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Ring Of Xtreme Combat

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Saturday, May 22nd, 2004

Ring Of Xtreme Combat to Return...

***BIG NAME in charge of the show??!!*** (Click here for more).

We have just heard news that former head of Ring of Xtreme Combat has sold the rights to the name to 'Diamond' Dallas Page, a former World Champion, who wants to throw another company in to the mix in hopes of more competition for the business. From what we have been told, he is planning on running shows in the hot spots for wrestling independants, Philadelphia, PA, and New York, NY. With little know of what is to come of the 'New' RXC, we have heard that the first goal will be to get enough talent set up for the first show which he plans on running in July of 2004.

After many attempts of contacting the new owner of the federation which made a name for itself in the past with former champions as Chris Hero, Paul London, and 'Hard Hitting' Johnny Kashmere, and the hatred between the likes of Danny Maff and the Messiah, and Justice Pain and Joey "KAOS" Idol, to the bloody wars between former ECW Champions 'The Franchise' Shane Douglas and Justin Credible, all DDP had to tell us was the everything we knew before was history, but one thing was for sure that is was still the 'same old name, with the same old game'. What that means for now is up in the air, but what we can be sure of is that we are in for a hell of a ride.

More news as it arises...


for all those wondering, these wont be long match write ups as I once did. I dont have the time, nor the energy to think out long f'n matches, with all the spots included. If that's what youre looking for, then youve come to the wrong place, BUT there are many other diaries on this board you can find like that. This may quite possibly be the most laid back diary ever, maybe even going back to the earliest diaries...think of the way IWA-Mid South writes down it's results...but with a touch more info on the match outcomes and what not. Hope everyone who reads enjoys....

Mx F'N Px

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Saturday, June 12th, 2004

More RXC News...Just As Promised!!!

It's been a while since we posted any word on Ring Of Xtreme Combat (RXC). We have been informed to hype the first event, as well as RXC's new website...(http://www.RingOfXtremeCombat.com) and with that cheap plug it is done.

Anyways, we've been sent the flyer of what is to expect, an no doubt this show will draw a fair crowd as DDP has been doing his best to make up a big show. You can check out the flyer below.

Ring Of Xtreme Combat Presents....

'Xtreme Kick Start'

Live--> Saturday July 17th, 2004


'Main Event'

'Hardcore Legend' Terry Funk vs WWE's the 'KING' Jerry Lawler

***Falls Count Anywhere***

Fatal Four Way

Kid Kash vs Petey Williams vs Sonjay Dutt vs Ruckus


Xtreme Tag Team Match

Ian Rotten & Corporal Robinsion vs J.C.Bailey & Necro Butcher

***Lighttube Tables Match***


Opening Round of the RXC Heavyweight Title Tournament

user posted image


Simon Diamond, BJ Whitmer, Homicide, AJ Styles, Roderick Strong, B-Boy, 2 Cold Scorpio, Chris Hero, Raven, Al Snow, Sandman...and Diamond Dallas Page

***Four, three man brackets to be announced at a later date***

***Card Subject to change***

The tournament looks like a strong one, and with 4 former World Heavyweight champions (Raven, Sandman, Styles and DDP), as well as many big name up and comers plus a couple of veterans of the mat it will be hard to choose a winner. From what we have been told though the tournament will run like this.

***Tournament Run Down***

Brackets A, B, C and D will have 3 competitors who will fight in a triangle match at the 'Xtreme Kick Start'. The loser of the match is eliminated from the tournament.

At the second RXC event, the 8 remaining men will fight it out in a single elimination tournament, with the second round starting off with the 2 remaining people in the original brackets facing off against each other.

Once we are down to the final 2 men, the will face off in a ladder match to declare the 'NEW' Ring Of Extreme Combat heavyweight champion.

Once we recieve word on the brackets, or any changes to the show, we will inform you, or you can keep up to date at the RXC website.

More news on the show when we recieve it.

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Saturday, June 26th, 2004

RXC Heavyweight Title Tournament Brackets Announced

Over at www.RingOfXtremeCombat.com they have announced the the first round brackets for the tournament. We have just link the final bracket right here for those too lazy to type that in.

12 Man Tournament Brackets Announced

Round #1

Bracket A--> SImon Diamond vs Homicide vs B.J. WHitmer

Bracket B--> A.J. Styles vs B-Boy vs Roderick Strong

Bracket C--> 2 Cold Scorpio vs Chris Hero vs Diamond Dallas Page

Bracket D--> Raven vs Al Snow vs Sandman

***Be there July 17th, 2004 to witness one of the most anticipated tournaments in years***

Not 100% what to think about the brackets as big names are leading off in the first round, especially the Raven, Snow, Sandman bracket. After talks with fellow employees, assumptions were that the following would be eliminated first round...

Homicide, Strong, Hero, and Sandman.

I dont know why or how we came up with these, but with Homicide's push in every fed around I dont see him making it out. Strong while having a solid future ahead of him needs more time so thats why he is out. Hero because he's against 2 solidified superstars and Sandman just because Snow is a big name WWE announcer and Raven is, well Raven.

We'd appreciate any picks that you fans have, or thoughts on the tournament and the show overall.  You can post them here, or go over to the RXC message boards HERE.

If any changes happen to the show, we will update you on that. If not, next update to be of the results of the show....

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12 Man Tournament Brackets Announced

Round #1

Bracket A--> SImon Diamond vs Homicide vs B.J. WHitmer

Bracket B--> A.J. Styles vs B-Boy vs Roderick Strong

Bracket C--> 2 Cold Scorpio vs Chris Hero vs Diamond Dallas Page

Bracket D--> Raven vs Al Snow vs Sandman

***Be there July 17th, 2004 to witness one of the most anticipated tournaments in years***

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user posted image


***RXC's first show opened up with 'DIAMOND' DALLAS PAGE coming to the ring. He welcomed everyone to the debut show, then announced the rules for the tournament, in whihc he stated that wrestlers could be eliminated by any of the following-->Pinfall, Submission, Knockouts and Count Outs. He wished all the participants luck, but pretty much hinted that he would be walking away with the gold next month. DDP then introduced the first match with a 'LET'S KICK THIS OFF XTREME'.***


Xtreme Light Tube Tables Tag Match

Ian Rotten & Corporal Robinson OVER JC Bailey and Necro Butcher

***ROBINSON and BAILEY were the first two eliminated when BAILEY nailed the Bardstown Jam on ROBINSON through a light tube table. BAILEY and ROBINSON were then sent to the back, as ROTTEN and BUTCHER went at it. However that didnt last long as BAILEY came back out to help his partner but missed a chairshot on Rotten that nailed BUTCHER. ROTTEN then threw BAILEY out of the ring, and eliminated BUTCHER with suplex through another table.***

(OR-40, CR-23, MQ-67)

RXC Heavyweight Title Tournament--Round #1

BRACKET A--> Simon Diamond and Homicide OVER BJ Whitmer

***The closing moments of this match saw HOMICIDE nail WHITMER with the Copkilla, only to get thrown out of the ring by DIAMOND who then covered WHITMER to eliminate him from the tournament. DIAMOND and HOMICIDE will now face each other in singles action next month.***

(OR-57, CR-49, MQ-80)

Four Way Elimination

Kid Kash OVER Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams and Ruckus

***RUCKUS was surprisingly eliminated first after being planted with a Sprinkler Elbow from DUTT. THe second elimination saw KASH nail a double underhook piledriver on WILLIAMS to eliminate him. The closing moments of the match went by quick as quick 2 counts were traded off. Dutt looked like he had the match won when he went up for the Hindu Sault, but KASH rolled out of the way, and made a cover with his feet on the ropes for the victory.***

(OR-55, CR-44, MQ-78)

***TRENT ACID was seen walking through the crowd holding a ticket in the air and grabbing a front row seat.***

RXC Heavyweight Title Tournament--Round #1

BRACKET B--> AJ Styles and Roderick Strong OVER B-Boy

***In this MOTN candidate, B-BOY, one of the favorites to advance was eliminated when TRENT ACID jump into the ring and connected with a YAKUZA kick to his former ally. ACID then got back out by the time keepers box due to STRONG chasing him away as STYLES nailed the Styles Clash for the three count. STRONG will now face STYLES in the second round.***

(OR-57, CR-45, MQ-83)

***TRENT ACID got on a mic at ringside and stated that since he wasnt invited to the tournament that he would've won, that he will now make it his goal to choose the winner for himself because 'THIS IS THE TRENT ACID SHOW'.***


RXC Heavyweight Title Tournament--Round #1

BRACKET C--> 2 Cold Scorpio and Chris Hero OVER Diamond Dallas Page

***In another shocking turn of events, DDP was eliminated when he let TRENT ACID's ringside antics get to him. ACID poured a drink over a fallen DDP who took that into consideration and started to chase ACID out of the building when the bell rang to announce DDP's count out elimination. The look on DDP's face let everyone know that he isnt done with ACID for screwing him. HERO and SCORPIO will now face off in the next round.***

(OR-63, CR-63, MQ-78)

RXC Heavyweight Title Tournament--Round #1

BRACKET D--> Raven and The Sandman OVER Al Snow

***Before the match it was announced that this match would be under RXC rules, which meant pretty much anything would be allowed, this was due to the workers requests. The end of the match saw TRENT ACID once again trying to make his presence felt, but DDP and B-BOY charged the ring to chase ACID away. SNOW however was distracted by all of this and was then eliminated by a Singapore Cane assisted Russian Legsweep by the SANDMAN as he and RAVEN now advance to the next stage to face off.***

(OR-64, CR-73, MQ-71)

***DDP made his way back to the ring alongside B-BOY and the now stable AL SNOW. He announced that ACID's actions wouldnt go unnoticed as next month if ACID wants a match so bad he has one. At next months event entitled 'OUT OF REACH' if will be TRENT ACID running the gauntlet againt B-BOY, AL SNOW and DDP. If Acid wins against all three me, he will be given the contract he so desires, and the first RXC HEavyweight Title shot.***


'HARDCORE LEGEND' Terry Funk OVER 'KING' Jerry Lawler

***A wild match that went 25 minutes all around the building saw FUNK win after nailing LAWLER with 5 consecutive chairshots at ringside that made him easy prey for the pin. Both men were bloody messes and recieved a standing ovation for their effots. Both men, out of respect even if they dont like each other shook hands to end the first 'NEW' Ring Of Xtreme Combat event.***

(OR-56, CR-66, MQ-57)




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Awesome show. I like this format better than the one you used to use. It seems easier to read.

The main event was good, and I like Acid's involvement. I can't see him losing at Out of Reach, but that's good, because Trent Acid in the main event is always a good thing.

My pick for Champion has been eliminated (Whitmer), so I'm now going to say that Roderick Strong will win it. Go Strong.

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I hate when people go around claiming that they had dibs on a name first.

Mx had Ring of Xtreme Combat for nearly two years but he stopped and started it once or twice. People really need to stop bitching about similar names.

Anway, good luck with this Mx. I enjoyed the first show except for DDP opening up a hardcore fed.. but I'll let my imagination run with the fact that DDP stands for Deep Double Penetration! :P

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I actually started my first Ring Of Xtreme Combat diary a long long time ago, like last year sometime, i think in September on the old EWB board.... THe title was a rip of of Soul Jah's Xtreme Zone Wrestling ;)

The lsat version on EWB 3

ANother one

and another

Not trying to be a twot here or anything, just making it known that I have had several attempts at this diary, but do to different things, personal problems, moving to school, my computer f'ing up, then moving again after I graduated has made it hard to keep a strong game going.

ANyways, thanks everyone for the feedback, or predictions...expect the unexpected here.... :blink:

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I apologize if I sounded like I was accusing you of ripping off the name of my fed.

My diary is the second incarnation, but I don't remember if the first one was at EWBIII or II. It didn't last long.

This does look like its going to be a good diary, though. :)

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Glad to see that RXC is back MX. I've always enjoyed your diaries your NWA TNA diary is one of my all-time favorite diarys, and I was really getting into RXC the last time [EWB III] before it died. It's too bad we didn't get to see the blow offs to the Maff-Messiah and Kaos-Pain feuds, as they were built up really well. Good to see that you've brought in some fresh talent to the new RXC. I really loved the involvement of Trent Acid throughout the show. I look foreward to the next show. B-Boy, Al Snow, and DDP against Trent Acid? :thumbs-up: Being a huge Raven mark I have to be biased and root for him in the title tournament but I'm hoping it's one of the younger guys. Like Homicide or even Chris Hero. I also like the new show format because at times in the EWB III version it got really tiresome reading through your long match write ups. Not that there was anything wrong with them as they were very detailed but I was getting kinda sick of reading through an essay almost on the opening match. You know what I mean? Keep up the good work, I'll be reading

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ya, thanks for the reply. I know what you mean. At the time I had got in just to start a diary for the fun of it, and at first writting out matches was ok...but it wears you out. I couldnt take it anymore and grew tired of it, which is why the diary ended up fuzzing out, and the ECW diary got started up.

Hope you enjoy the rest....more news up sooner than later

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Saturday, July 24th, 2004

Ring Of Xtreme Combat Update...Or Is It???

Ok, yes it is. After a week of thinking about everything, we've come to hte conclusion that we'rea actually kind of hyped about the next event. Four strong first round matches, then the semis, and then the ladder match finals. ALl of this plus the 'Trent Acid SHow' continues as his planned push (from what we've been told by insiders) is set to continue as he 'runs the gauntlet' against B-Boy, Al Snow and DDP. That would be three big wins that could push him a long way. Anyways, on to the news.

***We've been informed that a few surprises could be instore for 'OUT OF REACH', which is the next RXC event in August. We dont want to spoil anything, so you'll have to wait and see about that. ***

***Inside sources have leaked info that one of the top names in the tournament may not be at the event as he happened to be booked for another show that night. If this is true and he cant make it, it could cause major changes in the event...Phenomenal changes if you catch my drift.***

***Inunrelated RXC news, WWE has finally given up on a few of it's up and coming stars who failed to make it in the big leagues. These stars could be poping up in the indy's anytime soon, and if that is so, what type of impact will these men/women make??***

***Finally, RXC has posted the card for the next event. Now, take into mind that any of these matches could change in the next three weeks as that sort of stuff happens all the time. Click here for the link.

user posted image

RXC Heavyweight Title Tournament--ROund #2

Bracket E--> Homicide vs Simon Diamond

Bracket F--> AJ Styles vs Roderick Strong

Bracket G--> Raven vs The Sandman

Bracket H--> Chris Hero vs 2 Cold Scorpio

RXC Heavyweight TItle Tournament--Semi Finals

Bracket I--> Winner E vs Winner F

Bracket J--> Winner G vs Winner H

Gauntlet Match

Trent Acid vs B-Boy, Al Snow and Diamond Dallas Page


RXC Heavyweight Title Tournament Finals--> LADDER MATCH

Winner I vs Winner H

***Card Subject to Change***


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Wednesday, July 28th, 2004

RXC Announces Card Change!!!

***We've just been informed that the rumours are true. AJ Styles had already been booked for another event on August 14th, 2004 and wont be able to make it too RXC's second event in which he was scheduled to take part in the second round of the heavyweight title tournament. AJ apologized, and word is that no hard feelings were held and that he will be welcomed back at another time.

***On a related note, rumours are spreading that in October, that either the NWA Heavyweight, or X-Division champion will be making an appearance for RXC in a CHAMPION vs CHAMPION match. This could be the return of AJ Styles who is currently the X-Divison champion, so take that news for what it is.

***In WWE news, we have been informed that recent releases have been informed of a 90 day, no work clause. This may put some of the feds in a bind who were planning on using them, or wanted to try to make first contact with them. If we hear on any signees, or potential signees, or recieve a full list of the released workers you will find it hear first.

More News on Anything When We Receive it...

***Next update should be the show, unless anything else takes place in the game...***

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Saturday, August 7th, 2004

Ring Of Xtreme Combat Suffers Another Blow

***We've just recieved word that NWA-TNA., or TNAW as many have started calling it in the past few months has signed on with TNT to run a show opposite WWE's Monday Night RAW. WIth this news, TNAW has pulled all of it's stars from any bookings due to the fact that injuries are not wanted, and they now want the talent to be solely that of TNA. This takes Raven, Sandman, and Simon Diamond, the last three members of the tournament that was set to take place next week out of the card which leaves a bit of a situation. However, have no fear, the RXC booking crew has come up with a solution to the plan, and here it is.

Heavyweight Title TOurnament Brackets Changed

***We here at Ring of Xtreme Combat appologize for the inconvenienve, but 3 more superstars have had to back out of the booking due to circumstances out of their control. The tournament final round will now be changed from a single knock out, to a four man round robin, with the two highest ranked men fighting in the ladder match finals. The numbers will now be as follows...


Roderick Strong-->#2

Chris Hero-->#3

2 Cold Scorpio-->#4

These men are not ranked by skill, or position, just their placement on the card. This means that the finalists will fight in 4 matches on the show to determine the best of the best in RXC. Who will turn out the winner?? Be there to find out.

THe rest of the card is still as follows unless the another obstacle gets in the way which we will fix as best as we can.

Once again we apologize for any inconvenience.

It seems RXC is down on their luck at the moment losing four key characters in the tournament, but with what looks to be a reasonable attempt to keep the tournament running, lets hope it works out. Let's just hope that with all the possible talent out there that they are making some adjustments to fix everything.


Ah well, and so goes the game of EWR 4.2

Once again, next bit of news 'should' be the show depending on what happens in the next week of the game

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