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For several years now, my brother has had a small collection of Stephen King books. I always wanted to read one of them. Today I started reading "Carrie" and I think it's an awesome book. I definitly plan to read more of Stephen King's novels. But I'm not sure what one to read next. Out of these books, which should I read next? Any recomendations would help.

-Dream Catcher

-Needful Things

-Gerald's Game

-Hearts In Atlantis

-The Dark Half

-From a Buick 8

-The Stand

-Pet Sematary

Also my friend owns "Firestarter".

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"Needful Things" was a personal favorite, although I've heard mixed feelings about it. I enjoyed "The Stand" so much I even bought the VHS (and later DVD) versions of the mini-series after reading the book.

Also, go get "Cujo", as I felt it was a good introduction to King's work and style...and for the love of all that is holy and just in this world, go get the Dark Tower series when you get the moolah for it. If you have the patience, you will get a damn fine series out of it.

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How many books are in the Dark Tower series? And is it simply

"Dark Tower"

"Dark Tower ll"

"Dark Tower lll"


or do they have different titles?

There are seven books with subtitles to easily distinguish each one.

In order:

1. "The Gunslinger"

2. "The Drawing Of The Three"

3. "The Waste Lands"

4. "Wizard And Glass"

5. "Wolves Of The Calla"

6. "Song Of Susannah"

7. "The Dark Tower"

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-Dream Catcher: 0

-Needful Things: 1

-Gerald's Game: 1

-Hearts In Atlantis: 0

-The Dark Half: 1

-From a Buick 8: 0

-The Stand: 4

-Pet Sematary: 2

-Firestarter: 0

-Cujo: 2

-Dark Tower series: 2

-Cell: 1

Looks like I'll read The Stand next. That should take me a while, it's like 1000 pages and I'm not a fast reader. But I'm up for it.

Also do you realy need to read Dark Tower series in proper order?

And Rated-R Superstar, Cabin Fever and Hostel were bad horror movies, and I doubt Hostel 2 will be much better.

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Yes, the dark tower series are chronological, its all one big story, and its ace (Y)

My personal fave however, is Pet Sematary

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Isn't a horror film supposed be scary?

And even the gore wasn't that bad. Everyone was like "OMG you'll ACTUALLY be SICK!!!!", but I didn't think it was too bad.

I'm not saying it was a bad film or anything, but if you're looking at it purely as a horror film then it wasn't very good.

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Seriously, Saw and Hostel relied way too heavily on "OMG YOU'LL BE SICK! DA GORES!!!11`". Films like that are shit, it's like a snuff film for pussies or something.

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