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Fans file class action suit against Clay Aiken and Sony


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Nine fans of AMERICAN IDOL star CLAY AIKEN are considering launching a class action lawsuit against the singer and his record company bosses following US tabloid allegations he's gay.

The unnamed fans were shocked by recent unconfirmed claims from a retired soldier that he enjoyed a gay romp with the singer in a hotel room.

In the absence of a firm denial from Aiken, the upset devotees are deliberating filing a class-action lawsuit and a possible Fair Trade Commission complaint against the recording and promotional entities behind Aiken - after finding a lawyer who will take their case.

The fans are taking great care to protect their identities because they're already received serious threats from other Aiken fans.

One of the distressed fans, who is leading the class action charge, says, "Because of the threats that have risen out of this, we are being very careful with what information we reveal, as we settle everything and first make arrangements for the safety of ourselves and our families."

She adds, "The individuals behind the lawsuit are nine former fans. We are all different ages and backgrounds."

"We are accusing (record labels) RCA and Sony BMG of having a vested interest in the marketing and promotion of Clay Aiken as a virginal, asexual character.

"The recent media about Clay has shown this to, apparently, be a lie, and that image (was) only designed to enrich the record company at the expense of consumers. We think that is false advertising.

"So, through our complaints, we would hope to force the record companies to admit their culpability in this manner and give refunds to anyone who bought into the Clay Aiken myth... As former fans, we just feel ripped off and hurt.

"We believe that this was absolutely fraudulent and that we may have actionable recourse against the record company."

Isn't this just a tad bit rediculous?

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sexuality should in no way affect someone choice to purchase an album - it's meant to be for the quality of music dammit!

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If they win this, then I've officially lost what little faith I still had in the "American Dream".

I thought the American Dream was to get rich by doing as little work as possible. If they win this, won't they just solidify that?

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W-w-w-w-wait. I think there is one glaring issue at hand here. People are surprised Clay might be gay? I totally called that like 3 years ago.

I think everyone totally called that three years ago.

Well, judging by this court case not everyone.

Well then, everyone with sense called it three years ago.

Fair enough.

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