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Funeral Songs

Farmer Reil

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Drawing inspiration from the "If you died tomorrow..." thread in The Lounge, which song or songs would you want at your funeral?

For me it would have to be Glory To The Brave by Hammerfall, and Land Of The Miracle by Edguy. Just because they're both beautiful, quiet songs by my favourite bands (and the former is all about heroes going to a better place and stuff).

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Guest The Trooper

Green Day - haha your dead (mainly for the fact i WOULD like the piss ripped out of me at my funeral. I am a comedian at heart and this would be like a fuck you goodbye kinda thing)

Ah fuck it, i'll just have the whole DSOTM album by Pink Floyd on repeat, it is the greatest thing in ma cd collection

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Gorerotted - Fuck Your Arse With Broken Glass

I grew up with the drummer from Gorerotted, he used to live next door to my Gran, and he drummed in my brother's first band, and they were terrible.

Anyway, funeral song...either "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" by Pink Floyd or "Whiter Shade Of Pale" by King Curtis, I think.

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I would have a song called "you only move twice" by a swedish band call jeniferevr as it is hauntingly beautiful, then i would have a really ironic one, probably get some beegees "staying alive", also if i died in a weird way i would want a song that is about what i died from, example, die during a war i would have metallica "one"

ok, that was a bit longer than planned

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