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Hamster's top 15 PS3 games

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Following on from my music thread I've decided to list my top 15 PS3 games. I can keep it to fifteen because I feel the quality of a game and the enjoyment I get is far less open to varying circumstance than music and so I can be clearer on the games I love the most.

However, I'm not going to list it 15th - 1st as I feel the quality of some of the games is far too close to split so clearly.

Therefore I'm going to list them as the third best batch of five, second best batch of five and then the best batch of five.

Hmm, I wonder what could make the list? Why not guess along at home!

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Biohazard 5 / Resident Evil 5


Not as amazing as it could have been but it was still great. I love Resi games although they do make me extremely stressed when I'm playing them. This even STARTED with a bang when the big old Executioner arrives early on.

Also, Chris Redfield is probably my second favourite video game character and so having him back into a Resident Evil game is beautiful.



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Heavenly Sword


A launch title but one I still go back to. First time I played it the graphical power just blew me away - they knew what they were doing with those opening levels. Then everything with Kai and the "Twing Twang" levels are a load of fun. The story is really emotional as well and Flying Fox is an utter bastard.

You get used to the Heavenly Sword and start taking it for granted...then you end up having to fight with a normal sword so when it's returned to you it's just a great moment of feeling super tough again.

So graphics, button bashing playability, combos, storyline, the six-axis control of the crossbow and of course the motion capture with Andy Serkis which still looks top notch. It's an underrated game.



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Wet is a total mess of a game. It's glitchy, flows pretty badly, has what can be best termed as a "loose" storyline and sometimes the controls are frustrating.

However it's also loads of fun and the interplay between shooting, hacking at enemies with your samurai sword, wall running, dual targetting, sliding, slow-mo, jumping, flicking around everywhere...It's great. Add to that great levels like the Matrix-esque car jumping level and the stylistic flicks to red, black and white levels and the style is high.

Also, more games should start with chasing a bad guy who's nicked a transplant heart in a box.



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Wipeout HD


I hope you all got this for free if you didn't already own it. It's a fantastic racing game with great visuals and sound. Plenty of different racing options and play modes. it's also crazily fast in the harder classes and the tracks are designed really well.

Dragsy knows the score. Wipeout is fantastic.



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I never understood why people liked Wipeout. It never felt like I was doing anything and one of the modes seemed like absolutely nothing happened except for changing the track all the colours of the rainbow.

You just have to try and go as far as you can before your vehicle explodes, basically. The track speeds up, not your racer.

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Fallout 3


For ages I couldn't get into this. I would play for an hour but the bleakness of the world would mean that I just couldn't spend much time in there at once. But then something magical happened and I totally bought into it.

After playing New Vegas too, this just feels much better. I love how you can pick up pretty much everything in the world, how it's all a struggle to survive and how the world is so well realised. It also helps that I really like the game engine.

I must admit though, the world captured my imagination more than the shooting and fighting.



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Race Driver: Grid


In my mind this is still the best racing game for this "generation" of console. It has a wide variety of tracks and vehicles, a few different modes of racing (such as drift, track racing, touge...) and it's really seat-of-the-pants. The replay option that allows you to rewind if you made a mistake is great and it's great that you can choose how few you think you'll use in a race (and get prize money accordingly). There's a massive sense of speed, carnage and it feels like anything could go wrong at any minute. It really is so white-knuckle and the damage which your car takes is extremely realistic.

Even the replay mode is great. Add to that a decent career mode where you can choose your car colours, sponsors, teammate and can race an end-of-season Le Mans. The Touge race mode is a real surprising success.



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