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Japanese Rock Suggestions

Dr. Rated-R

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I was reading the latest edition of TokyoPop's free manga magazine, and in it I read a small preview of the manga "Beck", and in it Namie Amuro, a Japanese pop singer, was mentioned. On the footnotes, where the magazine staff post witty comments relevant to the panel the text is next to, it mentioned that Amuro is a real person. And I thought, "Hey, what the hell..." and downloaded a few of her songs. I like them. So now I'm asking you, as I know at least two or three of you are fans, for some suggestions of Japanese rock music?

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Dragon Ash is one of my favorite bands, particularly the songs from the albums Buzz Songs, Viva La Revolution, and Lily of Da Valley. Their most recent album, Harvest, kinda sucked, but thier singles since then have been pretty good.

Bump of Chicken, from what I've heard, is another good band, though I've only heard one album.

X Japan is another very good band, if you're a fan of 80s style metal.

Gakt and Dir En Gray have a few good songs. I believe Shonen Knife actually has had several albums released in the US,and they're OK, plus their songs are in english.

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Guest Crimson Nightmare

I'm a big fan of Dir en grey. I'd suggest starting with "Raison D'etre", as it's a catchy (albiet relatively dark lyriced) song. I've got quite a few of their albums legally purchased via a local anime store as well as a t-shirt. They're a pretty sweet band if you're into that kinda thing. Their music videos, or "PV"'s are worth a look too.

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Namie Amuro is a fantastic pop singer, she's a rapper too. She's done collabs with Japanese rappers.

Also I'd say check out Gackt, Especially the songs Lu:na, Metamorphoze, Mind Forest, U+K, & Vanilla (Mars Version).

As for Namie check out Kiss 'N Ride, butterfly, Girl Talk, & No.

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X Japan

Porno Graffite

Dir En Grey


Luna Sea


TM Revolution

Dragon Ash

Asian Kung Fu Geration


Bump of Chicken


Shiina Ringo

Malice Mizer



If you like Namie you should check these out:

Ayumi Hamasaki (that beautiful lady on my sig)

Kumi Koda



Kuraki Mai

Utada Hikaru



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Thee Michelle Gun Elephant

I love you ;)

They are easily my most favourite of bands ever :D

I love Yusuke Chiba's voice, and if you do to, check out his new work with his new band, Rosso.

Also, you should look at:

Go!Go!7188 (2 awesome chicks with great voices)

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (Most unique sounds ever)

Guitar Wolf (If you like Garage Metal)

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Melt Banana.

I can't stress that enough.

Polysics, X-Japan and Gackt are all wonderful too, though.

Polysics are amazing live, I've seen 'em twice now.

They'll be supporting Kaiser Chiefs in Birmingham NEC/NIA (whichever one it is) in April next year....

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