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Bands Like Hinder


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So I'm looking for some rock bands similar to Hinder.

I don't know what you would label them as, I would say "Melody Rock" as it's got the rocks tones but the singer can actually sing instead of scream over the beat if you know what I mean. It's like a less mainstream-pop version of Nickelback.

So, go.

If it helps, here is what my Itunes "Rock" playlist is currently at. Pretty shallow, but it may give you a better idea:

Hinder - Nothing Good About Goodbye

Nickelback - Woke Up This Morning

Downtyme - I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

Pillar - Hypnotized

Hinder - Lips of an Angel

Theory of a Deadman - Better Of

Pillar - Rewind

Nickelback - Too Bad

Buck Cherry - Crazy Bitch

Evans Blue - Cold (But I'm Still Here)

Downtyme - Takin My Time

Live - The River

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I hadn't ever heard of Hinder until now, but I just checked them out and :wub:

Paidy they are awesome.

I have attached a couple of tracks from a friend's band. I have no idea if it's the kind of thing that you're after, but I think they're pretty good.

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Yup. :D

A lot of people say they are like every other generic rock band but I see them differently.

The lead singer doesn't sound like he's sucking helium (Panic at the Disco, Evans Blue, Chevelle, etc...) and that's a big thing. Also, the songs are catchy and the screaming is too a minimal.

I'll check out the songs you posted Marsh, I'll post a review once I'm done.

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Chevelle makes some good music. The lyrics seem thrown together, especially on their debut, but all in all it's good stuff, I think.

But PANIC! At The Disco suck balls hard.

My problem with Chevelle is that they don't seem to have crafted a "Chevelle-sound", rather sounding like a hash together of influences. I like it, but they just haven't had that one break out album to push them over the top and break them out from being "just another rock/alt band"

PATD are not bad to me, depending on my mood I guess. But I can easily see why people wouldn't like them.

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I don't like P!ATD, but "generic" isn't the first word that comes to mind. They sound different, or at least distinguishable, from most of their ilk. The same can probably be said for Chevelle, who I still have the tiniest soft spot for thanks to their quite good cover of "Pictures Of You" by The Cure.

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