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Tomorrow's Legends


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Tomorrow's Legends

Want your favorite wrestler in WWE SmackDown vs. RAW '07...? Well, THQ is listening. So get voting!

by Ivan Sulic

December 12, 2005 - There is no group of gamers on Earth more devoted to a product and more feared by publishers and developers than IGN's own band of rowdy WWE fans. And why not? You guys and gals are so vocal and so diehard, your input actually alters the course of entire wrestling franchises! If you like features, people get awarded golden cars. And if you don't...well, figurative heads roll fast and far. So applaud yourselves if you dig these WWE games and curse your last semi-coherent post on one of our many awesome bulletin boards if your input didn't quite make it, because it's all about you, baby.

So yeah, you are listened to... Want proof? THQ just asked us to run a few polls to figure out which Legends you want included in their next SmackDown title. They've given us a list, so we're going to put you to the question.

All you have to do to contribute is hit up our bulletin board system and vote in three separate threads. Just choose which wrestlers you desire most in the next SmackDown title and tell us why. Please keep in mind that the available choices are listed for a reason, so don't bother adding your own "Joe Bob Johnson Jackson Jehoshaphat McJimmison" submission because nobody can do anything about that. THQ just wants to know, out of the available wrestlers, which ones you all like best. So stand up and be counted!

Links to the polls:

Poll 1

Poll 2

Poll 3

I would LOVE for Owen and Mr Perfect to make it into next years's game.

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I notice in one of the polls that Sting was heavily voted for, can they do that? I don't believe so.

And I want Mr. Perfect and Owen Hart more than the rest of them.

Obviously the wrestlers in the polls are people that THQ and the WWE are sure that they can get into the game, otherwise they wouldn't be there.

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If you can use Legends in season in `07:

Sgt. Slaughter



If you can't:

Jake `The Snake' Roberts



(I'd like to give Sgt. Slaughter one more run at the top)

And I'm crushed that Akeem the African Dream and the Brooklyn Brawler aren't choices.

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Guest Anti-Hero

I voted Bam Bam, Steamboat, LOD.

My ideal roster of feasible choices would be:

Steve Austin

The Rock

Cactus Jack (as opposed to Mankind)

Hulk Hogan (with alternate nWo attire)

Bret Hart

Andre The Giant

Randy Savage

Ricky Steamboat

Road Warrior Hawk

Road Warrior Animal

Ted DiBiase

Eddie Guerrero

As for the last one there, in my opinion, Guerrero deserves that spot as much as anyone else. I consider him to be a legend, same was as Benoit will become a legend after he retires. It's just a shame that Eddie Guerrero didn't have one last opportunity on top to further solidify his legacy.

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Amen to the comment about Eddie.

As for Legends for 2007:

I'd really like to see all three 'faces of Foley' in the game, and have all of them playable in season mode (Playing season with Cactus or 'The Loved One' would rawk).

Of the current and previous guys as Legends I'd like to see:

LOD (Hawk and Animal-maybe just Hawk if Animal's still on the roster by then-he can have alternate attire)

Roddy Piper (with voiceover for season)

Bret (just came back and beat Shawn Michaels for the WWE belt at SSeries in my GM Game!).

Hogan( current attire w/alternate nWo attire, and proper nWo music)



Sgt Slaughter

Rock (w/current attire/tattoos).

Guys we havn't seen before, who I'd like to see at some point:

Demolition (Axe, Smash and Crush, Bad-ass theme song)

Big Boss Man

Ricky Steamboat

Macho Man


Dude Love

Owen Hart

Mr Perfect


Vader (more of a WCW legend, but hey)

Maybe Diesel and Razor Ramon

I like having guys like Andre the Giant and Davey Boy included (though I rarely use them for season/GM mode)

It would RULE to have Goldberg, Lesnar, Sting involved, but that'll never happen.

Never really used Hillbilly Jim, Iron Sheik, Nikolia Volkoff in season mode. Ditto for Snuka.

Maybe with the 'One Night Stand' PPV set to go ahead next year we could see a few ECW legends. Dreamer, Sandman (Licenced Music PLEASE!!!) and the Dudleys (seeing as Vince owns the copyrights).

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Well, if people are talking about what legends in general they'd like to see in `07:

Hulk Hogan (`80s era, ie circa Wrestlemania III)

Sting (even though he never wrestled for the WWF\E)

Ted DiBiase

Sgt. Slaughter

Cactus Jack or Dude Love

Terry Funk

Jack Roberts


Randy Savage

Ministry era Undertaker

Brothers of Destruction era Kane (ie, the mostly black costume with some skin exposed)

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Ok, the people who voted are going to screw this up for everyone. I wonder though how many of each category they are going to put in. If they put the top 3 from the first two and then just one tag team, then that might not be so bad. But seriously....

I voted for Bam Bam, Yoko, and Demolition. I want to play as out of the blue characters, not the same old L.O.D.

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