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Do You Keep or Sell Your Old Games or Systems?

Vilge Duin

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Since Benji did a near revitalization of this place I've been wondering this question, especially after looking at the PS3 thread about backwards compatability.

Over the past year I've owned MGS 2: Sons of Liberty, MGS 2: Substance, Red Faction, Jak & Daxter, Gran Turismo 3, Final Fantasy X, Smackdown: HctP, Jak II, Kingdom Hearts, Smackdown Vs Raw (twice), Prince of Persia, Tony Hawk's Underground, Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando, Medal of Honour: Frontlines, Twisted Metal: Black, GTA: San Andreas, GTA: Vice City, Maximo 1, Maximo 2, The Punisher, Gladius, James Bond: Everything or Nothing, Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal, Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland, Mercenaries (twice), Killswitch, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, X-Men Legends, Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Mortal Kombat: Deception and Timesplitters 2 for the PS2. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Astro Boy, Fire Emblem, Metroid Fusion and Mario 3 for the GBA. Mario Party 5, Rogue Squadron 3, Metroid Prime, Day of Reckoning, Day of Reckoning 2, Mario Kart: Double Dash, Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door, James Bond: Everything or Nothing and X-Men Legends for the Gamecube.

And there's a few that I can't think of I'm sure. Over this past year, I've also gotten rid of them all. Currently I just bought San Andreas' special edition to have the game again, picked up Burnout 3 and have Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal again and Jak III (those two were very cheap). And just got Ratchet: Deadlocked two days ago. I personally haven't touched anything except Burnout but my girlfriend's played the others. For the Gamecube we only have Timesplitters: Future Perfect, Star Fox Adventures and Smack Brothers Melee (all gotten when we bought the system), along with X-Men Legends II and MGS: Twin Snakes.

That just put a shitload in perspective... Regardless though the point I'm trying to ask is simple, do you sell your shit, trade it in, send it off into space, etc?

I noticed in the what systems do you own thread, many people have sold or gotten rid of systems as well. I personally have every single console I've ever owned (anything by Sony or Nintendo along with a Genesis and Dreamcast) and have only gotten rid of a Gamegear and Gameboy. Keeping systems to me is a big deal. There's memories attached to them moreso than games. It's easy to stumble across a game, but very hard sometimes to find an old system. Plus the investment in how much they cost compared to what you get for them is almost nil.

I have come to realize, as I wrote up my random list, that games don't mean fuck all. And hell many people don't even play their old games. Once a new system is owned and out, many people just forget about their old games. There are exceptions of course, but most people move on to "newer and better" things. And by the looks of game stores I frequent many people just get rid of what they don't want.

Which begs the point, why not rent over buying? Unless it's a game like GTA or even a sports title why shell out a shitload of money for it when you can just rent? No game I've had in the past year except for a few exceptions really kept my attention. And those that did are things like Smash Brothers or San Andreas (we got rid of our copy to a friend when it was banned and he conveniently broke it, thus why we bought it again).

So pretty much to cut this long ramble short... What do you do with your used games or systems, and why?

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Games I keep for whatever reason. I've only ever traded in some whack PS1 games that I used to have like F1 97, I haven't traded in any PS2 games yet.

Systems, well I traded in my PS1 but that was because PS2 was backwards compatible and I could still get decent money for my PS1 at the time. My Dad got rid of my SNES though which I would have kept, and systems like the N64 I would have kept that...if I ever had one.

So yeah it differs, depending on whether or not I'll get the next model or whatever.

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I am constantly trading in games, unless they are masterpieces. I've never traded in a GTA, I won't trade in Def Jam Fight For New York, Twisted Metal Black, and a few others. But for the most part, yeah I trade in games. I have an ultra-nerdy DVD collection, I don't need video games clogging up all my shelf space too.

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I used to; just to buy new games, but I don't at all anymore.

There's games I've sold in the past (Tomb Raider 1-through-4, Spiro the Drago, WWF SD!2, MGS, etc.) that I have a real urge to play now, so I don't sell in case I want to play in a few years time.

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I only trade in games if I have no money and desperately want a game. I never trade in Final Fantasy or Tekken games or handheld stuff. I've sold on my old consoles before but only if I could play my old games on a new console because I often go back to games years after completion (Spiderman for the GB as one example, just for the sheer simplicity). I'm a retro gamer, I got pissed off that my dad CHUCKED OUT my Commodore 64 and didn't even ask me or sell it, I love gameds like Fantasy Football, North and South & Dizzy. So many amazing games, so little time.

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I only trade in games on rare occasions, such as Game's offer where I could get PES5 cheaper if I traded in PES4. Otherwise I tend to keep all of my games, and I keep old consoles too, my Mega Drive, NES and Amiga are all gathering dust somewhere in my house in case I ever want to play on them.

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I've never sold a game and never plan to. I don't see the point in paying $50 for a game and getting $2 out of it from the local store. I buy games other people sell, but I never sell anything myself. I even kept all my Madden games. I still have Madden 93 on the Super Nintendo but it doesn't last a full game anymore because the older Nintendo consoles have about 13-15 years life before they start falling apart.

I just keep the games so I can replay them if I ever want to. It is wasteful to pay $10 for a game you sold for $2 that you previously bought for $50 just because you want to play it again. I buy all my games. I haven't rented anything in about 2 years. It is cheaper to buy the games instead of renting them and if you aren't sure about the game, you just wait until it is available used at around $10.

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I've got my Amiga 1200 with loadsa games stashed away which gets a bit of Sensible Soccer action from time to time.

I sold all my PS1 games and had to sell laods of PS2 games a while back to pay rent after my housemate used my rent money to go on holiday.

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I only buy games full price I know I'll keep. And anyone who trades a game in for $2 is a moron. If you never trade anything in, or sell, what's with the fixation on the number 2?

The only games I've traded in and eventually gotten back, I made money off them. I bought Smackdown vs Raw pretty much brand new off a friend for $15 after he played it a day (he has too much disposable income) and traded it in a few weeks later after getting my use out of it for $32. I made $17 off of it.

I personally never get the urge to play old games. Most games I do like have higher end sequals (llike Madden, even though I don't like the series) that come out making the older versions obsolete for me.

And I would really like to know how you think it's cost effective to buy games over renting them. To rate a game around here from Blockbuster it goes for $8 (or $7 for any Canadian's who do know of Jumbo Video). Shadow of Colossus for instance, I could rent and beat in the rental period. It costs $50 for the game new. I could rent it, or other games, 8 times for that price. To get my value from it I'd have to effectively beat it 8 times. Something I know won't happen because I personally very rarely beat a game multiple times (FF VI, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, a few Mario's and MGS are the only things I've done that with)

Oh, and let me know where you find games for around $10. Cheapest games up here are pre-owned greatest hits titles and they fetch for $20.

I had the whole, buy over renting thing until I realized most of the shit I got would have been better suited to renting. I've been debating if I want to rent or buy the Warriors and when it comes down to it, I'll beat it in a rental and that'll be it. A waste of money for something I won't play again. Only games like RPGs and long adventure stuff (like San Andreas) or something with good multiplayer (Smash Brothers) are worthing paying for in full and keeping.

Otherwise unless I plan on renting something 8 times or more it's a waste to pay the full price.

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Eh, I try and buy games that I know I'll like and keep.

Sure, I could beat MGS3 or RE4 in two-three days, but I could also beat them ten times over and still not be bored. Great games warrant purchase, I don't feel it has anything to do with genre. Though I rented Xenosaga twice, for 7 a pop, then bought it used for 13, so...I payed twice what I needed to for that, and it's great.

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  • Admin

I'll really only ever trade in outdated sports games.

I also traded in SD!:JBI, and I'm pissed now...cause the commentary fucking ruled.

Wasn't that the one where literally every 2/3 lines was a double enténdré?

Yes. Everything ruled.

Tazz: THE BIG SHOW! was great the other day.

Cole: It's close to the hometown of THE UNDERTAKER!

Cole: I hope we see a THE ROCK BOTTOM!

Tazz: Shutup.

Cole: THE UNDERTAKER! is the best WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION HARDCORE! champion, we've ever had.

Tazz: WHAT?! That's not good?


All your base are belong to us.

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