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Gaming Urban Legends

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The only one I know of was that the PS2 could be used to launch and control missiles, or rather parts of it were military grade and taken apart and could be used to build something that could potentially launch missiles.

I'll see if I can find a link to the story.

EDIT: Link

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Considering that in the old days you could launch missiles with half a dozen wardrobes that contained almost 1Mb of memory between them, suggesting that components of modern consoles could achieve the same thing is hardly outrageous.

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Guest Grapehead

I'm talking along the lines of Polybius - does anyone know of any particularly interesting ones?


I swear to god, I knew it was going to happen but it still didn't stop me from shitting myself :shifty:

...and because I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't mention it, the 'revive Aeris' urban legend springs to mind. In fact, there are loads of urban legends surrounding FF games. For Example:

- Tifa pushing Aeris out of the way, and getting killed by Sephiroth instead.

- Being able to unstone Palom and Porom in FFIV with a Basilisk's Eye.

- General Leo can be revived in FFVI

- There's a town called Manchuria

- There's a ticket in a chest at the Corel Prison that will let you watch the Loveless play.

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The Hidden Zone in Sonic 2. I know it's in the beta version (which I played on a ROM), but fuck me if I didn't spend half my youth believing it was in the game somewhere. They even kept its music in the Sound Test part of the Options, ffs.

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That one always got me, I wondered what the fuck level that music was for, because I thought it was awesome. Now I of course know that it was supposed to the Hidden Palace Zone, but back before I had the internet and couldn't go online to find cheats, I wondered what it was all about. Also relating to Sonic, Ashura. Can anyone confirm or deny that one either way?

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A distinction probably ought to be made between Hidden and Hidden Palace Zone. The HP Zone is a real level in Sonic & Knuckles. The Hidden Zone was rumoured in both Sonic 1 and 2 (apparently the one in Sonic 1 is just what happens if you use the Debug Mode cheat, go into a Special Stage, turn yourself into a ring or something to move yourself out of the normal level, and turn back into Sonic. There's all sorts of random shit out there. But yeah, not really a 'Hidden Zone').

But anyway, since I know next to nothing about any post-16bit Sonic games, I can't really comment on Ashura. >_>

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Ashura was supposed to be in Sonic 2? In which case I never heard of him. ¬_¬

Maybe the Sonic 1 mystery zone was Hidden and the Sonic 2 one was Hidden Palace, and I foolishly combined them into one and the same. I do remember the Hidden Zone making a cameo in one of the very early (like, 1993) Sonic The Comics, which was badass.

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Back in the day before the internet, gamefaqs, and the other gaming sites, all of my information came from word of mouth and gaming magazines. In order to find glitches and codes, my friends and I would sit around for hours playing games and reading mags. The biggest gaming legend at the time was the mysterious "4th whistle" in SMB3.

I remember some kid at elementry school saying that he had it. We asked him to prove it and in typical elementry school fashion, he made up some bullshit story. We all went home trying to duplicate it but alas, it was all for naught. We eventually called him out on his bluff but we were all convinced that there was a 4th whistle.

Every fucking day after school, we would all try to find it. And we did everything. Glitched the game, used the P-Wing in every level, used the hammer suit every chance we got, used the hammer on the map at random areas. Nothing. Eventually we gave up but damn, trying to find that 4th whistle owned my soul.

Of course, being an avid SF gamer, the Shen Long trick pissed me off as well. It was impossible to do. When I found out it was fake...

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I remember people in my middle-school swearing up-and-down that there were 'nudealities' in Mortal Kombat 3. The character would, depending on who was telling it, either remove their clothing, or their opponents clothing during the 'Finish Him!' segment of a fight.

I also remember people saying that if you and your tag partner both reached for a weapon next to each other at the same time in WCW/nWo World Tour, you'd pull out a full table.

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