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Kingdom Hearts 2 Release Date


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Square-Enix have announced the release date for Kingdom Hearts 2 and voice actors for the english version.

Although some of these have been originally posted before, Square confirms some new actors and the characters they play while some others have been confirmed in interviews or official sites.

Previous announced voices are

Sora: Haley Joel Osment - returning actor

Aerith: Mena Suvari - new actress, replacing Mandy Moore

Tifa: Rachael Leigh Cook - new actress playing new character

Riku: David Gallagher - returning actor

Kairi: Hayden Panettiere - returning actress

Roxas: Jesse McCartney - new actor playing new character

Namine: Brittany Snow - new actress playing new character

Hades: James Woods - returning actor

Chicken Little: Zach Braff - official voice actor for Chicken Little

Cloud: Steve Burton - returning actor.

New confirmations are;

Diz: Christopther Lee - new actor playing new character

Yuna: Hedy Burress - original voice actor of Yuna in FFX and FFX-2

Rikku: Tara Strong - original voice actor of Rikku in FFX and FFX-2

Paine: Gwendoline Yeo - original voice actor of Paine in FFX-2

Mulan: Ming Na - original voice actor for Mulan in both movies

Mushu: Mark Moseley - Eddie Murphy in Mulan 1, Moseley ever since plus in KH1

Aladdin: Scott Weinger - original voice of Aladdin and returning in KH2

Pince: Sean Marquette - new actor playng a new character.

Kingdom Hearts 2 is sheducled to ship on March 28th so release dates will be sometime after. It is also possible that english voice actors will crossover to Advent Children (which is weird because Advent Children came out first so AC actors should be doing the crossing over)

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Hmmm...kind of.

Sora, main star, lived on Destiny Island with Kairi & Riku for as long as they can remember. They live there with Tidus, Wakka and Selphie. Then they decide to build a raft to escape, the night before the raft is going to sail a mysterious figure approaches Sora near a door, which no-one had been able to open. Sora argues with the figure, and recieves a Keyblade (A giant key), which is used later and for battling the little shadow things. Riku allows himself to be consumed by the darkness and becomes the main enemy technically. Kairi dissapears. Donald & Goofy join you later, because King Mickey Mouse has disappeared. Then the game unravels, to where you travel to certian 'planets' like Hercule's Colosseum, and battle Sephiroth and things. All over fun, just explaining it to someone else makes it seem lame.

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So I tried to pick up KH1 and play from the middle after not playing for months (if not over a year), and I have no fucking idea what I'm doing. Now I'm going to have to start over because I really did enjoy this game.

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