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And the internet takes one step closer to being a shoddy replacement to the real world...

Massively multiplayer online naughtiness

Naughty America: The Game sexes up the Internet next spring; online game features plastic surgeons, adult stores, "sex mode."

Have you ever played The Sims and wished you could have your character skip work and jump into an S&M bondage orgy? The folks at Naughty America have. The adult entertainment site is tapping into the online gaming industry with a titillating new game cleverly titled Naughty America: The Game. The massively multiplayer online PC game is part online community, part dating service, and part adult fetish outlet.

The game, which gets it on next spring, allows curious participants to create a character, or "fantasy persona" as the company puts it, and choose body types, skin tones, and clothes (or lack thereof). From there, players can "do what they've always wanted to...be naughty." The online world doesn't consist of forests, castles, and dungeons--well, OK, maybe the last one--but rather a downtown with sex shops and nightlife, an uptown with casinos and condos, and a beachfront with clubs and cruises.

Says Dusty Lillo, spokesperson for Naughty America, "Mind you, the game will not replace adult films or self-satisfaction. But, it does offer the opportunity for all adults, women and men alike, to engage in an online game without being tech-savvy--it's fun and simple!"

It's not all latex and one-night stands, though. Naughty America: The Game also offers more romantic fare, such as horse-drawn carriages and Ferris wheels. However, the game's premise is plain and simple, as a statement from the company swiftly switches gears from listing basic courtship features to mention of a "sex mode."

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