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I'm seeing a Gauntlet II but no Gauntlet. :shifty:

The auction posted is for every licensed game

The ebayer also has 66 Unlicensed games for sale(it would be next to impossible to have all of these, but this is mostly all of the popular ones): http://cgi.ebay.ca/NES-Nintendo-66-UNLICEN...1QQcmdZViewItem

Gauntlet was put out by TenGen, which produced a lot of games for the NES but only 3 licensed ones(RBI Baseball, Pac-Man and one other)

Gauntlet 2 was a different company that produced it and was therefore, officially licensed

I'm not seeing RBI Baseball either. :shifty:

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Amazingly, I don't see a single gold cartridge there to represent either of the Zelda games.

And also, for someone showing off all the series of games (Dragon Warrior, TMNT, Double Dragon, etc), why would he leave out stuff like MegaMan and Castlevania? :shifty:

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