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Todays POLL!


Who is the best?  

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  1. 1. Which is the best band of these three?

    • Blur
    • Oasis
    • Pulp

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Simple, Britrock ruled the world (...well, at least the UK :shifty:) at one point, and these were the three biggest exponents of it. Blur and Oasis were the obvious choices, but I threw Pulp in as an outside shot, because some of thier stuff was pretty damn good also.

I know a lot of people are a bit "zOMG these bands are rubbish", but I know a lot of people like them also, so works for me.

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They're a vastly under-rated band, and people don't realise just how long they've been around, as they far outdate any of the other "Britpop" bands of the 90s. If I remember correctly, their first album was released in 1979.

The album version of Common People, Lipgloss, Sorted For Es and Whizz and especially Being Followed Home, which is an excellent almost gothic dark epic, but still intrinsically Pulp, are far superior to anything by either of the other two options.

Blur are a good band, but pale in comparison to Pulp. And I've only ever liked one Oasis song, and that was The Importance Of Being Idle, and even that is decidely average.

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Pulp. For two reasons.

1. I love "Common People".

2. They are from Sheffield.

Oasis are generally good though, as are Blur.

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All really good, and I was into all 3 majorly at 1 point. However Oasis really have to win. Due to them being the only band I fairly reguarly listen to. Plus I know a guy who just plays oasis songs on his guitar, so it's good to have a bit sing-a-long. Nothing beats singing along to a one man guitared version of "She is Love" and "Champagne Supernova" to cheer you up after a shit day.

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Blur got the nod for me. Couldn't really stand Pulp back in the day although Common People was a good song. Oasis I'm sort of into but suffers from most of their stuff sounding the same to me. Blur though are superb. Country House and Parklife > *

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