose in this WCW TV Title Elimination Match. Afterwards The Rock-N-Roll Express destroy all three men at Cornette's behest.

-The Scorpion is in a dark room with three other shadowy figures. He tells everyone that Annihilation is coming, and that Luger shall be the next victim. He says he will NOT forget Ron Garvin either.

-Michael Rotunda defeats Jeff Jarrett in this HUGE upset when Arn Anderson interferes. A two on one beat down occurs afterwards until Dean Malenko makes his WCW debut and saves Jarrett. After the save Malenko and Jarrett are with Tenay, and Jarrett says THIS is his partner for Tag Team Turmoil, and together they are only one half of 2nd Generation.

-In a Non Title Match, Antonio Inoki defeats Ravishing Rick Rude.

-The Four Horsemen retain their WCW World Tag Team Titles against Camp Cornette with both teams cheating like crazy. Afterwards The Fabulous Freebirds attack The Horsemen.

WCW Slam Packed Wrestling (06-21-91)

-Tom Zenk and Mr. Backlund defeat The Texas Mustangs. Pillman comes to Tenay as Zenk and Mr. Backlund are in the ring still and he taunts them both. Ultimately he challenges Zenk to a match in two weeks in a Submission Match. If Zenk wins Mr. Backlund does NOT have to wrestle him at COTC:TTT, but if Pillman wins Zenk is not only barred from the match on PPV, he is barred from entering the state. Mr. Backlund accepts the match and the stipulations.

-Koko B. Ware debuts via a video where we see him eating what is supposed to be believed to be his bird, Frankie. He says the racism of the wrestling world has kept him down, but that in WCW things will change and the fans will be "Cuckoo for Koko."

-Sweet Stan defeats Bad Brian Lee to retain his WCW TV Title.

-2nd Generation are interviewed by Tenay.

-2nd Generation defeat The Rock-N-Roll Express after Sweet Stan and Beautiful Bobby take out Gibson to advance in Tag Team Turmoil.

WCW Saturday Night On TNT (06-22-91)

-Pillman defeats Bad Brian Lee in this rematch.

-The Midnight Express (Sweet Stan and Beautiful Bobby) express their pleasure about screwing over The Rock-N-Roll Express.

-Luger defeats Ron Simmons, then he challenges The Scorpion to bring the annihilation to COTC: TTT in a Tag Team Match. He says he has a partner.

-Mr. Backlund defeats Bobby Duncum Jr. He then says that he has every faith in Tom Zenk's abilities to defeat Pillman in The Submission Match next week.

-Sweet Stan defeats Butch Reed to retain his WCW TV Title. Afterwards Ron Garvin attacks.

-Robert Fuller, in full Southern Gentleman attire, introduces The Macon County Outlaws Bart and Jesse, and say that they will defeat The Thrillers with ease.

-The Thrillers debut against The Macon County Outlaws and defeat them to advance in Tag Team Turmoil.

-Ric Flair, Ravishing Rick Rude, and The Enforcer Arn Anderson defeat 2nd Generation and Antonio Inoki via a cell phone shot from Rude to Inoki.

-The Scorpion brings Cactus Jack out to attack Luger, who came to the ring looking for an answer to his challenge. As he's being beaten down Harley Race leads Vader to the ring. Vader attacks Cactus and The Scorpion pulls him out. Race says they have Luger's back as The Scorpion smiles and accepts the match for PPV.

WCW Slam Packed Wrestling (06-28-91)

-Sweet Stan Lane defeats Don Harris to retain the WCW TV Title. Garvin again runs in and attacks after.

-The Unholy Alliance are interviewed by Tenay regarding the various matches they are a part of at COTC:TTT.

-Vader and Luger defeat 2 Cold 2 Snow in a squash.

-Malenko wins a hard fought match against Nikita Koloff.

-In a Tag Team Turmoil Qualifying Match, Muta and Liger defeat Doom. Afterwards Simmons and Reed get into an argument, a shoving match, and are soon trading blows.

-The Scorpion and Cactus Jack decimate Luger in the parking lot. It is revealed that Race and Vader already left.

WCW Saturday Night On TNT (06-29-91)

-The Harris Brothers and The Texas Mustangs wrestle to a No Contest when The Diamond Mine beat the hell out of both teams. They then take a mic and announce that WCW has held them back long enough, and tomorrow night they WILL advance in Tag Team Turmoil over the broken bodies of 2nd Generation.

-Vader and Luger defeat The Macon County Outlaws in this squash. Afterwards Race speaks for them regarding last night. He says they may have attacked Luger when Vader was gone, but tomorrow night would be a totally different story.

-Cornette speaks on behalf of The Rock-N-Roll Express and Ron Garvin, saying that The Midnight Express better be prepared for the worst night of their wrestling career tomorrow night. However, tonight they will wrestle each other for the TV Title, and if they take it easy on each other they will both be suspended indefinitely.

-Sweet Stan and Beautiful Bobby wrestle a clean match that sees Sweet Stan retain. Afterwards The Rock-N-Roll Express and Ron Garvin attack, really doing a number on Eaton and leaving him hurt bad.

-Flair is interviewed by Tenay regarding his World Heavyweight Title Match for tomorrow night. The Dragons are mentioned, and Flair says a couple of masked rejects from Japan who are probably just friends of Inoki do not concern him in the least.

-Inoki makes Nikita Koloff submit to The Octopus Hold. Flair attacks right after.

-The Scorpion and Cactus Jack are in the dark room again, and The Scorpion hypes up the beating tomorrow night. He warns Luger to prepare for his Annihilation.

-Brian Pillman forces Tom Zenk to submit via The Crossface Chicken Wing, cementing the Cage Match for tomorrow night and the fact that Zenk can't enter the state let alone interfere.

WCW Clash Of The Champions: Tag Team Turmoil

Sunday June 30, 1991

Announcers: Jim Ross and Mike Tenay

Baltimore, Maryland

With five minutes left in the pre-show for Tag Team Turmoil, the final rundown of the card by Eric Bischoff and Jesse Ventura is cut off and the feed goes live to Baltimore where The Thrillers are in the ring holding mics while the fans cheer.

Even In Canada...

Ross: We are only five minutes away from WCW Clash Of The Champions: Tag Team Turmoil LIVE on PPV, but The Thrillers, Legendary Chris Jericho and The Future Lance Storm are currently in the ring unannounced.

Tenay: They sure are Jim and they're...

Tenay is cut off as Lance Storm begins to speak.

Storm: He is Legendary Chris Jericho.

Jericho leaps onto the turnbuckles and raises his arms high as he gets a decent ovation from the crowd. He hops off and produces a mic of his own.

Jericho: And he is The Future Lance Storm.

Storm nods his head slightly at the camera and the fans while cracking a small smile.

Storm: In less than five minutes we will wrestle and undoubtedly defeat The Dragons.

Jericho: Because we are The Thrillers.

Storm: Now while we can understand the advantages and the desire to save some money by simply watching the pre-show, but we need to attempt to dissuade you from turning the channel to The Wonderful World Of Disney.

Jericho: For fifteen dollars you can get two hours of WCW Wrestling, which is a good enough deal, but keep in mind that you REALLY get 15-minutes of The Thrillers in Tag Team action. That's a dollar a minute to watch us, THEN you get another one hour and forty-five minutes for FREE. Now that's a bargain.

Storm: Even in Canada.

Jericho: I'm told that the rest of the matches for tonight are above average to good, so one GREAT match and seven more decent to good matches is worth your fifteen dollars.

Storm: Even in Canada.

Jericho: So don't turn the channel, instead sit back, call your cable or satellite provider, and watch us go at it with two masked Japanese Wrestlers. Hey you know what they say?

Storm: Two masked Japanese Wrestlers can out wrestle most other wrestlers, EVEN Canadians. Not these two Canadians of course.

Jericho: Of course. So order and prepare to be thrilled.

The fans cheer the twosome.

Tenay: While that may not have been the best way to do it, I have to agree with those two.

Ross: I do too, but our time is up. Call your cable or satellite provider, NOW.

OR: 77

After the opening of the show, and with The Thrillers still in the ring, Tenay and Ross are shown at their announce table at ringside.

Tenay: Welcome to WCW Clash Of The Champions: Tag Team Turmoil. In my debut doing Color Commentary I am Mike Tenay alongside the best Play By Play man in the business today, Jim Ross.

Ross: Thank you Mike. If you were with us for the end of our free pre-show then you know that we're opening tonight's first ever Clash Of The Champions on PPV with a Round One Tag Team Turmoil Match. Already in the ring are The Thrillers and...

Tag Team Turmoil Round One Match: The Dragons vs. The Thrillers

The music of The Dragons hit, and the two masked men, Kimono Dragon and Ultimo Dragon, rush from the back and into the ring. Ref Charles Robinson calls for the bell as all four men face off. This stalemate is ended as Jericho and Storm hit Double Standing Drop Kicks to The Dragons. The momentum shifts after a bit as The Dragons reverse an attempted Double Irish Whip and deliver a pair of Standing Drop kicks of their own that send The Thrillers to the floor. At this point Ref Robinson attempts to get some control, and as The Thrillers are recuperating on the floor he sends Kimono to the apron. Soon enough Strom enters the ring, and the match proper is underway. After a nice long exchange of reversed moves and momentum switches Storm gains the upper hand. Quick tags in and out by himself and Jericho allow them to keep Ultimo where they want him, but repeated pin attempts fall short at only a two count. Jericho climbs to the top turnbuckle and flies with a Splash, but Ultimo moves and both men are down. Jericho is the first to make the much needed tag in, but Ultimo also gets a hot tag to Kimono which wakes the crowd back up. Kimono is on fire on BOTH of The Thrillers, delivering Karate Chops and Flying Forearms all over the place. Storm eventually tags Jericho back in, and Jericho is met by a Top Turnbuckle Crossbody Block which Ross and Tenay agree looks familiar. This only gets a two count however, as Kimono tags Ultimo back in. Ultimo goes up top and delivers a Corkscrew Leg Drop, which also somehow only gets two. Jericho is able to get away, and he gets a tag in to Storm, who goes toe to toe with Ultimo with massive Chops to the upper midsection. Storm goes for a Super Kick, but Ultimo ducks under and delivers a Shining Wizard which stuns the crowd. Jericho breaks up the count here, which bring Kimono in to take out Jericho. Both men brawl to the floor, which momentarily distracts the ref. Ultimo is picking Storm up who, with Ref Robinson not paying attention, nails Ultimo with a Low Blow as the fans now boo this cheap shot. Both men are down, but Storm is the first to rise. He sets and nails his Super Kick this time on the rising Ultimo. Tenay and Ross call the move the Future Kick as Storm covers and gets the 1-2-3 to win for his team. The fans are booing as Jericho and Storm climb the turnbuckles and act as if they are being inundated with praise. Kimono helps Ultimo to his feet as The Thrillers leap off the turnbuckles. Their is a tense moment, but all four men wind up shaking hands, which has the crowd cheering. The Dragons leave the ring as The Thrillers switch sides and this time they get some cheers from the crowd.




OR: 71

Time: 15 Minutes

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rating: **1/2

(Legendary Chris Jericho gained in over rising from 51 to 57)

(The Future Lance Storm gained in over rising from 53 to 56)

(Kimono Dragon lost in over dropping from 85 to 83)

(We couldn't be happier than that excellent way to open the PPV. The fans weren't too into the match until near the end, but the wrestling was spot on and damn nice. Both teams could and probably will have glorious futures with WCW.)

Ross: Pardon the pun, but that was imply a thrilling match from top to bottom. Both teams deserve high praise for opening our show with that level of enthusiasm and energy and getting the crowd into the action, despite the cheap win by The Future.

Tenay: It may just be my opinion, but that match WAS worth $15...

Ross: ...even in Canada.

Both men laugh.

Tenay: Up next we have our second...

Tag Team Turmoil Round One Match: The Midnight Express vs. The York Foundation

The York Foundation, Michael Rotunda and Thomas Rich, come to the ring first to very little crowd reaction, but that changes when the music of The Midnight Express hits. Sweet Stan and Beautiful Bobby come out and the fans cheer. They head to the ring and disrobe, while Sweet Stan removes his TV Title and hands it off to ring announcer Eric Bischoff. As they slide under the ropes Rotunda and Rich lay the boots to them both, doing their best to not let them get to their feet. Ref Bill Alphonso stops the assault though and pushes both men back, then calls for the bell. Sweet Stan is the first up, and he delivers a picture perfect version of Too Sweet that sends Rotunda to the floor. Beautiful Bobby and Rich lock up as Sweet Stan heads to the apron, and this is all Eaton. After several minutes James E. Cornette walks from the back and gains the attention of Ref Alphonso. Once at ringside Alphonso begins to question him, while in the ring Beautiful Bobby puts Rich down on the mat and ascends the turnbuckle and nails his Alabama Jam and goes for a cover. No one notices The Rock-N-Roll Express rush to the ring from the crowd and pull Sweet Stan off the apron. They hit double Super Kicks of their own that floors Sweet Stan, then Gibson climbs up top and comes off with his mocking version of the Alabama Jam onto both Beautiful Bobby and Rich. Morton puts Rich on top, then he and Gibson hightail it back through the crowd while Cornette tells Ref Alphonso to make the count. The fans, who had grown silent until the last few minutes, loudly boo as Rich gets the 1-2-3 to win and advance his team in Tag Team Turmoil. Rotunda, now to his feet, pulls his partner to the floor as Cornette gets into the ring and Ref Alphonso rolls Eaton out of the ring.




OR: 64

Time: 10 Minutes

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rating: **

(Thomas Rich gained in over rising from 63 to 64)

Ross: Will Cornette stop at nothing to screw The Midnight Express?

Tenay: Well, we now know two of the teams advancing to Tag Team Turmoil Round Two along with The Steiners and Camp Cornette, but wait a second, James E. Cornette has asked for a mic...

Cornette: Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you will forgive me for interrupting Tag Team Turmoil, but it is time for our WCW TV Title Match. While I'm not entirely sure Sweet Stan Lane can get into the ring to defend his title, that is neither here nor there. Should he NOT make it in to do so, the belt will be forfeited and the NEW TV Champion will be his challenger, The Man With The Hands Of Stone Ron Garvin.

Tenay: What?

Ross: I stand corrected. Will he stop at nothing to get the TV Title off of Sweet Stan, who is still unmoving on the floor in front of us.

WCW TV Title Match: Sweet Stan Lane© vs. Ron Garvin(with James E. Cornette and The York Foundation)

As ref Bill Alphonso helps Beautiful Bobby to the back, Ron Garvin comes from the back with his trusty briefcase. As he enters the ring Cornette, who is at ringside now with the recovered York Foundation members, whispers something to them both. They walk over and begin laying the boots to Sweet Stan. Ref Alphonso returns from the back, and The Foundation back off. Cornette instructs Ref Alphonso to begin the 10-Count, which he reluctantly does. At five Sweet Stan somehow gets to one knee, and the fans explode. At seven he's leaning against the ring apron on both feet. At nine he rolls under the bottom rope as the fans are on their feet chanting "Too Sweet". Garvin wastes no time attacking Sweet Stan, who is obviously tired, hurt, and not at the top of his game. He does comeback though, but his momentum is stopped by Rotunda who grabs his foot and trips him up. Ref Alphonso sees this however, and as he is admonishing all three men on the floor Garvin gets his briefcase and slams it down hard on the back of Sweet Stan, who crumples to the mat. The briefcase is tossed aside, and Garvin nits The Garvin Stomp, then makes the cover, getting the utterly shocking 1-2-3 to become the new WCW TV Champion. Cornette is all smiles, as Rotunda and Rich grab the title from Bischoff and enter the ring holding his arms high. Cornette places the belt around his waist, but then turns and dashes from the ring with a look of total terror. Garvin turns and is face to face with The Scorpion, who has already laid out Rich and Rotunda. Garvin attempts to flee, but he is caught and gets hit with a Scorpion Splash followed by being locked into The Scorpion Deathlock. The fans are cheering, but that changes when The Scorpion releases the hold and delivers a Reverse DDT to the slowly rising Sweet Stan. The Scorpion tosses Sweet Stan over the top rope to the floor, then locks the hold back on Garvin, who is screaming "I QUIT" over and over. The Scorpion finally releases the hold and walks up the ramp and to the back, an evil grin on his face the entire time.




OR: 72

Time: 12 Minutes

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rating: **3/4

(A small advancement in the issues between The Scorpion and Ron Garvin highlight an otherwise slightly disappointing couple of segments. We thought it all went well, but the fans were far less responsive than we thought they would be considering their emotional involvement with Sweet Stan. Nonetheless the story of Sweet Stan's issues with Cornette take an interesting turn, and just in time for The Great American Bash too.)

Ross: So much happened there, I'm not sure what to say.

Tenay: Well, Sweet Stan was definitely screwed in my opinion. It took a total of six men here tonight to take the TV Title off his waist. I can't imagine Ron Garvin can be proud of how he won it.

Ross: As we've seen since March, The Man With The Hands Of Stone is all about the money and the prestige, and I doubt he cares HOW he did it. However I'm sure he cares a great deal about his run in with The Scorpion here tonight. However next up is...

Tag Team Turmoil Round One Match: Liger and Muta vs. 2 Cold 2 Snow

As 2 Cold and Snow come from the back to a small response, Mike and Jim make mention that Scorpio is now going by simply 2 Cold. Liger and Muta are out next, and the fans are really behind this duo since they won their feud with Doom to advance in Tag Team Turmoil a few weeks ago. All four men shake hands to start, and Liger and 2 Cold start off when Ref Walt Williams calls for the bell. In contrast to the previous two matches this is a high flying, fast paced, spot fest. For every move there seems to be a counter move, and a counter move for that one as well. Snow and Muta take it to a mat wrestling match for several moments, but that soon explodes into a lengthy sequence of reversals that has the fans on the edge of their seats. However the match is clean, with neither team cheating or running in to break up any pin attempts. The ending comes when Liger nails a Liger Bomb on 2 Cold. Instead of going for a cover he leaps to the top and flies with a Senton Bomb. He makes the cover and gets the hard fought 1-2-3 to help his team advance. Much like the opening of the match all four men shake hands, and the fans are respectful of all involved.




OR: 78

Time: 15 Minutes

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rating: ***

(Al Snow gained in over rising from 55 to 60)

(2 Cold gained in over rising from 71 to 76)

(Liger gained in over rising from 76 to 81)

(All four men did their absolute best here, really stepping up to take the prize thus far for Match Of The Night. With a proper name, 2 Cold 2 Snow, expect the future of 2 Cold and Al Snow to be bright, while Liger and Muta are now and always have been one of the shining lights of the Tag Team Division. Great job by all involved.)

Ross: What an awesome match.

Tenay: With only one more Tag Team Turmoil Match we now know five of the six teams that will advance to Round Two, and our final Round One Match is next.

Tag Team Turmoil Round One Match: The Diamond Mine(with Diamond Dallas Page) vs. 2nd Generation

The Diamond Mine are led to the ring by Page to their normal mix of cheers and boos from the excited crowd. 2nd Generation , however, get nothing but cheers, and some "JARRETT" chants. Ref Randy Anderson calls for the bell as Hall and Jarrett start off with some good old fashioned wrestling. Jarrett out wrestles Hall, who makes the quick tag to Nash. Nash towers over Jarrett, who simply clips the knee to make the big man stumble. Jarrett comes off the ropes with a Clothesline to the leg, which looks as odd as it sounds, then tags in Malenko, who quickly and methodically goes to work on the knee. Within minutes he has The Texas Cloverleaf locked in as Nash is screaming. Hall breaks it up, which only serves to get Jarrett into the ring. Ref Pee Wee stops Jarrett, and this is where Page attacks Malenko from behind and the momentum shifts. Hall makes a fake tag to Nash, and he works over Malenko relentlessly. Nash soon tags back in, although limping, and he hits The Big Kev Powerbomb on the almost lifeless Malenko. Nash goes for the cover, but Malenko barely in the nick of time gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the pin attempt. Nash is livid, and as he argues with Ref Pee Wee, Malenko is able to make the tag to Jarrett, which sends the fans into a fit of cheers. Jarrett is all over Nash, going back to work on the knee. Soon enough he locks in The Figure Four Leglock, in the center of the ring, and the fans are on their feet while Nash again screams. It's here that the match falls apart. Hall rushes in to break up the Submission Hold, while Malenko rushes in to stop him. The two of them topple over the top rope, taking Ref Pee Wee out on the way. As he lays on the floor the World Tag Team Champions The Horsemen rush to the ring and attack Jarrett. On the floor Page helps Hall get the better of Malenko. Back in the ring a Double Brainbuster on Jarrett sends him to the floor. Malenko is rolled in, and he gets a Double Brainbuster as well. The fans are livid as Page rolls the ref back in and AA and Tully back up the ramp all smiles. Hall hits The Diamond Drop on Malenko, then gets the illegal 1-2-3 to win the match. The Horsemen laugh, then rush to the ring and lay more boots to Jarrett on the floor. At this point a man rushes from the back and attacks The Horsemen. Ross goes nuts here, as does Tenay to a smaller extent, as they announce that this is ANOTHER second generation wrestler that has come to the aid of Malenko and Jarrett. The man grabs a chair and chases off The Horsemen and The Diamond Mine, then drops the chair and sees to Jarrett on the floor while Malenko rolls out as well.


Tenay: The son of Stu Hart and the younger brother of The Hitman Bret hart, OWEN HART is here in WCW, and he appears to be with 2nd Generation.




OR: 79

Time: 15 Minutes

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rating: ***

(Dean Malenko gains in over rising from 62 to 67)

(Owen Hart gains in his debut over rising from 66 to 73)

(And with the arrival of Owen Hart, who has been with us since January down in Developmental, 2nd Generation is ALMOST complete. The Diamond Mine join The Thrillers, Liger and Muta, The York Foundation, The Steiners, and Camp Cornette in advancing to Tag Team Turmoil Round Two as well. A good, if, like the matches involving Sweet Stan, overbooked match that served to advance several storylines more than anything else. Nice job by all involved here.)

Ross: I can't wait to hear from 2nd Generation this weekend as to the arrival of Owen Hart to WCW.

Tenay: Indeed Jim, as 2nd Generation adds ANOTHER highly skilled second generation wrestler to their already impressive ranks.

Ross: Up next the UNSANCTIONED...

UNSANCTIONED Match: Annihilation vs. Lex Luger and Vader(with Harley Race)

Luger's music hits first and he comes from the back to a good pop. Next Harley Race leads out Vader, and he gets a simply awesome face reaction. The three men head to the ring, where they await their opponents. The lights dim, the odd white spotlight hits, and out walk Cactus Jack and The Scorpion. The fans boo loudly for this duo, yet at the same time half of them start calling out "BANG BANG!". Annihilation enter the ring, and Referee Nick Patrick calls for the bell as all four men brawl. Jim and Mike are sure to remind everyone that this match is unsanctioned by WCW, and that Ref Patrick is doing this without pay and of his own accord. Vader and Jack topple to the floor, while in the ring The Scorpion and Luger exchange blows. Vader quickly breaks away from Jack and gets on the apron. Jack meanders around the ring yelling his catchphrase, before finally getting on the apron as well. Inside Luger is all over The Scorpion, clearly dominating this match from top to bottom. Unlike in previous encounters where Scorpion out wrestled Luger, this time Luger over powers The Scorpion. Luger hoists him up into The Human Torture Rack, but The Scorpion slides out and is able to finally make a tag to Jack. Jack slowly gets inside, and Luger meets him with a huge elbow to the back of the head. This momentarily dazes Jack, but he is able to come back with a swift kick to the groin that floors Luger. Ref Patrick shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head, as Tenay says there are no rules and therefore nothing he can do except count the pinfall. For the next several minutes it's all Jack here, hitting his normal moves, abusing his own body, and just being brutal with Luger. On the apron Vader is hot for the tag, while Race is screaming for Luger to make the tag. Jack launches himself off the second rope at Luger, who is able to catch him and deliver a Slam, but he collapses after that. Jack crawls over and makes a tag to The Scorpion who leaps over the top rope. Luger lunges and makes the hot tag to Vader, who quickly gets into the ring. Luger lays in the corner as The Scorpion begs off and bails from the ring. Luger slowly gets to his feet, and Vader turns around and delivers a HUGE Vader Bomb to his own partner. Race is shocked on the floor, as Vader climbs the ropes and hits a Vader Splash onto Luger. Jack attacks Race from behind on the floor, while Vader stands back and allows The Scorpion to pin Luger 1-2-3. The fans are booing with all their might as Vader, Jack, and The Scorpion exit the ring and walk to the back, never looking back at their destruction or even showing any signs that they hear the fans.




OR: 74

Time: 10 Minutes

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rating: **3/4

(Not a bad match at all, but the opening moments with Luger dominating were a little less than classic wrestling, although the fans seemed to enjoy it. Annihilation is getting good heat, especially when Vader turned on Luger and seemingly joined. Another nice match to propel the story forward.)

Ross: I can't believe what I just saw. Vader turned his back on the fans, his partner, and the man who brought him into WCW, Harley Race. What in the world is he thinking by joining Annihilation?

Tenay: With all due respect Jim, I don't think it was that shocking. While I wasn't expecting it, I think Vader may have made a smart move for his career. Race wasn't exactly leading Vader to the top in WCW.

Ross: Valid point Mike. And again The Scorpion gets the best of his former best friend. I don't think Annihilation has heard the last of it from either Lex OR Harley Race.

Tenay: I agree and...oh wait, here comes the ring crew to assemble the cage for...

Cage Match: Brian Pillman vs. Mr. Bob Backlund

As the cage is assembled Mike and Jim discuss that Mr. Backlund and Tom Zenk have kept their word and that Zenk is currently at home and NOT in Maryland. To prove that point, and fill the time as the cage is erected, Zenk is on the phone and he talks with the announcers. Nothing of any major importance is mentioned here other than that Zenk believes with all his heart that Mr. Backlund will defeat Pillman tonight. The ring crew leave, and Brian Pillman's music hits as he comes from the back to a great ovation. He surveys the ring, then steps inside with the ref, who is a newcomer to WCW and not one of the standard issue referees. Mr. Backlund comes out next and the fans erupt into boos. Mr. Backlund ignores this, then climbs inside the structure himself. He is immediately attacked by Pillman, who launches himself halfway across the ring with a Flying Clothesline that takes Mr. Backlund down and snaps him HARD into he ropes. The ref closes the cage door and calls for the bell, as Pillman delivers a series of brutal closed fists to the head of Mr. Backlund. Pillman clearly dominates the opening minutes of the match, never attempting a pinfall or even thinking of escaping the cage. Before long Mr. Backlund is driven head first into all four sides of the cage and he is a bloody mess. The ref checks on him, as Jim and Mike discuss how Mr. Backlund lost the WWWF World Title not by pinfall or submission several years back, but by a similar incident. Mr. Backlund is okayed to continue, but this time costs Pillman who loses his momentum and falls victim to a well aimed eye gouge by Mr. Backlund. With the blood pouring from his head, Mr. Backlund then systematically weakens and picks apart the upper back, shoulder, and neck of Pillman. Just as it looks like Mr. Backlund is going to apply the Crossface Chicken Wing, Pillman delivers a devastating Reverse Roundhouse Kick that stuns the crowd, the ref, and the announce team, before he collapses. Pillman is the first to his feet, and he slowly ascends the top turnbuckle. He stops, not attempting to escape, then smiles and climbs to the top of the cage. He pats his elbow, as Mr. Backlund is still on his back in the ring, as the fans cheer and stand on their feet. Pillman launches himself into the air. Here, however, the match takes a nasty turn for Pillman, as the new ref grabs Mr. Backlund's legs and pulls him OUT OF THE WAY, narrowly avoiding the Flying Elbow from the top of the cage. The fans are stunned, Mike and Jim are shocked, and now BOTH men are down in the ring. The ref removes what is now known to be a fake beard and mustache. Ross and Tenay know who the man is, and call him The Pegasus Kid, a Canadian Wrestler, last seen working in Japan and under the tutelage of Stu Hart. Pillman staggers to his feet, and The Kid locks in the Crossface Chicken Wing, dropping Pillman in an instant. Pillman is screaming in pain as Mr. Backlund gets to his feet, laughing and smiling. Pillman is screaming that he quits. The Pegaus Kid releases the hold, calls for the bell, and raises the hand of Mr. Backlund, as the fans boo. Ross can't believe it, while Tenay doesn't think that was legal, nor does he think that Pegasus is a licensed Referee. Mr. Backlund then applies his own Crossface Chicken Wing, and again Pillman is screaming in pain and yelling he submits. Finally after several minutes, and with a horde of referees attempting to get into the ring, Mr. Backlund releases the hold, and he and The Kid exit the cage. The fans boo as what appears to be one of Mr. Backlund's often mentioned, but never seen, other students and the teacher head to the back.




OR: 80

Time: 20 Minutes

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rating: ***

(Chris Benoit, aka The Pegasus Kid makes his debut in WCW tonight as well as Owen Hart. Benoit has also been a member of Developmental since early January, and should make a fine addition to the active roster, as well as work well under Mr. Bob Backlund and with Tom Zenk. We look for very good things from this threesome. Obviously the issues Brian Pillman has with the group aren't over, as he trades his feud with Zenk that ended Saturday Night for a feud with the debuting Benoit.)

Ross: Well, The first ever Clash Of The Champions on PPV should be remembered as the night of the screw job, as so far Brian Pillman, Generation Next, and The Midnight Express have all suffered from one.

Tenay: And we still have the dirtiest player in the game to go, as he defends his...

Main Event WCW World Heavyweight Title Match: The Nature Boy Ric Flair vs. Antonio Inoki

Inoki is the first to come out, and he gets his normal respectful applause. He enters the ring, and the music hits, the lights dim, and the World Champion comes out to an almost riotous chorus of boos and jeers. He is without Paul E. Dangerously tonight, as Ross and Tenay wonder if The Nature Boy can actually go a match without cheating or having an Alliance member run in to help him. Referee Randy "Pee Wee" Anderson is the man in charge, and he signals for the bell once Flair is in the ring and out of his robe. The match starts out much like last month's match did, with both men feeling each other out and no one getting the upper hand. That changes however when Flair takes advantage of a botched Spinning Toe Hold by Inoki and begins his work on the leg. Inoki, who we are reminded was attacked by Flair last night with a chair, sells the onslaught with everything he has. Flair readies himself to apply the Figure Four, but with the fans rallying behind him Inoki kicks Flair off three times, and the momentum soon shifts in favor of the challenger. Within five minutes Inoki, still limping, is readying his submission finisher, The Octopus. However Flair, ever the wily veteran, is able to hit a Russian Leg Sweep and locks in the Figure Four. Inoki, with the hold applied in the center of the ring, holds on for what seems like forever, but soon is unable to resist and submits. The fans boo loudly as Flair stands triumphant. Ross and Tenay applaud Flair for not only beating Inoki, but keeping his word and doing so fairly without cheating or outside interference. Inoki hobbles to his feet, and extends his hand out to Flair, who looks at Inoki, then smiles, laughs, and walks out of the ring with his World Title. The fans boo him as Tag Team Turmoil ends.




OR: 82

Time: 25 Minutes

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rating: ***1/4

(The issues between Flair and Inoki come to an end, as both men now head off towards new opponents heading into The Great American Bash. A nice ending to a good match, although overall the Flair vs. Inoki multi month story really failed to deliver or catch on with the majority of the fans, which is a shame.)

OR: 76



Best Overall Match: Flair vs. Inoki

Best "Smart" Match: Liger and Muta vs. 2 Cold 2 Snow

Best "Mark" Match: Flair vs. Inoki

Worst Match: The Midnight Express vs. The York Foundation

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:o <<< My Face

I'm glad you're reposting this, because I missed out on it the first time. The recaps were good, and the show was extremely well written. Glad to see The Thrillers go over, and the ending to the Main Event was great.

*Adds to list*

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And thus the monthly recaps come to a close. Still, we have July to get through and a few shows in August, all previously posted over at EWBIII last summer, before we get to the new stuff. However, from here on out it's shows and an end of the month report, not the recaps I've posted thus far.

Thanks again to everyone for their support.


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