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Oh man are Star Trek fans going to be pissed.


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I don't even like Star Trek but that is by far the most retarded piece of casting ever. I don't mind Damon, I think he gets a lot of stick that he doesn't deserve, but as Kirk? That's just bullshit.

Edit: But yeah - It's as hilarious as it is retarded!

Edit: And Affleck as Spock? Bwahahahahahaha!

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From Wiki:

Much of this points to Matt Damon playing Captain Kirk. The rumor was widely reported as true after Marc Malkin of The Insider Online reported that J. J. Abrams had contacted William Shatner to get the former Kirk's permission to recast Damon in his place. [3] Shatner's approving comments to USA Today seemed to confirm these rumors. [4] StarTrek.com later denied that Shatner had been contacted in any way. [5] Writer "Tony P" of The Trek XI Report has launched an investigation of the matter, with some success, reporting that both Malkin and StarTrek.com stand by their stories. He speculates that both may be true: "Shatner may be acquiescing to the cloak of secrecy that JJ Abrams has imposed." [6]

Other uncorroborated rumors have fingered Oscar-winner Philip Seymour Hoffman as playing a doctor other than Dr. McCoy in XI (possibly Dr. Mark Piper, McCoy's predecessor) [7] and Ben Affleck as playing either Kirk or, in light of the Damon rumors, Spock. [8] These rumors have been denied or disputed by Paramount [9] and Moviehole.net [10], respectively. However, Moviehole.net went on to support the Hoffman rumor, though it is unclear whether this is based on the original IGN article or new information.

Best Star Trek ever!

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I wouldn't mock Trekkies considering Keith is probably the biggest one here.

And if I was him, I'd ban everyone that mocks.

But then again..

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Affleck was awesome in every Kevin Smith movie he was in, either in a character or cameo role. I also liked some of his other stuff, he's pretty good.

He's incredibly hit-or-miss. Kevin Smith directs him well and he was good in Changing Lanes, but that's about it.

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I have no problem with Matt Damon as Kirk. Let us not forget that Kirk wasn't always as reckless as he was in the series. He was a bookworm, model student until the Kobayashi Maru similator pushed him from nerd to daredevil.

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