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Great Scott!


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It would be if it wasn't for number 3.

Ergo, Star Wars beats it, and probably someone will mention The Godfather in here somewhere.

Number 1 and 2 were excellent though.

I liked number three, but I disliked the whole train ending, 'twas silly.

Godfather is a great trilogy, but, as common opinion declares, the third one was horrible, I don't think it comes near Back To The Future though, there's moments in The Godfather that just make me want to go grab a snack instead of watching.

Star Wars is awesome, but there's something about it that just stops me wanting to love it like I know I should.

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Die Hard is clearly the greatest trilogy.

I never understood why everyone loves BTTF so much. I like the films, but it seems like yet another bandwagGon I missed out on. All my friends love it and have the boxset and watch it religiously, but it's never had that effect on me, sadly.

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Die Hard would be the best trilogy if Die Harder didn't suck...

Lethal Weapon was the best trilogy.. until it became the best quadrilogy. (The Alien Quadrilogy can fuck right off).

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Them there's fighting words. Die Harder was excellent if only for seeing William Sadler naked.


Okay, so it's the weakest of the trilogy, but it's still stronger than the weakest of the BTTF trilogy.

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Am I the only one that wasn't too thrilled with BTTF 2? One was ace, but I found 2 to be a bit boring, and 'meh' for lack of a better word. 3 was fun.

Still a good trilogy though. When I watched through them last summer, I was saying "Great Scott" for weeks.

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The Final Word

by TGC

The greatest trilogy of all time WAS Star Wars IV-VI until Lucas made I-III. This honor is now bestowed upon Evil Dead. Yes, Evil Dead. However Back To The Future is in third place. BTTF's one weakness is an overly convoluted second film which takes far too much time to get to the coolness. Add in also that any time a film has an actor play his own family members in said film (see also Nutty Professor and The Klumps) the film loses massive amounts of coolness points. Also, any time a frqanchise recasts pivotal characters it also hurts the franchise. However the strong third film takes the franchise back to its roots and makes up for most of these issues.

This has been The Final Word.


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