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Harry Potter Book 6-Title Revealed! I think


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This thread either belongs here or in the Entertainment Forum, anyway all you Harry Potter Book and movie fans(like me) there is some big news(finally!)

Major rumors, but this is, apparently, the title of Harry Potter Six. The story is that somebody "got behind the door" on JK's personal site and got some news that will be posted soon. In addition, the book is growing in length each day.

Obviously, this is in no way a confirmation, but it's a rumor with some basis.

Get the full story from http://www.mugglenet.com

1st July 2004

Erm… it is perhaps time for me to reveal

the title of Book 6! I am nearing completion of the

first draft and have definitely decided upon a

title. I had numerous possibilities in mind, but

as I wrote, I realized that only one did the book


The more clever Potter fans may recognize that

the title relates directly to both 'Order of the

Phoenix' and 'Chamber of Secrets.' I will be

highly amused if one of you can guess exactly

what's going on!

On a side note, the length of the book is

growing so fast, I could swear Filius has put an

Engorgement Charm on it; an editor's nightmare!

I promised myself not to exceed the length of

'Order of the Phoenix,' but every day that passes

makes that undertaking more difficult.

Incidentally, I have much more work ahead.

Alas, the time has come! Here is the reward for

you lot that so diligently figured out all the puzzles

on the site. If you scroll down to the bottom of

this page, I will reveal to you the title of Book 6!


The title of Book 6 is:

Harry Potter and the Pillar of Storgé

The storgé thing really makes sense... most info we've had in a while.

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By this we know it'll be longer. Does anyone think that Book 7 will be like 1000 pages long.....I think it will be. I just have a feeling she'll go all out in the final book...which isn't a bad thing. I can't wait until Book 6 is released!! As for movie news, there are new casting details for many of the characters in Goblet of Fire.

For Example: Voldermort

THe rest: Everyone else

I can't wait!

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Guest The Real Deal

Hey guys my topic was moved so I'll post it here.

Harry potter Book 6 is not called "The Pillar Of Storge" but "The half blood prince" JK announced it on the news in the UK

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Hmmm well with all these sources saying different names for HP #6 guess we'll have to wait and see which it is. Though the first one pillar of S would make sense in connection to some thing involving either harry's parents( his dad to be exact ) or sirus or remus who can all change into animals, which could if it is the name hint at sirus coming back in some fashion . Or some thing to do with voldmort or a snake.

And prince of the half bloods makes sense for reasons stated above. Though either way i'll read the book, since i'm a fan and i care not how angsty harry gets( though i do have to say at times it was damn annoying and hard to believe it was harry doing it in book 5 ) or how long the books become.

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Guest Rubber Band Man

Being a big fan of these books (I read the first 4 in three days) I must say that I like them to be long. I like a book that gives me a challenge. I like to see how far I can get before putting the book down the first time I begin to read it.

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