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We have the greatest movies, the greatest bands and if Liam ever gets off his arse we'll have greatest song, but with the Coin-Op arcade a year old (if I recall rightly the time it was this time last year the GTA Forum popped up before the arcade officially came about), I felt it was rightly time for this.

To discourage moaning, I will be requesting NOMINATIONS first in this thread, you are allowed up to 10 nominations, once a game reaches 5 nominations it will be entered into the actual voting thread at a later date. I'm hoping to make this a Top 100 but it may be less, who knows? Get voting now!


1. 10 Nominations MAXIMUM, you may not add extra nomination points to a single game, this is a consensus not a push for one game.

2. You may not vote for a series, you must vote for a single game, if you like a series their are enough vote spots to nominate them all, you surely can't say that every Final Fantasy game hasn't been beaten by something else.

3. This is an ALL-TIME list, so to keep it that way I'm banning anything released within the last six months to make sure friend hype doesn't get in the way.

4. Consider nominations carefully, if you really struggle to make 10 then don't add anymore, they obviously don't deserve nomination.

5. All nominations in by 31st October at 11:59GMT

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You guys do know it's 10 max and not 5 max? It's just when one gets to five it is up. Just making sure.

Of course we know. Like, we don't care, man.


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Guest Thiia Deshi


World of Warcraft

Call of duty

Medal of Honour: Allied Assault

Premier Manager 2

Pokemon Red + Blue

Super Mario Brothers

Leisure Suit Larry :shifty:

WWF Smackdown 2

Street Fighter

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