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Sir Alan LCSugar

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When does it come out?

I believe it's currently scheduled to be realeased in November.

I've been following this game since it was first announced, and I'm looking forward to it, but it seems like a monumental undertaking to make such a game, and I'm not really sure how well they're gonna fair with it. I can easily see this one being either one of the best games of 05 or a gigantic disappointment.

The amount of customization of the actual gameplay elements allowed will be key in how the game fares, as well as getting a good community of creative people to create customized elements, and the necessary tools to create movies the way you want without ending up frustrated because you can't meet your creative goals.

Examples: Too few characters in your movie, wrong props, wrong settings, wrong actions (IE you want character to dance a jig and that is not an option).

I just don't see any way they can do it all frankly. However, I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

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Well the reason it's been delayed so much is that they've carried out a complete reworking of the game to try and make it a lot easier to make a decent movie and try and get a good blend of "Sims" type character building and movie making. Aparently it was basically The Sims with everyone in the showbiz career before a drastic rehash of the system.

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I also have been following the game for god knows how long, I'm actually planning on doing a diary for it, assuming I can find good hosting. Everyone's concerns stated so far are valid, however I've been following this game very closely(visiting their message board every day, downloading every video I can) and I have to say I'm very optimistic about it. Like other's have said the only way this game can really succeed is if they release full mod-tools, and good community develops.

There are alread 2-3 groups I know of who are already working on mods from the recently released Star Maker program, so the community issue seems to be in good hands. However the problem is mod tools. Lionhead wants to realeas mod-tools for everything, props, scenes, sets, costumes, everything, but Activision, the publisher, is still undecided about the issue, fearing that someone somewhere will make something naughty with the mod tools, some uptight parent will see it and tell their congressman and Activision will be at the center of another "Hot Coffee" fiasco.

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My biggest problem with Activision is their "two patch rule" Yeah I don't think a game should be released if it's bug ridden but it also puts a bit of restriction on the developer. Look at the problems with Rome Total War to see what I mean. Multiplayer was screwed over internest connections so they fixed that within a week of release. They work on a patch to fix some annoying bugs and it creates more. Activisions response is "sorry, you've had your patches, like it or lump it".

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lanky316 speaks the complete truth. Thats why I am happy that Creative Assembley are now in the hands of Sega, so that the bug ridden mess that is Rome Total War might actually be fixed.

And I have no doubt that The Movies will be a disappointment. I think Lionhead have a shitload of good ideas but are poor in implementing them.

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nice preview right there, actualy might be the first one i read that actualy mentions that you have monney and have to manage it.

i looked at the movies online for the first time a cupple of minutes ago, looks very nice aswell, you upload your movies (less than 1mb sinc it´s only the xy data) and get online monney for them being rated by everybody, with that monney you can buy sets, outfits and so on.

i guss they realy got me now, lets hope the finaly deliver on a promesing game.

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