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EWB's favourite Battle Royale characters


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The movie's got a cult following here on EWB and I'd imagine a higher percentage of us have read the book and/or manga than an average internet message board....So, let's have a vote. Who are your favourite students? You can only vote for five. First will get 5 points, second 4, down to 1 point for fifth.


1. Shogo Kawada

2. Hiroki Sugimura

3. Shinji Mimura

4. Takako Chigusa

5. Hirono Shimizu

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1. Mitsuko Souma

Just a lovely character, well - not lovely, absolutely fucking deranged but a well worked backstory in the novel and something that translated well into the movie when it was done. You can really connect with her and almost excuse her for killing people such is the tragedy of her backstory.

2. Kizuo Kiriyama

He doesn't say a word, at all. He makes chewing gum look cool, fashionable and oh-so terribly evil. Everything about him just screams deranged and the fact he almost seems perfect at everything he does is both hilarious and rather annoying. Major props for still trying to win whilst blind, too.

3. Shogo Kawada

You know, I almost fell for his 'now you die, game over' line in the film. For a moment I actually though he was turning on them and going to win for himself. Again, though, his story is well done through the novel and movie and I loved his little 'my father was ...' comments through the film. Ignoring his massive steg-on in his death scene, he's pretty awesome.

4. Toshinori Oda

What a tit. I loved him. Trying to out-cycle a man with a submachine gun. His cockiness when his bullet-proof vest nearly saves him, and if it wasn't for his cheering (and probably the fact Kiriyama was psychic) it may have paid off. At least he got his head used as a grenade holder. Kudos, Toshinori.

5. Yukie Utsumi

One of the secondary characters who actually gets a bit of development. The obvious crush on Shuya and the leader of the girls gang, trying to formulate a plan that would have undoubtedly failed. Got a bit of development in the movie as well as the book, which was good, and the death scene of the lot of them was really fun as it showed everyone turning on each other and her trying to keep the peace.

Honourable mentions to Shuya, Nobuuuu, and Niida - just for being massively perverted.

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I don't know if this is the topic that inspired GoGo to set me up with my current theme or if it's just coincidence but wheeey.

1.Hiroki Sugimara

2.Mitsuko Souma


4.Shogo Kawada

5.Zaz's retarded one.

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