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Touch my balls


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226 balls, for a score of 39817.

Maybe it's a better idea to pass up the invinciblilty first time around, so you'll be able to get more whenever it re-appears (if you aren't dead).

Wouldn't know, as I have absolutly no desire to play it again.

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I think when you get an Invincible, your only option is to go mad and grab as many points as you can before it runs out and you die. ¬_¬

Small Toucher is clearly the best bonus to get. Slow Motion is okay, and nice to relax in if you were getting frenetic, but you can't achieve much. Similarly +1000 points is nice, but not great.

190 balls, 29144

Edit: Bwahaha: 20 balls, -273 points. Now i'm just playing around, and trying to work out what all the red 'X' balls do out of curiosity. This is as a result of a -1000 points one. >_>

We also have Speed Up, Large Toucher, and the ever-nasty Evil Squares, wherein even touching the white or gold balls will kill you.

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I got 187. Final score: 28006. Got that invincibility thing and my square just got massively big. Then after the invincibility wore off I had this massive square so I was eliminated right away.

So you got massive after touching all those balls?

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I didn't even know the yellow things did anything at first. I just thought they were worth more points. The second one made my square huge and yeah I just died pretty quickly. The only thing worth playing this game for is the sweet Billie Jean beat. Just like that typing game with Another One Bites the Dust in the background.

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