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Good recent metal/rock albums?


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Into Eternity - "The Scattering Of Ashes" (2006)

Freak Kitchen - "Organic" (Late 2005)

Freak Kitchen - "Move" (2003 :shifty:)

Between The Buried & Me - "The Anatomy Of" (2006) (BECAUSE COVERS ARE BITCHIN!!! Worth it purely for Bicycle Race)

Between The Buried & Me - "Alaska" (Late 2005)

Ihsahn - "The Adversary" (2006)

Yeah, knock yourself out. This isn't really my strong point though. :shifty:

And Freak Kitchen are far from a metal band. Progressive-rock, and totally bitchin' for a 3-piece.

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I haven't heard it yet, but Deftones' new album "Saturday Night Wrist" seems to be getting pretty good reviews. The Human Abstract's "Nocturne" is doing pretty well too and they're a band to watch out for as well. Misery Signals' "Mirrors" is a very quality metal album, not to mention that they're from Madison. IMO Killswitch Engage's new album is good, it's leaked already so go for it.


"Tequila" by Brand New Sin is getting some attention (though I haven't heard it yet either.)

"In the Absence of Truth" by Isis is good, not great, but it's a good listen.

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......you listen to Ihsahn?

One of my mates is big on Emporer, he gave me a copy a week or so back. Gave it a whirl or two. It's good stuff. Haven't given it a 'proper' listen yet though.

Yeah, I'm pretty big on Emperor myself, and I forgot he released an album this year.


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Me being a helpful soul (And having fuck loads of free messages) I decided to text my metal loving friend asking for some metal from this year. His reply;


Either it's a band...or some kind of insult. :(

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Goatwhore is nice. You could also look at Goatsnake, they're pretty good stoner-y metal.

Anyways, my recommendations. First, death/black metal:

Skinless - "Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead"

Keep Of Kalessin - "Armada"

Asmodeus - "Imperium Damnatum"

Impaled Nazarene - "Pro Patria Finlandia"

Marduk - "Plague Angel"

Vital Remains - "Dechristianize"

Deicide - "The Stench Of Redemption"

Soilent Green - "Confrontation"

Napalm Death - "Smear Campaign" and "The Code Is Red... Long Live The Code"

Then some stoner/doom/whatever:

Om - "Conference Of Birds"

Om - "Variations On A Theme"

Fireball Ministry "Their Rock Is Not Our Rock"

Pelican - "The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw"

Have fun.

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