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World Championship Wrestling - 2001


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Opening credits roll to an overture of wrestling themes, beginning with “Alzo Spracht Zarathustra”, Ric Flair’s entrance music, before it fades into “Pomp & Circumstance” (Randy Savage) and then into “Exodus” (Curt Hennig) before fading into the “Carmina Burana”. Throughout the beginning we are shown gentle images of wrestlers making their way to the ring, with a lingering shot of Ric Flair at Starrcade 83, before the rapid part of the “Carmina Burana” kicks in and we start to see clips of wrestling, with bumps aplenty, before fading into a studio setting. Cameras scan the audience before resting on a man sitting in a plain chair on a small black stage. Opposite him is another chair with a small coffee table in between.

Steven Anthony: Hello and welcome to another edition of “Inside the Wrestling Arena” with me, Steven Anthony. The show where we bring the best names in wrestling into the studio and let them open up and talk freely. Now tonight ladies and gentlemen, I am extremely, extremely privileged to have alongside me, a man I first met many, many years ago, in a fleeting conversation that he no doubt forgot as soon as it was over. Since then he has gone on to become one of the biggest names in wrestling, and he’s still only 30. Ladies and gentlemen, will you please join me, in welcoming Andrew Gray to the studio.

The small studio audience begins clapping as Andrew Gray comes through a door to stage right and climbs onto the stage. The two men shake hands and sit down. Gray takes a sip of water before they begin.

Steven Anthony: Andrew Gray everybody! Well first off it is an absolute pleasure to have you here.

Andrew Gray: Thanks, it’s nice to be here.

Steven Anthony: I can’t believe we actually have you on the sofa today.

Andrew Gray: Thanks and can I say just before we begin, that I do remember our chat years and years ago when we first met. If I remember rightly, your words to me were “Any spare change?” and I told you to sod off and get a job.

Steven Anthony: Haha…………that actually is the truth…..

Andrew Gray: Ha ha!

Steven Anthony: I needed some change to call my wife okay!

Andrew Gray: Okay, okay.

Andrew makes the ‘Glug Glug’ gesture with hands, and the audience laughs.

Steven Anthony: Stop that!

Andrew Gray: Alright…..

Steven Anthony: Let’s get started. I have a feeling this is going to be a hard interview.

Andrew Gray: Nonsense, I’ll be very cordial.

Steven Anthony: I hope so, but lets go right back to the beginning. Tell us about it.

Andrew Gray: Well I was conceived on a warm May evening and…

Steven Anthony: No, no, no! The beginning of your involvement with wrestling.

Andrew Gray: Oh right, that’s a shame, I had a great story about my birth too.

Steven Anthony: Maybe another time, for now let’s stick to wrestling.

Andrew Gray: It’s your show.

Steven Anthony: How did you get started in the business?

Andrew Gray: A very good question. I got started in the business when I was 19. I was at a Butlin’s holiday camp in Scarborough, working as a Redcoat and there was wrestling there. I liked wrestling and watched it on ITV all the time, but I didn’t know how you went about being a wrestler. Thankfully I bumped into Drew McDonald and he noticed the Glasgow accent and we got to talking. He’d just turned professional himself and so I asked him politely how he got started in wrestling, and he said you needed someone to train you. So I just asked him if he’d train me. Thankfully he said yes and we went from there.

Steven Anthony: So what did you do then? Were there long car journeys in store for you?

Andrew Gray: Not exactly, this was about 1990. Every weekend the wrestling would come back to the camp so I’d always make sure I was working in the entertainment complex so I could watch. After that first day and everyone had gone, Drew came back out into the ring and shouted at me to get in. I did and he pushed me back, I fell and he said “Right, let’s work on your bumping” and that’s how I got started.

Steven Anthony: And after the holiday camp closed after summer what happened?

Andrew Gray: Well after that I would head across Glasgow every night to his house where we’d train. He had a garage and a wrestling ring in there, which ran along three of the walls. He’d show me holds and teach me different things each night. Then every Sunday there would be a test.

Steven Anthony: What kind of test?

Andrew Gray: Well we’d have worked on submission wrestling during the week so he’d lock in a figure four and then tell me to get out of it. He’d keep me in the hold till I found a way out of it. The first time he did that he held me in the figure four for about 25 minutes because I couldn’t find a way out. Then he told me just to roll over. I didn’t know why I had forgotten that was how to reverse the figure four, but I did. I thanked Drew, rolled over and the pain just drifted out of me, then I heard Drew screaming in pain.

Steven Anthony: Screaming?

Andrew Gray: Because I’d reversed the hold he was now feeling it, and he hadn’t realised just how hard he had it locked in on me. The next week we worked on bumping again, it was the only thing my legs could take.

Steven turns the page of his book in front of him and takes a sip of his coffee before asking the next question……

Steven Anthony: So, when was your debut?

Andrew Gray: Well I had two debuts. My in-ring debut was back at Butlin’s in Scarborough in 1991. I was working as one of the Redcoat Announce Team and I said something about one of the guys, I think it was Stevie Knight. Anyway he knew I was trained so ad-libbed an ass kicking. He dragged me into the ring and then hit me with a bodyslam. I fought back with some punches, ducked a clothesline and hit him with a flying cross body. The referee actually counted the pin and I got the three. The next week it was signed, Stevie Knight vs. “The Ragin’ Redcoat” Andrew Gray. That was my ‘official’ professional debut. I won, seeing as I was the Redcoat I was the hometown boy. From there I took more bookings through 1991 and 1992, then moved to America in ’93.

Steven Anthony: Then things really took off for you?

Andrew Gray: For the first couple of months yeah. I worked a little bit of everything and I worked everywhere. One day I’d be on Worldwide losing to Paul Roma, the next I’d head to RAW and lose a dark match to Damien Demento. I just took every booking I could get.

Steven Anthony: And then things went wrong in a match with Vader?

Andrew Gray: Yeah it was a dark match before a Clash of the Champions. Harley Race came out with Vader and said he needed a warm-up and to send some guys from the back. Me and four others came out to be lambs heading to the slaughterhouse. I got my ass kicked and he went for the Vader Bomb but misjudged it and landed on my legs. I couldn’t walk the next day and was told I would never wrestle again.

Steven Anthony: Was it all Vader’s fault?

Andrew Gray: Actually hardly any blame can be put on Vader. I have had something wrong with my knees ever since I was twelve. I suffered from Osgood-Schlatter Disease which weakens the tendons and ligaments in the knee. Using the figure four as a finisher for three years had taken its toll on my knees. If anything I should thank Vader. I can still walk. If he hadn’t messed up that Vader Bomb, I would have continued wrestling and would be in a wheelchair right now.

There is a small, collective gasp from the audience at this and Andrew smiles before Steven continues.

Steven Anthony: After you had to retire you went back to the UK?

Andrew Gray: Yeah I went back and talked with Drew McDonald. He got me a job backstage with the touring promotion that went through the holiday parks and I learned a lot from that job. Then it was about mid-1994 when I realised I couldn’t work with a touring promotion with no long term goals, no angles, no programs. Nothing to make it stand out. So I headed back across the Atlantic.

Steven Anthony: Where was your first port of call after you returned to the States?

Andrew Gray: Well I headed to the WWF and WCW first. WWF turned me down but WCW gave me a job in the front office in Atlanta, and I kept that for 6 months before I was contacted again by Drew McDonald. He was coming over to the States and was taking bookings with a guy called Nathan Stevenson, who ran what was then known as Northern Pro Wrestling out of Montana and it was really failing badly. He said I should come up and see him. I did, Drew introduced me to Nathan and Nathan said he was looking for guys to help him out. He’d somehow managed to secure a local TV deal and needed some new staff that would work for little money. He said I’d work as part of creative, so I handed in my 3 months notice with WCW then headed north.

Steven Anthony: Now we’ve reached early 1995 and Northern Pro Wrestling. What followed was an excellent year and a half for you as you are promoted and given total control of NPW creative and turn the sinking ship around into a money making machine. You gain a reputation around the independents as a man who can save a sinking ship. With this in mind, you leave Northern Pro Wrestling behind and head south to Denver Championship Wrestling in Colorado. Within 3 months you’ve turned this flailing independent around and left your mark on young workers there, who manage to keep the promotion afloat.

Andrew Gray: Yeah…

Steven Anthony: This doesn’t go un-noticed by the “Big Two” who both offer you positions, but you turn them down. Why?

Andrew takes a drink of water before answering……..

Andrew Gray: I just was having fun on the independents, I was making enough money, meeting nice people and having fun. I didn’t want the stresses that came with the Monday Night Wars at that point in my life.

Steven Anthony: We’ll skip on now to the beginning of 1998. By now you’ve helped another two independents to survive and they’re making a profit. Then something happens, tell us about it if you can.

Andrew Gray: Well Steven, one of my best friends who I’d met back working at Butlin’s had come over and wanted to be a wrestler. He got trained and got booked certain places although I refused to book him where I was because I didn’t think it was a good idea. Then I got a phone call on New Year’s Day 1998. He’d been found dead in an alleyway, with a small piece of paper in his wallet saying “if I die, phone this number” and it was my phone number. I felt responsible. The coroner said he’d had the habit for at least 18 months and I felt that if I had booked him where I was working then I’d have realised the signs. But he was always on the other side of the country. So I never saw him and he always seemed fine on the phone.

Steven Anthony: And you just slipped from there?

Andrew Gray: Yeah, I did. I started drinking to excess. I attacked guys who were my colleagues at work, and tried to drown one guy in the bath. I went crazy and into a depression. I was blackballed in the industry and that only made me worse. I ended up in an “observation ward”, which is just a nice way to say I was officially insane and was being locked up.

Steven Anthony: While you were there you kept writing, kept in contact with Drew McDonald and had a book published under a pseudonym?

Andrew Gray: Yeah it never did very well but it was called “Choking On A Custard Cream” and was a collection of dramatic monologues. The pseudonym was “A.D Gray”. Not much of a pseudonym, but a pseudonym at least.

Steven Anthony: And then only two months ago, in October 2000 you were released?

Andrew Gray: Yeah, writing the monologues had allowed me a chance to get all my emotions down on paper. Everything from hate to self-loathing. After that I was clinically cleared and released back to the world.

Steven Anthony: Well we have to go to a commercial break right now. When we come back we’ll go more in-depth with your career and your opinions on certain people.

Andrew Gray: Yeah sure.

Steven Anthony: Join us after the break……

Andrew turned off the VCR, the TV tuned to Monday Night RAW on Sky Sports, and looked around his small apartment one last time. It was December 29th. He looked at the knee brace on his right leg and winced as he touched it slightly. Tomorrow he flew to Atlanta to begin a new job. Ted Turner had taken the gamble of his life employing a known alcoholic and ex-certifiably insane man. But Gray had a reputation and right now, Turner needed all the help he could get. The so called “Saviour” had a new mission. To save World Championship Wrestling………

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“To hell with continuity!” says new man at the helm!

Taken from http://www.1wrestling.com

December 30th 2000

In a dramatic turn of events new Head of WCW, Andrew Gray has “done a Russo” and made his intentions clear to scrap all the current storylines, but he hasn’t even officially started in his position as Head Booker.

This has prompted a wave of shock and disbelief through the locker room. All WCW workers are now unsure about their futures, with even those with Creative Control in their contracts worried that they may now not mean a thing.

Earlier today, this message appeared on http://www.wcw.com


With a new year in any company comes a new outlook on life. We here in World Championship Wrestling are no different and so all here in WCW are starting again with New Year Resolutions, and as such, WCW’s head honchos have promised to make 2001 the best year in WCW’s history! And to achieve this they have decided to start over!  Which means we have no WCW President, no Commissioner, no #1 contenders and no idea what will happen on January 1st, for WCW Nitro!

Anyone else think they should have added in “no hope of survival” as well?

Anyway, it isn’t possible to predict what this will mean for WCW, but Andrew Gray is looking to make an impact. We’ll have more on this story if we get any new information.

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Guest El Blanco

Damn fre porn site advertising....

Great backstory really got me into this. WCW starting over in 2001 probaly wouldn't have been a bad Idea.

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It’s a new year and a new millennium and World Championship Wrestling is going to kick it off in a big way with all WCW Championships on the line! In our main event “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner will go one on one, mano-a-mano with the big man Sid for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship!

In other matches the WCW United States Champion General Rection will defend his title against none other than the Natural Born Thriller’s Reno! You won’t want to miss that one.

As well as that match The InSiders will defend their WCW World Tag Team Championships in a three way match, with Nash and Page having to put the gold on the line against KroniK and Totally Buff, what a match this one will be!

Also Chavo Guerrero Jr. will put his belt on the line against Billy Kidman and Terry Funk will defend the WCW Hardcore Title in a special Funkin’ Conservatory match! A glass cage will surround the ring and any competitor willing to enter the Funkin’ Conservatory will get a shot at the champion!

Join Tony Schiavone and Gary Michael Cappetta tonight at 8pm EST/7pm Central!

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Yay. ADGray's back. Yay. *glug*

You'd better keep this going forever, by the way. Or you'll be sorry. :/

You'll be sorry anyway, for advertising free porn and not delivering. But if you don't do this... You'll be DOUBLY SORRY~! *Muhahahahahahaha*

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Now, live on TNT we join WCW Monday Nitro, coming at you live on this New Year’s Day from the Arrowhead Pond in beautiful Anaheim, California! Your hosts for this evening are Tony “Blander Than Baked Chicken” Schiavone and Gary Michael “Midget Man” Cappetta!


Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Billy Kidman

World Championship Wrestling kicked off 2001 with some cruiserweight action as Chavo Guerrero Jr. defended his title against the high flying Filthy Animal Billy Kidman who had Konnan at ringside for the bout.

The two put on a half decent match with a good pace, but a couple of things let it down. First the crowd wasn’t really into it much which kept Chavo and Kidman from bringing their best, Kidman messed up a couple of spots, including slipping on the top rope looking for the Shooting Star Press, and the finish itself was poorly planned. Both men nailed big moves with highlights being Chavo with a Spike DDT off the top following Kidman’s slip, Chavo countering a hurricanrana into a Powerbomb off the top and Kidman with a Tornado DDT off the top rope to Chavo. Chavo tried to use a chair early on, he was stopped but the chair came back to play a vital part after Chavo got the victory with the Swinging DDT following getting his knees up on a second Shooting Star Press at 11.32. After the Spike DDT and the Powerbomb, both looking like they killed Kidman, a Swinging DDT doesn’t look as good. Konnan came in to congratulate Kidman on a well fought match, but Chavo nailed both men with the chair and then brought the chair down on their ankles. I didn’t know that Kidman and Konnan needed time off. Anyway Nitro went to commercial with Chavo smiling sadistically with the belt in one hand and the chair in the other.

A decent opener with good executions of Cruiserweight Movesets #1, #3 and #7 but there is so much disappointment with knowing this is the best match we’ll be seeing tonight but the crowd couldn’t give a shit about it. for the match. Good work-rate but should have ended earlier. Well done, that’s the best rating you’ll see tonight.


Winner and still WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guerrero Jr.

The WCW Cruiserweight title has gained in image.



We come back from the commercial break to find Terry Funk in the ring surrounded by some sort of cage, but it is see-through. Funk has a microphone in his right hand and the WCW Hardcore Title over his left shoulder.

Terry Funk: Ever since I won this WCW Hardcore Title I have been disrespected by the people in the back that think that this belt and the ideology behind it doesn’t mean *bleep*! Well look at this structure around me right now. This is the Funkin’ Conservatory. The place where I feel most at home. Now the deal here is very simple, and I hope that all those sons of bitches in the back understand when I say that I will fight anyone for this belt if it is inside this cage. If you want to take this belt from me all you have to do is walk the aisle and step into this ring, and if you can beat me for this belt, then I will shake your hand. Do I have any takers, or do I have to come back there and drag some son of a bitch down to this ring and kick their ass from pillar to post.

Funk waits in the ring for around 10 seconds before the music of Kwee-Wee hits and he comes charging out from behind the curtain to the ring with Paisley following closely behind.



Terry Funk vs. Kwee-Wee

Well before we get to the match can I just say that there is no way that that glass cage could have been set up so quickly without the ring crew cutting some corners, even if it is just four huge panes of plastic-glass. Thank you.

Kwee-Wee = Lamb, Funkin’ Conservatory = Slaughterhouse. WCW was more than happy to follow the sacred tradition of lambs and slaughterhouses with this one. Kwee-Wee came into the cage confidently, only to immediately be thrown into the glass by Funk. What followed was a one-sided affair as Kwee-Wee was tossed all around the ring by Funk, who by the end was starting to resemble the Funk of old we all know and love. Funk didn’t make the rules very clear but once you enter the cage you can leave it again, which is what Funk did to get some weaponry. That is if a “STOP” sign, a piece of plywood and a cookie sheet can be construed as weaponry, but my God did the plywood make a sound when Funk nailed Kwee-Wee with it. Funk ended the match with a mercy killing after 4.36 with a DDT for the pinfall win. After the bell, Funk took a small pair of scissors from his tights and cut off a lock of Kwee-Wee’s hair before leaving. Looks like we’ll be getting a series of Funkin’ Conservatory matches then. Let’s all pray that the standard of opponents gets better too.

Well that match was a out and out suckfest. ¼* for the gimmick of the Funkin’ Conservatory.

(47, 58, 54)

Winner and still WCW Hardcore Champion: Terry Funk

The WCW Hardcore title has gained in image. Terry Funk is losing overness because of his weak gimmick.



We head backstage where the Magnificent Seven are hanging out in their huge - and I mean huge - dressing room. Scott Steiner is looking a little apprehensive about his match later tonight as he paces back and forth across the room. Sitting against the wall are Ric Flair, Rick Steiner and Road Warrior Animal, as Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell come out of an adjoining room ready for their match next. There are a few women in the room sitting on the laps of Flair, Steiner and Animal. Flair is feeding the tasty blonde on his knee grapes.

Lex Luger: How do we look?

Ric Flair: Like a million bucks. Champ will ya settle down and enjoy the action?

Steiner turns swiftly to face Flair and looks the “Nature Boy” right in the eye.

Scott Steiner: Settle down? How the hell am I supposed to settle down? Have you forgotten? Later tonight I wrestle Sid for my WCW World Heavyweight Title. That big ape Sid could take this belt from me tonight.

Luger calmly approaches Steiner and places a hand on his chest.

Lex Luger: Look champ, tonight me and Buff are gonna win the Tag Titles, and you’re gonna keep your World Title, then the Magnificent Seven will have even more gold.

Ric Flair: That’s right baby! Woooooo!

Scott Steiner: Will you shut up! You all better have my back tonight, I swear to God!

Ric Flair: Relax champ, the Magnificent Seven are all for one and one for all. We’ll make sure that that WCW World Title stays where it belongs, around your waist. Now sit down and enjoy the party. Woooooo…..

Scott Steiner: No thanks. I’ll stand…

Ric Flair: Your choice champ, have another grape there, you enjoyin’ your time with the “Nature Boy”, wooooo!

Lex Luger: Let’s go Buff….

Ric Flair: Good luck!

Lex Luger: We don’t need luck.

Luger and Bagwell leave the room as Nitro heads to a commercial for WCW Rockin’ & Ragin’ Action Figures.



The Insiders vs. Totally Buff vs. KroniK

We move on tonight with the WCW Tag Team Championships on the line as The InSiders defend their titles against Totally Buff and KroniK. Word is that the new guy with the book in WCW wants to build up a strong tag team division and has sent scouts all around the country and abroad to find the best young tag teams to send to his old stomping grounds Northern Pro Wrestling which recently became the new WCW development territory. How much this will cost is anyone’s guess, hope he knows what he’s doing.

The match was your usual slugfest with lots of brawling outside the ring, lots of near falls and referee Mark Johnson losing control of the match a number of times. Of the three teams it was KroniK that looked the strongest with The InSiders a close second. Totally Buff were lagging somewhat in this match, perhaps having been tired after being with the women in the Magnificent Seven locker room earlier. All three teams had chances to win the match with a DDP Diamond Cutter to Bagwell and KroniK hitting Luger with a double Spinebuster some of the highlights. But as usual with a Kevin Nash match, we had the fucked up spots as well, and boy did he go all out here. First came a big kick which missed by a good yard, a poorly sold chop-block to the knee followed (You’d think that would be the one thing he wouldn’t need to try to sell! ) then he couldn’t catch Bagwell after the Buff one had made a rare trip to the top rope for a Cross Body, instead dropping Bagwell right through his hands and Bagwell landed hard on his side. For some unknown reason though the crowd though were still appreciative of what they were seeing and responded well to the match. The end of the match was very sloppy. With KroniK laying a beating to Luger in the aisle, Nash and DDP were the legal men. They beat down Bagwell to the point of exhaustion before they manhandled him to the apron, DDP tagged in Bagwell and Nash nailed the Jacknife for the victory at 8.28. The InSiders retain their WCW Tag Team Championships. But the sooner those new teams can be found and brought onto WCW TV the better it will be.

Well not as bad as I expected it to be and the crowd’s enthusiasm saved the match slightly as you felt guilty not joining in with the chants of “In-Si-Ders!” *clap clap clap* “In-Si-Ders!” *clap clap clap*. Congratulations gentlemen, from me you get *.

(52, 78, 70)

Winners and still WCW Tag Team Champions: The InSiders

The WCW Tag Team titles have gained in image.



The camera cuts to the parking lot as a taxi makes its way to the Arena Entrance of the Arrowhead Pond. The taxi pulls up and tonight’s challenger for the World Title, Sid steps out. Gene Okerlund approaches. I want to change the channel.

Gene Okerlund: Sid! Sid! A quick word with you if we may. Tonight you face Scott Steiner for the WCW World Title, now we don’t know if you heard but Steiner is a little nervous about facing you.

Sid: Nervous? He should be nervous Gene Okerlund. That WCW World Title which he covets so much is under threat from me, from Sid. Tonight I intend to take that WCW World Heavyweight Title from Scott Steiner.

Gene Okerlund: But what about the Magnificent Seven? Surely their influence will be a factor? You can’t expect them to sit still while you take the title from Scott Steiner?!

Sid: I say let them come Gene Okerlund. Let them all come, Rick Steiner, Animal, Buff Bagwell, Lex Luger, Ric Flair, hell bring anyone you want, even that cheap lady of the night Midajah! Tonight, nothing, and I mean nothing, will change the fact that I will leave Anaheim, California the WCW World Champion.

Sid leaves Okerlund standing in the cold as he heads through the arena entrance into the backstage area. Gene Okerlund turns to the camera.

Gene Okerlund: Tonight, Sid, is a very focused man! Back to Tony and Gary in the arena!

I hate Gene Okerlund. He’s like that one piece of dog shit you can’t scrape off from the sole of your shoe and you just have to hope will go away of its own accord.



General Rection vs. Reno

And the shits just keep on coming as the man named after a sexually aroused phallus General Rection defends the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship against the Natural Born Thriller’s Reno. The WCW US Title has a legacy and the longer that the title is kept on Rection the more WCW shits on that legacy, but Reno is not the man needed to take the title, so let us all pray that Rection keeps the belt, at least for a few more days.

The match itself was a disgrace. Rection had been booked to look strong here, bursting out the blocks from the start with some very strong offence including a vicious Powerslam and a big back-breaker. But Reno had other ideas for the match, popped right up from a piledriver and nailed a clothesline to Rection. This led to a humorous few minutes with Rection throwing everything at Reno without any results and the champion visibly getting more and more angry in the process. Although this did lead to the matches one saving grace as Rection abandoned all care in the world instead opting to BEAT THE LIVING HELL OUT OF RENO! But Reno couldn’t even sell this properly, instead egging Rection on to hit him harder. This led to Rection cracking Reno round the jaw with a right hook, a solid kick to the stomach and knocking Reno silly with a Powerbomb. But yet Reno decided to kick out of it, leading to the next fall getting a fast count from the official to try to end it. Eventually Rection was allowed to end the match with a 180° Rock Bottom and the No Laughing Matter moonsault for the pin, although Reno was up and about very quickly after the bell had sounded.

The fourth title match of the night and while not the worst, by far from even challenging for the best. With Reno no selling expect him to be taken off TV for a while and with the WCW US Title on Rection the title will just lose prestige every time he steps into the ring wearing it. Still for Rection stiffing Reno to hell and back this match earns a ½* rating.

(52, 58, 56)

Winner and still WCW United States Champion: General Rection

Reno didn't really sell very much, which hurt the match rating. The WCW United States title has lost image.


We join everyone’s favourite interviewer, “Mean” Gene Okerlund backstage and he has been joined by the WCW World Champion Scott Steiner, who keeps running his hands over his head and down the back of his neck.

Gene Okerlund: I am here with the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner. Earlier tonight we heard from the challenger for the World Title, Sid, and he seemed to think and I know the fans here in Anaheim and the fans at home know that you are nervous and apprehensive about this match.

Scott Steiner: Nervous? You think I’m nervous Gene Okerlund? Somewhere in that tiny head of yours, your even tinier brain has deduced that I, “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner am afraid of Sid. I’m the genetic freak, I’m the Big Bad Booty Daddy! I am the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and Sid can talk a big game all he wants. What matters most is what he does in the ring. You know it, I know it, the fans know it, and Sid himself knows that he isn’t good enough to take this title from me! Bottom line “Mean” Gene, by the time this night is over, “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner will have claimed another scalp and silenced another challenger like so many who have come before him, Sid will be beaten. Now get the hell out of my face!

Okerlund turns to face the camera, the microphone pressing against his lips. He is running his left hand over his head, probably seeing just how tiny it is.

Gene Okerlund: It’s Scott Steiner and Sid for the World Heavyweight Championship, next here on Nitro!




“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner vs. Sid

Well here it is, the big one folks. The most prestigious championship in the world, two intense gladiators about to lock horns for the greatest prize in the industry. No matter how much you try to spin this match, the end reaction will be the same. “Scott Steiner versus Sid? NO THANKS!”

I know as this is the main event I should take the most time and effort over this and define the finer points of the match in detail but I really can’t because there were no fine points in this match. Everything that could go wrong in this match did go wrong and so the two men resorted to the only thing they knew how to do and the only thing they were physically able to do. REST-HOLDS! Yes everyone can rejoice as we were treated to a rest-hold master class with rear chin-locks, arm-bars, face-locks, bearhugs and more exploited to the fullest of their potential, with the occasional belly-to-belly suplex or big boot to the face thrown in for a little variety. At the end of the match the official “Rest-hold counter” stood at 13 for the 10 minutes they were in the ring. With Steiner’s 3 belly-to-belly suplexes and Sid’s 2 big boots also adding to the Suckability factor for the match. As if all this wasn’t bad enough, Sid no-sold most of Steiner’s offence, but unlike General Rection from earlier Steiner was in no position to stiff Sid as he wasn’t physically able to. It is an embarrassment to the company when your World Champion is so immobile than they are exhausted after only a few minutes of slow paced, basic wrestling. Still the match was on the verge of rescuing a quarter star rating till the finish. Midajah was supposed to cleverly slide the title belt into the ring then argue with the referee. The only problem was that Midajah had forgotten to get rid of the belt before arguing with referee Nick Patrick. This led to a cringe-worthy moment as Midajah THREW the belt to Steiner IN FULL VIEW OF THE REFEREE! Patrick and Steiner got into a tug-of-war and Steiner let go, sending Patrick flying across the ring. Using the distraction and with Nick Patrick handing the belt to the timekeeper Steiner was able to nail a low-blow and a Fallaway Slam for the 1-2-3. After the match Steiner nails Sid with the title belt just for the fun involved.

Congratulations World Championship Wrestling, the World Title match, the main event, the match meant to draw in viewers gets the only DUD of the night. Congratulations to you all! May you sleep well tonight, safe in the knowledge of a job well done.

(40, 84, 70)

Winner and still WCW World Heavyweight Champion: “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner

Sid didn't really sell very much, which hurt the match rating. The WCW World title has lost image.



Nitro comes back from a commercial with Steiner still in the ring. He demands a microphone as Sid is assisted out of the ring by Nick Patrick.

Scott Steiner: All you goddamn Californian jackoffs need to shut your goddamn mouths and do what you are told to do, and I am telling you to shut up! World Championship Wrestling has failed. They’ve failed you, they’ve failed me, they’ve failed the Magnificent Seven, but most importantly of all, they’ve failed themselves. They’ve failed to find me any challenger who is worth my time. Any man who is worth me getting up in the mornings and dragging myself in, to some arena filled with idiotic assholes who don’t appreciate me. People like this man right here.

Steiner points up the aisle where Sid is hobbling to the back with the help of Nick Patrick.

They try their hardest, but they fail in the end. They don’t put up a fight. No one in this organisation has the balls to face me one on one and win. No one in this company can take this belt from me, because I am too good. I have begged many, many times, for WCW to find me a credible opponent, but they don’t listen to me! They don’t listen to their own World Champion. What makes you think they’ll listen to you, if they won’t listen to me. It is very simple. I am a fighting champion, so WCW………………..give me someone to fight!

As Steiner finishes his last sentence the words “The Living Legend” come across the arena PA System and Larry Zbysko makes his way out onto the stage. He soaks up the mild applause of the 4,000 fans in attendance before heading down the aisle to the ring.



Zbysko is cautious about entering the ring but eventually does after assurance from Steiner that he won’t beat him up. Zbysko asks for a microphone and is handed one by the nearest ring technician. Zbysko taps it twice to make sure it is working, before beginning to speak.

Larry Zbysko: Scott Steiner, I and all these fans here, would appreciate it if for just one second, you would take your own advice and shut up. Let someone else do the talking for a change!

Scott Steiner: Who the hell do you think you are Zbysko? Why the hell are you even out here? You’re a bit old to want this title, and last I checked, you’d retired, so take your tired, old, wrinkled ass back through that curtain and let me get on with what I was doing.

Larry Zbysko: That’s really no way to talk to me Steiner. I mean you don’t want to fall into my bad books.

Scott Steiner: “Your bad books”? I don’t want to fall into your bad books. Listen to me Zbysko, I don’t care whether I am in your good graces or your “bad books”. Now get the hell out of my ring before I personally kick you off the premises.

Larry Zbysko: You don’t want me as an enemy Steiner, after all, I have just been made the new President of WCW! Which means I own you Steiner! I control you Steiner, you answer……………..to me!

Scott Steiner: I don’t answer to anyone. I am my own man, and having your OAP ass on my case isn’t going to be a problem. I’ll tell ya what Zbysko! How about you turn round, head backstage, leave this whole mess you are going to create for yourself, and I will pay for you to move to the retirement home of your choice?

Larry Zbysko: That’s……that’s a very generous offer Scott, but I have to refuse. You say you want a challenger. A credible challenger? Well I have the power to find you one now Steiner, and I will find you one. I have an idea which will shake World Championship Wrestling to its very core, and when all is said and done Scott, a new #1 Contender to that belt will have been crowned, and it will be a challenger who has earned their shot, but that’s all the information you need for now. Get ready Scott, because I - Larry Zbysko, the new President of WCW – plan to make your life as WCW World Champion a living hell!

WCW Nitro goes off the air with a staredown between a smirking Larry Zbysko and an angry Scott Steiner and with Tony Schiavone shouting “OH MY!” over and over again.



Overall Show Rating: 73%

Attendance: 4,050

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Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits Adgray!

Welcome back to the diarohea writing festival. Ill keep tabs on you Old Scot!

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Just for the record, Jeff Jarrett was a part of The Magnificent Seven too. I'm not saying that you didn't know that, but since you never mentioned him once and your mention of Midajah in Sid's promo seemed to incline that you got your information off of Obsessed With Wrestling, I just thought I'd double check.

Anyway, 'twas a great show, just like I expected, Adgray. Keep it up ;)

EDIT: Infact, Road Warrior animal wasn't even in WCW yet, let ALONE The Magnificent Seven. He didn't join until Sin, where he was revealed as "the mystery man". So I guess you could even say that The Magnificent Seven didn't officially have a name yet, since there were only six.

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Taken from http://www.1wrestling.com

Andrew Gray’s reign at the helm of WCW is already in disarray and turmoil following an incredibly poor Nitro filled with mistakes, the biggest of which was made by Gray himself.

In a backstage skit, for some unknown reason, sitting around in a locker room was The Steiners, Flair, Jarrett, Luger and Bagwell. With them was a seventh man in Road Warrior Animal. Spotting this mistake quickly, both Schiavone and Cappetta speculated on why he was there, going through "Maybe he is visiting friends." and"He's obviously lost." before concluding he was probably the “mystery man” of recent weeks.

Although Gray wasn’t the only one to make a mistake. Even veteran grappler “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair messed up, declaring this gathering as “The Magnificent Seven”. This was also quickly pounced on by Schiavone and Cappetta, who did an nWo and proclaimed them the Magnificent Seven. The name was then used later in the night by Gene Okerlund and Scott Steiner as well.

Already those within WCW are doubting Gray’s abilities, but others are steering the blame away from Gray and placing the blame on others within the promotion who are already working to undermine Gray's control. Although it is hard to see how pressure from others would cause these mistakes.

In what we here at 1wrestling have dubbed the “Great Gray Cover-up” the following “business release” from Scott Steiner was rushed onto http://www.wcw.com immediately following the show, but here is the doozy about it. The release was dated January 1st at 5pm. Obviously WCW is trying to hide this showing, but they have done it poorly:


Ladies and gentlemen, I “Big Poppa Pump” come to you today with a message. For some goddamn reason, WCW has decided to screw everyone over and start again, well I for one won’t stand for it, so I’m going to do something here which I didn’t think I would do. I am going to tell you two things.

1) The mystery man is Road Warrior Animal, and he has pledged allegiance at my side.

2) The same can be said for Rick Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, Jeff Jarrett, Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell.

Together, we are known as the Magnificent Seven. WCW can control individuals but they lack the ability, the confidence and the guts to attempt to control a group. A group cannot be controlled by WCW, especially one as dominant as The Magnificent Seven.

Why am I telling all you fat, outta shape internet geeks this first? So you have something to discuss with yourself tonight. Now switch on your sets, stop fantasising about that girl in your math class and grab yourself a beer.

Holla if ya hear me

“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner

How this will affect WCW nobody knows, but with Gray already on rocky ground, what will happen next in this saga? We’ll keep you up to date with the latest news as we get it.

OOC: Okay so I messed up with that. Thanks for pointing it out Dragon but I won’t edit it to hide it, instead I’ll learn from the experience. Hope I did a decent job with the cover-up.

Edited by ADGray
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The Diary of Andrew Duncan Gray

January 1st 2001

The first day on the job.

I’m sure it didn’t fill them with confidence, seeing their new boss arrive in a taxi and hand over the fare in nickels and dimes, or the fact I was dragging a suitcase behind me, but I wasn’t expecting the welcoming I got when I arrived. After 2 flights, a 4 hour delay in New York and a refuelling stop in Kentucky I walked into WCW headquarters, and the only person there to meet me was a girl called Sophie. Nice enough looking, about 24 or 25, but you could tell right away she was one of those girls without an original thought in her head. The same kind that stalk Jeff Hardy…….

“I’m your new Personal Assistant.”

My new personal assistant, I’d like to know what happened to my old personal assistant. I’d also like to know when I had an assistant before.

“They’re all waiting for you in the conference room.”

“Uhhh….thank you” I said and left her too it. Bloody building though was so big I couldn’t find the conference room, and 15 minutes later found myself back in the reception area.

“Um….Sophie. Where is the conference room?”

“Take the main lift to the 15th floor. It’ll be the huge door in front of you.”

“Much appreciated, give yourself a 50% raise!”

“What’s 50% of zero? I’m working for free right now.”

“Is everyone working for free?”

“Nope, just us lowly peasants. The guys upstairs in Millionaire’s Country won’t even take a pay cut.”

“That’s shite.”

“Tell me about it.”

With Sophie’s directions the conference room was easy to find and so I walked into ‘Millionaire’s Country’.

“He’s smaller in real life isn’t he?”

HOLD THE PHONE! Wait a minute, seriously I need to analyse that for a second. The first thing said to me when I walk through the door isn’t “Hello”, “Nice to meet you” or even a “Ah, there you are.” No, it’s a fucking “He’s smaller in real life isn’t he?” Well I’m sorry but that doesn’t fill me with a fuzzy warmth.

I shrugged off this comment from Kevin Nash and sat down.

“You’re in my seat….”

Now I didn’t see “Scott Steiner” emblazoned across the front like those horrid sweatshirts you get nowadays but I didn’t want to make any enemies……………………yet.

“Oh sorry about that.” I must have sounded a right muppet. “Where do I sit then?” I asked.

“Down there at the end.”

“Thank you Mr. Page”

“Call me Dallas”

“Alright Dallas”

After I had successfully negotiated and traversed my way to the seat which was soon to be my own, I looked around at the men assembled in front of me. Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Diamond Dallas Page, Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, Dusty Rhodes and Lex Luger. These were the men who I knew had two goals in mind. The first was the one that had been given to them by Ted Turner. To keep me in line, make sure I don’t do anything stupid. The second though was a personal goal they all shared. Cosy up to me and become my friend. Get booked in the main event, make their money. I was about to throw a spanner in the works……

“Okay the first thing we should discuss is salaries. Quite simply, having been told the situation by Mr. Turner, I would like all of you to take a pay cut.”

“WHAT!?!?!?”………… That was the reaction I was going for, so it was hard not to let out a small victory “woot” inside.

“A pay cut. The finances of the company are dire. We need you all to take a pay cut.”

“But why us? Why not the kids that are lucky to be here. Take money from those kids. Who is it? Styles, Paris, Hayashi! Take money from them. We’re the ones bringing in fans, why can’t we keep getting paid the money we deserve?”

I had heard a lot about Kevin Nash but this wasn’t what I expected within 5 minutes of walking through the door. I could see the plans that they all had slowly ebbing away, still some were putting on a brave face.

“You earn about 10 times what AJ Styles, Air Paris and Kaz Hayashi earn. Cut their salaries and they’ll have nothing!”

“There was a time when we all had nothing! But we worked hard to get where we are today.”

“Shut your face Oz!”

“What did you say?!!?!?!”

Okay I’ll admit it, maybe calling him Oz probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do right off the mark but it could’ve been worse. I could have chosen Vinnie Vegas or Master Blaster Steele. I’ve never been known for thinking before I speak. One of the defining characteristics of a Glaswegian is that they’ll say something then worry about the consequences, instead of worrying about possible consequences and then, if it is ok, speak. Still I knew Nash was one of the ones who could do what he wanted, his creative control clause saw to that.

“Now, now, Andrew remember……….you’re not in Kansas anymore! Haha!” Thanks Ric, that’s really going to help here.

“Hey! Watch your mouth old man!”

“Careful Kev, you might cripple yourself standing up!”

“Why you…..”

“Alright, everybody settle down. Let’s steer away from the pay cuts for now shall we?”

And with that the meeting went on.

And on………….

And on………….

“Right well I think that’s everything” I said. “We should get set up for Nitro tonight, ‘Night of the Champions’ and all that crap. Before I forget does anyone have any questions? No, good.” I probably should have given them time to answer but I seriously couldn’t be bothered. For the last 4 hours I has listened to over the hill, washed up workers repeat the one question sporadically, fitting it in when their was any semblance of relevance. “So how will that affect me?” They kept asking. “Wait and see……” I said, “Wait and see…..” A really evil laugh is needed here, so lets try it. Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……..ach, ach, ach, aaaaccchhh…Ahem, excuse me.

Nitro went well……………...Nope thought I could say that and mean it but I can’t, honestly, Nitro sucked. And it was all down to me. I fucked up a lot tonight. I was in that locker-room as well, I should have realised Animal shouldn’t have been in that shot. Right after I’d made the mistake I ran to the control centre and screamed at Schiavone and Cappetta to do something, which they did very well. I owe them both a drink for this, maybe a nice orange juice will tide things over. After that I scribbled something down on a piece of paper then ran, and I mean RAN to the communication room and told the guys to put it on the site. But that didn’t help. I’ve got a meeting with Mr. Turner tomorrow now to discuss this. That won’t be fun.

Even though Nitro sucked, me and my army of spin-doctors managed to put a positive slant on things in my weekly “Booker’s Thoughts Memo” which will go out to all the guys. I’ve always done it wherever I’ve been, although back in NPW Azrael didn’t take it too kindly when I proclaimed him:

“The black hole of wrestling talent. Not only did he seemingly not have any of his own on the 5/11 show, but he also sucked the talent right out of his opponents as well.”

Still, he isn’t a worry anymore. Somehow I don’t think the backlash from my Azrael comment will be anything like the repercussions for calling Kevin Nash……..what was it? Let me get the sheet…..Oh yes:

“Quite possibly, pound for pound, the worst wrestler going today. If it wasn’t for the beauty of creative control he would be on the sidewalk right now begging for quarters to afford reconstructive knee surgery.”

The weekly meeting should be fun with that to discuss.


Edited by ADGray
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Guest UmpireAJS

Great stuff,I hope this doesn't Vanish like the McMahons.

40% MQ for Sid and Steiner,gee I know they are bad wrestler but THAT bad!

Your Diary format is the most interesting of them all,and it really makes your diary a great read. Let's hope you continue this thing

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The Diary of Andrew Gray

January 2nd 2001

Already Meeting My Maker

“Yes Mr. Turner I understand but…..”

“I don’t care Andrew, you made a mistake.”

“Yes Mr. Turner I’m aware of that-“

“Ah don’t wanna hear it Andrew. You messed up!”

“I know sir, believe me I know, and it won’t happen again.”

“One day on the job and you mess up, why should I keep you around?”

I couldn’t answer that. He shouldn’t keep me around, that much even I know. I’d only been in the job 12 hours and already I had:

- Ruined a storyline

- Forced the creation of a stable

- Caused a lot of embarrassment to the company

- Damaged my reputation

“Well goddamn Andrew if you can’t think of an answer to that maybe I should let ya go.”

“No Mr. Turner, look I promise it won’t happen again.”

“Andrew……I flew out here on my jet right after Nitro because I got a phone call from someone saying you weren’t cut out for the job!”

“Uh huh………I don’t suppose you would tell me who phoned you?”

Of course he wouldn’t but I already have my suspicions. It’ll be one of the guys in the meeting yesterday. Best guess? Kevin Nash.

“Now you know I’m not gonna tell ya that Andrew.”


“Now hold on! The person who phoned me did it with anonymity in mind.”

“Bloody typical. I bet it was Nash wasn’t it?”

”I ain’t gonna say…….”

“It was wasn’t it?”

“It doesn’t matter if it was or if it wasn’t. You were the one who messed up Andrew.”

“I know sir.”

“Now I’m gonna keep you around for now, if only because it would look really bad if I fired ya after only one day!”

“Thank you sir…”

“Don’t thank me, you just do your job. I hired you to save this company, and I expect you to do that.”

“Yes sir.”

“Alright, I’m heading off now. I got a meeting in Hollywood.”

“Bye sir.”

“Don’t let me down son.”

I don’t like this job.

Still I had to get on with things, had Thunder to think about. Let’s hope I don’t make any more mistakes……..

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Following on from the “Nitro of Champions” WCW rolls through San Francisco! On Nitro new WCW President Larry Zbysko responded to complaints from WCW World Champion Scott Steiner that he had no credible opponents by saying he had an idea lined up that would “shake World Championship Wrestling to its very core”. Will we find out anything new about this idea tonight or will President Zbysko want to keep everyone in the dark? With only 11 days to WCW’s first Pay-Per-View of the year, Sin, will Zbysko have enough time to make his idea a reality?

Steiner has other things to worry about though however as tonight he’ll team with his own brother Rick Steiner as they look to add the WCW Tag Team Titles to the collection of the ”Magnificent Seven” It’s The InSiders versus The Steiner Brothers tonight!

Also on Thunder tonight, Rey Misterio Jr. will be in the house. He no doubt wants to get his hands on the Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero Jr. for what Chavo did to Misterio’s fellow Filthy Animals, Billy Kidman and Konnan! Chavo will have other things on his mind though as he again defends his gold, this time against Shannon Moore!

Also tonight on Thunder:

Road Warrior Animal goes one on one with Wayne DeBruce!

Terry Funk defends the WCW Hardcore Title in another Funkin’ Conservatory match! Funk was disappointed with the effort put in by Kwee-Wee and wants another test tonight!

Air Raid take on the Yung Dragons in tag team action. What will happen when these two high-flying teams collide?

Lance Storm goes one on one with Big Vito!

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We are live on TBS from the pathetically empty Cow Palace in San Francisco, California! Now please welcome the announce team of Mike “Fake Tan! Fake Tan! Fake Tan!” Tenay and Gary Michael “Midget-Man” Cappetta!


Lance Storm (w/ Jim Duggan) vs. Big Vito

Wilkommen, bienvenue and welcome to the first WCW Thunder of 2001, and we open up with a match between Lance Storm and the baldy Big Vito. As long as Storm goes over I’ll be happy. I mean come on, who’d you rather see pushed? Storm or Vito? Thought so.

The match itself however did put Vito over as a dominating powerhouse as Vito controlled the opening 4 minutes completely before Storm managed to fight back. The struggle between these two was finding a middle ground between Vito’s power based arsenal and Storm’s technical pedigree and there were times when the two looked lost in the ring because of it. Eventually though the two did find a compromise which involved Storm getting more offence in exchange for the Canadian resorting back to his high-flying skills of the days of The Thrillseekers. Both men got a series of close falls including a vicious Vito Powerslam and a Lance Storm superplex, but in the end it was the presence of Jim Duggan at ringside which would prove decisive. Duggan nailed Vito across the back with the 2x4 as the referee’s back was turned. This prompted Vito to turn and challenge Duggan and Storm capitalized with a schoolboy roll-up and a handful of Vito’s trousers for the pinfall after 9.53.

A nice little opener for Thunder with a good crowd chanting “USA” to annoy Storm and Duggan – who started his own “USA Sucks” chant - but the lack of understanding at times between Vito and Storm put a dampener on things somewhat. Still, it may just be the best we’ll see tonight, so I shouldn’t hammer it too much.

(73, 73, 72)

Winner: Lance Storm

Jim Duggan debuted his new gimmick (Anti-USA) it got a positive response. Jim Duggan's turn was completed, and he is now a heel. Jim Duggan gained overness from this turn.


As Big Vito leaves the ring looking angry Duggan enters the ring. Lance Storm is handed a microphone by the timekeeper.

Lance Storm: If I could be serious for a moment……………..I believe that my partner and friend here has something he needs to get off his chest.

Lance hands the microphone over to his “partner and friend” Jim Duggan as the crowd starts to chant “U-S-A! U-S-A!”

Jim Duggan: It’s ironic. Only a few weeks ago, I’d have probably been joining in with you! But now I wouldn’t, because I have realised what all of you need to realise. That those three simple letters, “U-S-A” are a joke.

The crowd starts to chant “U-S-A! U-S-A!” again. Duggan humours then and waits for them to subside, but they don’t……..

Jim Duggan: SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! You are all idiots! You are all naïve, blind idiotic drones. What one person does, others must follow is how it is with you! The United States of America is a joke. The stars and stripes is a shambles. This whole goddamn country is a sickening hellhole. This country has lost the morals it once stood for, the morals that men and women died for. Now all you care about is money. The accumulation of wealth, you are all greedy. The American people are a disease, a virus that needs to be wiped out. Mother Nature is trying from up above but her job is tough, she’s got a lot to do up there! So I decided to join the fight and help Mother Nature. You see I know and she knows herself, that ridding the earth of all you disgusting parasites is too much work. So instead of exterminating you, like the cockroaches that you are, I will educate you. I will…………..

Before Duggan can say anything else Major Stash, Corporal Cajun and Sergeant A-WALL are marching down the aisle, led by Major Gunns……..



In the ring Duggan and Storm are holding their ground as the three members of the MIA line up in order tallest to smallest. Major Gunns salutes the men who salute back and then she orders them into the ring……..

Stash, Cajun and A-WALL slide into the ring and Storm and Duggan put the boots to them as they’re getting up. Storm whips Cajun across the ring then pushes Stash into a corner and starts to unload as Duggan and A-WALL brawl to the far corner. Stash and A-WALL take control and knock Storm and Duggan to the canvas as Elix Skipper and Mike Awesome run down the aisle and slide into the ring. Skipper takes down Cajun with a spear as Awesome takes control over A-WALL and Stash. Storm and Duggan get back up and work on a 4 on 3 beatdown, until referees and road agents charge the ring and manage to pull Team Canada away as Thunder heads to a commercial.


Major Stash debuted his new gimmick (Armed Forces) it got a positive response. Lance Storm lost overness from this segment. Major Stash gained overness from this segment.



Air Raid vs. The Yung Dragons

We got a glimpse into the future of WCW next as Air Raid (AJ Styles & Air Paris) took on The Yung Dragons (Kaz Hayashi & Yang). The sooner teams like this are pushed the better for WCW, people might start tuning in again.

This match made the “Acceptable Match” count for the evening 2 for 2, so good on these four youngsters as their work tonight was stellar and with a few more years of learning and developing they will be the next generation of superstars. Still even at this young age the four were still able to produce the best match of the night. The match was given a decent time to run with the four having time to space out their big spots instead of having to go from spot to spot like they would have to if only given a few minutes. The match saw The Yung Dragons being the stronger team by far, playing the evil heel team to perfection, with unseen tags, double teaming and breaking up any pins against them. All they need is Mr. Fuji as their manager and we’ll have the complete package, either that or The New Orient Express. AJ Styles impressed with his selling getting an ass kicking from The Dragons until be made the HOT TAG~! to Air Paris who was then beaten down by The Dragons as well. After an incredible comeback by Air Raid - with moonsaults, lionsaults, a hurricanrana and a sweet Shining Wizard/Northern Lights Suplex combo from the top rope – they got the win with the pin at 10.31 after a Slingshot Legdrop by Paris, both AJ and Air Paris were put over as “highlight reels” by Mike Tenay. Guess that’s their new gimmick.

Best match of the night, the first match of 2001 to break the ** barrier in WCW, so congratulations to AJ Styles, Air Paris, Kaz Hayashi and Yang. **¼ for a solid match with a poor crowd. Push these guys now!

(81, 46, 63)

Winners: Air Raid

Air Paris debuted his new gimmick (Highlight Reel), it got a positive response. AJ Styles debuted his new gimmick (Highlight Reel), it got a positive response.


Thunder heads backstage where we see Ric Flair and the WCW World Champion Scott Steiner standing outside the locker room of the “Magnificent Seven”.

Ric Flair: C’mon champ! Ya gotta tell me what’s up.

Scott Steiner: He’s got me worried. Zbysko has got me worried. He’s actually got me worried about what he said on Monday night.

Ric Flair: Calm down champ, Zbysko is a guy I know well, and he’s a liar. You’ve got a match with The InSiders tonight champ, you gotta concentrate on that!

Scott Steiner: I don’t give a damn about the Tag Team Titles or The InSiders, all I care about is my World Championship and the fact that very soon it might not be mine anymore.

Ric Flair: Champ, champ, all for one and one for all. The Magnificent Seven will watch your back. You’ll keep that title, and no one will take it from you.

Scott Steiner: You listen to me Ric. That jackass Zbysko seems to think he can get the better of “Big Poppa Pump”, well he’s wrong. Because I am the best. I am the WCW World Champion, which means I’m number one!

Ric Flair: That’s right, and tonight after you and Rick become WCW Tag Team Champions, the Magnificent Seven, will become even more powerful, and Zbysko will have to accept that.

Scott Steiner: Zbysko won’t know what hit him. Larry Zbysko may think he owns me, but The Magnificent Seven will own WCW.

Flair and Steiner turn and head into the Magnificent Seven locker room as Thunder heads to a commercial.


Ric Flair gained overness from this segment.



Terry Funk vs. Meng

Thunder came back from commercial with the Funkin’ Conservatory set up with Terry Funk in the ring. As we came back Funk dropped a microphone to the outside, so he’s cut a promo already issuing another challenge and this time the music of Meng starts and the Tongan makes his way to the ring. So it’s Funk vs. Meng. Eurgh.

My eurgh is proved right as these two cluster-fuck their way through 6 minutes of a downright horrible match. Only thing of note was something Tenay pointed out. The lock of Kwee-Wee’s hair which Funk took has been framed and is hanging on one side of the cage. Once again Funk was booked strongly here beating the hell out of Meng with the usual hardcore implements with Funk showing a big liking towards a crutch in this match. But really why bother trying to hype this match and put it over when it sucked donkey dick? Funk got the win with the Moonsault after 6.41. That’s all you need to know.

Well I want those 6 minutes back. I could have been making myself a toastie in those 6 minutes! ¼* for Funk still bringing the goods and be happy.

(52, 60, 57)

Winner and still WCW Hardcore Champion: Terry Funk

Terry Funk debuted his new gimmick, (Grizzled Veteran) it got a positive response. The WCW Hardcore title has gained in image. Terry Funk is losing overness because of his weak gimmick.


Chavo Guerrero vs. Shannon Moore

We followed on from that disappointment to some cruiserweight goodness as the Cruiserweight champ Chavo Guerrero Jr. locked horns with the latest challenger everyone’s favourite boy band reject, Shannon Moore.

Tenay and Cappetta put over on commentary how Chavo would need to be watching his back as Rey Misterio had sworn revenge for Chavo’s attack on Billy Kidman and Konnan. But Guerrero had a tough match in front of him as Moore took advantage of a not fully focused Chavo scoring several near falls in the opening minutes of this 12 minute bout. Chavo realised that he’d need to concentrate on the match or he’d not be Cruiserweight champ for much longer, so the match really got going as Chavo pulled out the goodness. Unfortunately as is often the case with cruiserweight matches, while the actual wrestling is top-notch, there are always a few blown spots which detract from the match and this instance was no different as both champion and challenger were found guilty when the time came. Chavo somehow missed the second rope looking for a monkey flip, and Moore lost his grip on a beautiful spot converting an arm-bar into a springboard DDT off the top rope and instead crotched himself on the top. But the good outweighed the bad and after an enjoyable match Chavo nailed the Swinging DDT at the second attempt, after the first try resulted in a near fall from a Northern Lights Suplex for Shannon Moore, for the 1-2-3 in 12.06. After the match came the inevitable Rey Misterio run in, complete with steel chair. Rey vaulted to the top rope and threw the chair to Guerrero. The champ caught it and ducked a dropkick from Misterio, but wasn’t so lucky as Misterio connected with a spin kick through the chair and the champion headed for higher ground, pursued the whole way by Misterio as Thunder headed to commercial.

Nice to see WCW’s saving grace still performing well. A couple of blown spots here and there but Moore impressed and Chavo looked strong when he got focused. **.

(78, 57, 67)

Winner and still WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Shannon Moore debuted his new gimmick (Underdog) it got a negative response. The WCW Cruiserweight title has gained in image.



We come back from commercial and are shown footage of what happened “DURING THE BREAK”. Chavo Guerrero is shown being chased by Misterio through the arena, before the two burst out into the parking lot, where by a sheer stroke of luck there is only one taxi cab. Chavo jumps into it still in his ring attire and it drives off at speed. As the cab leaves the arena Chavo leans out the window and shouts back at Misterio.

Chavo Guerrero Jr: Nobody will take this title from me! This is my title, you hear me Misterio esse! My title! You get in my way homes and I will end you! Hahahahahaha!

I’d be more worried about how he’s going to pay the cab fare myself…….



Road Warrior Animal vs. Wayne DeBruce

After seeing Chavo Guerrero’s maniacal laughter as he escaped from Rey Misterio, we head back to the ring where our next match is ready to start, as former WCW trainer Wayne DeBruce takes on Road Warrior Animal. There were rumours circulating that WCW were looking to resurrect the Road Warriors but Hawk has been signed to a written contract by ECW, so unless they start to experience financial problems, looks like we’ll be stuck with Animal as Mr. Singles for the foreseeable future.

I try to like what I see, I really do, but in some cases it just isn’t possible to enjoy what you see. This is one of those cases as Animal and DeBruce tip-toed their way through a dull, lifeless 7 minute encounter only notable for DeBruce coming out like it was the 1980’s, trying to play up a real old school face. Shame when he stepped into the ring he looked like a real old school jobber as he was on the receiving end of some extremely weak offence for 7 minutes of a horrid squash before Animal decided to end it with a Powerslam for the pinfall at 7.02.

Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap. That’s the only word needed here. The crowd hated every minute of it, the workers were sloppy and DeBruce can’t even pull off an Old School Face gimmick. DUD.

(55, 58, 57)

Winner: Road Warrior Animal

Wayne DeBruce debuted his new gimmick (Old School Face) it got a negative response.



Backstage stands the resident WCW munchkin “Mean” Gene Okerlund, alongside the WCW Tag Team Champions, Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page, The InSiders.

“Mean” Gene Okerlund: I’m standing back here with Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page, the WCW Tag Team Champions, The InSiders, who after the break will defend their titles against The Steiner Brothers. But Scott Steiner isn’t focused…..

Kevin Nash: You’re damn right he isn’t “Mean” Gene, and that’s a real shame, ‘cause me and DDP here, were looking forward to meeting to Steiners when they were at their best. Weren’t we DDP?

Diamond Dallas Page: Oh yeah we were Big Sexy, the Steiners needed to bring their A-Game tonight if they wanted these WCW Tag Title belts, but with how Scott Steiner is, the Steiner Brothers will get a big “F” after this test. Haha!

Kevin Nash: Woo!

“Mean” Gene Okerlund: A focused and determined InSiders here tonight. It’s The InSiders versus The Steiners, coming right up!

Thunder heads to a commercial for Sports Illustrated, this issue featuring an exclusive interview with Shaquille O’Neil.


Kevin Nash lost overness from this segment.



The InSiders vs. The Steiner Brothers

We reach our main event of the evening coming back from the commercial break and The Insiders defending their WCW Tag Team Championships against The Steiner Brothers. With Scott Steiner with his mind on other matters, could he keep his concentration and bring more gold to the Magnificent Seven?

This is what is wrong with WCW. The talented lot open the show and the politicians end it. This match, while not the worst of the night was very close to it. With these four past their best by several years this match was never going to be pretty, but the crowd for whatever reason were responsive to the match and got into it. The match was just a typical brawling tag team encounter with the usual rest-hold spots to wait for the HOT TAG and nothing at all to make it stand out from any other encounter. Scott Steiner was constantly looking to the aisle for Larry Zbysko as the announcers put over the fact that Zbysko hadn’t made his presence felt here tonight and so it was likely he’d appear soon. What eventually brought Zbysko out was cheating on the part of the Steiners. Following a minor ref bump Rick Steiner nailed Big Sexy with a chairshot and got the 1-2-3 when the referee came round. This brought out our wonderful President, Larry Zbysko, who ordered the match to continue, and he would stay at ringside to make sure nothing else against the rules happened. This of course put the fear of God into Scott Steiner who couldn’t concentrate for the remainder of the match and eventually it was this that cost the Steiner Brothers their chance as Scott Steiner turned from yelling at Zbysko into a Diamond Cutter from DDP for the 1-2-3.

Not a good match work-rate wise, but the crowds’ enthusiasm hid some of the poorer points in the match. Try watching this match with the TV muted and you’ll see how bad it was, but with the crowd it was acceptable. *

(54, 81, 72)

Winners and still WCW Tag Team Champions: The InSiders

The WCW Tag Team titles have gained in image.

Thunder heads off the air with Larry Zbysko smiling before the microphone catches him talking to himself: “the Time Crisis match will find a challenger………..”


Overall Show Rating: 69%

Attendance: 4,037

Thunder Rating: 4.40

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Booker’s Thoughts Memo

Okay everyone. This is a weekly thing I’ll be doing from now on. Basically we’ll look back at the last week and point out anything which needs brought up:


One piece of good news is that our ratings for the first week were decent. We were still crushed by more than a point on Monday night with Nitro scoring a 5.02 compared with a 6.47 for RAW but the show breaking the 5.0 barrier is very encouraging. Thunder scored a 4.40 rating which Mr. Turner is ecstatic about.


After the first week already rumours are saying that we’ll be getting our Saturday night slot back soon. Don’t believe these rumours. They are only rumours. I’ll be talking with Mr. Turner soon, hoping to bring this up but I don’t want to seem too forward.


The Cruiserweights: Another solid showing from the cruiserweights bringing the best match of the night on Nitro AND Thunder.

The Nitro Main Event: The main event on Nitro lost 150,000 viewers who had been around for the opening of the show. For the first hour we were neck and neck with RAW through the cruiserweight match, the Funk promo, match and the M7 locker-room skit but after that viewers deserted us in droves.

Magnificent Seven Mess: I take full responsibility for the mistakes on Monday night. Thank you to Tony Schiavone and Gary Michael Cappetta for their quick responses to my screw ups. I owe you both an orange juice.

Kevin Nash: Quite possibly, pound for pound, the worst wrestler going today. If it wasn’t for the beauty of creative control he would be on the sidewalk right now begging for quarters to afford reconstructive knee surgery.

Which brings me onto:

Creative Control Clauses: Right now I have no choice but to honour creative control clauses, but I ask that those individuals with clauses be lenient with their demands for the good of the company.

Northern Pro Wrestling: As you know I managed to get an old friend to let us send talent to him up in Montana to train. I’m aware this is a long way from everyone else for 9/10ths of the year but we’re getting this for nothing right now, and that’s what we need. No complaining if you get sent there.


The weekly meeting will take place before Nitro on Monday. I expect the normal people to be there.

Any other questions feel free to ask me.

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This has the makings of an excellent diary, ADGray, perhaps set to be better than "the McMahons" which is perhaps the best diary ever in my opinion. I look forward to seeing the continuation of this one, both with on-screen storylines and Gray's erratic backstage behaviour, and I hope you can turn out another A-Plus diary.


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The only fault I can seem to find with ADGray's diaries is his lack of historical research. For example, in his "The McMahons" diary, which was based in 1997, he started off the year with Shawn Michaels as the WWF Champion where the Champ at the start was really Sid. I understand that it was like that in the scenario, but it wouldn't hurt to do a little double-checking.

I suppose most of it can be blamed on the makers of the scenario though, because if anything THEY should've done the research so that it was all up to date. Still, in my opinion the writing MORE than makes up for it, and if ADGray keeps pulling out these awesome updates as frequently as he does, I'd actually be willing to FORGET about it, which is something a perfectionist like me rarely does ;)

Keep it up :D

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What an explosive first week of 2001 it was in World Championship Wrestling. Last Monday night Larry Zbysko announced that Scott Steiner would soon be called to defend his WCW World Title and that Steiner was going to suffer from a severe “time crisis”. Then as Thunder went off the air, our cameras overheard Zbysko saying that ‘the Time Crisis Match will find a challenger’. We still don’t know what a ‘Time Crisis Match’ is. Will Larry Zbysko tell us tonight?

On Thunder The Steiner Brothers couldn’t take the WCW Tag Team Titles from The InSiders, but tonight in our main event Rick Steiner will go one on one with Diamond Dallas Page!

Also tonight, WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero Jr. will be in attendance. With Rey Misterio Jr. in action tonight, Chavo would be wise to stay as far away from the arena as possible.

In other action Terry Funk again issues an open challenge inside the Funkin’ Conservatory. With no one able to rise to the challenge of The Funkster so far, who will answer the challenge tonight.

Also tonight, Jim Duggan will step into the squared circle to take on Major Stash in one on one action!

All this and more, only on WCW Monday Nitro!

- Confirmed Matches -

Rick Steiner vs. Diamond Dallas Page

Jim Duggan vs. Major Stash

Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Evan Karagias

OOC: In response to comments from BD I will say I do do research but there are instances when I just have ideas off the bat for storylines and want to put them into practice without having to build something else up first. Then there are other times that I read results and reports and just wonder what the hell the company was doing and if I was to continue with the storylines I'd burn myself out and hate writing it. Plus who would you rather have as champion. Shawn Michaels or Sid?

The updates will hopefully keep with this frequency. I have 2 months booked already and up to WCW Sin written out, but that is only a week away in game time.

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