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Hate Fred Drust?


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Well, that shows how much of an idiot Durst is o0 I wonder how he puts up with the people that reply to his comments with haterization xD

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Jesus, WHO CARES? To me, there's nothing more pathetic than flaming someone on their blog. Especially when you do it over and over again. And this is coming from a guy who thinks that Fred Durst is quite possibly the most talentless man in music today.

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Won't you join us?

No, because if you read that blog site, you can see that I have indeed posted on his blog in support of him. Sure, he's a weird bastard and he's a little bit of a clingy fellow, but you must be a sad bastard if you want to flame someone's blog site. "Oh boohoo, he makes music many people enjoy! I MUST FLAME HIS SITE, FOR IT WILL MAKE EVERYTHING RIGHT WITHIN THE WORLD!!!"

Yeah... somehow, I don't think it will.

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Referring to Slipknot, "Subliminal Verses" : "the absolute best metal album ever made. and quite diverse. genius.do you feel like the sky is a roof over your head or that there is absolutely nothing over your head? space is just too overwhelming. nothingness. fascinating."


That's awful, oh man. He's not worth my time after that idiotc remark.

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