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I'll be using my acquisitions as trading barter. So if anyone needs a Sub-Par HB and WR in exchange for a 85+ WR let me know.

Hey, don't look at me. I'll play now, if you want.

Ignorance of the law isn't an excuse in most cases, but the only issue I recall being mentioned was the trading and playing of the games, so I assumed that once we actually got the ball rolling all wa

El Oso Pequeno - Titans Wanted to throw my hat in the ring, and update the picked teams so far. This list is UNOFFICIAL, just wanted to make it easier to pick a team until Dragsy can update his offical roster of participants. Teams in italics are still unofficial bids.

Bears - Dragsy (DragsyTwoSeven)

Bengals -

Bills -

Broncos - Meacon (meacon)

Browns -

Bucs -

Cardinals -

Chargers - Do You Smell It? (The Great PK) ***

Chiefs - Typical Phenom (provenmedia)

Colts -

Cowboys - LL (JohnnyBoy555)

Dolphins -

Eagles - Rocksta (Jmonteforte)

Falcons - Kyle (sqeak5) ***

49ers -

Giants -

Jaguars -

Jets -

Lions -

Packers - JHS (I am Srar)

Panthers - Slogger (slogger9)

Patriots - pililuk (pililuk)

Raiders - ACCBiggz (ACCBiggz) ***

Rams - Tits McGee (Silfies) ***

Ravens -

Redskins -

Saints - mystikz (intothemyst)

Seahawks - Ekin (Eddie Ruckus)

Steelers - Captain Eo (PharoahSteve)

Texans - HoodedMandarin (HoodedMandarin)

Titans - Oso Pequeno (El Oso Pequeno) ***

Vikings - jase12881 (digitaldeadmeat) ***

AFC North 1/4 South 2/4 East 1/4 West 4/4

NFC North 3/4 South 3/4 East 2/4 West 2/4

Also, I think All-Pro at 7 or 8 minutes per quarter is a good game with realistic statistics. If there's a way to limit trading (or just eliminate it entirely) thru the computer that'd be great - trades between users should be ok either way, in my opinion.

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I'm going to set up a test run tonight to see what powers I'll have in terms of trades, if I can veto trades then I'll leave CPU trades on, otherwise it'll be humans only. Sorry I haven't updated the list lately, I've been out and working, won't happen again. I think we're generally pretty full now, so I'll look to get the league set up and everyone invited either tonight or tomorrow evening. Presumably any stragglers can join in-progress, but again I'll find that out after running my test one later.

Ta for the patience, and the interest.

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Yeah, Online Franchise is free to play if you bought the game brand new. A lot of Brits and Europeans have been accidentally mislead as there's supposed to be a code on the back of your manual to unlock it (they're trying to handcuff the preowned market, see), but a printing error meant that the PAL copy of the game doesn't have it. If that's the case for you, you need to go to EA support and get it sorted with them. I posted some instructions in the Madden thread here.

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It's tellin' me I need a password, So I'm guessing we need to sit on our invites until your done testing and are ready to release it?

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The password is Battleground


I wouldn't recommend tinkering around with the actual game matchups yet though as all the teams haven't been taken up by their respective human owners yet.

Meaning if you defeat or lose to a computer controlled team that actually belongs to someone it would affect their standings when they finally do take over their team.

But we can push forward trades.

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