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Scene kids should die.....


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So tonight, my band was meant to play a show for our booking agents birthday, she was putting on bands she liked and it was all fine and dandy.

The first band comes on and plays a few shows and we get word some scene kid thought it'd be fun to pull the tank off the top of the toilet in the guys room, thus bursting the pipe and flooding the place.

I head to the room behind the stage where all 5 bands gear was to find my feet submerged in 3 inches of water. Joining my feet in the water was all our head and cabs places on the floor, our guitars, basses, cables in bags, etc. And also all the other bands equipment.

Roughly £7,000+ of equipment possibly fucked for some kids having a laugh, and the worst of it is, we can't get fuck all money back from it as it was 'accidental damage' say the police who'll be charging the kid with damaging the toilet.

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Although I laugh everytime I see someone dressed like a scene kid, especially with the gay hair, grouping them all because of what one person did isn't really right. He probably didn't do it because he wanted to be scene.... It's not a very scene thing to do.

Still very funny to look at though.

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Every guys is usually long and swooped to one side, mostly dyed black. The tight tight jeans that don't allow for any calf muscle, and Chuck Taylor shoes.

There was this awesome picture someone had of an Alexisonfire show back in the day. Every single kid in the crowd was dressed the same. Conformity at it's finest.

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