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Politically Infused/Angry Bands


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Ignite ("Our Darkest Days" is one fucking amazing album)

Paint It Black

Raised Fist

Strike Anywhere

Strung Out (Bah...they have their fare share)

Only Crime

Good Riddance

Death By Stereo

A Wilhelm Scream

Rise Against

The Lawrence Arms

A bunch of 'Newer' bands outside of the obvious.

And with Rise Against the latest album has nothing political (As far as I'm aware), the 3rd album is pretty wank (Besides State Of The union and Tip The Scales) "RPM" is where it's at. RPM and The Unravelling have their fair share of politically charged songs.

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Oi Polloi - Scottish Anarcho band, hard hitting, and brilliant.

The Dils - Politically charged L.A. punk, similar politics to Rage (Other than the fact that they didn't sign on to a major record label)

Feederz - Quirky and weird, but 100% anti-establishment, government, etc. Very fun.

Reagan Youth - Very anti-fascist New York hardcore, excellent band all-around.

M.D.C. (Millions of Dead Cops) - Another anti-fascist band, this time it's hardcore from Texas. Lead vocalist was very politically active.

I will also endorse the suggestions of Black Flag and the Dead Kennedys. I will also tell you to forget Anti-Flag.

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Ministry, especially the new album "Rio Grande Blood", probably some of their angriest material to date and very cold-sounding thanks to their industrial roots.

Corporate Avenger is one of the single most hate-filled bands I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Get your hands on their "Freedom Is A State Of Mind"-album, it is by far the most emotionally loaded album I own. I don't even listen to rap-influenced stuff all that much, but this CD is just something amazing when it comes to defining "pissed-off musicians".

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