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Riceman 4K

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Virtual Identiy Profile. You, along with every coach in the game has one. It keeps track of all your stats and records what you do most often in games. You can then apply it to the computer and basically play against yourself.

Its a curse cause if you can constantly beat your friends, they'll be able to practice against you

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Guest StreetzHopin

damn that is a curse, damn them.....

thought i should share this...

Through Weekly Prep™, gamers will be able to organize every preparation element for upcoming game, just like a true NFL head coach. It starts with setting the mood and subject matter of team meetings as gamers determine the actions of their NFL coach- make him praise players, hand out game balls for on-field achievements, organize press meetings, criticize player performance, or even completely storm out of a team meeting. It continues with training players with a number of different exercises, training methods, film study, and much more. On Saturday, view the results of their Weekly Prep™ to see if players have gained any significant bonuses going into the game on Sunday. Together with the new contract features including backloading/frontloading contracts and the new GameCast Live Simulator, ESPN NFL 2K5’s Franchise Mode delivers the most comprehensive head coaching experience found anywhere.

Mondays Schedule

Ricky Williams League Leader



Gamecast Sim

Contract Negotiations

Draft Review

Mitchell Gives Ball To A Fan

Colts Walk To Locker Room A Winner

Browns Tailgaters

Boomer The Virtual Swami

Rookie Watch

Gatorade Bath

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

VEry nice, i found out yesterday that the game will be 20 dollars from the lady at the store. I'm getting both This and Madden as madden is always better but for 20 dollars there's no reason not to try it. I'm going to trade in my extra PS2, for a full pre order of both games.

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I just found out I can get Madden for free from EB Games, so this is awesome. Out of the 4 games I want, I'm gonna have to pay $50!!! Gotta love how my step-dad is buying me NCAA Football 2005.

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Green Day is putting on song on Madden 2005!


Fuck now I'll have to subject myself to Madden in some way....

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