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The Warriors


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My friend rented it from Movie Gallery some time ago, we had a ton of fun playing it two player. My only qualm was with the camera system.

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The Warriors is probably one of my favourite games that have come out within recent years and it also got me watching the film about a dozen times.

This basically sums up my feelings.

I saw the movie ten years ago for the first time and really dug it. Then in recent years it sort of developed an even larger cult following, which was a very cool thing to see. I was glad that a lot of people were starting to get into the movie, and then the game comes out and the popularity begins to sore.

Rockstar did a fantastic job with it, and I believe it's their best game to date. It's the best street fighting sort of game since Streets of Rage, and is sort of how I'd like to see a re-make of Streets of Rage modeled after (please god make this happen). My only qualm is that the free roam mode was too linear, and that they should have let roam around the other gangs turf.

Still, fucking fantastic. And some of the fighting moves you pull off are just fucking brutal. Wall smashes rule.

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