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WWE: The Power is Back


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Okay, I firsty want to appoligize for my old Diary which got lost and fubar'ed so hopefully this one will be better. I will say this straight out, that fro storyline purposes I will be using Arscenic when I need it for storyline purposes. Like when I want to retire someone, or I used to set up the game like gimmicks and face/heel. But I do not make them free and stuff. Also, the Diary starts December 1st 2005, and since I wrote this before Survivor Series, I did my own results for both Survivor Series and the Raw right after. With atht said here are those results. (btw ** means that they are the winners)

Survivor Series

ME- Big Show, Kane, HBK, Masters, Carlito vs JBL, **Orton, Batista, Lashley, Mysterio

5- **Cena vs Angle - WWE Title

4- Flair vs **HHH

3- **Bischoff vs Long

2- **Trish vs Melina - Women's title

1- Booker vs **Benoit - round 1 of best of 7 series


1- **Big Show & Kane vs Murdoch & Cade - World Tag Team Championship

2- **Conway vs Flair

3- **Trish & Mickie vs Victoria & Candice

ME- **Cena vs Kurt

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SmackDown! Results for December 1st 2005

A short video is shown, showing clips from Survivor Series, ending Orton beating Kane as the finish.

The SmackDown! Intro is shown.

Theodore Long’s music hits.

Theodore Long: Listen to me playas. Last Monday, on RAW, Eric Bischoff said some pretty nasty things about your General Manager. He went to call me a loser and a player. Well let me tell ya one thing, brotha, I ain’t no fool and I ain’t no player! I’m a playa, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that! So holla at me fool, and ya betta watch yourself, cause the next tiem you got something to say to me, ya betta say it to my face! I can dig that!

Eric Bischoff’s music hits.

Eric Bischoff: Teddy, come on. You know I was only kidding right? I mean its not your fault you were damned with, well, no abilities at all. I mean you could have trained for that match a little, and besides I am a Black Belt in Karate and you are… Well… You’re from the hood so… I guess that can count for something.

Theodore Long: Listen to me, fool. If you gonna try and talk gansta you might as well say it properly, because I’m from DA hood! You feel me?

Eric Bischoff: Whatever! Just remember, if it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have your damn job right now! I hired you as a manager! I brought you into the spotlight! Before me you were nothing more than a Referee on RAW! Then you had a streak of bad luck and were drafted to SmackDown! And all of a sudden, you replace Kurt Angle, the greatest wrestler in the world, as General Manager and you think you’re king?

Theodore Long: What you jealous of SmackDown!?

Eric Bischoff: Jealous? Ha! Why would I, the General Manager of RAW, be jealous of the B Show?!

Theodore Long: Don’t you know anything fool? The B Show stands for Best Show!

Eric Bischoff: You know what Long, I’m getting sick of you, your show and your Superstars! I’ll show you a Best Show, or should I say a Big Show…

Bischoff starts to walk away.

Theodore Long: Now hold on playa! You leave your boys outta this! You feel me? Bischoff!

Overall: 76

Theodore Long gained 2 points of overness.

Commercial Break

Chris Benoit’s music hits the arena.

Michael Cole: Its time Tazz, for round two in the best of 7 series between Booker T & Chris Benoit. So far its 1 – 0 for Chris Benoit.

Tazz: That’s right Cole, this is gonna be great!

Booker T’s music hits and he and Sharmell make their way to the ring.

Benoit wins via Crossface, Booker T has a tantrum.

Overall: 84%

Crowd: 89%

Quality: 75%

** ½


Josh Matthews: Randy Orton, how do you feel about your win at Survivor Series, when you defeated Kane to give Team SmackDown! the win?

Randy Orton: Honnestly Josh, it was a piece of cake. I guess wrestling skills run in the family, or the lack of. See Kane, is just like The Undertaker; big, tall and stupid. I guess I can add him to my list, only under Legend by Blood Killed. See Josh, I don’t even care about The Undertaker anymore. My father and I killed him for good when we burned that casket. He is finished, and The Undertaker is out of sight and out of mind. I have more important things to think about, like coaxing Theodore Long into giving me the spot in tonight’s title match instead of Rey Mysterio.

Overall: 90%

Tazz: Wow, I guess that means tonight is going to be Rey Mysterio vs Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship. This is great!


Brian Kendrick’s music hits and he runs down the ramp to the ring.

Paul London comes out next.

Paul London wins via DQ when John Dick runs out and attacks Brian Kendrick. Brian beats up John Dick, Chad Dick helps John out of the ring and up the ramp.

Overall: 64%

Crowd: 46%

Quality: 83%


This match suffered because the crowd were still pumped up from the last one, and so this bout was seen as something of a let-down to them.

While the Blond Bombers are walking away, Brian Kendrick gets on the mic.

Brian Kendrick: Hey, Dicks! You want to come out here and beat people up? Well how about we make it official? Next week its going to be Brian Kendrick & Paul London against you two!

Brian helps Paul London up and stares down the Blonde Bombers.

Overall: 53%

Chad Dick gained 2 points of overness from this segment. John Dick gained 3 points of overness from this segment.


Theodore Long: Listen, Orton, I know you’re upset, but there ain’t a thing I can do for you. You got you’re shot at Batista, and now Rey Mysterio is going to challenge, you feel me, Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship! And that is gonna be the Main Event tonight!

Randy Orton: The only thing I’m feeling here is that you are treating me, you’re biggest Superstar, like I’m part of the damn Junior Division.

Theodore Long: Don’t be hatin on the little playas fool.

Randy Orton: Teddy, you can’t possibly think that I’m going to wait and sit around for something to happen right? I mean, sure an interview, but I need more than that.

Theodore Long: You’re absolutely right. So tonight, Randy Orton, you’re gonna play a very important role in the Main Event!

Randy Orton: That’s more like it!

Theodore Long: Tonight, you are going to be the guard at the door and make that none of Eric Bischoff’s boys are gonna be interfering in Rey’s match. Holla!

Randy Orton: What? What! What the hell?!

Theodore Long: Go on now, get out, them little playas got a match to do now. Go on, beat it!

With the theme of Mighty Mouse, 6 Junior Division Competitors hit the ring.

Tony Chimel: Weighing in at a combined weight of 200 pounds, the WWE SmackDown! Junior Division. This contest is going to be an Over the Bottom Rope Challenge.

Tazz: Over the Bottom Rope? Haha! This is great!

Michael Cole: Great is not exactly the word that comes to mind.

Tazz: Tonight’s match will consist of Short Sleeve Sampson, Pittbull Patterson, Pierrothito, Todd Stone, Max Mini & Meatball.

The match was very short, with Pittbull Patterson being eliminated first, Todd Stone Second & Short Sleeve Sampson third. When it came down to the three last ones, MNM made their way to the ring. First throwing Pierrothito out of the ring. Melina eliminated Max Mini, and then Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury gave the Special to Meatball and throwing him over out of the ring.

Legion of Doom 2005 made their way to the ring and the bell rang.

MNM win Nitro pin Heidenreich. MNM beat down after the match.

Overall: 66%

Crowd: 66%

Quality: 67%


Melina took the mic.

Melina: Trish Stratus, I know you are sitting at home watching me right now. But this is not over. See, you may have beat me last night but only because Mickey Mouse helped you out a little. I had you beat and you damn well know it. Watch your back Trish because you might have Ashley & Mickie help you out. But that’s nothing compared to MNM.

Overall: 71%

MNM exit the arena.


Sharmell is in the ring with a microphone.

Sharmell: Listen, Chris Benoit. I have a few thing I need to tell you, if you could just come out here please. Chris?

Chris Benoit’s plays and he goes into the ring.

Sharmell: Now Chris, I want to apologize to you for what I put you through these past few weeks on SmackDown! I mean, what I did was wrong. Cheating to give my man the United States Championship. I am truly sorry for that, and as proof. I want to ask you to call off this best of 7 series with Booker T. Just to make sure it’s a done deal.

Chris Benoit: Call it off? Why? So that you and Booker can go talk Theodore into giving you a match against someone you could actually beat for the belt. Nah! That’s okay Sharmell. Thanks for the offer, but we are now 2 – 0 in my favor. So if you don’t mind…

Sharmell: Well, I don’t mind but…

Booker T come through the crowd and viciously attacks Chris Benoit. Sharmell stands by and throws in a kick to the lower regions while Booker T is holding Benoit. The couple walk off smiling.

Overall: 78%

Sharmell gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Backstage we see Batista walk by Randy & Bob Orton.

Batista: Hey, Orton.

Randy Orton: What?

Batista: I just wanted to say… Thanks.

Batista laughs as Orton looks major pissed.

Michael Cole: There’s Batista! His match is next!


Batista’s music starts and he goes to the ring.

Rey comes out next.

Draw after Big Show runs in and attacks both. Kane comes in with him and they destroy everyone.

Overall: 62%

Crowd: 56%

Quality: 68%


The World Heavyweight title has lost image.

Theodore Long comes out on the stage.

Theodore Long: That’s the game you want to play? Well we’ll play, because Big Show and Kane, you guys are gonna take on Batista and Rey Mysterio… Right now! Belee dat!

Overall: 66%

Kane pins Batista after Chokeslam when Edge hits him with a Chair. Edge is about to give Rey the Spear when Orton runs in and chases RAW away.

Overall: 79%

Crowd: 84%

Quality: 69%


Overall Rating: 70%

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Internet News – December 2nd 2005

Batista Injury Update

As it stands now, Batista has reportedly decided to work through the injury at TV tapings. He has been taken off of House Show schedules for now, and it seems so for the remainder of the year. The surgery is still up in the cards, but he told management he would work through the Injury until they decide to drop the belt. It is unknown at this time when that may be, but when he does, he will be taking a 4 month leave of absense.

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WWE Raw Results for Monday December 5th 2005

Video recap of Eric Bischoff, Big Show, Kane and Edge on SmackDown!

Raw intro

Joey Styles: Welcome to Monday Night Raw! I’m Joey Styles with Jerry The King Lawler and Jonathan Coachman.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s The Coach to you. And yes it’s a wonderful way to start Raw tonight with none other than Eric Bischoff waiting in that very ring to make a special announcement.

Jerry Lawler: Easy for you to say, he looks happy.

Jonathan Coachman: So?

Jerry Lawler: Bischoff’s never happy. This can’t be good.

Eric Bischoff: What a beautiful Monday Night it is tonight here in Sacramento, California! You see, last Thursday, I, Eric Bischoff, personally made myself acquainted with SmackDown’s own Theodore Long. See, I beat Teddy at Survivor Series, and now Kane & Big Show beat little Rey Rey and the Fluffy Animal Batista on their own show! How many times has that been now? Well, it doesn’t matter anyway because Raw will always be the A Show, the Always Better Show. And if I have to go invade SmackDown! every week to prove it I will. I’ll attack their biggest stars, I’ll cost them money, I’ll steal their damn championships, I’ll…

Vince McMahon’s music starts and he goes into the ring

Vince McMahon: You’ll what? You’ll bury them under just like you did to me when you were running WCW… Wait a minute… I buried you in the end, right? See Bischoff, all this wasted money, injured superstars and boycotted shows you’re talking about, well there’s one thing you’re forget. You’re attacking MY superstars, you’re costing ME money, you’re stealing MY damn belts! And in case you forgot, I happen to be you’re boss, and do you know what happens when an employee costs his boss money? He gets fired! So Bischoff, I am asking… No I’m ordering you to stay the hell away from any SmackDown! show because if you so much as show you’re face on SmackDown! You’re FIRED!

Eric Bischoff: You wouldn’t dare! You wouldn’t have the guts to fire me! You damn well know I’m the best thing to ever be in charge of Raw!

Vince McMahon: Do you want to test that theory Bischoff?

Large cheers from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: What I mean is that it would be stupid to fire me. I outlasted as General Manager of Raw for 3 years now.

Vince McMahon: Now you’re calling me stupid? You know Bischoff there’s only one person who ever got away with calling me stupid and his name is Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Large cheers

Vince McMahon: Where is he now Bischoff? He is a praised Legend in the WWE, but he isn’t here is he? Do you want to be like that Eric?

Eric Bischoff: Its not that its… its… its… just I…

Vince McMahon: Its just cause you’re an idiot dammit! So I’ll tell you what Bischoff. Tonight, you are nobody. Tonight I’m calling the shots, so get your damn stuff out of my office! Also, and I want you to hear this, the Main Event for tonight will be to reward your “hitmen”, if you will, with a special match tonight. They will be defending their Tag Team Championship against Shawn Michaels and a partner of his choice! Also tonight, since Edge wants to be so helpful in the matter, he will be going up against none other than the Nature Boy himself, Ric Flair! And Triple H, you better listen to me because you are banned from ringside! If you so much as enter the arena you can kiss your ass goodbye and join Jim Ross on the unemployment bench! And Bischoff, one more thing, since I know you are loving this so much, I figure I ought to give you the whole bunch of time off, so from here until whenever I damn well decide you can come to Raw and help out the new General Manager of Raw, Vincent Kennedy McMahon! You want an A Show Bischoff I’ll give you one!

Overall: 79%

Jerry Lawler: Did you hear that! I think Eric’s Bischoff’s reign of terror is over. He just became everything he hates and that’s a lackey to Vince McMahon! JR would be proud.

Jonathan Coachman: JR might be proud, but he is also collecting unemployment checks courtesy of your new General Manager! How can this be a good thing?

Joey Styles: Well good or bad, its true and coming up next is Edge vs Ric Flair.


Edge’s music hits and he and Lita make their way out to the ring.

Edge: I don’t know how this is a punishment, I mean really? Flair is what one hundred and five now! I, the Money In The Bank, am the biggest star on Raw, and I can kick Flair’s wrinkled old ass any day!

Flair’s music starts and he goes into the ring with Edge and Lita

Ric Flair: You think you can, huh? You really think that? Well why not put you’re money where you’re mouth is. How about tonight’s match is you’re Money In The Bank contract against my Intercontinental Championship. Winner takes all! Woooooo!

Edge: Fine, that’s fine!

Edge hits Flair in the face and the bell rings.

Edge wins clean and does beat down.

Overall: 79%

Crowd: 88%

Quality: 61%


The WWE Intercontinental title has gained in image.


Carlito’s Cabana

Carlito: Tonight, on Carlito’s Cabana, I, Carlito, have a special guest. I think you might enjoy this Cabana tonight…

Rob Conway’s music starts

Carlito: Rob Conway, The Conman, Carlito wants to know, and I got two questions fro you, what you did to those Legends in the past few weeks, do you think that’s cool? And two, why it take so long to get you on my show? I asked a long time ago, and Carlito hates waiting.

Rob Conway: You know Carlito, I think what I did was beyond cool. I mean, I took on a ring full of legends and…

Carlito: And what? You got your ass kicked by a bunch of old men. That’s not cool.

Rob Conway: Well, aside from Raw Homecoming in October, a long time ago Carlito, by the way, I think that I kind kicked Flair’s butt…

Carlito: Long time ago or not, you still got your ass kicked. And Triple H helped you beat Flair.

Rob Conway: Listen, Carlito, those old geezers may have put my ass down, but I still think that a Legend is someone who can’t do anything anymore. You know, something ancient. Like the legend of Hercules, or the legend of, I don’t know, Carlos Colon.

Carlito: Carlos Colon? He is a former NWA champion, he is a living legend.

Rob Conway: Listen, you can be proud of your father all you want, but the fact remains that he is still an old geezer. And the NWA World Title, who has held that? Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Harley Race… All old geezers. And look lately, Rhino, Jeff Jarrett, Raven, all guys who couldn’t make it big in the WWE think they can go to Total Non-Existing Action and pretend to be stars!

Carlito attacks Rob Conway, Vince McMahon appears on the Titantron

Overall: 76%

Rob Conway gained 3 points of overness from this segment.

Vince McMahon: Carlito, Conway, since you all are in the ring discussing some seemingly important issues, why don’t resolve your issues properly. Your match starts now. Clear the damn ring and get a ref out there!

The ring is cleared quickly and the bell rings. There is only the mat left.

Rob Conway wins by cheating.

Overall: 56%

Crowd: 40%

Quality: 73%


This match suffered because the crowd were still pumped up from the last one, and so this bout was seen as something of a let-down to them.

Backstage we see Shawn Michaels walking around, looking for someone to be his partner tonight.

Jerry Lawler: I guess the Heart Break Kid still cannot find anyone to be his partner.


Backstage, in the lockerroom, Shawn Michaels is talking on his cellphone

Shawn Michaels: Right, yeah, we’re in Sacramento tonight. Yeah, that’s exactly it, tonight’s Main Event is me and a partner of my choice going for the Tag Belts. Yes, I want you as my partner tonight. Alright, so you’ll be here. Yeah. Don’t be late man. See ya.

Hangs up the phone

Shawn Michaels: Its on now baby, oh yeah!

Overall: 93%


Backstage in his office, we see Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff

Vince McMahon: You know Bischoff, isn’t this great! I mean nobody would have ever guessed that I would hire you, but now, who’d a thought we would be working as a team. Me the New General Manager of Raw and you, my humble assistant working for me.

Eric Bischoff: Yeah… It’s a blast…

Vince McMahon: Glad you think so. Now go get me some damn coffee! And it better not be too string either!

Eric Bischoff: I’ll get you some damn coffee…

Vince McMahon: What was that?

Eric Bischoff: Uh… Do you want cream in your coffee?

Vince McMahon: Don’t be an idiot Bishcoff, just get the damn coffee!

Backstage interview

Maria Kanellis: Now, Trish Stratus, what is your reaction to what Melina said about you last week on SmackDown!?

Trish Stratus: Does it look like I care? I mean really, because I want to know. I don’t give a damn what Melina or her damn model friends have to say about me or anyone for that matter. Melina is just jealous that I have more skill on the mic, in the ring, umm, anywhere else for that matter. And umm… apparently I have a better taste in men too.

Maria Kanellis: Well, with all due respect, you did date a Creepy Little Bastard, Christian for a while.

Trish Stratus: Shut up! I don’t have time for this I have a match.

Overall: 88%

Victoria goes down to the ring first. Trish follows.

Trish wins by DQ when Melina comes in and hits her with a chair on the head. Thus Trish retains the Women’ Championship. Melina continues the attack.

Overall: 72%

Crowd: 80%

Quality: 54%


The WWE Women's title has gained in image.

Triple H is shown in the parking lot, as he was banned from the building.

Triple H: Flair! They might have stopped me from getting in Flair! But I’m watching you! I’m counting the days until I can finish you off for good. Why do you keep coming back for more Flair? Why couldn’t you just leave the business for good? You’re too damn old to be doing this. You’re too out of shape to be trying to beat me, the Game! Hell, you couldn’t even beat Edge! Flair, give this up! Its not even worth it anymore! Just give it up Flair!

Security shows up to take away Triple H as he keeps yelling at Flair to get out of the business.

Overall: 98%

Triple H gained 4 points of overness from this segment.


Kurt Angle is in the ring

Kurt Angle: Cena, I just got back from Bischoff’s… I mean Vince McMahon’s office and I was given a match opportunity against you next week. I don’t give a damn about the belt right now Cena. It’s more personal than that! I need to prove to the whole world that I am still the greatest wrestler alive! So next week Cena, in the Main Event of Raw, it’s going to be me against you. And it won’t be for the belt Cena! This one’s all about pride!

Overall: 96%

Joey Styles: The Main Event is up next!


Big Show and Kane make their way to the ring. Shawn Michaels follows, and comes to the ring with a mic in hand.

Shawn Michaels: I bet you all want to know who my partner is tonight! I bet you all really want to fin out! Well let me introduce you all to the greatest icon in the wrestling business, The Immortal…

Hulk Hogan’s music starts

Shawn Michaels: Hulk Hogan!

Shawn Michaels pin Big Show cleanly to win the World Tag Team Championship with Hulk Hogan. Celebration

Overall: 80%

Crowd: 90%

Quality: 57%


The Big Show didn't really sell very much, which hurt the match rating. The World Tag Team titles have gained in image.

While Shawn and Hulk are celebrating their win, Batista and Rey Mysterio enter the ring and attack Big Show and Kane, and bloody them as raw goes off the air.

Overall: 80%

Batista lost 2 points of overness from this segment.

Overall rating: 81%

Television report for December 6th 2005

We got a 6.81 rating for 'RAW'!

The attendance level was 7525 people.

We made $301000 from ticket sales.

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I just wanted to let you all know that I posted these two shows to kinda show you a taste of what each program is doing and what way they are heading. Also, Armaggedon, teh next PPV is SmackDown! only this time and starting January they are all co-productions, to make it easier. I know it is unrealistic for WWE to drop all plans suddenly like that, and teh UPN thing was unplanned, I forgot to switch SmackDown! to Friday's beforehand. So bear with me and tell me what you all think. Thank you.

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The Hogan thing was rather disappointing, I was really hoping it would be someone good. The whole SD! vs. Raw thing is getting out of hand, and I have a feeling you're going to merge the two brands back together. So if you do at least do it for a reason. I think youre a good writer, al this diary needs is a good angle (I don't mean like SD! vs Raw. I mean more on the lines of WWE losing some key players and having to scrounge talent from the INDYs.) and it'd be one of the best.

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Okay, sorry I know and I can axplein both things.

First off, I REFUSE TO MERGE THE BRANDS. That said, it will not happen.

As for the Hogan thing, it was kinda off the top of my head, last minute thing. I booked the Shawn Michaels thing but didn't really have a prtner in mind, and when I noticed that nobody fit the bill, I decided to bring Hogan in but its going somewhere for sure. No worries.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Internet Rumor - December 7th 2005


WWE will be holding some roster cuts around March, just before WrestleMania. It is customary for the to do some budget cuts around this time. Apparantly many stars are said to be worried about their positions withing teh company, Victoria being one who si very outspoken about her fear of being released. We expect at least 20-30 people to be fired, either developmental or not.

In other news, WWE is holding another draft this year. Although it is not certain, it wil most likely take place earlier than last year and appantly the number of picks wil be higher tahn previous years. Expect the unexpected.

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SmackDown! Preview

Last Monday on Raw, Vince McMahon announced that Eric Bischoff was not allowed to go to SmackDown! anymore or invade the show for that matter. So, SmackDown! can return to normal being Raw free. Theodore Long said he had something special planned for tonight as a celebration.

Also, Melina made he presence felt on Raw last Monday. She has set an open challenge on a WWE.com exculsive, to Trish Stratus in a 3 on 3 match, Raw vs SmackDown Diva match. Will Trish and her allies be present or will Melina be held up?

Confirmed matches for tonight are The Shortstops vs The Blond Bombers in Tag Team Action.

Find out all of that and more on SmackDown! (Thursday, 8/7 CT; UPN)

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Raw Results December 12th 2005

Start Raw off with a match. Matt Striker is standing in the ring, and then Tajiri’s music hits the arena.

Matt Striker vs Tajiri

Tajiri wins cleanly.

Overall: 53%

Crowd: 46%

Quality: 71%


We see a limo arrive, and then we see Bischoff get out of the driver’s seat and he opens the door for Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon: Thank you Eric, here’s a quarter, buy something nice.

Vince McMahon heads off and Bischoff looks angry.

Overall: 94%

Vince McMahon gained 1 point of overness from this segment.


Vince McMahon is standing in the ring with a microphone.

Vince McMahon: Now, I just want to say that I am really starting to enjoy this seat as the new General Manager of Raw! But now, it’s down to business. Last week, we saw Kurt Angle tell John Cena that they were going to have a match together as tonight’s Main Event. Well, Kurt, I apologize but that match is not going to happen. You see, we had already planned a Main Event for this week, and you aren’t in it. Tonight’s Main Event will be a rematch for the Tag Team Titles between Big Show & Kane vs Shanw Michaels & Hulk Hogan. But seriously, Kurt I can do something for you. See, tonight you can have a match, however, John Cena is not here. And so, you will have a match against Triple H, and idea from the former prince of Raw.

Overall: 84%

Joey Styles: Kurt Angle and Triple H! One on one! That’s later tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah, and the Main Event tag team match is going to be great! You don’t want to miss that.

Trish Stratus’ music starts and she, Mickie James & Ashley Massaro got to the ring. Victoria, Torrie & Candice are next.

Mickie James vs Victoria

Mickie wins when Trish interferes. Trish continues to attack Victoria.

Overall: 64%

Crowd: 60%

Quality: 68%


Mickie James gained 1 point of overness from this match

After letting go of Victoria, Trish takes a microphone.

Trish Stratus: Melina! Look, look at this! This is gonna be you at Armageddon! You think you can come out and threaten me like that, well, I don’t take well to threats and I don’t need no warning. All I need is my right hand and my left hand to beat you down! See, Lita might be the kiss of death, but I have Fists of Fury and don’t forget it!

Overall: 90%


Maria: Ric Flair, how do you feel about Triple H changing your match tonight and going up against Kurt Angle instead?

Ric Flair: How do I feel! How do I feel! Does it matter? I mean, I know why Tripel H changed the match, so that Ric Flair, The Nature Boy, doesn’t have an opportunity to beat the living hell out of Triple H. I know that Angle is a tough opponent but he’s no Nature Boy! Wooooooo! Ric Flair is a living legend. Ric Flair overcame all odds when I survived a plane crash and broke my back! They told me I would never walk again and that I would never wrestle the same way again. And they were right, because Ric Flair came back bigger better and won more championships than I had ever had before! SO Triple H, keep running but come hell or high water, the Nature Boy will ctach you. And when I do, I’ll whoop you like you never been whooped before. WOOOOOOO!

Overall: 87%


Johnny Parisi is in the ring, Edge make his way out with Lita.

Edge vs Johnny Parisi

Edge wins clean.

Overall: 62%

Crowd: 48%

Quality: 77%


Edge: You know, I get what people are saying about me. I get it, but frankly I don’t give a damn. So I lied a little bit. A few attacks here and there and maybe I invaded SmackDown! once too much, but who cares. I am Mr. Money In The Bank. I have a guaranteed shot at the WWE Championship, here on RAW at any time I want. And yet I am always looked over, so I decided to go to SmackDown! and make my presence known. I may not be able to get a shot at the World Title, and I may not be offered shots at the WWE Title but you damn well better know that I’ll force myself down your damn throats wether you want it or not!

Overall: 82%

Backstage, Vince McMahon is with Eric Bischoff in his office.

Vince McMahon: You know, Eric, I am really starting to like this whole GM of Raw thing. I mean I’m liking it a lot, but I do have other duties to do, so come January, you can have your show back. No strings attached, well maybe a few, but nothing I can’t work out. So, I’ll fix up this mess you made of my show for the remainder of the month and I’ll be on my way.

Eric Bischoff: Thank you, Mr. McMahon, thank you. So that’s starting January 1st, right?

Vince McMahon: Are you deaf or stupid Bischoff, I said from January, that means the 1st! Don’t piss me off, get out!


Kurt Angle’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Triple H come out right after.

Kurt vs HHH

Kurt wins cleanly. After the match, Cena runs in on Kurt Angle and attacks viciously.

Overall: 80%

Crowd: 77%

Quality: 83%


Backstage, Hulk Hogan & Shawn Michaels are walking and they go right past Maria. She stops them.

Maria: Shawn! I just wanted to…

Shawn Michaels: Listen, Maria, you don’t have to ask anything because I know what you’re gonna say. You’re gonna say why is it that The Heart Break Kid chose the Immortal Hulk Hogan as my partner last week. Well, I’ll tell you. Even though Hulk and I may have had our share of disagreements in the past few months, I still know that he is the most respected man in our business. Everyone wants to be the next Hulk Hogan. He is a Legend. He was the biggest star of the 1980s, and with The Showstoppa being the biggest name of the 1990s, it makes for a perfect duo. And we all remember the matches we had before our little argument last Summer, they were classic! Well, Maria, we are here to create new classics and it certainly isn’t Kane or Big Show who is going to stop that from happening. Oh no, Maria, this time its for real, noboady can stop a Dream Team.

Hulk Hogan: You said it brother, now lets go out there and Hulk It Up a little, and give them a little Sweet Chin Music with a side order of Atomic Leg Drops!

Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan leave while laughing and yelling.

Maria: I was just going to tell him his show was untied.

She giggles and looks a little off guard.

Overall: 94%

Shawn Michaels gained 3 points of overness from this segment.


Kane and Big Show go to the ring first and then Shawn Michaels & Hulk Hogan come out next.

Hulk Hogan & Shawn Michaels vs Big Show & Kane

Hogan wins by a DQ when Steve Austin’s music started and he interfered attacking Hogan. Austin didn’t stop and kept going after the bell rang, Big Show and Kane took out Shawn Michaels.

Overall: 84%

Crowd: 90%

Quality: 71%


The World Tag Team titles have gained in image.

Overall Rating: 80%

Television Notes

WWE got a 7.28 rating for 'RAW'!

The attendance level was 8009 people.

We made $320360 from ticket sales.

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Just a quick reminder that if you like or don't like something, please let me know either by PM or here in teh Diary. I will do what I can to make sure everyone enjoys the Diary and yet still have my plans in store. I can't make this better if no one tells me what should be changed.

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Guest goodoldHBK

I just have one minor snippet of information.

I don't believe that Triple H, in real life, would actually push for the debut of CM Punk. IIRC, a few months back, he and HBK were watching a match of his, and absolutely trashed him.

Just my opinion, but this is your diary, so I am sure whatever you do will be fine.

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Well, firstly I want to appoligize about that. Someone PMed me about their Diary so I thought it was okay. Second thank you for teh feedback, and the Hogan thing I swear will not last, its not in the plans to have them as tag champs for long. I just needed to introduce Hogan back into the WWE. Third, HHH & CM Punk are friends, so that's why I wrote that. Hope that clears stuff up and glad you all seem to like the most of it. ANd no more PMs, I swear.

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SmackDown! Preview

Raw General Manager & WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has announced that he has made a decision about the Main Event of Armageddon. That decision will be announced tonight.

Also tonight, Lashley is set to take on Paul Birchall. Orlando Jordan is said to be very angry about the match last week. Is Lashley safe during his match?

Last week Edge ran into SmackDown! once again, what message is he trying to send? Edge and any Raw superstar has been barred from the building tonight, but will Batista be seeking revenge?

Find out all of that and more on SmackDown! (Thursday, 8/7 CT; UPN)

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SmackDown! Results December 15th 2005

SmackDown! starts with Theodore Long in the ring.

Theodore Long: Holla! Listen up, tonight I’m here to tell you that I have been banned from booking the Main Event of the final SmackDown! only PPV. But I trust Mr. McMahon, and that said he is supposed to come out here tonight, playas, to tell you and me what that Main Event will be. Now I do have one request for the match, and that’s to make damn sure that none of those Raw punks interfere and ruin the whole thing, you feel me?

Vince McMahon’s music starts and he comes down to the ring.

Vince McMahon: Well, let me tell yu this much Teddy. There is not one Raw superstar who will interfere in the match. Actually, every Raw superstar will be banned from the building and if they dare show up their contracts will effectively be terminated. That is, every superstar other than the following four. As you already know, Trish Stratus is set to take on Melina to defend her championship. Now, back to what the main subject is, the Main Event of Armageddon. You see, Long, to solve that little problem you have been having here on SmackDown!, I have decided to make a six-man elimination match for the World Championship. Batista will be defending his title against Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, Kane, The Big Show & Edge. If Raw wins, the World Championship become property of Raw. Also, to make the stakes a little higher, if Raw wins, Batista will be suspended for a undisclosed amount of time. If SmackDown! wins the match, you keep your Championship and Edge will lose his Money In The Bank Contract and he will not be able to challenge anyone for either the World Championship or WWE Championship for one year, and we will have the contract ready and wating. Oh and Batista, Rey and Orton you all have the night off to get ready for your match. Mr. Long, thank you for your time and I’ll see you this Sunday.

Vince McMahon leaves and Theodre Long stands there in awe. He takes the mic.

Theodore Long: Well, you all heard it playas. So there ain’t nothing I can do or say to change it. Batista will not be here tonight, neither will Rey Mysterio or Randy Orton. But, tonight you will see a great Main Event either way. It has come to my attention that JBL has decided that he doesn’t feel he is being treated like the Wrestling God that he is. So, JBL, you want to call yourself a god, that’s cool playa, but the next step up is a Legend. So how about you start off be beating one. So tonight, JBL will take on Road Warrior Animal. Holla!

Michael Cole: Well, there you go Tazz, looks like the Mian Event for tonight will be a God vs a Legend. Should be good.

Overall: 80%

Theodore Long gained 2 points of overness from this segment.


Paul Birchall is standing in the ring with Regal. Lashley comes out next.

Lashley vs Birchall

Lashley wins by DQ when Orlando Jordan attacks him & continues after the match.

Overall: 56%

Crowd: 35%

Quality: 77%


Lashley gets up after Orlando clears the ring and he takes a microphone.

Lashley: You want some of me, well you got it. You and me at Armageddon. One one one.

Overall: 53%

Orlando Jordan lost 2 points of overness from this segment.

Backstage, MNM are with Josh Matthews.

Josh Matthews: Melina, do you feel about the way Trish has been responding to the threats you made a few weeks ago?

Melina: I don’t care if Trish is scared or not. All I know is that Miss Stratus is about to become the former WWE Women’s Champion this Sunday at Armageddon. And Trish will never be the Women’s Champion again because I’ll make damn sure the title stays exclusive to SmackDown! But right now we have a tag match against The Shortstops. So if you’ll excuse us…

Overall: 70%

Melina gained 1 point of overness from this segment.


MNM come out to the ring, then The Blond Bombers come out after them and MNM look confused.

John Dick: Listen, my brother and I just came back from Theodore Long’s office and he told us that we were replacing The Shortstops in tonight’s match. And if we win tonight we get a shot at the Tag Team Titles at Armageddon.

Overall: 62%

Chad Dick gained 1 point of overness from this segment. John Dick gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

Blond Bombers vs MNM

John Dick pinned Joey Mercury after Chad used a ring bell while the referee was distracted. MNM were arguing after the match.

Overall: 62%

Crowd: 51%

Quality: 73%


John Dick gained 2 points of overness from this match. Chad Dick gained 1 point of overness from this match.

CM Punk is backstage by himself.

CM Punk: Kid Kash, well, well. Its been a long tiem, right? I mean, you know damn well what I’m talking about. But look at us now, we’re both in the WWE and I promise to make your life a living hell while we’re here. And don’t worry Kash, your secret is safe with me, I just want you to know that I hate you. And I despise what you did and I regret not doing anything about it when it happened. But just so I can be very clear about this, I’m not the bad guy here Kash. You are, and you damn well know what you did to become that sone of a bitch! Just remember, you’ve got nothing on me.

Overall: 83%

CM Punk gained 3 points of overness from this segment.


Kid Kash coem down to the ring and looks pissed off and worried at the same time. Juventud & The Mexicools come out next.

Kid Kash vs Juventud

Kash wins clean and looks around him for a while. Nothing happens so he starts to leave and is ambushed bu CM Punk, but manages to fight Punk away.

Overall: 81%

Crowd: 70%

Quality: 93%


Booker T and Sharmell are walking backstage when Benoit runs into them.

Booker T: What? You want some of this, huh? You want this?

Chris Benoit: Two and Zero Booker, two and zero.

Sharmell: Forget him Booker, we got this bagged. No problem remember?

The two men walk away in separate directions.

Overall: 79%

JBL goes to the ring in his limo with Jillian Hall by his side. Animal coem out next with Heidenreich.

JBL vs Animal

JBL wins the match cleanly and afterwards Heidenreich attacks him to save Animal.

Overall: 79%

Crowd: 76%

Quality: 83%


Jillian Hall helps JBL up and he takes a mic.

JBL: Heidenreich, you want to screw around with a Good Ol’ Texas Boy, well let me teach you a thing or two. At Armageddon, Heidenreich, you go in the ring with a God!

Overall: 68%

John Bradshaw Layfield lost 4 points of overness from this segment.

Michael Cole: Armageddon this Sunday night only on PPV. Its going to be a good one.

Tazz: Yeah, don’t miss it. We’ll see you on Sunday.

Overall Rating: 68%

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