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Madden 2005 Soundtrack Revealed


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Wylde Bunch - "Last Day of School"

New Found Glory - "This Disaster"

Earshot - "Wait"

Hoobastank - "Same Direction"

Ozomatli - "Saturday Night"

Jazze Pha - "Da Heavy Hittas"

Strata - "Piece by Piece"

Yung Wun - "Yung Wun Anthem"

Z-Trip f/ Soup of Jurassic 5 - "Listen to the DJ"

The D.O.C. vs. Earshot - "The Madden Re-Match"

Will.I.Am - "Go!"

Hazen Street - "Fool the World"

Midtown - "Give It Up"

Alter Bridge - "Open Your Eyes"

Green Day - "American Idiot"

JR Ewing - "Time to Get Dirty"

Hives - "Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones"

Mooney Suzuki - "Alive and Amplified"

Chevelle - "The Clincher"

Faith No More - "From Out of Nowhere"

Franz Ferdinand - "Take Me Out"

It'll be interesting to hear the new Chevelle, Alter Bridge, Green Day, & Will.I.Am. Some rather...interesting inclusions with Franz Ferdinand & the combination of D.O.C. & Earshot, but with Faith No More rounding it out, I do believe I'll dig this one.

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Guest Angry Baboon


What a load of crap. Apart from Faith No More.

But they should have picked 'Be Agressive'.

Much better ;)

Though a song about gay sex might be slightly unsuitable for a football game.

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Guest apeschris0

New Found Glory


Green Day

Franz Ferdinand


Only ones I've heard of.

I'll probably get this game for the game not the music, though.

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Shit, when I saw "Wylde Bunch" I thought Zakk Wylde had a side project. What I found was unnerving.

And Taboo > Will.I.Am.

However, Ozomatli's "Saturday Night" is a fucking wicked song. I haven't heard "This Disaster", but New Found Glory is usually bad ass.

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