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WCW deal falls apart, promotion taking hiatus

The deal between Fusient Media Ventures and AOL-Time Warner to sell WCW to the Eric Bischoff led Fusient contingent apparently fell apart late this past week, leaving the future of World Championship Wrestling in serious doubt.

Apparently the problem stemmed from AOL executive Jamie Kellner, who is now in charge of the programming on AOL stations, stating that he couldn't guarantee the two prime time television time slots on the company's stations. Those two slots were the most attractive thing about WCW to a potential buyer, so when those were pulled, the entire deal changed, and fell apart.

WWF buys WCW

The World Wrestling Federation is buying the ailing World Championship Wrestling business from AOL Time Warner Inc., ending an intense rivalry that has inflamed professional wrestling fans for nearly 20 years. WCW, a division of AOL's Turner Broadcasting System Inc. unit, had been planning to stop production after Monday night, but the deal announced Friday gives it new life. Stamford, Conn.-based WWF, whose Monday show is the top-rated program on cable TV, said it will carry produce new WCW programming to run on The National Network cable channel.

These were some of the headlines that readers were greated with towards the end of March of 2001.

Everybody knows that Vince McMahon bought his competition, WCW in March of 2001, and went on to book a wrestling fans dream of the WWF vs. WCW.

However, it didn't quite work out how the fans expected, with very few big names making the jump to the WWF, and the fact that the WWF was booked as the superior brand to WCW's inferior group. In the end, the main focus of the Alliance was Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kurt Angle, two WWF guys.

But what if Vince never bought WCW? What if his bid was rejected by Ted Turner? WCW could have been bought by Fuscient. It could've been bought by Goldberg, or any number of other people or groups.

That is what this diary is about. It will start the day before the final Nitro on TNT, Sunday March 25th 2001...

(Crappy backstory I know, but it gets the point across I think! Basically it's a "what if Vince didn't buy WCW?" diary. For a while, the main focus will be the backstage stuff, with the shows taking the a back seat. A better 'chapter' will be up next.)

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-- Chapter One --

Sunday 25th March 2001

Every member of the roster, every member of the staff and everyone who had a job within WCW travelled to WCW's headquarters in Atlanta for a special meeting to determine theirs and WCW's future. Many of the heads of WCW had already walked out of the company, looking for a secure job elsewhere. Most were said to be looking for jobs outside of the wrestling industry, mainly because WCW had a habit of hiring 'Hollywood' writers that had no idea about the industry.

The was much talk among the wrestlers about what was going to happen; would WCW would close down? Would it be sold? Would it go on hiatus? They wanted answers because many of them needed job security, and would be lucky to get a full-time job in the WWF because of their age, and would not work in a promotion lower than WCW simply because of their ego.

Everyone was assembled in a large room, which was used primarily for press conferences. Eric Bischoff stood at a desk in the centre of the room and looked down at them.

Bischoff: Thank you for coming. As you know, this meeting is of great importance and people were told that not to come if they no longer wanted to be associated with WCW. Well, as you may have noticed, Brian Knobbs and Jimmy Hart are not here, so as of today, they have had their contracts terminated. Before we get started, I want to make it clear this meeting is about each and everyone of your futures. I understand that some of you will want to stick with WCW because of loyalty or for some other reason, but I also understand that some people may want to walk out here and try to get a job with the WWF, or with some one else. Let me make it clear, that it is your choice. In this pile is every single one of your AOL Time Warner contracts. And right here, I have over 100 new contracts.

There was a stirr in the group

Bischoff: I'll get back to those in a moment. Right now, I want to talk about the direction that WCW is currently taking. Tomorrow will be the final WCW show on Turner Network Television. WCW will be going off the air as of Monday 26th March 2001. This is, of course, because the company has been losing money and Ted Turner wants to sell up. I can understand this, and as of today, there have been two bids for the company. One is from the Fusient group which I am working with, as well as Vince McMahon's WWF.

There was a lot of whispering in the group, seemingly shocked that WCW could he bought by the WWF

Bischoff: Now, over my dead body will Vince McMahon buy WCW, but it could happen. It is all down to Ted Turner. The likely hood of McMahon buying WCW, is he will shut us down and try and sign many of you to contracts. But I don't want that to happen. I'm trying to buy WCW because I want this company to keep on going. I want WCW to battle with the WWF for years to come, and I believe we can do that. That is what these contracts are for. Every one of these contracts are the same length of time; two months. You may be wondering why I expect you to sign a contract that will last for a mere two months, but it is actually for your own good. Now, you could just sit at home, getting money from your AOL Time Warner contracts for doing nothing, or you could sign these two-month contracts. The reason they are two months, is that is how long I am willing to keep this company alive without a buyer, before I decide to terminate all operations. If you sign these contracts, it will mean that you want to be a part of WCW, and if and when we get a buyer, you will all sign new contracts for a negotiable length and wage.

Again, the superstars whispered amongst themselves, probably asking their neighbour what they planned on doing

Bischoff: There is of course a downside to these short-term contracts. And that is a significantly cut wage, that everyone will have to take, with NO exceptions. I will be paying these wages out of my own pocket, so I cannot aford some of the huge wages many of you might be on right now. If you do sign these contracts, you will have to rip-up your AOL Time Warner ones to do so, meaning you will not recieve a healthy amount of cash from them if this venture falls apart, and no buyer can be found. I understand it is a tough choice, but I know that some of you are willing to do it, as I already have two signed deals right here.

Bischoff lifted to contracts into the air, and read the names off of them.

Bischoff: I spoke to these two men earlier today, as they are synonymous with WCW; Steve Borden and Ric Flair have already signed. They will be on Nitro tomorrow night, for the final goodbye on TNT, if you want to be a part of the 'new' WCW, be there tomorrow, three-hours before the show begins and make your decision then. If you do not turn up, I will take that as a 'no' and your AOL Time Warner contracts will stand. You have 24-hours to make your decision, I hope you make the right one, thank you very much for being here.

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This is looking good so far. I just hope that you keep the core group of WCW names intact, because I hate it when people start these games, then just dump everybody because they don't like them.

Also looking forward to seeing what kind of names you bring into the promotion, and how you handle not having a TV show.

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Just a quick note I probably should've added earlier, the first Nitro will be pretty much the same as the March 26th one was, except for the obvious changes, being the exclusion of anything WWF related. It'll be the Night of Champions again, and will be booked as if it was the last ever WCW show, so don't expect many changes just yet. Edited by The_Monkey_Molester
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-- Chapter Two --

Monday 26th March 2001

-- Two hours before Nitro airs --

Eric Bischoff came out of the canteen and headed to his office, as he had recieved a message that he had gotten a couple of important phonecalls.

Bischoff passed by Chuck Palumbo, Mike Sanders, Sean O'Haire, Shawn Stasiak and Mark Jindrak all who told him that they had signed the contract, and said they hoped that WCW found a buyer. During his quick walk to his office, he also passed by Booker T, Mike Awesome, Lance Storm, Shane Helms, Road Warrior Animal, the Wall and Stacy Keibler who also said they had agreed to the sign the deal.

Once Bischoff reached his office, he took off his jacket and draped it across the back of his chair. He looked at the phone, the bleeping red number '7' told him he had seven new messages. He pressed the 'Play' button, and heard the voice of Rick Cornell, AKA Reno.

Reno: Hey Eric, just thought I'd let you know that I'm not gonna be signing the deal. I wanna try to get into the WWF, thanks for your support for the past year, good luck with the company. Bye.

Short and simple. Well, that's definetly one down! The next was a phonecall from the Sid Vicious, who said he was looking at retirement after his horrific accident recently, so he's going to sit out the AOL Time Warner contract. Bischoff was quite upset about Sid retiring, but couldn't blame him. He remembers the shape of his...he shook his head and got the image out of his head straight away! He waited for the next message to start...it was Kevin Nash.

Nash: Hey Eric, I'm interested in resigning, but I need to talk to you about a couple of things first. I'll be at the arena soon, just caught in traffic. Talk to you in about an hour man.

Nash hung up the phone. Bischoff had a pretty good idea what Nash wanted to talk about, and that it would probably involve a bit of money and/or near-total control over his character if he did. He knew that Nash had a HUGE following in WCW, and really wanted him to sign, but he didn't want to negotiate a different deal with him after the speach he made last night. Next.

Stevie Ray: Hey, I'm just giving you a ring to let you know I'm retiring from the ring, and wanna concentrate on announcing. I can't be there tonight unfortunetly, but I want you to give me ring if you need me as an announcer ok?

Bischoff thought to himself for a few seconds about it, then remember how poor his announcing talents were, and decided against giving him a ring. Surprisingly, Dusty Rhodes was next!

Dusty: Hey Bisch, I'm sorry Eric, but I won't be signing that deal. I got an offer today from Vince McMahon, a written secure deal, so I'll be signing that. Apparently, I'm going to be announcing RAW along side Jim Ross! Pretty interesting eh? Anyway, sorry again, but good luck.

Dusty Rhodes and Jim Ross...my god. What a combination! Bischoff recieved calls from both Wayne DeBruce and Major Gunns who said they wouldn't resign on the grounds they hated the company. They believed that they either deserved a US title push or to be managing a World champion. Bischoff smirked to himself, and said that it wasn't much of a loss at all. He looked at his watch and realised that Nash should be arriving pretty soon, so he headed out to meet him.

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-- Chapter Three --

Monday 26th March 2001

-- One hour before Nitro airs --

Luckily for Eric Bischoff, all of the champions had arrived tonight, and he had the bright idea to dub the show the 'Night of Champions'. He talked to Tony Schiavone and Scott Hudson just a few minutes ago and told them to keep talking about it being the 'Night of Champions' and to act as if this were the biggest pay-per-view in wrestling history. Both Tony and Scott agreed they would give their all tonight, and also agreed to sign the two-month deal. Bischoff went over the details of tonight's show, the matches and what was going to happen with all the boys on the show. He said that as it's the last night, he's giving the veterans like Sting and Flair a chance to roll with it, and pretty much do what they wanted out there tonight.

'Well, it's time to meet Kevin' he said to himself as he walked to the parking lot and waited for his arrival. While he was waiting, he saw both Charles Robinson and Nick Patrick, who had just arrived in a shared taxi, and they said they would sign the deal as soon as they unpack everything. He shook their hands, and the two men entered the arena. Just then, Kevin Nash's car pulled up and big man stepped out. 'Geez he's tall', Bischoff still hadn't gotten over how tall he was. He shook hands with Nash, and the two men walked to Bischoff's office to discuss the agreement.

Bischoff: Thanks for coming Kevin, so, what exactly was it that you wanted to discuss?

Nash: No probs man, anything for you! Yeah, you see I have a little dilemma. You see, I want to sign your deal, but I also don't want to be left out in the cold if this thing flops you know what I mean?

Bischoff: I know exactly what you mean big man, it's exactly what I was talking about yesterday. It's a tough decision for everyone, and you need to have it perfectly clear in your mind what you want to do.

Nash: I know, but I was thinking, what if I sat on the AOL contract until WCW finds a new owner, then I come and work here?

Bischoff: Can't do that.

Nash: Why not Bisch?

Bischoff: Basically, if everything worked out here, and we wanted to bring you in then, we'd have to pay off the remainder of your contract, and unfortunetly this company won't have the funds to do this!

Nash: Really...

Bischoff: Look, sign the deal, it'd be a good investment I promise you! WE WILL find a new owner one way or the other, I promise you that.

Nash: Yeah, but you can't guarantee it though can you?

Bischoff: ...No, I can't, but...

Nash: Tell you what Eric, I'll sign the contract on one condition, and that is a guaranteed World title reign if this thing ever gets off the ground.

Bischoff stepped back and though about it for a second...

Well, this is gonna be a tiny little bit of interaction, I won't use it much, but I want some input to see if anyone thinks I should agree to his terms or not?

A ) Agree to the terms and guarantee him a title shot

B ) Reject the terms and don't sign him?

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It's a tough one, but to me Nash was a big part of wcw and I say sign him to a guarnteed world title reign.

Liking the diary so far, I like how you have done it in chapters like 2 hours before Nitro, 1 hour before Nitro etc. Looking forward to seeing the future shows once a buyer is sorted out.

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Give him his world title reign. Nothing says you can't screw him out of it by having him win it and lose it the same night, right? And a little bit of star power can go a long way. And that's what Nash has: a little bit of star power.

Edited by bigsheep305
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Guest UmpireAJS

Ahm! Is Goldberg in,has he signed-then he won't be liking Nash. And IF Goldberg is in, I don't think you need to sign Nash if YOU [i know Eric would] are planning to get Hogan, but if you don't have Goldberg, you are planning to/not planning to get Hogan-then I say you sign Nash. In other words-sign only two of Goldberg/Nash/Hogan, the World Title is not a matter,A good three months reign at the start will keep them satisfied-as long you take the title and give them to JJ/Booker T/Steiner.

or a few WWF guys,if you can steal some.

BTW is JJ in? I didn't saw his name getting mentioned anywhere

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I say give Nash the guarentee. He's never bothered me, plus he was a big part of WCW and an established star in it. Even fi his stats are probably shit in the game. Personally i'd rather have Nash then Hogan...

But hey, it's your diary so it really comes down to you.

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-- Chapter Four --

Monday 26th March 2001

30 minutes before Nitro airs

Bischoff: OK Kev, you win, you'll get a title reign, guaranteed if WCW finds a buyer.

Nash: That's great man, thanks! Although, I do need this in writing you know?

Bischoff: Alright Kevin, meet me after the show here in my office and we'll settle the deal ok?

Nash: Whatever you say boss...

Bischoff: So for tonight, I was thinking that you should go...

Nash: Woah, woah Eric, I forgot to tell you man; I've not been medically cleared to compete tonight. I twisted my ankle over the weekend man, so I can't wrestle.

'Since when has that ever stopped you' Bischoff thought to himself.

Bischoff: OK, that's fine, no problem. All I want you to do is go out there and basically tell the fans that WCW means the world to you. Just put the company over as best you can, you know what I mean?

Nash: Yeah, about that...you see, I kinda made plans for tonight? I made them about a week ago. I'm meeting up with Scott (Hall), Sean (Waltman), and Paul (Levesque) and Shawn (Michaels). We're catching up on old times you know? Sorry about that, but you know, I'll do something to make it up to ya Bisch!

Bischoff: OK Nash, fine. You don't have to be here tonight, but when are you planning on signing the deal? Incase you've forgotten, all deals have to be done tonight, and if you're leaving, what's going to happen? You have to sign a contract now.

Nash: OK, you gonna get the stips sorted out then?

Bischoff: Don't have time. We go on the air in 20 minutes. Decide now Kevin. Sign the same deal everyone else has and trust that I'll honour our agreement, or walk out of here, never to work with us again!

Nash scoffed at Bischoff...

Nash: OK Eric, I trust you. You'll do what's right won't you?

Bischoff: You know where to sign the deal; just down the corridor it's all sorted out, all you have to do is sign one sheet of paper, and rip another one in half.

Nash: Well, I'll be going then. Oh and Eric? Don't try and screw me!

Nash stood up from the chair and walked out the office, slamming the door behind him. Bischoff let out a deep breath and slumped in his chair. 'What have I just done?' he thought to himself. 'This is suppose to be a new start for the company, and I've already just gone back on my word'. Bischoff knew that screwing around with Kevin Nash wasn't the brightest of ideas. One way or the other, Nash was going to get another World title reign. Bischoff slumped back in his chair even further, then quickly sat up as he looked at his watch. '15 minutes to airing? Crap!' Bischoff got up and quickly rushed out of his office to meet the troops. He knew that the staff had already gone over what was happening tonight, so he didn't need to do any of that tonight.

Tonight was where the changes would begin...

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-- Chapter Five --

Monday 26th March 2001

user posted image

user posted image

26th March 2001

Announcers: Tony Schiavone and Scott Hudson

Nitro opens with Eric Bischoff standing in the back, looking at the camera with a low look on his face.

Bischoff: Fans, tonight is a night of changes. Tonight is a night where World Championship Wrestling as you and everyone else knows it, ceases to exist. Tonight is the final Nitro on TNT, because after tonight, WCW will be closing its doors. It’s been a great 10 years since WCW split officially from the NWA, and there hasn’t been one forgettable day here in WCW. I would like to say, on behalf of every single man, woman and child involved with World Championship Wrestling; thank you. If it weren’t for you, we would never have made it out the starting blocks. Tonight is a Night of Champions, where all five championship belts are up for grabs. Enjoy Nitro fans, and we hope to be back within the next few months brining you WCW TV again!

Nitro opening sequence

Fireworks go off all around the ring, and we are greeted for possibly the last time by the voice of Tony Schiavone.

Schiavone: Welcome, to a landmark night in the industry, of sports entertainment! This is the final Nitro ever on Turner Network Television, and we don’t have a clue what is going to happen!

Hudson: It’s still hard to take in Tony; I can’t believe that tonight is the final Nitro on TNT!

Schiavone: Needless to say folks, tonight will be a night to remember! Tonight is the ‘Night of Champions’ as all five WCW titles are on the line. Tony Schiavone and Scott Hudson in our customary places at ringside bringing you Nitro for the final time.

Hudson: I can’t believe it, that after 10 years, it is finally coming to an end tonight.

Schiavone: We are going to go out with a bang though on the ‘Night of Champions’, as the Cruiserweight title is on the line as ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms defends against his bitter-rival Chavo Guerrero Jr. We’ll have a no.1 contenders match for the Cruiserweight Tag Team titles between the Jung Dragons, 3 Count and the Filthy Animals Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman; the winners going on to challenge the champions Kid Romeo and Elix Skipper later in the night. Team Canada, Mike Awesome and Lance Storm take on the Tag Team champions Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire for titles. And last but not least, a title vs. title match between the United States champion Booker T and the Heavyweight champion ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner.

Hudson: Tonight is certainly going to be a memorable night, and I for one don’t know what’s going to happen after tonight.

Schiavone: I don’t think anybody even has the slightest idea, except maybe Eric Bischoff or Ted Turner.

[Ric Flair’s music hits, and the Nature Boy makes his way out]

Schiavone: Listen to that would you?

Hudson: That can only mean one thing!

Schiavone: Who means more to WCW, who means WCW anymore than the man you’re watching take that long walk on WCW Nitro, ‘the Nature Boy’ Ric Flair!

Hudson: Who has been associated more with WCW than Flair? Who’s face was synonymous with World Championship Wrestling? It was thing man above all others! The 14-time World Heavyweight champion, the one and only Ric Flair!

Flair gets to the ring after a rousing ovation from the fans in attendance

Flair: Whoooooo! Did I, did I hear right? Did I hear Eric Bischoff say that WCW is closing its doors? Did I hear Eric Bischoff say that tonight is the final Nitro on TNT? Well one of those is 100% fact, but the other one is not going to happen, and I’ll give you one guess which of those it is! Tonight is the final Nitro ever on TNT, but WCW will NOT be closing its doors! Ted Turner may be selling this company, Ted Turner may be cancelling Nitro and Thunder, but do you think WCW is going to be dead and buried after tonight is over? To coin a phrase; I don’t think so! You know, at 12 o’clock today, someone very special said to me, do not go onto that show tonight knowing it’s the last time you’ll ever be on TNT or TBS, knowing it’s the last time. She said ‘don’t go out there crying, don’t go out there saying you’re sorry’ because I’m not! I’ve been, fourteen times the World champion, in my eyes, for the greatest wrestling organization in the world, WCW! We, I’m talking about the Stings, the Luger’s, the Steiner’s, the Road Warrior’s. I’m talking about my best friend, Arn Anderson, and the Four Horsemen. We have been on a par, and we have been equal to any wrestling organization in the world! Harley Race, Terry Funk, Jack Brisco, Lou Thesz, Dory Funk Jr., Dusty Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat, Lex Luger, Sting, Randy Savage, Bret Hart, and the ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair have made this company into the biggest wrestling franchise in the history of sports and entertainment, and we will not lay down and give up this great company to the sands of time! Tonight is not the last night of WCW, no way; tonight is just the end of one of the many chapters in WCW’s history! There are a couple of guys that are under WCW contract that didn’t come to work today because they heard it was the last night, but that’s not what we’re about! I’m talking about you Kevin Nash! I’m talking about you Brian Knobbs, the Harris Brothers! Everyone that loves the company is here. The boys that are here tonight, that are in the back, are the boys that love WCW and love this brand of entertainment! We’re not going anywhere! We’re staying right here, loyal to the end! We’re WCW! We bled and we sweat for this company, and we’ll do it again!

user posted image

Ric Flair stopped for a moment as the fans started to cheer louder than they had before, as Flair looked around with the ‘crazy old man’ look on his face.

Flair: That’s right. And in closing, in all my years in this sport, my greatest opponent with this company has been Sting! So tonight, if we’re going out, and we’re going out on a high-note, Stinger; the ‘Nature Boy’ wants you right here! Because…

The crowd popped for the mention of Sting’s name, and began a ‘Sting’ chant!

Flair: …that’s right! That’s right! Because, Sting! My greatest opponent, Sting, it’s your last chance! Your last chance to be…

Flair heard the crowds ‘Sting’ chants getting louder…and he joined in!

Flair: …Sting! Sting! Sting! To be the man, you gotta beat the man, and Sting I’m, the, man! Whooooo!

Schiavone: We have not seen Sting since November! And Ric Flair is challenging Sting to wrestle on the Night of Champions, but coming up next is title vs. title, champion vs. champion.

Commercial Break

Nitro returned as the WCW World Heavyweight champion Scott Steiner made his way to the ring, accompanied as always by his ‘freak’ Midajah.

Hudson: Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner is out here to put his title on the line for possibly the last time ever.

Schiavone: It’s a weird feeling isn’t it? When you know something is coming to an end, you have to wonder what you’re going to do when it arrives, and you just can’t imagine what must be going through the heads of everybody that is here today as a part of WCW. We honestly don’t know if tonight is the very last night that WCW will be around, because as far as we know it could be.

Hudson: But it could be a new beginning, and I guess that’s the best way to look at it!

Schiavone: Steiner will put his title on the line against a man who he put out of WCW, a man who he defeated for the WCW World Heavyweight title back in November of last year, a man who recently won the United States title against Scott’s own brother, Booker T!

--Title vs. Title--

WCW United States champion Booker T vs. WCW World Heavyweight champion Scott Steiner w/ Midajah

Steiner stood on the apron, and told the referee to make Booker T step back so he could get in. In this time, Booker went to far side of the ring and started to clap his hands, trying to get some support from the fans. As soon as the bell rung, Steiner stepped into the ring, and backed into a corner when Booker came towards him. The two locked up, with Booker getting a headlock before turning it into a go-behind. Steiner elbowed Booker in the face to break the hold, before trying to lay into the US champ with right hands. Booker blocked two attempts while hitting Steiner with several of his own before whipping Steiner off the ropes. Steiner reversed the whip and went for a clothesline, which was ducked by Booker who nailed a Harlem sidekick! Booker managed a two count off the kick, and picked Steiner off the mat before being forced into the corner where Steiner drove a knee into the stomach, followed up with several chops. Steiner was beating Booker down in the corner, and in between blows started yelling at the fans! Steiner then sent Booker T into the opposite corner, but on the way in ate a whole load of Booker T’s elbow! Booker with a clothesline…gets a near fall. Booker whipped Steiner into another corner before following up with another clothesline. Booker got onto the second rope and started to lay in punches, getting up to seven before Steiner grabbed Booker T’s legs and slammed him down hard in a powerbomb for another near fall. Steiner then threw Booker to the outside before being admonished by the referee. While the ref was busy with Steiner, Midajah slapped the taste right out of Booker’s mouth! Steiner climbed out onto the apron, and dropped a double-ax handle across the back of the Book man. Steiner grabbed the lead pipe and pushed Booker towards the turnbuckle before swinging…Booker ducked out of the way just in time! Booker was still down, and Steiner nailed him in the back with a forearm. Steiner was totally dominant, and even nailed his patented ‘bicep-kissing’ elbow drop during this period. Scott Hudson pointed out that between Steiner and Booker T, they have had 31 different title reigns! Steiner and Booker engaged in an exchange of rights, which Booker won before nailing the Scissors Kick! Booker waited for him to get up before pancacking Steiner, and then Booker showed off the Spinarooni! Booker stalked Steiner, and nailed another Harlem sidekick! Booker went to the fans and signalled it was time to end it. Steiner walked over and Booker went under for the Book End, but Steiner reversed it into a northern-lights suplex…1…2…kick out! Steiner was looking for a powerbomb, but Booker managed to push off of Steiner and land on his feet! Ducks a clothesline…Book End! 1…2…3, Booker T is the new WCW World Heavyweight champion!

Winner and NEW WCW World Heavyweight champion: Booker T

Schiavone: Booker T! Booker T! Booker T, is the new WCW champion! He’s got two titles, he’s the man!

Hudson: What a win for Booker, on the last Nitro, Booker wins the title for the fourth time!

Schiavone: Don’t hate the playa, love the game and we do. He conquered the monster, he got his revenge. The ‘Night of Champions’ continues right after this.

Commercial Break

Schiavone: Still to come here at the ‘Night of Champions’ Sting and Ric Flair will hook it up one more time. After the match, just look at this, this is how much WCW means to Booker T!

We saw a ‘moments ago’ video from the end of the match, and from during the break where Booker T went around the ring, gave everyone a high-five and said that he’s going to prove that he is the greatest professional wrestler in the history of the sport. He spent the entire break at ringside with the fans, and he was visibly crying. He held up both titles before the video ended.

user posted image

Schiavone: That’s what this company means to Booker T, he knows as do we all, that this could well be the final straw for WCW. Well we’ve got the big no.1 contender’s match for the Cruiserweight Tag Team titles up next!

Hudson: This match was requested by Kid Romeo and Elix Skipper, saying ‘let’s decide the no.1 contenders tonight, and then we’ll face them later’! And you know that means Rome and Prime Time will come in later tonight, fresh and rested against whoever wins this match.

Schiavone: It’s going to be Three Count, Moore and Karagias against the Jung Dragons, and of course Rey Mysterio Jr. and Billy Kidman, the Filthy Animals! Here they come, Mysterio and Kidman, no denying what they have meant to WCW, meant to the fans, meant to everyone here.

--No.1 contender match for the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team titles--

Jung Dragons vs. Three Count vs. the Filthy Animals

Kaz, Moore and Kidman started it out with Shannon stuck in the middle, trying to decide what to do. Shannon decided to get Kidman, but Kidman ducked and started pounding Hayashi against the ropes. Kidman whipped Kaz, who then took Shannon Moore down with a head scissors before Kidman popped up and took Hayashi to the mat with a frankensteiner of his own! Kidman stalked Hayashi, but Moore came from behind with a sunset flip, only to have the pin broken up by a stiff kick to the head from Hayashi! Karagias came into the ring and hit a version of a face buster of Kaz. Karagias took this chance to show off his ‘dance moves’ to the crowd, but thankfully it didn’t last to long as Yang got in, ducked a clothesline and slammed Evan Karagias down with a german suplex! Yang yelled at Karagias, and to add further insult to injury, mimicked Three Counts dancing! From the apron, Mysterio jumped onto the top rope and landed a dropkick to Yang sending him straight to the outside, where Mysterio followed up with a top-rope assisted standing 450-splash! Rey stood up to get the fans support, and in the instant he took his eye off the ball, Shannon Moore came flying over the top rope with a corkscrew plancha. Yang slowly made his way to his feet, but was back on the ground in an instant when Karagias came off the apron with a cross body. Shannon Moore knocked Kidman on his backside in the ring with a blow to the head before going to the top rope and taking out Kaz Hayashi, Yang and his partner Karagias with another corkscrew plancha! Not to be outdone, Kidman waited till three of the men on the outside had gotten to their feet…and nailed a standing Shooting Star Press! Mysterio took the action back into the ring by tossing Yang inside and pushing him away while he ascended to the top rope and caught Yang with a head scissors from the outside-in! Mysterio attempted his leg-scissors/bulldog move, but Yang caught him and smashed his face against the turnbuckle! Yang called for it, and went to the top rope and came smashing down on top of Mysterio with Yang Time! 1…2…Kidman saves! Kidman, he’s going for the Kid Krusher, wait, Shannon saved Yang…and drops Kidman with the Bottoms Up…1…2…a save from Kaz with yet another kick to the head. Yang sets Shannon More up on the top rope…and slams him down with Hayashi in sort of a powerbomb…1…2…Karagias breaks it up, and takes Kaz down with a neckbreaker. Karagias positions Kaz near the ropes, and connects with a beautiful 450-splash…1…2…Kidman saves again! Kidman takes Karagias over the top rope with a big cross body, at the same time that Shannon Moore blocked a bronco buster from Rey Rey with a nicely positioned boot to the groin! After a quick exchange, Shannon ended up on the apron where the two brawled a bit more, and Mysterio managed to get Shannon Moore’s head under the top rope. He went to the top…and dropped a guillotine leg drop! Mysterio covers…1…2…3! Mysterio and Kidman go on to face ‘Prime Time’ and Kid Romeo for the titles later tonight!

Winners: Rey Mysterio Jr. and Billy Kidman

Schiavone: The Filthy Animals will face the Cruiserweight Tag Team champions ‘Prime Time’ Elix Skipper and Kid Romeo later tonight!

Hudson: What a match!

Schiavone: They got another shot at the titles! Still to come, Ric Flair and Sting will go at it one last time, one-on-one.

Commercial Break

When Nitro returned from the break, video was being played from the previous week where Bam Bam Bigelow said to Shawn Stasiak and Stacy Keibler that he wanted to ‘tattoo that pretty little thing in the ring’. Stasiak, thinking Bam Bam meant Stacy, said that they had no problem with it, and that Stacy would do anything for him. Stacy seemed to have a problem with that though! Much to her delight, Bam Bam was referring to Stasiak himself!

Hudson: You heard it right, if Stasiak loses Bam Bam gets to tattoo him!

Schiavone: I’m sure getting a tattoo is weighing heavily on the mind of Shawn Stasiak, especially at this time!

Hudson: Wouldn’t surprise me! Stasiak cares about nothing more than his body and his good looks.

Schiavone: Well here comes the conniving Stacy Keibler, I guess to introduce Stasiak.

Keibler introduced Stasiak as ‘Shawn “the Man” Stasiak, and the two got into the ring and had a brief kiss, before Stasiak took the mic and told the booing fans to ‘shut up, listen, and learn’. The fans wouldn’t listen to him, and before he could say anything else ‘the Beast From the East’ Bam Bam Bigelow came running out with a box in hand, obviously full of tattooing equipment!

--Tattoo match--

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Shawn Stasiak w/ Stacy Keibler

Stasiak used Stacy as a shield while Bam Bam was swinging the box around, and as soon as the referee got the box away from him, Stasiak attacked with kicks to the mid-section and right hands to the face! Stasiak whipped Bam Bam off the ropes and tried to kick him in the chest, but Bigelow caught to leg, spun him around and knocked him to the ground with a clothesline! Stasiak up, Stasiak down with a right hand, back up and forced into the corner before being whipped to the other side. Bam Bam charged in, but Stasiak avoided the contact before nailing a clothesline to the Beast, knocking him to the mat. Stasiak took his time getting to the top rope while Bam Bam was slowly getting to his feet. Stasiak came off the top with a cross body…Bam Bam dodged it, he sidestepped it! Scoop slam from Bigelow, and the big man is going up stairs…diving headbutt! Bigelow covers Stasiak, but the referee is trying to get Stacy off the apron! Bigelow got up and walked towards Stacy, which told the leggy Keibler that it was time to leave! Stasiak got up and walked right into Bigelow, who set him up for the Greetings from Asbury Park, gut Stacy grabbed Stasiak’s legs, stopping Bigelow from hitting the move! Stasiak came out the back door, knee to the back…Hangmans Noose! Stasiak with the cover…1…2…3, Stasiak avoids getting himself tattooed!

Winner: Shawn Stasiak

Schiavone: My god Stasiak wins it! Damn it!

Hudson: Stasiak was going to get tattooed! The referee should be raising Bigelow’s hand right now!

Commercial Break

Nitro returns, and a ‘Night of Champions’ logo is on the screen, followed by pictures of past WCW legends: Sting, Vader, Hollywood Hogan, Lex Luger, Kevin Nash, Ric Flair, DDP, Dusty Rhodes, Goldberg, Ron Simmons, Jeff Jarrett, the Giant, Terry Funk, the Great Muta, Bret Hart, Sid Vicious, Barry Windham, Booker T, Scott Steiner which finished with a shot of the World Heavyweight title and a ‘Whoooo’ from the ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair!

Schiavone: January 14th at Sin, Chavo Guerrero Jr. retained the Cruiserweight title against Shane Helms!

Hudson: What a night it was in January, but a little over a month later at SuperBrawl Revenge, ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms won a six-man Cruiserweight match.

Schiavone: Then earlier this month at Greed, ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms finally climbed the mountain and won the Cruiserweight championship from Chavo Guerrero Jr.!

Hudson: People have been calling this Shane Helms the evolution of the Cruiserweight division

--WCW Cruiserweight title match--

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms ©

Helms went for a lock-up, but Chavo ducked under it and went behind, forcing Helms into a corner where he started to pound him on lower neck and back area. He tried to turn him around, behind Helms fought out of the corner and put Chavo there instead! Helms tried to whip Chavo into the corner, but Chavo reversed it, and then tried to follow Helms in, who had ducked the shot and ended up getting Chavo on his shoulders and slamming him face-first across his knee! Helms bounced off the ropes and caught Chavo with a big neckbreaker…1…2…kick out by the challenger. Helms telegraphed a backdrop and ended up being kicked in the chest before being clotheslined over the top rope. Chavo quickly tossed him back inside and then landed a belly-to-back suplex. Chavo put Helms on the top rope and tried for a superplex, but ‘Sugar’ Shane was holding the rope, and threw Chavo off the rope, making him splat down on the canvas! Helms came off the top, flew over Chavo and caught him in a sunset flip…1…2…kick out again by Chavo. Helms landed a couple of right hands before trying to whip Chavo across the ring, which was reversed and Chavo nearly took the champs head off with a clothesline, getting him a near fall. Chavo picked Helms up and laid into him with chops, but Helms blocked some, nailed a right hand of his own, went to the top rope and landed a cross-body, getting him a two-count for his trouble. Helms tried for a scoop slam, but Chavo slid out the back and hit a beautiful T-bone suplex…1…2…kick out. Lots of reversals here with Chavo ending the sequence with a northern lights suplex…1…2…kick out! Chops from Chavo against the ropes, Chavo tries a sunset flip but Helms sits down on him getting a two-count. The both get up, and then Helms sends Chavo to the mat with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. ‘Sugar’ Shane puts Chavo in a corner, pounding away at the head before sending him chest first into the turnbuckle. Chavo turns around where Helms is looking for the Sugar Smack, but Chavo rolls under it, tries a head scissors but ends up behind the champ with Helms’ head under his arm. Chavo lifts him up, but Helms goes right over and sends Chavo chest first into the turnbuckle again…Sugar Smack! ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms signals for the Vertebreaker. He gets him up behind him but Chavo rolls through and goes for a brainbuster, but Shane lands on his feet! Chavo goes for a clothesline, ducked…Vertebreaker! He got it…1…2…3, Helms is still the champion!

Winner and STILL Cruiserweight champion: ’Sugar’ Shane Helms

Schiavone: Yes! ‘Sugar’ Shane retains the gold! What a match there, Scott.

Hudson: It was a great match Tony, and these Cruiserweight’s are one of the highspots of WCW, no doubt about it!

Commercial Break

Schiavone: We’re back on the ‘Night of the Champions’, and we’ve already seen Booker T win the World Heavyweight title to add to his United States title. We’ve seen the Filthy Animals, Rey Mysterio Jr. and Billy Kidman become no.1 contenders for the Cruiserweight Tag Team titles, we’ve seen Shawn Stasiak escape being tattooed, and we’ve just seen ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms retain the Cruiserweight title against Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Hudson: The evolution of the Cruiserweight division, Shane Helms certainly took it up a notch tonight!

Schiavone: That’s right, but we are going to take things to another level as here comes Lance Storm and Mike Awesome for the Tag Team title match against the champions Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire.

Hudson: It was last week on Nitro; Palumbo went down for three count to the Awesome Bomb, and Team Canada feel they deserve the shot at the titles tonight! They think they’re the uncrowned champions.

Storm and Awesome got into the ring and Storm obviously had something to say.

Storm: If I can be serious for a minute…Last week, we started on a road to the Tag Team titles. Well that road ends tonight! All rise for the new Tag Team champions, and the Canadian national anthem!

Storm and Awesome stood straight in the ring, awaiting the national anthem to begin, but instead of the Canadian national anthem, the music of the champions played, and Palumbo and O’Haire rushed down to the ring to start the match!

--WCW Tag Team title match--

Lance Storm and Mike Awesome vs. Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire ©

O’Haire and Storm circled one-another, both going for a lock-up but Storm countered it into a grapple from behind. O’Haire reversed into one of his own, but Storm reversed that into an armbar, putting his foot behind the knee of O’Haire and taking him to the mat before locking in a headlock. O’Haire managed to fight out of it and take Storm over with a wrist-throw. O’Haire forced Storm into their corner, and tagged in his partner Chuck Palumbo. Palumbo started pounding away at Storm with that lethal right hand of his and whipped Storm to the ropes, leap frogged Storm once and then caught Storm’s cross body attempt and landed a great fall away slam! Palumbo got caught up in the moment and punched Awesome off the apron, but then fell to the mat when Storm knocked half his teeth out with a super kick! Storm tagged in Awesome and set Palumbo up on the mat for Awesome to launch himself from the apron and splash Palumbo to get a near fall. Awesome launched Palumbo into a neutral corner, where Palumbo jumped right over him and started pounding away with right hands. Palumbo sent Awesome to the opposite corner where Awesome jumped onto the ropes and hit a elbow to the face, then knocked O’Haire off the apron before started to kick away at his opponent again. Awesome with a tag to Storm, who started out with chops in the corner. Palumbo pushed Storm away from him, then blocked a right hand before catching a dropkick from Storm and slingshotting him into the turnbuckle! Palumbo caught him coming in a got a roll-up…1…2…kick out and dropkick to the jaw on Palumbo! Ow! Both men were down, and both managed to tag in their partners at the same time, with O’Haire coming in and taking on both Storm and Awesome. O’Haire caught Awesome off of an Irish-whip, and landed him down with some cruel intentions! Another near fall there, with Storm breaking it up. This prompted Chuck Palumbo to get in the ring and in soon developed into a free-for-all! Palumbo and O’Haire tried to whip Awesome and Storm into one-another, but it was blocked. Awesome took O’Haire down with a clothesline while Storm landed another super kick to Palumbo’s jaw. Storm tossed O’Haire outside, so the challengers had Palumbo all to themselves. They whipped O’Haire to the ropes, O’Haire ducked a double-clothesline, while O’Haire grabbed the legs of Lance Storm taking him outside. Awesome kicked Palumbo in the mid-section and prepared for the Awesome Bomb. Wait, Palumbo came out the back door…jungle kick to Mike Awesome! Palumbo said it was over, as Sean O’Haire went to the top rope…Seanton Bomb…1…2…3! It’s over, they have retained the titles!

Winners and STILL Tag Team champions: Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire

Schiavone: Still the Tag Team champions, the young men, Palumbo and O’Haire! Still to come, the Cruiserweight Tag Team title match, and of course, one last time, the ‘Nature Boy’ takes on Sting!

Commercial Break

Schiavone: We’re back on Nitro, the ‘Night of Champions’, and we’ve got an amazing encounter coming right up.

Hudson: No doubt there Tony; the Filthy Animals against the Cruiserweight Tag Team champions ‘Prime Time’ and Kid Romeo, and here come the champions!

--WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team title match--

The Filthy Animals vs. Kid Romeo and ‘Prime Time’ Elix Skipper ©

The match started as soon as the challengers got to the ring, with Skipper knocking Kidman to the mat and kicking away at him in the corner. Skipper sent Kidman to the opposite corner where Kidman grabbed the ropes and went into the air, coming down and round with a head scissors on Skipper. After a whip to the ropes by Kidman, and couple of reversals, Kidman managed to catch ‘Prime Time’ in a version of a full nelson, and then stayed still for Mysterio to hit a springboard dropkick to the face of Skipper! Kidman took a bit of the blow as well it seemed, and was just able to make a cover before Romeo came in and broke it up. Kidman tried to send Skipper off the ropes, but Skipper reversed the whip, Romeo nailed Kidman in the back from the apron and ‘Prime Time’ hit a perfect belly-to-belly before bringing Kid Romeo into the fray. Romeo stood on the top rope, and with extra power from Elix Skipper landed on Billy Kidman with a senton splash! Romeo struck Mysterio, bringing him inside to try and get a shot at Romeo. The referee tried to get him out of the ring, and at the same time the champs were stomping away at Kidman! Romeo sent Kidman to the opposite turnbuckle, but ate some boot as he came in. He caught his breath for a second, then charged at Romeo to be kicked in the gut, and nailed with an overhead powerbomb! Romeo made the tag to Skipper who whipped Kidman off the ropes, missed a clothesline, missed a second, Kidman hits a crossbody…1…2…kick out! Skipper got to his feet first and hit a spinning kick to the face of Billy Kidman. ‘Prime Time’ tagged Kid Romeo back in to the match and went to the top to try something…but Kidman caught him in midair with a standing dropkick! Mysterio started whacking away at the turnbuckle padding, trying to get the crowd riled up to cheer on Kidman. Tag to Rey Jr.! Skipper comes in…Mysterio with springboard senton to Skipper. Romeo comes off the ropes…tornado DDT from Mysterio…1…2…Skipper breaks it up! Skipper and Romeo tried to double team Mysterio, and Skipper thrust Rey Jr. onto the shoulders of Romeo, but Mysterio started punching away at him, and eventually the two fell over the top rope. Kidman pounded Skipper into a corner, and when Mysterio got into the ring, he got to his knees for Mysterio to use him as a stepping stone to whack Skipper right in the side of the head! Mysterio signalled for something, and then helped Kidman build up speed to go feet first into the groin on Elix Skipper! Mysterio then followed up with the broncobuster! Kidman and Mysterio were busy with Skipper, and neither saw Romeo come from nowhere, take Kidman to the mat with a clothesline and then clothesline Mysterio of the turnbuckle to the outside. Kid Romeo has Kidman set up…double underhook facebuster! Romeo has the cover…1…2…Rey Jr. breaks it up. Mysterio gets Romeo, and slams him down with a powerbomb before going to the apron, climbing on the ropes and dropping a headbutt! 1…2…Skipper breaks it up, and then sets up Mysterio on his shoulders before falling back in a pinning predicament…1…2…Kidman breaks this one up. Skipper got the better of Kidman in the corner and then signalled for the Play of the Day, but Kidman got out of it and grabbed the arms…Kid Krusher! Kidman covers…1…2…3, the Filthy Animals are the new champions!

Winners and NEW Cruiserweight Tag Team champions: the Filthy Animals

Schiavone: New champions! Kidman and Rey Jr. win the match in style!

Hudson: Only the second Cruiserweight Tag Team champs as well!

Schiavone: On this night of champions, where all five WCW titles have been on the line, we’ve seen two title changes, and those are Booker T winning the World Heavyweight title from ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner, and just now the Filthy Animals captured the Cruiserweight Tag Team titles!

Hudson: I can’t believe it! These two met in the finals of the tournament that crowned the first champions, and this time the Animals came out on time!

Schiavone: Still to come is Sting and the ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair! Don’t go anywhere!

Nitro cut to see a black room with loads of baseball bats hanging from the ceiling…with Sting standing amongst them!

user posted image

Sting: Surprise surprise! The Stinger is back, but of course; did you think I would miss this night? Not for nothing would I miss this night! This is a historic night. One more dance with the ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. We started it years ago Ric, and tonight we’re gonna end it once and for all! And for all you fans out there, who are wondering what the future holds for Sting, well. The only thing, for sure about Sting…is nothings for sure. IT’S SHOWTIME FOLKS!

Sting walks off the screen, and the camera cuts to the ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair walking down a corridor with his blue glittering robe on, with a WCW Monday Nitro shirt beneath it!

Schiavone: You are looking at a man who may be making his final walk to the ring ever. What a career, and that is a gross understatement I know. Very few men of any walk of life, of any sports entertainment venture can say they’ve had the career of Ric Flair. He’s done it all; fourteen times the World champ, and for me personally, a good friend for a long, long time. What he means for WCW, he is the embodiment of World Championship Wrestling. The gold belt that Booker T now holds, was for made for Ric Flair, he was the first man to hold it and is he know, saying goodbye to the fans that have followed his career Scott, for the very last time. What must be going through the mind of Ric Flair?

Hudson: Ric Flair, I guarantee you Tony what’s going through his mind is his opponent, like it always was. Who’s gonna step through those ropes; it’s going to be Sting.

Schiavone: It’s Ric Flair vs. Sting…NEXT, ON NITRO!

Commercial Break

Schiavone: Welcome back, and yes, we have no idea if we will ever bring you World Championship Wrestling again. The last night on TNT, and here comes a man who has meant everything to many fans around the world. Sting arrives back, and you heard what he said, he wouldn’t miss this for the world! Right now, this is one for all the fans who love World Championship Wrestling throughout the years. Darn it Scott, we as announcers are gonna kick it into high gear!

Hudson: When people were jumping from WCW to the WWF, even Ric Flair made the jump but this man was loyal. He bled WCW. He slept WCW. A seven-time World Heavyweight champion, this man proved night, after night what loyalty meant, and tonight, he and Ric Flair are gonna finish off Nitro. They started it in Minneapolis in 1995, they blow it out of the water at PCB in 2001!

Sting vs. Ric Flair

Flair and Sting started off with a ‘Whoooo’ from Flair, followed up with a howl from Sting! Flair and Sting circled each other, warming up in the ring by bouncing and stretching off the ropes before locking it up! Flair forced Sting into a corner, and Sting used his power to shove Flair off him, sending him across the ring! Flair complained to the ref that Sting used the hair and shoved the referee…and the ref shoved him back! Sting and Flair locked up again, with Flair getting a headlock before Sting bounced him off the ropes, sending Flair across the ring and then knocked him down with a standing shoulder block. Flair got up, looked at Sting, ran off the ropes…but Sting knocked him down again the same way as before! Flair got up and threatened to hit Sting, so Sting said ‘go on, hit me’ by pointing to his face. Flair backed into a corner, and then the two men again circled one another. They went for a test of strength by locking hands, and Flair yelled out in pain as Sting overpowered him, forcing his hands down, but Flair managed to get out and the ‘dirtiest player in the game’ showed why he’s named that with a thumb to the eye to break it up. Flair forces Sting to the corner and smacks him across the chest with a knife edge chop, then a slap to the face, another chop and another…but Sting changes the tide by putting Flair in the corner and unloads with kicks to the mid-sections, blows to the face and finishes it off with a hip toss out of the corner! Standing dropkick from the Stinger to take Flair down again and Flair rolls outside to regroup. Flair walks around the ring, as Sting howls at the fans inside. Flair walks up the stairs and returns to the ring and puts his hands to get Sting to back off. Sting stops to listen to the growing ‘Stinger! Stinger!’ chants that are filling the air before locking up again. Flair with the headlock, Sting sends him off the ropes and this time Flair sends Sting down to the canvas with a running shoulder block. Flair runs over Sting, bounces off the rope and stops when Sting tries to leapfrog him and backs right into a corner. Flair has his hands up, telling Sting ‘no, no!’ and backs down in the corner. The two men smile at each other, and Flair gets up to do a ‘mini-strut’ across the ring. Flair feints a lock up and kicks Sting in the chest before trying an Irish whip off the ropes, which was reversed by Sting for the man in black and white to land a Gorilla press slam! Flair writhes around in pain on the mat and backs off into a corner with his hands up, hoping Sting will leave him alone, but Sting goes to the corner with him and gets a 10-punch to the head of the ‘Nature Boy’. Sting walks away…Flair flop! Sting holds out his arms in the ring, bows, and then lets out a howl before going back for Flair. Flair gets a chop to no avail, and Sting has Flair by throat. Flair drops down to his knees, and as the referee is admonishing Sting for the choke, Flair low-blows Sting, dropping him to his knees. Flair comes off the ropes and kicks Sting right in the head and as soon as Sting is back to his feet, Flair takes him to the corner and chops away at the chest before taking him down to the mat with a snapmare. Flair goes to the corner…Flair with the knee drop, and there’s the strut! Flair with a straight chop to Sting that seemed to have knocked the wind out of him, as he falls to the canvas. Sting gets a small flurry before Flair snapmares him down before going to the towrope…Sting throws him halfway across the ring! Sting is building up momentum with two successive clotheslines, but misses a dropkick as Flair holds onto the ropes. Flair lets out a huge ‘Whoooo’ before locking in his patented Figure-Four Leg Lock. The ref is asking Sting if he wants to give up, and as he does this Flair is using the ropes for extra leverage. Sting’s shoulder go down for a two-count twice, but after the second one Sting pulls Flair further into the ring, away from the ropes! Sting tries to turn Flair over, and as soon as he does Flair quickly releases it. Both men get to their feet, with Sting visibly limping around. Flair goes over to the Stinger and lands a chop…but Sting just sucks it up! Flair hits him in the face, and Sting mocks Hulk Hogan, showing the muscles and sends Flair into a corner where he kicks, punches and chops away before sending him across the ring where Flair gets turned inside out against the turnbuckle! Sting sets Flair up on the top rope…superplex from Sting, and then Sting immediately locks in the Scorpion Death Lock! Flair holds on for a few seconds before nodding his head, motioning that he’s giving it up!

Winner: Sting

Sting releases the hold, walks around the ring as his music plays and the fans cheer before going over to Flair, helping him to his feet and hugging the man who he has been bitter rivals with for years! The two legends shake and raise each others hands before hugging again.

Schiavone: Sting! Sting wins! Sting defeats Ric Flair here, on the final telecast of Monday Nitro on TNT! This is what we’re all about!

Hudson: Sting knows that Ric Flair made him at the Clash of the Champions that’s ultimate respect!

Schaivone: It is…

Hudson: From two men, who I have to say I am huge fans of. They make me continue to be fans of professional wrestling. Thank you Steve Borden, thank you Ric Flair for everything you’ve meant to this sport.

Schiavone: It’s been an emotional roller coaster for all of us fans. The uncertainty of our jobs, our future and of what we love, what we breathe and what we live. We don’t just work for WCW, we live for WCW. And I know Flair, and many of the fans will agree. It’s been a ride, a ride we’ll never forget, but it’s time to close this chapter of the book and see where things go from here. Goodbye everyone, we hope it won’t be the last time!

Hudson: Goodbye everyone.

Nitro then went off the air with the image of Ric Flair and Sting hugging in the ring.

user posted image

BTW, I made this similar (see: almost exact) to the real Nitro because it's essentially part of the backstory

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-- Chapter Six

Tuesday 27th March 2001

Eric Bischoff woke up quite late today by his standards; 10 in the morning. He got washed, dressed, yada yada and then found that he had recieved a fax from his personal assistant Sophie. He read the letter to himself.

"Hey, I've just finished going over the contracts that the boys signed last night, and I'm quite pleased to inform you that most of the guys resigned! In fact, here's a list of everyone that signed the two-month contract:

Air Paris

AJ Styles

Big Vito

Billy Kidman

Booker T

Bryan Clarke

Buff Bagwell


Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Chris Candido

Chris Kanyon

Chuck Palumbo


David Flair

Diamond Dallas Page

Disco Inferno

Dustin Rhodes

Elix Skipper

Evan Karagias


Hugh Morrus

Jamie Knoble

Jason Jett

Jeff Jarrett

Jimmy Yang

Johnny the Bull

Kaz Hayashi

Kevin Nash

Kid Romeo

Lance Storm

Lex Luger

Mark Jindrak


Mike Awesome

Mike Sanders

Norman Smiley

Rey Misterio Jr.

Ric Flair

Rick Steiner

Road Warrior Animal

Scott Steiner

Sean O’Haire

Shane Helms

Shannon Moore

Shawn Stasiak

Stacy Keibler


Tammy Sytch

The Cat

The Wall

Torrie Wilson

Now, a couple of the guys didn't sign, but I remember to tell Don and Ron Harris that they would've been released anyway, so as you can imagine, they weren't to happy about that. They wanted to talk to you, but I told them you had a very important meeting this week and that you wouldn't be available."

Ha ha, thank you Sophie Bischoff said out loud. He didn't want the Harris Brothers around anymore. They're had been a couple of complaints from people that they were racist, and he didn't want any racist's around after the last time! Plus he thought they sucked in the ring. He looked back down at the fax...

"Well, he's a full list of all the old contracts that I still have here, of all the guys that didn't sign the new deal including the Harris':

Alex Wright

Bam Bam Bigelow

Brian Adams

Brian Knobbs

Don Harris

Dusty Rhodes

Jim Duggan

Jimmy Hart

Major Gunns

MI Smooth

Miss Elizabeth

Miss Jones



Ron Harris

Shane Douglas


Stevie Ray

Terry Funk

Wayne DeBruce

Hmm, no real loses there I guess. Brian Adams not signing is a bit annoying though, where the hell will that leave Bryan Clarke?. Bischoff knew that the roster looked good, a good couple of cuts here and there from guys that had no real use. The biggest loss was probably...um...well, Shane Douglas I guess! Well. Bischoff thought best start trying to find a buyer!

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Really liking it so far. The backstory was pretty damn good too. The only real problem I have is what everyone seems to do and that is letting go of people. I would have really wanted to see you keep the likes of Bam Bam, Miss Elizabeth, Stevie Ray, Shane Douglas and maybe a few more of them. Please, and I say please, do not push AJ Styles to the moon. It seems every WCW diary I see the people give AJ a super push.

One thing though, push David Flair to world title mode :) (maybe not that high but you get me)

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Really liking it so far. The backstory was pretty damn good too. The only real problem I have is what everyone seems to do and that is letting go of people. I would have really wanted to see you keep the likes of Bam Bam, Miss Elizabeth, Stevie Ray, Shane Douglas and maybe a few more of them. Please, and I say please, do not push AJ Styles to the moon. It seems every WCW diary I see the people give AJ a super push.

One thing though, push David Flair to world title mode :) (maybe not that high but you get me)

About the release things, all I can say is that it's not a final word. I have Luger remember? You might not have seen the last of Miss Elizabeth! Come on! Give me some marks! I kept Lex Luger, David Flair and Buff Bagwell didn't I?

Oh, and don't worry, I guarantee Styles will NOT get pushed to the moon, nowhere near actually ;).

The backstory isn't finished, so there could be a couple of returns and so on before I actually get started.

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-- Chapter Seven --

Thursday 5th April 2001

The call from Turner

Sophie was working downstairs in Eric Bischoff's mansion/house/thing, working on trying to finalise a deal to sell World Championship Wrestling, but they had pulled out at the last second, leaving WCW still without a buyer. She put her heads in her hand, and then the phone rang. She answered it, and it was Ted Turner on the other end!

She shouted up the stairs to let Bischoff know there was a call for him.

Bischoff was upstairs trying to sort out his own deal with WCW. He was still hell bent on buying the company himself, but he just couldn't raise the funds on his own. A couple of thoughts crossed his mind while he thought about where the money could come from. Over my dead body will I ask him for help. I don't want to see the look on his face when I ask for his help. He sat and thought for a minute, then he heard Sophie yell there was someone on the phone. He picked it up...

Bischoff: Hello?

Turner: Ah Eric, it's Ted Turner here.

Bischoff quickly sat up in his chair, as if Ted Turner had just walked in the room.

Bischoff: Mr. Turner! Hi! Um, I've ran into a couple of snags with the deal. Unfortunately it's broken down. But I need...

Turner: Look Eric, I know you really want to keep WCW going, but I'm afraid I have to sell soon. Now, I've found WCW a buyer...

Bischoff's eyes lit up at this...

Bischoff: You have? When? How? Who?

Turner: Actually, I've had them lined up for a couple of weeks. You're not going to like it Eric...the buyer is Vince McMahon.

Bischoff: WHAT!?! You can't! Not to McMahon! Please Ted you can't!

Turner: The deals almost done. All it needs is my signature to finalise the deal. The contract is sitting right here in front of me. I've told the sale of WCW will go through for $10m to Vince McMahon in one week. Now Eric, you've got one week to find a buyer that will equal the bid. You don't even have to out bid McMahon.

Bischoff: I...I...I don't think I can get it done in a week Mr. Turner, but I'll try. Just don't sell the company before then!

Turner: Don't worry Eric, but get something sorted out by next Thursday, or I'm selling WCW to Vince McMahon, you got that?

Bischoff: OK Mr. Turner, goodbye.

Bischoff hung up the phone and slammed his fists down on his desk. 'I knew it! I knew McMahon would do this!' He spent the next hour or so caught up in his thoughts, trying to work out what he was going to do to get WCW sold within ONE WEEK! Bischoff then thought back to the ideas he was having before, and then realised that he knew what he had to do. He picked up the phone and dialled the number...

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-- Chapter Eight --

Saturday 7th April 2005

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures...


Bischoff was sitting in his office, twiddling his thumbs, biting his nails and scruffling up his hair, waiting for the arrival of the man who could save WCW. He was meeting him here in just under half an hour, but he was already having second thoughts about it.

He realised just after he got off the phone with Ted Turner on Thursday that he had to call him. Turner told him he had until this coming Thursday to find somebody to buy the company, because if he didn't, World Championship Wrestling would be owned by none other than 'the Devil himself' (Bischoff's words) Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

His own attempts to buy the company were hiting brick walls, with the financing being a huge problem. He could probably buy the company, shouldn't be much of a problem, but financing it from then on in would be a problem. WCW had severe financial problems when it was owned by a billionairre, how would he be able to fund it on his own? He couldn't, and that was why he made the call; the call to a man he had had problems with in the past...Ric Flair!

He knew that Flair had made a hell of a lot of money in his near 30-year long career in the business, and although the two rarely if ever saw eye-to-eye, he knew that there was something they both had in common; a love for WCW.

Flair and Bischoff had a 'heated' conversation on the phone on Thursday, where Bischoff told Flair he needed his help to buy WCW. Flair initially thought it was a joke, but Bischoff told him that he was DEADLY serious. Flair brought up their history, and said that he didn't want anything to do with 'the backstabbing bastard' (quoted from Mr. Flair himself). Bischoff said he wans't about to apologise for any of the shit he had done in the past, but he said he needed to seal this deal within a week, or WCW would be sold to Vince McMahon. They 'talked' about the ownership side of things, amongst other stuff, and Flair agreed to meet Bischoff today at 12:30 in the afternoon.


Bischoff heard the door bell ring, and immediatly sat up in his chair. 'Is that Flair?' He thought to himself, Do I really want to ask him for help?. The bell rang a second time, and Bischoff hopped out of his chair and walked down the stiars to open the door...and see both Ric Flair AND Steve Borden, a.k.a Sting at the door!

Bischoff: Um...hey Ric, hey Steve. Um, no offence Steve, but what are you doing here?

Flair: I'll explain in a minute. May we come in?

Bischoff: Um...sure, this way.

Bischoff showed them in and led them into his living room to talk business.

Bischoff: So, what is this? I wanted to talk to you Ric about buying the comp...

Flair: I know Eric, and to cut to the chase...WE will help you buy WCW.

Bischoff's face lit up like a light, but quickly dropped as he quickly realised the situation he was in.

Bischoff: We? You? Both of you? What do you mean?

Sting: Well, we've been talking about it since about February, buying the company I mean. Myself and Ric want nothing more than to see WCW stay in business, and we're willing to put our own money in to making this venture work. We've heard rumours about the WWF trying to buy WCW from Turner, and we don't want that to happen anymore than you do. So Ric told me about the conversation you had, and then gave me a ring, telling me to meet him here today to try and sort out a deal.

Bischoff: OK, I understand. It makes sense I guess; three of the biggest names in WCW history worknig together to buy the company and rebuild...

Flair stood up...

Flair: You got it right Bischoff; together is the word. That means, no decisions are made without consulting the other two owners. That means, I can't make a decision without talking about it with Steve AND you, and so on. This is to prevent YOU from screwing around with people's lives, which if I remember correctly you enjoy doing, and it is also to stop people for signing their friends or signing people and STUPIDLY giving people guaranteed title reigns...

Bischoff took a hard gulp, ala Vince McMahon...

Flair: ...and so we can get the best out of the company.

Sting: We can make this work. You two have had a lot of problems in the past, but you need to put them partially behind you if this is going to work. Let's put it like this Eric; you can't do this without us, and we can't do it without you.

Bischoff stood up, paced around a little while looking at Flair and Borden.

Bischoff: OK...let's talk business...

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Guest y2gudge

Bischoff's fucked! :lol: I knew it would happen as soon as I saw it but now I'm certain that Big Daddy Cool is gonna Jacknife Bischoff on his neck...

I'm enjoying the reminder of the final TNT Nitro and hopefully you won't rush straight into a TV deal, maybe a few small events first?


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Damn this is getting good man, When Flair talked about the title reigns I just knew something good was about to happen. This looks very promising man. Sting/Flair/Bischoff working together sounds like it could go very well. I can't wait to see the whole situation with Nash explode when Flair/Sting get in his face about the title reign. (If it does happen). And looking forward to seeing what Vince will do when he finds out someone else bought WCW from him. Looking forward to reading more of this. Great job man.

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-- Chapter Nine --

Sunday 8th April 2001

The Deal is finalised...or is it?

Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair and Sting spent hours yesterday going through how the company would be run. Who would have the creative control, who would deal with the shows and signings and what not. They all agreed that Vince Russo would be kept with the company, albeit with no on-air role, and less of a responsibility in the writing department. Eventually, all three men came to the agreement that they would buy the company together.

Bischoff had mixed feelings about it of course. He was overjoyed because he was going to be saving WCW and would have a major role in it, but was a dejected because he knew that pretty much all decisions would have to go through Flair and Sting. This, of course left him up shits creek in respect to Kevin Nash. He knew that Flair and Sting wouldn't agree to what he did (giving Nash a guaranteed title reign) and he thought they would look to screw around with any future decisions he wanted to make just to get back at him.

Bischoff didn't know what to do. He knew that in about ten minutes, Ted Turner would return from a meeting and he'd give him a call to finalise the deal, but he had no idea what to do with Kevin Nash? 'Should I phone him; tell him the deal is off? No, I can't do that because he'd only just sign with McMahon, and then down the line he'd tell Flair and Steve about it' Oh Bischoff was in a real dilemma here. He knew the only way to do cover his tracks would be to come up with some sorta feud that would see Nash end up with the strap. He also knew that he would have to convince his "co-owners" that it was a good idea.

Bischoff slumped back in his chair, and then check his watch; Two o'clock, time to ring Turner.... Bischoff picked up the phone, and dialled the head office of TNT where Ted should've just come out of a meeting. The phone rang a couple of times, before a woman's voice greeted him on the other end. They exchanged greetings, and Bischoff reminded her that he needed to talk to Mr. Turner. She said that he should've come out of the meeting by know, and that she would transfer him over. She put him on hold, and there Bischoff waited for twenty minutes!!

'This is bloody rediculous!' Bischoff mumbled quietly, 'If he isn't in, why didn't the woman just tell me to...'

Turner: Eric? Who are you talking to?

Bischoff immedietly shut up.

Bischoff: I uh...nobody. Mr. Turner, I've found a buyer. A buyer who will equal McMahon's bid of £10m. We're all ready to sign the deal and everything to finalise it.

Turner: Ah, I knew you would. So then, who is it?

Bischoff: Well, actually it's me...and Steve Borden and Ric Flair.

Turner: Who?

'Senile old fool' Bischoff thought to himself.

Bischoff: MYSELF, STEVE BORDEN AND RIC FLAIR! We've agreed to put our money together to buy the company off of you, and we'll control the company together as a group.

Turner: Oh! Them! You? Of course. Well, that's great news Eric. I'll tell you what; as soon as we get the paper work done, I'll get my secretary to fax a copy to you, Flair and Borden. It'll get there before the end of the day, so if all goes smoothly, WCW will be legaly yours by tomorrow.

Bischoff: Thanks Ted, I owe you for holding the deal off with McMahon. Speaking of him, I take it you'll be giving him a ring, letting him know the company has been sold to someone else?

Turner: Yes...?

Bischoff: I don't suppose you could record the conversation; send it to me?

Turner: Ha ha, nice one Eric. It'll get there in a few hours, good luck with WCW in the future. Goodbye.

Bischoff said goodbye, and then Ted Turner hung up the phone. 'OK, everything is going well, by tomorrow I should own a third of WCW.' Bischoff leaned back in his chair, and clasped his hands behind his head, not forgetting the huge grin that formed across his face.

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I read the latest chapter earlier and man this is getting good. The deal with Nash is going to turn out to be something good. Maybe Bischoff will sign Scott Hall in turn for not giving Nash the title? Or Bischoff will fast talk his way into giving Nash the title.

As for the TV shows, Since the WCW shows got cancelled I could see Bischoff going to the USA network for a deal. Just to show Vince up even more.

BTW I really liked this part

Bischoff: Thanks Ted, I owe you for holding the deal off with McMahon. Speaking of him, I take it you'll be giving him a ring, letting him know the company has been sold to someone else?

Turner: Yes...?

Bischoff: I don't suppose you could record the conversation; send it to me?

Turner: Ha ha, nice one Eric. It'll get there in a few hours, good luck with WCW in the future. Goodbye.

Good stuff man

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