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TV on DVD recommendations?

Your Mom

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I bought Tidus Seasons 1&2 a few weeks ago. While it was on, it was one of my favorite TV shows. It doesn't have really any extras, except for commentary on one episode, but it's $30 for about 30 episodes, which is a really good deal compared to most other TV DVDs. The biggest problem I have is that the episodes aren't divided into chapters. If you accidently hit 'next' in the middle of an episode, you gotta either fast foreward, or rewind through the whole damn episode to get back where you were. Other than that, I highly recommend Tidus Seasons 1&2(and 3, which I don't have yet.)

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You should own Firefly and Arrested Development.

Also, maybe try the first season of Deadwood.

Anything else I suggest would be English shows like Life on Mars, or Doctor Who......

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Um, the ones on my shelf are


American Dad

Big Train

Brittas Empire

Clerks Uncensored


CSI Miami

Family Guy




Have I Got News For You

Hitchhikers Guide

The Office (UK)

Red Dwarf



Star Trek TOS

Star Trek TNG

Star Trek DS9

Star Trek VOY

Not all complete.

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I got The Cosby Show as an anniversary gift not too long ago and I really enjoyed it. My wife also has the first four ER seasons and they were a lot more intense and engaging than I would have guessed. I had remembered watching the show off and on back when it started, but the writing and character development were a lot better than I realized.

Also, you can't go wrong with Home Movies. It's not laugh out loud funny right away, but once you watch it for a bit and get into the characters, it's awesome. That's not to say that everyone is going to love it, but most people I know who give it a chance say it's a bit slow getting into at first, but love it once they do. Very quotable and a welcome change from the shock value humor of Family Guy-type cartoons (not saying those aren't good too though).

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I don't own as much TV on DVD as others on this board, but I own more than the average person.

Friends (10 seasons... thank God I have two cousins that work at Best Buy or I'd never be able to put that together)

Trailer Park Boys (5 seasons... is season six out yet?)

The Office (US, 2 seasons)

Dead Like Me (2 seasons)

That 70's Show (3 seasons)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force (vol. 2 and 3)

If I had to suggest one show out of the ones I own on DVD i'd go with Dead Like Me. If I can love it, anybody can, seeing as it takes a lot for me to love a show. Plus, there are only two seasons, so less DVDs to buy.

I'd suggest Trailer Park Boys too, but I don't know how accessible TPB DVDs are in the States.

Oh, and you can't go wrong with the Office (US) either. The first season is only 6 episodes and it was only like 25 bucks when it came out last year, so it should be cheaper now. But it's worth dishing out more money for season 2 as it is honestly some of the best television I've ever seen.

But yeah, DLM is a great show, really easy to get into and like I said, if I can get into, anybody can.

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