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Forza 4


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I can't be the only one to have bought this. It's worth having if for no other reason than to have your own Star In A Reasonably Priced Car board.

So far my best is 1:54:4, so I'm in just ahead of Alice Cooper but a staggering 12 seconds behind Rowan Atkinson.

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How forgiving is this for someone who doesnt race that much and is generally not the best at it? Steep learning curve?

By default all of the assists are on, all you have to do is hold the accelerator and steer. There are enough difficulty options to make finding a suitable level for everyone easy enough.

Anyone else find the affinity level thing a little overpowered? I won a few races in my Golf GTI and now all my VW upgrades are free.

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Car football is awful.

Maybe my expectations were a bit high considering I play SARB (A made-for car football game) but it just results in the ball being jammed between 4 cars on the sides and has people lagging everywhere.

I'll try some of the other modes when it runs properly. I tried getting into a game of tag, it told me it was loading, but then took me back to the lobby screen along with 6 others and it said the race was in progress, despite ''race starting'' being shown on screen for all of us a minute before. :shifty:

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