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I own a Nintendo DS!

Your Mom

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Super Mario 64 DS obviously, Mario Kart DS, Warioware Touched, Pac Pix, Nintendogs if you're into that sort of thing, await the Resident Evil remake too, get a couple of Gameboy Advance games to tide you over a little while because the best games are coming this autumn/fall.

Dual Srar.

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I've been playing Animal Crossing and so far I'm not sure if I will get into it. I mean I think it would be big fun if I was playing with real people, but somehow playing for an hour and having a rocking chair and a couple seashells to show for it isnt that rewarding :P

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We got ours a few months ago with Mario Kart DS and it's been awesome. I've never been a fan of the Mario Kart games outside of the occasional weekend rental or such, but having it on the go (or even at home) is great. The gameplay lends itself well to the portable design.

Animal Crossing just needs time to "unravel" so to speak. I thought it was redundant at first, but there is a slight attachment to the neighbours in the game and slowly collecting stuff is fun. It's a game that gives you more the more you put into it. It's also designed to take a full year to completely play. If you have someone to play with on the same game, it can be amusing leaving messages and such and what not.

Mario 64 DS is a good buy, the game itself is still great with plenty of added content to make it worth it. Phoenix Wright is also a very good title, but likelihood of finding it anywhere but Ebay is nil since it was discontinued some months ago. Meteos is good, albeit very limiting with the amount of variety it has (the gameplay is essentially just launching stuff the whole time).

Tetris DS and the New Super Mario Bros are also bound to be good to get, with Tetris out next week and Mario Bros I think in May.

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Guest baseballfan2k6

I like the DS right now because it has all the games. PSP's library is currently made up of outdated console games ported. The DS is more aimed towards innovative ideas rather than marketing departments favorites, such as Mega Man 45 and Final Fantasy XXX. Meteos is well worth a purchase. I think Age of Empires probably is. Opera and the HDTV viewer are good ideas when released. I don't like this upcoming HD switch because HD is lower quality than standard TV and nothing more than an excuse to sell more TVs. As if TVs were not big enough already to cause headaches and seizures.

I hate Animal Crossing. That was a waste of money because it really wasn't anything more than a time waster. Mario Kart is the same game it has been for 15 years. The only reason it gets any hype is because it is an online game. I would not buy a Tony Hawk game. They got old about 5 years ago. I'd say the only decent Wi-Fi game could be Metroid. I have the demo. It plays pretty good, but the time limits in the demo are dumb. I guess that is standard in First Person Shooters though. The 2D Mario is probably worthwhile. Mario 64 DS from what I've heard is mostly the same as the N64 classic. I personally liked the Zoo Tycoon game, but I always buy more Tycoon games. The Atari game is worth buying if you have interest in playing the games that created the industry, though as a game, those classics don't hold up.

GBA has some great games. There is the whole 2D Mario library and all those Sonic and Castlevania games. There's Fire Pro Wrestling, though I don't think it has enough match types. There's the portable GTA. It's a mix between GTA 2 and 3, but it can be played on a Nintendo console. There's the Banjo 3D Platformer and the Spyro games, which are definitely smarter buys than Rayman, though I'd say its buyer beware with any 3D platformers on a machine without an analog stick. If you are impatient with bad controls, you will hate alot of the games, but people played games without analog sticks for 30 years.

Burnout is a decent game, but it is a weak port of a watered down console port to PSP, so it suffers from bad controls and the Mario Kart Hand Pain effect that many games suffer from on the DS.

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