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Your favourite movies from different countries

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Just wondering how many countries we can cover here.

List at most two of your favourite films from as many different countries (direction, crew, funding...two of the three at least!) as you can.

RULES: You must actually LIKE the movie! No filling just to extend your list!

Australia: Shine, Mad Max

China: House Of Flying Daggers, Hero

Denmark / Iceland: Dancer In The Dark

France: Amelie, Delicatessen

Germany: Run Lola Run

Hong Kong: Infernal Affairs

Japan: Seven Samurai, Battle Royale

Norway: Insomnia (original)

South Korea: Oldboy, Sympathy For Mr Vengeance

Spain: Intacto

Thailand: Ong-Bak

United Kingdom: Trainspotting, Dog Soldiers

United States: Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Apocalypse Now

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Not a big "foreign film" person but I'll do my best given what I know.

United Kingdom: Shaun Of The Dead, Mean Machine

United States: Pulp Fiction, American Beauty

Japan: Battle Royale

Australia: Mad Max

Canada: Team America

Since the creators of Team America were Canadian, it's now a Canadian film regardless of where it was made or any other little details >_>

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Australia: Romper Stomper, Lantana

New Zealand: Once Were Warriors, Whale Rider

China: Hero, House of Flying Daggers

France: Brotherhood of the Wolf, Irreversable

Germany: Run Lola Run, Woyzek

Japan: Seven Samurai, Battle Royale

United Kingdom: Trainspotting, Gosford Park

United States: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Philadelphia

Italy: Life is Beautiful

Canada: Due South (TV movie)

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My Sassy Girl



The Scarlet Letter

Sex Is Zero


Sympathy For Mr. Vengence

Lady Vengence

A Tale of Two Sisters

Innocent Steps

Whispering Corridor

Wet Dreams 2

My Boyfriend is Type B

She's On Duty


Last Quarter



One Missed Call


Ichi The Killer

The Suicide Club

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UK: Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

France: Amilie, Wasabi

Germany: Run Lola, Run

Australia: Mad Max, Mad Max 2

China: A Better Tommorow

Japan: Battle Royale, Suicide Club, Ran, Yojimbo

Mexico: El Mariachi **(It was shot there, and since Robert Rodriquez worked almost exclusivley with Mexicans...)

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Japan: Versus, Battle Royale, Ichi the Killer, Spirited Away, Audition, Ghost in the Shell, Dead Or Alive

Korea: Into The Mirror, Old Boy, Save The Green Planet, Sympathy for Mr Vengeance, Shiri

Hong Kong: Infernal Affairs, Fulltime Killer, Hard Boiled, God of Cookery, Police Story, The Killer, Shaolin Soccer

...I think they're all in the right place. Can't say I'm too fond of any other foreign cinema, I just tend to stick with asian movies.

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