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Holy crap, REALISTIC ZELDA!!!!!!!!!

Guest Angry Baboon

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Guest Angry Baboon

*Creams pants*

This might persuade me to buy a Gamecube, I LOVE the Zelda series, but didn't care for the "kiddy" graphics of the last game.










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Guest TheKarnivalShow

I never really played Zelda but Gamecube is starting to put out some games and I will probably pick this game up if after I get a Gamecube.

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Man that looks awesome, and i have the zelda with the kiddy graphics and yes they may be off putting but the game is awesome and the graphics do suit the gameplay. If you have a cube but not zelda buy it because it is pretty damn good.

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Yeah, but similar screens came from WindWaker before it switched, so don't count your chickens before the hatch.

He has a point. I remember those pics. And they looked a lot like the ones now. Perhaps they are just finishing the game that they originally started before going kiddy on windwaker.

But looking good, I'm glad I have a cube.

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